1 How to Connect Mobile Internet to PC Via Tethering USB

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1. Connect your Android phone to PC

1. Download ApowerMirror on your computer.Download 2. Enable USB debugging on your Android. 3. Then connect your Android to PC via USB. On your phone, if windows appear asking to allow USB debugging, choose “Always allow from this computer” and tap “OK”. Wait for the app to be installed on your Android. Also, you can install ApowerMirror app manually. 4. Tap “START NOW” when a notification pops up. Then your Android screen will be streamed to PC.After you connected your phone to PC via USB successfully, you can also make aconnection via WiFi.

15. What materials can I cut with the Cricut?

There are hundreds – literally – of materials you can cut with these amazingmachine these are some of them: * Plan Paper * All kinds of cardstock * Metallic Paper * Vinyl (Iron on, glitter, permanent, removable) * Fabric and textiles * Faux Leather * Corrugated Paper * Thin Woods (Cricut Maker only) * Sticker Paper * Parchment Paper * And more!

26. Does the Cricut cut fabric?

Yes, the Cricut can cut fabric.If you work with fabrics and need to cut tons of fabric in different sizes theCricut will be your best and more trusted Cutting assistant.The Cricut maker allows you to cut fabric without ANY bonded material. So, ifsewing is your profession and this is the main reason for you to get a Cricut.I will highly recommend investing in the Maker.You can cut Fabric with the Any of the Cricut Explore Family machines.However, the fabric needs to be bonded. I will explain better in the nextquestion.

28. Does the Cricut cut wood?

Yes and No. Out of all the cutting machines that Cricut has available. Onlythe Cricut Maker is able to cut wood. Some of the types of wood you can cutare balsa and basswood.You also need to keep in mind that the Cricut Maker itself with the normalblade that comes with DOES NOT cut wood. For these kinds of projects, you willneed the Knife Blade, which is a type blade that is specifically designed tocut thick materials.

42. Do I need to be tech-savvy to be able to use the Cricut?

You don’t need to be super tech Savvy. However, you do need to know somebasics and essentials about the way the computers work.For instance, you need to know how to work with computers a little bit. ThingsLike opening a page and log in into Cricut Design Space – Where you arrangethe thing you need to cut.If you have a Smartphone and want to work your machine within the app. Youalso need to be familiar with how to download the app.Do you feel you won’t be able to learn it? Don’t feel like that! Everything ispossible if you put the time and effort.I am here cheering you up. Plus I have all of the intentions of making thisknowledge accessible to you!

44. Can I connect my Cricut via Bluetooth to my phone or computer?

It depends on the machine you have.The Explore Air 2, and Maker, and Joy have built-in Bluetooth technology sothey are able to connect with your desktop or phone.

45. Do I need to have Internet for me to use the Cricut?

No, to work on your projects you don’t need an ongoing online connection.However, you need to be connected to the Internet to get your machine up andrunning you need to install Cricut Design Space.Keep in mind that If you want to use Cricut images and fonts you need todownload them (while you’re online) for future offline use.Also, if you an iOS (iPhone – iPad) you can cut and create projects offline,but you can’t download images and fonts for future use.If you have an Android device, Cricut is still working on an offline feature.

46. Is there an alternative Software to use the Cricut?

Nope!Apparently, there was a way for you to do it with a third party program butit’s not available with the newer machines.What I personally do is that I design what I need to Cut on Illustrator andthen I cut it on my printer. However, if it’s just text and basic shapes. TheCricut Design Space is just enough.

47. How does the Cricut work?

So far you’ve learned about the Cricut itself. Things like the mats, blades,materials and what the machines are compatible with.But how does the Cricut actually work? For the Cricut Machine to cut, you needto use it along with the Cricut Design Space. This is the area where you’lllay and organize your design to be cut.

52. Where can I find free cut files for the Cricut?

There are many places where you can find FREE cut files. In fact, I amcreating a HUGE LIBRARY full of them and other things like patterns and imagesfor you to cut.Here’s a list of some places to find SVG files as well * Daydream Into Reality Library: These goodies are only available to my subscribers. And trust me. This library is growing a lot. Not only you can get Cut files, but also other sorts of amazing printables for any occasion. You can get access to my library right here. Or you can check a live preview of it here. * Cricut Design Space: Cut the free images of the week. * Jennifer Maker: She also has an amazing library, you also need to subscribe. * SVG & ME: Amazing and beautiful library 🙂 * Pixabay: They have tons of SVG files that you can download for free and even use for commercial purposes!

1. How to Connect Mobile Internet to PC Via Tethering (USB)

Mobile devices have had the USB cable option for as long as I can remember.The USB cable feature can be used to simply connect the device to the computerfor file transfer or charging purpose.Without further delay, let’s check out the steps to connect mobile internet toPC via USB cable: 1. Start the process by connecting the USB cable to your desktop/laptop and the USB port on the smartphone. Start the configuration now with below steps: 2. Use the path Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering on your smartphone. (the path can vary according to the device model) 3. On this page, toggle on the USB tethering switch. 4. Once you switch on the option, you will find a pop up window asking for “Any ongoing USB operations such as media transfer & everything will be interrupted”. 5. Tap on OK & proceed with the USB Tethering.After toggling on the USB tethering switch, you will see a notification iconto confirm the activation of USB tethering. And in no time with a few clicks,you are able to connect mobile sata to PC.

2. Connect Mobile Internet to PC Via Tethering (Bluetooth)

Apart from the USB Tethering, another way to connect mobile internet to PC isvia Bluetooth. This wireless service will have enough range to fuel up thesmartphone & the device it’s connected with. Let’s check out the steps toconnect mobile hotspot to PC via Bluetooth tethering: 1. Open the device’s Bluetooth settings or you can directly long press on the Bluetooth icon in quick settings. 2. Now you need to tap on Pair New Device to make the device discoverable.. 3. Now open the Settings app (Windows Key + I) on the Windows 10 PC. 4. Now navigate to Devices > Bluetooth to find out the available devices. 5. Follow the process by choosing your mobile device with the pairing steps. 6. Once you see the device being connected, open below path on your smartphone:Settings > Network & internet > Hotspot & tethering > Bluetooth tethering(turn on)Once the device is successfully connected with the PC, you are all set toshare the internet connection. Follow the below path to activate the Bluetoothtethering:Control PanelHardware and SoundDevices and Printers 1. Find the Bluetooth icon & choose Join a Personal Area Network. 2. You will find your Phone’s icon there where you need to right click & choose Connect using > Access point.The last point will activate the Bluetooth tethering on your device thateventually will help you connect mobile internet to PC.

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