1 Display and Engine Settings for High end PC

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1. High Performance

In BlueStacks 4, the performance level has increased more than 8% thanBlueStack 3 which was the previous version of BlueStacks 4. Also, theperformance of BlueStacks 4 is 6x faster than Samsung galaxy s9+ which is thebest high-end device in 2018. Meanwhile, the performance of BlueStacks 4 isbetter than any Android device available right now. And it also becoming morecompatible with PCs.While playing PUBG (the most popular shooting game of all the time) onBlueStacks 4, the performance doesn’t degrade. But if you play PUBG PC versionon your computer or laptop with decent specs then it will definitely lag.Here, I’m not saying that PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC is the same, I’m just sayingthat you will be able to enjoy Android games better on PC with the help ofBlueStacks than in any Android phone.Read it too – How to Boost the Gaming Performance of PC and Laptop

2. Simpler UI

The UI in BlueStacks 4 is as simple as reading books in a known language. Andthis simplicity makes BlueStacks 4 to Run flawlessly on any PC or Laptop. Withsimpler UI you can Play more and do more. Means playing games with simpler UIof BlueStacks 4 has increased. You can play any High-end games like PUBG orAsphalt 9 legend with BlueStacks 4 because the simpler UI is now part of thecore game playing function. Moreover, you can add more feature of BlueStackslike BlueStacks Store, Quests, available at will, and it the game consumeresource once its launch.Simpler UI is pretty good for advance and comfortable gaming because itprevents lags, hangs, and give more performance.

4. BlueStacks Multi-Instance

Multi-instance of BlueStacks 4 allows playing multiple games at the same time.And to do that, you need to have multiple Google accounts on your BlueStacks4. Even you can play the same game with multiple accounts. It’s just best fortwo brothers who love one particular game but don’t have two separate devicesto play. Multi-instance is a really good feature for Solo loving brothers. Andit also has the capability to improve RPG’s game unlocking rewards. It isreally a good feature for gamers who love RPG’s games.

How to Download and Install BlueStacks 4 Latest Version Easily

Download & Install BlueStacks 4 on PCDownloading BlueStacks latest version is very easy and you can do that inseconds. So, here is the step-by-step process to download BlueStacks on PC orLaptop 2020: 1. Visit the BlueStacks official website. Do you know that BlueStacks has its own official site that contained a huge amount of information about it? Okk! Now you know so, from there you can take any knowledge about it without any restriction. 2. Look for download buttons and click on it. It usually found on the top or sometime in the middle. It shifts sometimes so, make sure you look everywhere on the page for Download buttons. 3. Click on the final Download button and catch the file. This is the final action you have to make to get the BlueStacks installation file. After you catch it in your browser, just for 10 minutes to successfully download it. 4. Before installing, make sure you have installed Microsoft NetFrame Worker on your PC or laptop. Microsoft NetFrame Worker is necessary for BlueStacks Android emulator to run on PC. It usually helps the BlueStacks engine to run properly and smoothly. 5. Disconnect internet connection and double click on BlueStacks.exe file to install it. This is so important because sometimes BlueStacks try to connect to its server to check the version. And if the version if low, it recommends getting the latest version. Well, this is very useful but not for all. It actually increases the load on CPU and RAM that immediately degrade the PC or laptop performance. 6. Select the BlueStacks file destination carefully. BlueStacks is a very high-end software that requires a good amount of Space. And you can take advantage by selecting the disk on your computer that has the most amount of space. Later, it will help BlueStacks to install and run the application, games easily. 7. Hit the install button and get the shortcuts on your desktop. This is the final step to get completely install the BlueStacks on your computer. The complete process may take some time (it totally depends on the specs of your machine). You have to be quiet there and please don’t do other tasks in the background. Because sometimes the installation stuck at the middle or near to end. Also, doing other tasks while installing BlueStacks, slow down the process of installation. 8. Just click on the Finish button and end the installation process. Now you have done the full installation process in a very good way.Now, you can play your best Android game on BlueStacks 4. But wait! Are thedefault settings is best for your PC or Laptop? Absolutely not!Yes, in some PCs or laptops the default settings will be alright but not inall the PC and laptops. So, how do you know which settings of BlueStacks isbest your PC or Laptop?There is no way on the internet except here! I will give you every bestsetting of BlueStacks for your PC. How? Let me explain!So, in the settings, there are numerous options to customize like display,engine, and more. But you only have to focus on two settings that I justmentioned in the previous line. Its display and engine.Now, let me give you the Best Bluestacks settings for your PC or laptop.Check Also – How to Install Phoenix OS on PC or Laptop and Play PUBG Mobile

Best BlueStacks Settings For Gaming On PC or Laptop 2020

Here are the best working settings of BlueStacks for gaming on PC or Laptop:

1. Low-end PC Owners

I understand that having a Low-end PC is a disadvantage when talking comes togaming in BlueStacks 4. But here in this world, that we are living in haseverything possible. So, the point is how you can play Android games usingBlueStacks 4 on your Low-end PC? Well, this can be done by reducing theBlueStacks 4 quality from its settings.

