12 Fallout 4 GOTY Edition 78 Hour Average

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Grim Fandango Remastered

Click on image for gameplay video * Works: Yes * Source: Steam ($12) * Genre: Point-and-click adventure, humorous, puzzle * Similar: Tales of Monkey Island * Graphics: Passable * Gameplay: 3D point and clickAn excellent point and click adventure, remastered to look and work nicer onmodern hardware.The several hours’ worth of entertaining story follows the adventures ofManuel Calavera, travel salesman to the dead. The game takes place in a looseinterpretation of the underworld of Aztec mythology, seen through film-noirgoggles, making for an unusual, quirky, and immensely enjoyable aesthetic. Theexcellent voice acting only makes it more immersive, selling the setting andcharacters better than the best visuals ever could.Unusually, for a game of its era, most of the dialogue is spoken; so if youdon’t have the patience for reams of text, this one’s for you.

Rise of Nations Extended Edition

Click on image for gameplay video * Works: Yes * Source: Steam ($20) * Genre: Strategy, Empire builder * Similar: Age of Empires, Civilization * Graphics: Passable * Gameplay: Civilization in real time, pretty much. * Difficulty: SelectableRise of Nations is an empire building game, with elements of Risk, and Age ofEmpires. A player nurses their civilization from a nomadic tribe settling downfor the first time, through the various ages, right up to the modern age. Theplayer is in competition with AI or other players, defending, attacking orallying with various other players (AI or human) on the map, trading resourcesand money, with the ultimate goals of acquiring resources and territory untilthey have it all – or achieve other victory conditions in the game within aset number of ‘turns’ (i.e. real-time scenarios). The game alternates betweena turn-based ‘macro’ game where they can choose to move armies or units aroundbetween territories, and real-time ‘micro’ games where the effects of their‘macro’ moves are felt.The remake mainly adds HD support, leaving the excellent core gameplayuntouched.

Commandos series

Click on image for gameplay video * Works: Yes * Source: Steam ($4 each) * Genre: Isometric, tactical, real-time * Similar: Desperado, Fallout Tactics * Graphics: Bearable to decent * Gameplay: Tactical micromanagement * Difficulty: UnforgivingThis series is based on the tactical command of – you guessed it – commandos.The games are set during the Second World War, giving the player control of ahandful of elite soldiers. The idea is to execute various maneuvers to attainthe level’s objectives while avoiding detection, or at least annihilation. Thecommandos themselves are quite individual, having different skillsets andspecialties.Most missions will involve combining the abilities of the forces at yourdisposal to formulate and execute a plan to achieve that mission’s objectives.The game is quite unforgiving of sloppiness in planning or execution – whichonly adds to the sense of achievement in finally beating a mission.On the next page, 8 more legendary titles. Want to take a guess?The 30 Longest Video Games Ever (From Least To Most Hours)Video games weren’t initially considered to be able to adapt narrativeexperiences all that well: the medium was so primitive when it was firstintroduced that two lines batting a square back and forth was about asgripping a tale as could possibly be weaved. Even as technology improved, ittook time for developers to cobble together a proper on-screen story. Ofcourse, that isn’t an easy thing to do with pixels the size of a fist and 4kilobytes of memory to work with.Horizons were vastly broadened with the introduction of 8-bit consoles in themid 1980s. Though still primitive by today’s standards, a story could befeasibly told without an over reliance on instructional manuals or ancillarylore. In fact, one of the most prolific and compelling video gamenarratives—that of Nintendo’s iconic The Legend of Zelda series—got its startaround this time.As developers began to push technological boundaries and craft digitalexperiences once believed to be impossible, games grew larger in both scaleand scope. As a result, some titles became so totally full of content thatthey couldn’t be experienced in multiple gameplay sessions, let alone one.Today, it can take those with little free time months of on-and-off play tofinally reach a game’s end credits, and some titles can offer upwards of ahundred hours of unique content to experience. Disqualifying certain titlesthat turn into thousand-hour time sinks thanks to their lack of a definitiveend goal, here are thirty games that take an insane amount of time just toreach the finish line.

30 The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (46 Hour Average)

via: zelda.comWhile Nintendo’s Wii U was a bit of a flop which featured no exclusive Zeldatitle, the Nintendo Switch launched with what may be the best game in thefranchise. That may be a bit of a polarizing statement, but there’s no arguingthat Breath of the Wild is a fully-realized, eloquently designed game whichstrikes at the very heart of what series fans love. Plus, BotW may also be oneof the longest Zelda games, as many players seem to clock in somewhere aroundfifty hours before all is said and done. New and innovative while maintainingfranchise staples that helped make the early games great, this Zelda title isa blast for the entire 46 hour campaign.

