20 Fun Facebook Messenger Games You Should Try

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(MOBA) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games for iPhone

If you want to get a taste of some intense multiplayer gaming experience, thenyou’ve got to play some MOBA titles. Here are a couple of my favorite titlesin this category –

Multiplayer Racing Games for iPhone

Apple’s App Store is filled with a ton of awesome racing games, but here are acouple of my favorite ones, which I think deserves a place in your library ofgames –

Multiplayer Sports Games for iPhone

Regardless of the number of games you have on your phone, a game library isalways incomplete without some sports games. So here are a couple ofmultiplayer sports games that are worth checking out –

Multiplayer Action Games for iPhone

Action Games and multiplayer titles are like bread and butter, so there’s noway I was going to end the list without recommending a few. Here are threeaction-packed multiplayer games which I think are absolutely worth playing –

25. Call of Duty Mobile

“Call of Duty Mobile” is the latest sensation on the gaming horizon. Andrightly so as the game has got all sorts of ammunition to offer a thrillingexperience. Just like most battle royal games, it also pits 100 players in thelast man standing battle. And the one who succeeds in decimating everyone elsebecomes the champion.Moreover, COD has also got other pretty impressive goodies including theaction-packed 5v5 team deathmatch and the zombies survival mode which isextremely challenging. With fully customizable controls, the game promises todeliver console-quality gaming experience on iPhone and iPad. And it does liveup to the claim to a good extent.On the customization front, I find COD up to the mark thanks to a variety ofoutfits, pieces of gear, scorestreaks, and of course tons of well-knowncharacters. So, you can fully-tune your character to look different on thebattlefield. * Multiplayer mode: 100 player Battle Royale, action-packed 5v5 team deathmatch * Download Call of Duty Mobile (Free)

What Are Your Favorite Multiplayer Games?

Well, that ends our list of the best multiplayer games for iPhone. PUBGMobile, Minecraft, and 8 Ball Pool are some of my favorite games, which I’vebeen playing for a long time. If you think I missed your favorite title, thenbe sure to drop a comment down below, and I’ll check it out myself. Also, letus know which of these games tickled your fancy.20 Fun Facebook Messenger Games You Can Play in 2019Facebook Messenger is a widely used instant messenger and for good reason. Theapp packs in a variety of features to help you connect with friends andfamily, including a bunch of instant games that you can play with your friendsright from within the app. Here we’ll be taking a look at 20 of the bestFacebook Messenger games out there, including some popular classics and a fewnew ones that you should definitely try.

20 Fun Facebook Messenger Games You Should Try

Note: There are no specific download links for these games. In order to accessthe games, you’ll need to open up Facebook Messenger and search for the gameyou want to play.

2. Words with Friends

Words with Friends is another great game that I remember playing way back incollege. The game is a take on the classic word game Scrabble, but instead ofplaying it on a board you get to play it virtually with your friends. In thegame you need to fill up the board with words using letters in your tile bagand for each word you play you’re rewarded some points, depending on theletters you use and the tiles on which you place them. The game is a greattest of vocabulary and strategy at the same time, and it’s a fun game to pickup whenever you have some free time.

Try Out These Facebook Messenger Games Right Away

Well, that rounds up our list of the best Facebook Messenger games you canplay with your friends. As you can see, Messenger offers a wide variety ofgames from different genres that will appeal to almost all users. Everythingfrom great puzzle games to arcade classics, Messenger has it all. So, what areyou waiting for? Pull out your smartphone and let the games begin. In case youthink we’ve missed out on one of your favorite Facebook Messenger games, letus know in the comments down below and we’ll add it to the list.17 Best Facebook Messenger Games To Play In 2020Update:- Facebook messenger games have been removed from the messenger app andshifted to the main Facebook App. You can play all these games on Facebooknative app and on the website.Looking for some of the best games to play on Facebook Messenger (Now FacebookInstant Games)? The following blog post has the name of the Games which youcan play right now.Facebook is the number one social networking working site where you can getconnected with family, friends, colleagues and other people you know. On thesite, you can share your favorite pictures & videos, make text chats & videoscalls and more.Apart from this, Facebook is one of the best places to play games online. Ithas thousands of games which you can play alone and with your friends. Theseare some of the best Facebook messenger games / Facebook instant Gamesfavorite among users all across the globe.

What Happened To Messenger Games?

Did you open your messenger to play some games and all your favorite Facebookmessenger games disappeared? Don’t panic they are not gone but shifted frommessenger to Facebook native app.You can still play all your favorite games without losing your score, gamecoins and points. You just have to use the Facebook app or website to play.The majority of the users access Facebook using the Facebook app for checkingfriends update and the Facebook Messenger app for sending messages and makingvoice & video calls.Since Facebook and Messenger apps are different apps, and most of the usersspent lots of their time using the Messenger app, the company decided to shiftgames from messenger to the Facebook app.

How To Play Facebook Instant Games Previously Messenger Games

Earlier it was easy to play games on messenger since you were able to quicklyaccess the games on messenger by tapping on the 4 dots beside camera icon. Nowthere is only one option that is “Location“To get started with Facebook Gaming you need to open the Facebook app. And tapon the hamburger menu on the right-top corner.From there tap on gaming option and it will open the Facebook instant games onyour app. On the Gaming page, you can see your gaming profile, gaming videos,trending gameplays, recently played games and you can also browse through allFacebook games.If you want to play Facebook instant games on the laptop then go to FacebookHome and from the left pane click on “Explore” and then click “Gaming”.To check all the games available on Facebook Gaming click on “See All Games”.Now you will list of all games according to your interest.The best thing about Facebook Messenger games/instant games is that they arevery lightweight and loads quickly. To play games inside Facebook app usersneed to access Facebook gaming.This will take you to the screen which has a never-ending list of FacebookMessenger games / Instant Games. Select the game you want to play from thelist on options.There are following game categories you can choose to play solo or play withfriends. * Action games * Bingo * Board * Builders * Card games * MOBA Games * Poker & Table Games * Puzzles * Role Playing * Runner * Simulation Games * Sports * Strategy games.After choosing the game just tap on game icon and it will open in full-screenmode, from there tap on “Play Now” and get ready to experience gaming onFacebook.Now you know how can you play Facebook Instant Games then here is the list ofsome popular games you might like.Must Check – Best Android Games To Play With Friends During Quarantine Days

Best Facebook Messenger Games / Facebook Instant Games To Play

Since there are a plethora of Messenger games/Instant Games on this screen,sometimes it confuses the people, and due to this reason, they miss the gameswhich are best and popular among users.To help those users I decided to write this blog post featuring the bestFacebook Messenger/Instant games.Why don’t you try those games? Here goes the first one on the list:

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