1. Reduce Aspect Ratio from Display Settings

Reducing the screen size of BlueStacks 4 will deliver you more FPS that helpsyour PC to run games smoother. Now you may have a question that how you canknow the Aspect Ratio for your Low-end PC. Well, after looking andexperimenting on a ton of factors, I come to the end that BlueStacks at640*480 Ratio screen performs better. You can also play games on BlueStacks at1280*720 ratio screen. But it’s not better than 640*480 screen.So, now you know the best screen ratio for Low-end PC. Now let me show you howyou can change the BlueStacks display aspect ratio.Method 1: 1. Do right click on the BlueStacks icon. 2. Select the properties. 3. Go to the compatibility tab. 4. Checkmark the “Run in 640*480 Screen Resolution”. 5. Hit Apply and OK to save the setting.Now, you have successfully changed the screen resolution of BlueStacks 4 tothe best screen ratio for Low-end PC. If you feel the steps are a little hardto follow then you can continue reading for another method.Method 2: 1. Start the BlueStacks app player. 2. Wait for the engine to start. 3. Go to settings from Top right. 4. In-display settings, choose a Custom size option and enter 640*480 size OR select 1280*720 screen resolution. 5. Press “Enter” and restart the BlueStacks. 6. Done.This one is the simplest way to change the screen ratio of BlueStacks 4 toimprove gaming performance. You can also reduce the DPI to 240 for the bestperformance. I highly recommend setting the DPI to Low. Remember, sometimes itis Un-changeable! So, try it also but at your own risk.

2. High-end PC Owners (And medium-End PC user)

High-end PC owners will face no issue even in default BlueStacks 4 settingsbecause the specs are good Enough as recommendation specs of BlueStacks 4. Butstill, you can take advantage to improve the BlueStacks performance with itssettings. Now, let me show you the best BlueStacks settings for your High-endPC and medium-end PC or laptop.

1. Display and Engine Settings for High-end PC

Changing the display and engine settings at best can increase the gamingperformance on BlueStacks in your High-end PC.Display: * 1920*1080 * 1600*900 * 240DPIThe above-mentioned screen size and DPI is the best display settings for aHigh-end PC.Engine: * Use OpenGL instead of DirectX, if you have graphics on your Computer. * You can also use advanced Graphics Engine mode for better gaming. * Set CPU cores at 6 or higher if you have and set RAM allocation to 4 GB or Higher if you have more.The above-suggested settings are the best working settings of BlueStacks forHigh-end PC or Laptop.These are the simple and best working settings you can do right now to enhancethe BlueStacks 4 gaming performance on your High-end PC. Now, let me show youthe best settings for medium-end PC or Laptop.

2. Display and Engine Settings for Medium-end PC or Laptop

Medium-end PC or laptop owners have at least faith to run any Android Gamethat Low-end PC owners don’t have. Meaning, it will not be hard to PlayAndroid games with BlueStacks 4 on medium-end PC. But still, it will be betterto save my recommended settings. Let me show you the best display and enginesettings for Medium-end PC or Laptop.Display: * 1280*720 * 240DPIThe above-mentioned display and DPI size is the best working screen size forBlueStacks 4. It can improve gaming performance at least 3x more.Engine: * Go for OpenGL, if you have graphics installed. * Use 4 cores or more if you have. * Set RAM allocation Memory to 3 GB or more if you have.These engine settings are the best working settings for Medium-end PC orlaptop users.Read More – Best Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) For Gaming? (Concept Clear)

How to Determine the True Size of a Laptop?

The diagonal measurement of the screen’s length doesn’t necessarily give usthe whole picture about the screen’s dimensions and the overall laptop size.That is because two different screens can have a diagonal measurement of 15.6while having different lengths and widths. So, how can you determine thelength and width of a screen when you only have the diagonal length?You’ll need to determine the screen’s aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is theratio of the width to the height of a screen. The aspect ratio of a laptop’sscreen should be plainly stated on the laptop’s specs. The most common aspectratio for laptop screens is 16:9, which means that the screen’s width issixteen times one-ninth of the screen’s length. However, especially recentlymanufacturers have experimented with different aspect ratios such as 16:10 and3:2.Once you know a laptop’s screens aspect ratio and diagonal length, you can dosome quick calculations to figure out the exact size of its width and height.The math formula is below, with x referring to the laptop screen’s diagonallength and A: B referring to its aspect ratio.For x” laptop screen with aspect ratio A: BFor x” laptop screen with aspect ratio A:BIt may help to see an example, so for a laptop screen with a 15.6” diagonallength and a 16:9 ratio, this is how you would calculate the width and heightof the screen:One final thing to consider about screen size is that the screen size itselfdoes not equal the measurement of the dimensions of the machine itself.Laptops have bezels that act as a frame around the screen, necessary forstructural integrity. The trend in manufacturing is to make the bezels assmall as possible to maximize screen size.Some companies have even tried removing bezels. However, most laptops stillhave bezels that can range in size from 1-6mm. This will add to the overallsize of the laptop.

8. AOC I1659FWUX

Online Price: From $180.00Highlights: 16″ Full HD portable monitor. USB-C powered.Specs: 1920 X 1080 resolution, 15.6″ screen size, 16:9 aspect ratio, response time5ms.Get From eBay:Click hereThis contender from AOC has an actual screen size of 15.6″, even though it ismarketed as 16″. But it is in full HD, has a speedy 5ms response time, anduses USB-C. An overall mighty decent travel companion.

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