2 Reinstall or Update Mouse Driver

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Solution 4- Update your mouse driver

A mouse not working may be down to an outdated driver. Visit themanufacturer’s website and check for recent updates. Make sure you only choosedrivers that are compatible with your mouse. There are two ways to updatedrivers.

Manual driver update

To follow this process through you have to visit the website of your mousemanufacturer to search for the correct driver that is compatible with yourWindows. Once you find the right one, download the update.

Automatic driver update

If you can’t afford the time to perform a manual update you can do itautomatically with a 3rd party Program. Such a program will scan the web andbring to light available drivers and will download and install them on yourbehalf.Identifying why your mouse is not working on Laptop can be tasking but if youare patient enough to follow this process through you will certainly find asolution that will work for you from the list of solutions provided in thisarticle.

Solution 3: Update Bluetooth Mouse Driver

It is great possibility that the Windows 10 Bluetooth mouse drivers are notcompatible with Windows 10. So you are required to update it. The cleanest andbest way to update Bluetooth or USB mouse driver is to use Device Manager.Step 1: Search Device Manager and press Enter to open it.Step 2: Expand the Bluetooth and right-click the Bluetooth adapter toUninstall it.Step 3: Close device manager and reboot the computer.The Windows 10 will automatically install the latest Bluetooth mouse driverfor you.If not, your Bluetooth mouse doesn’t work on Windows 10 so far, maybe you canalso use Driver Booster to help you update Bluetooth mouse driversautomatically As many of you are utilizing the touchpad, Driver Booster cansimplify the process of downloading the mouse driver.1. At the very beginning, download Driver Booster.2. After installing and running it, you can hit the Scan button to get DriverBooster to work to find the problematic drivers on your PC.3. Then locate Bluetooth and click Update to download the most up-to-dateBluetooth driver for Windows 10.If you have updated your Bluetooth mouse driver to the latest version, it isprobably that the issues that Bluetooth disconnects casually or the LogitechBluetooth mouse disappeared in Windows 10 have been solved completely.Related: Logitech MX Master Not Working on Windows 10

How to Update Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Automatically

Sometimes Windows falls behind when it comes to receiving manufactures updatesin case of new Bluetooth drivers. We’ll have a look at a driver updater toolwhich will help you automatically update Windows 10 Bluetooth driver and whichhardly falls behind updates.

Why Should You Update Bluetooth Device Driver On Windows 10 Laptop?

If the Bluetooth of your computer is not connecting to other Bluetooth devicessuch as headphones, speakers or other Bluetooth devices, there are highchances that the Bluetooth driver of your computer is outdated and that younow need to update it.

Manual Way Of Updating Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver

Using Device Manager To Update Bluetooth Driver1. Press Windows key + R and type devmgmt.msc into the search box. Click OKThis will open the Device Manager for you.2. Look for the Bluetooth option and once you have found it, click on thedropdown next to it.3. Once you see your driver, right-click on it and click on Update driveroption.4. You will now get a prompt saying Search automatically for updated driversoftware.5. When you click on this prompt, Windows will try and find the latestWindows 10 Bluetooth driver. If it does find a driver, follow the onscreensteps and install the driver or you’ll see this message.

2. Reinstall or Update Mouse Driver

(A) Reinstall Mouse DriverIt could be that you have a faulty or outdated mouse driver because of whichyour mouse is acting up. The first thing here that you can do is that you canuninstall and then reinstall your mouse driver. For this – 1. Press Windows + R keys 2. When the run dialog box opens, type devmgmt.msc and then press enter 3. Scroll down till you see Mice and other pointing devices. Click on it and expand it so that you can see your mouse model 4. Right-Click on the device model and click on Properties 5. Click on the Driver tab and then click on Uninstall Device and press OK. You might be prompted to restart your computer 6. Now, scan for hardware changes 7. Windows will now help you reinstall the missing driver for your mouseAlso Read: Ways To Fix “Windows Cannot Identify This Hardware”(B) Update Mouse DriverYou can update the mouse driver using the same steps. Instead of clicking onScan for hardware changes, click on the Update device driver. Here’s anotherway, you can update drivers and that too automatically using Smart DriverCare. To do that – 1. Install Smart Driver Care from button below 2. Click on Start Scan Now 3. All the outdated drivers will be listed 4. You can either choose to update all the drivers by clicking on Update All, or you can click on Update Driver next to an individual driver 5. It will then start downloading the updates 6. Smart Driver Care even takes a backup of existing drivers which can be restored in case of a problem

Update Bluetooth Device Drivers

If Bluetooth drivers are not updated it creates the problem like Bluetoothheadphones is not connected to the PC. So the solution to this wirelessearbuds problem is to update Bluetooth driver using device manager. So, yourfirst and foremost step should be you have to check whether your laptop hasBluetooth or not and if yes then update its drivers. Follow the steps toupdate Bluetooth drivers using device manager on Windows 10, 8 and 7. 1. Step 1: At first press Windows + X to open the menu list and tap on Device Manager. 2. Step 2: Find the Bluetooth device from the list, it may be under the network adapters list. 3. Step 3: Select the Bluetooth Device and tap Right Mouse click and select Update Driver. 4. Step 4: Now you will have Update driver screen showing 2 options first Search automatically for updated driver software and the second option says Browse my computer for driver software. So, if you have drivers on your computer you should tap on the second option. If you don’t have drivers on your computer you can go for the first option by which window will identify, download and install the driver. 5. Step 5: By clicking on the first option if an update is found so Windows automatically download and install it and if no update will found it will give a new screen saying The best drivers for your device are already installed.So, this is the simple steps to update Bluetooth drivers on your PC. Make sureyou follow all the steps by reading it properly.

Update the Bluetooth Driver

Whenever a feature on a Windows computer doesn’t work, you should alwayslook for updates. Like most components, Bluetooth adapters need software towork, and Windows 10 updates have been known to break device drivers andfunctionality.Drivers are updated either manually or automatically. The manual method mightbe a bit tedious, but it will do the job. Just find out which Bluetooth deviceyour computer is using (from the Device Manager). Then, search the name of thedevice and download the drivers from the official website.Alternatively, you can download a third-party program that automaticallydownloads any missing drivers to your computer. These services are often paidoptions. However, be careful if you choose third-party software. Some programsare more apt to install the wrong driver. Back up your system drivers (at theleast) before using the software to update your system components.After installing the drivers (one way or another), restart your computer andtry turning the Bluetooth on again.

Fix 2: Update the mouse driver

The missing or outdated drivers can cause problems, result in the mouse notworking. In this case, you can use Driver Easy to scan your computer andupdate drivers to solve problems.1) Download and install Driver Easy.2) Double click Driver Easy, then click Scan Now.3) You can update drivers manually or automatically.Use the Free version, you can download and install drivers manually. Clickhere to learn how.Or get the Pro version, then click “Update”, the missing drivers or outdateddrivers will be automatically downloaded and installed.4) Restart your computer, then move your mouse to check the connection.* * *

Download and Update HP Bluetooth Drivers Automatically:

If you are not tech-savvy and it is hard for you to search and find the exactsoftware, it is highly recommended to use Bluetooth driver installers likeDriver Talent, Driver Easy, Driver Guide, to help to download and updateproper HP Bluetooth drivers automatically. By using the Bluetooth driverinstaller tool.You could download drivers for HP Bluetooth keyboard, HP Bluetooth USB 2.0adapter, HP Bluetooth mouse, HP Bluetooth headphones, etc. and quickly fix theHP Bluetooth driver issues on Windows 10.

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