22 Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (60 Hour Average)

via: gameplaying.info

21 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (63 Hour Average)

via: gamespot.comAn adaptation of a polish series of high fantasy novels of the same name, TheWitcher series of video games, through spawned of humble origins, has gone onto include some of the most compelling gameplay experiences of the last tenyears. Anyone even remotely interested in fantasy RPGs needs to give theseries third entry, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a try, and there’s enoughcontent on offer in the base game and its two expansions to keep investedplayers returning for years to come. The series has become so popular thatNetflix is in the process of creating a show based on the property—anunmitigated testament to the title’s quality.

14 Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition (70 Hour Average)

via: baldursgateii.comThe 2013 remastering of the 90’s RPG classic Baldur’s Gate II introduced a fewquality of life features and generally improved what was quickly becoming arelic of a bygone computing era. That said, in keeping with RPGs available atthe time, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is remarkably complex and aDungeons and Dragons-esque romp intended for players at home with titles ofthat sort. Featuring character creation and customization options thoroughenough to put the likes of Bethesda’s Skyrim to shame, players will likelyinvest at least seventy hours in conquering the content present in Baldur’sGate II, its Throne of Bhaal expansion, as well as a few new pieces of contentexclusive to the remaster.

12 Fallout 4: GOTY Edition (78 Hour Average)

via reddit.com2015’s mainline Fallot release, despite serving as a fantastic visual upgrade,disappointed many longtime series fans. Stemming from hardcore isometric RPGroots, the Fallout series seems to have emphasized its shooting mechanics andgradually stripped away many core RPG elements since Bethesda Softworks beganproducing franchise titles back in 2008. Of course, that doesn’t mean thatFallout 4 is necessarily lacking in content. With an adequately sized slice ofNew England and a smattering of DLC locations to explore, the Game of the Yearedition of Bethesda’s second in-house developed Fallout title can take gamersaround 78 hours to explore on average.

11 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (80 Hour Average)

via lutris.comBefore Grand Theft Auto V modernized the series and included the beloved yetoften critiqued Grand Theft Auto Online, series fans by-and-large looked to2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as the greatest example of the open-worldmayhem sandbox formula. Though 2013’s iteration may have offered a visualupgrade, San Andreas still has the newer title beat in terms of sheer gameplaypossibilities. Leisurely players can quite easy pass the 80 hour mark beforewrapping up the game, and some hardcore fans have yet to put the game downfourteen years after release.

9 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (83 Hour Average)

via: microplay.comThough just about everyone in the Monster Hunter community is obsessed withthe recent PC port of Monster Hunter World, 2015’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimatestill stands as one of the series’ longest, most content-rich entries. Whileit bears several striking similarities to many popular recent RPG releases,Dark Souls fans may feel particularly at home in this large-scale boss fight-centric game, tired though that comparison may be. World may be a fairlyextensive game, but the upwards of eighty hour campaign present in Ultimatejust barely tops the newer title.

4 Final Fantasy XII (120 Hour Average)

via: engadget.comFinal Fantasy XII was a triumph on the PlayStation 2 and often heralded as oneof the console’s last great RPGs. Releasing in 2006, a time during which thesixth generation consoles were quickly waning, XII never perhaps lived up tothe potential set by some of its predecessors. That said, Final Fantasy XII(and its re-master of sorts for modern hardware) brought the game, albeitbriefly, to the forefront of gamer’s attention. Final Fantasy XII is one ofthe most industrious, innovative titles in a series already populated byclassic games, and its 120-hour average runtime is a testament to itsdeveloper’s abilities.

6. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

This isometric RPG takes place in the eponymous Icewind Dale, a region inD&D’s Forgotten Realms setting.Based on the Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore, the game boastsfantastically-written dialogue and hours of content through quests andexploration.Players create and control an adventuring party of up to six characters. Eachcharacter receives special class designation and stats, which determine theireffectiveness in combat, skill access, and spellcasting ability.You also improve these characters by earning experience points from quests andenemies.Black Isle Studios(who is responsible for other great favorites on this list)developed the original Icewind Dale game.Much later Beamdog took over its Enhanced Edition remake, which packaged inthe original DLCs as well.The Enhanced Edition features improved graphics, UI changes, bug fixes, andgameplay tweaks.For both new and experienced D&D fans I’d say Icewind Dale will definitelyscratch that classic RPG itch.

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