3 MAGIX Music Maker Best Beat Making Software For Beginners

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3. MAGIX Music Maker – Best Beat Making Software For Beginners

Best Features | Compatible With MIDI, Real Instrument Recording —|— Availability | Windows, macOS Pricing | Free, $99.99 Download Link | Download MAGIX Music Maker MAGIX Music Maker is a feature-packed yet easy to use beat making software forbeginners. You can start creating and editing your beats using simple drag anddrop commands.The DAW is also compatible with MIDI and you can even record externalinstruments with ease.Sadly, the free beat maker has certain limitations. For instance, it onlyoffers 425 loops, 8 effects, and only 8 tracks. However, you can overcomethese limitations by making a one-time investment.Things like bass, output volume, and noise extortion can be controlled usingMAGIX Music Maker.In a nutshell, if you consider yourself as a complete beginner then MAGIXMusic Maker should be the best choice for you in this list of top 10beatmakers. However, avoid this beat program if you are a seasoned producer,and editing and mixing options are a necessity to your workflow. Presently,MAGIX Music Maker is only available for Windows 10.* * *

4. Tracktion 7 – Feature-Packed Music Maker

Best Features | Unlimited VST Support, Old Yet Easy To Navigate Interface —|— Availability | Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspbian 10 Pricing | Free Download Link | Download Tracktion 7 Tracktion 7 is another fully-featured digital audio workstation. You caneffortlessly acquire the forever-free version without any limitations butthere’s a catch. The company only offers the older versions of the music makerfor free.Important plug-ins like EQs, limiters, compressors, and basic FX like reverbcome built-in with Tracktion T7 Daw.Unlike, MAGIX Music Maker Tracktion T7 is not that easy to use and you have tospend a considerable amount of time to master the software to produce high-quality beats. Based on your requirements you can even add thousands of freeVST instruments in Tracktion 7.The next major highlight of the free beat maker is it’s clean and easy tonavigate interface. In addition, to beat creation, Tracktion 7 can also beused for band recordings, podcasting, and EDM production.* * *

6. Pro Tools First – Hip Hop Beat Making Software

Best Features | Supports 16 Audio Or MIDI Tracks, 500MB Samples —|— Availability | Windows, macOS Pricing | Free, $29.99 USD/month, $79.99 USD/month Download Link | Download Pro Tools First If you primarily use DAWs for creating hip-hop beats then the industry-leadingPro Tools First might impress you. At any given instance, you can create 16audio or MIDI tracks and record up to four tracks simultaneously.The free beat making software also offers a 500MB library of samples, loops,and sounds.Some noteworthy features of Pro Tools First are session templates in variousgenres, loop recording, MIDI editing tools, track freeze for saving CPUresources, and 20 built-in effects and utility plug-ins.The program also offers access to the avid artist community. In thiscommunity, you can connect and collaborate with other artists, producers, andmedia professionals.As for downsides, the free version prevents users from saving more than 3projects. Consequently, you have to plan and execute your productionbeforehand. Lastly, the interface of Pro Tools First is a bit outdated andclunky.* * *

7. LMMS – Open-Source Beat Software

Best Features | Supports VST Plugins, 16 Synthesizers —|— Availability | Windows, macOS, Linux Pricing | Free Download Link | Download LMMS Let’s Make Music or often abbreviated as LMMS is an open-source beat makingsoftware that’s designed by musicians for professional quality beatsproduction.If you have ever worked with FL Studio then you would feel right at home asLMMS is inspired for FL Studio. LMMS focuses only on beatmaking and you can’trecord audio using this program.Undoubtedly, the feature-set of LMMS compensates for the dated and clunkyinterface. The free beat maker offers free 16 synthesizers, musical typing,and MIDI playback VST instrument bridge.Similar to most programs on this list it will take a considerable amount oftime to learn LMMS. Before applying any preset to your track you can listen tothem with a single click.Once your production is completed the track or beats can be exported in WAV,OGG, and many other mainstream media formats.* * *

8. TDR Nova – Mastering Software

Best Features | VST/AU/AAX Plugin Formats, Classical Layout/Interface —|— Availability | Windows, macOS Pricing | Free, €40 Download Link | Download TDR Nova Despite being the last step, mastering is crucial for the production of beats.Mastering helps control the overall loudness and it even enhances the tone ofyour beats. Well, TDR Nova is a is a parallel dynamic equalizer plugin.For the user interface, the developer of the plug-in has adopted what you seeis what you get approach. You can easily drag and drop the effects you needwhile advanced features won’t get in your way if you don’t need them.The five major tasks that TDR Nova can perform are parametric equalization,dynamic equalization, frequency-selective compression, multi-band compression,and wideband compression.* * *

1) Piano Time for Windows 10

Piano time is a nice option if you simply want to plug in and play the piano.It is an “app” but that doesn’t mean you need a tablet or phone to use it.Windows is changing to become more similar to Apple in the way they presentsoftware creating less of a disconnect between computers, tablets and phones.This means if you have Windows 10, you can now head to the Microsoft store anddownload apps to your computer.There are paid apps in the windows store but as with the Apple and Android“stores” that you may be more familiar with on your phones and tablets, manyof the apps are free to download and use.

2) Piano 10 for Windows 10

Piano 10 is very similar in many ways to Piano Time. It is available fordownload from the Windows app store on any windows device.

3) MidiEditor

If you want something a bit more advanced which will allow you to edit andexport your MIDI tracks then MIDI Editor is free software that is a greatintroduction to some more advanced techniques.

Best Free Midi Keyboard Software on Android

Yes, that’s right, these days you don’t even need a computer to use a MIDIdevice. You can now plug your MIDI keyboard directly into your phone or tabletand use that to create music.I bought this simple USB C to USB adapter for under $10 and it allows me toplay my 49 key MIDI keyboard through my phone.As with the other devices mentioned above, you will need to download somesoftware (an app) to do this and there are plenty of great free options tochoose from.

6 Best Free Music Making Software for Beginners for Windows

Here is a list of best free music making software for beginners for Windows.These software are relatively easy to use and understand than standard musicmaking software. Plus, beginners can gain a great experience in music makingby working on these software. Simple music making process without compromisingon any essential feature make these software ideal for beginners. With most ofthese, you can also use external MIDI devices to create music. Various inbuiltmusical instruments (Drums, Guitar, Violin, etc.) are also available whichhelp you create different sounds. Some of these provide Music Sheet on whichyou can add various elements like Clefs, Signature, Rests, Notes, etc., alongwith instruments to make music.These software also contains virtual keyboard, virtual guitar, piano roll,etc., which help both beginners and professionals in music making. In somesoftware, you can also vary audio parameters, such as Pitch, Intensity, Pan,Scale, etc. to refine the sound of instruments. You can also find otherimportant tools namely Mixer and Synthesizer using which you can mix andenhance the music. After making the music, you can save and export it as MIDIand respective Project Files.

Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker is a free music making software for beginners. It can alsobe used in professional music making as it is quite a featured software. Init, you get all the tools to create music of various genres. Still, it issimple and easy to work on. The property that makes it easy to understand isits simplified interface which is broadly divided into four parts namelyTracks Section, Loops, Instruments, and Virtual Keyboard Section. * The Track section is the section in which sound loops, voice, imported audio, etc. are merged together using soundtracks. In this free version of this software, you get 8 free soundtracks over which you can drop audio and create a rhythmic music. * In Loops section, you get multiple sounds of varying pitch and intensity of different musical instruments such as Drums, Guitar, Keys, Bass, Brass, Sequences, etc. You can easily drag and drop sound loops from this section over the tracks to create music. * Instruments section contains various separate synth tracks such as Concert Grand LE, Revolta 2, Vita, and more. These synth tracks are basically a complete panel to fine-tune and create sounds of specific instruments like piano, acoustic drums, acoustic percussion, etc. In each synth track, you get a ton of knobs and buttons which makes these synth tracks slightly challenging to use. Still, after applying the hit and trial method and with some guidance, beginners can also operate it. * Virtual Keyboard section is a simple and straightforward section that provides a virtual piano that you can use to generate new tones and sounds.Besides these main sections, this freeware also provides other essential toolssuch as Effects, Pitch & Tempo Changer, Title Editor, and more. Overall, it isone of the best free software for beginners to learn and create musicalcompositions.Note: In this free version, you get certain limitations like limited tracks,effects, instruments, etc. You can remove all the limitations by purchasingthe paid version of this software.

Easy Music Composer

Easy Music Composer is another free music making software for beginners. It isa really good software for beginners because it contains an automatic musiccomposer. To create music, you just need to select various music elements andclick on its Compose button to get automatically composed music. The flow andbeats of composed music will depend upon the input parameters.This software provides multiple musical notes such as C, D, D, E, F, andmore. Along with music notes, it also provides musical instruments (drum,piano, guitar, Arpeggio) with lots of predefined patterns. In this freeware,you can also create a custom pattern and add it to the existing pattern list.Besides various instruments, it also provides the predefined tones namely,Melody, Chord, Bass, and Arpeggio. According to your requirement, you canadjust the volume of each available instruments as well. In the Input Notesmenu, you get a virtual piano to select notes using it and options to setoctave, interval, and bar is also present there. In this software, you canalso record voice and mix it with other sounds to make music.To fine-tune different aspects of music, you get options to modify Channel,Bar, Minimum Notes, etc. Once the whole music gets created, you canimmediately preview it and save as MIDI and sheet music file.Note: In this free version of Easy Music Composer, you can use only select upto 8 notes at a time.

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