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Top rated 5 BEST Microphones for Youtube Vlogging Videos – Review 2020

Are you searching for the best mic for youtube videos vlogging? Not sure whichmodel to choose for a Youtuber?At below, I recommend the top 5 best microphones for youtube vlogging. Hope itwill save you time.In my opinion, the criteria of the best mic for youtube vlogging including: 1. Reliable brands 2. Clear, crisp, and smooth audio 3. Portable, lightweight, and compact 4. Eliminates low-frequency distortion 5. Beautiful designWhat is the best youtube microphone for vlogging? Below are the top 5 goodquality youtube mics for your considering:

2. Sony ICD-TX800 – Best youtube microphone for vlogging

Sony ICD-TX800 is a great compact recorder. If you are searching for the bestmic for youtube vlogging, the Sony ICD-TX800 worths choosing.Sony ICD-TX800 Digital Voice Recorder and Remote (Black)What is great about it: * Built-in battery for 15 hours of continuous recording. * 16 GB built-in memory. * Remote control or connecting the smartphone via Bluetooth. * Smart noise cut playback. * Records up to CD-quality audio ( LPCM 44.1 kHz/16 bit (STEREO)Why I like it:You use it similarly to a lapel microphone. There are many recording modes andallows us to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone.The sound quality is smooth and clear. Pick up voice is very clear in noisyenvironments.Moreover, the TX800 recorder also has a great choice in some events wherewireless microphones are banned.Best for…This is a great choice for events, meetings, lectures, schools, and youtubevlogging.

1. Blue Yeti USB Mic – Best youtube microphone for gaming, and multi-

purpose.Blue Yeti USB Microphone is so popular for YouTubers. If you want to savemoney, and looking for a multi-purpose microphone, this mic is a good choicefor you.It is best for youtube recording, gaming, live streaming, commentary, andmore… on PC and MAC.Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac, 3 CondenserCapsules, 4 Pickup Patterns, Headphone Output and Volume Control, Mic GainControl, Adjustable Stand, Plug & Play – BlackoutWhat’s great about it: * The USB connection is just plugged and play. * Gain control, the mute button is built-in on the mic that would be so convenient. * 4 pattern selection: cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo are suitable for any recording situation. * Headphone output for easy to monitor the sound.Why I like it:First, the look is so nice and solid. It will catch any eyes.Second, this Blue Yeti USB microphone is so easy to use, just plug and playingvia USB. You don’t need an audio interface.The thing I like most about this Blue Yeti USB Mic is a zero-latencyheadphone. There is no delay when I plug my headphones directly into theoutput mic.Best for…In short, it perfect youtube mic for gaming, vocals, podcasting, voiceovers,musical instruments, interviews, conference calls, and field recordings.

2. Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser – Best USB mic for youtube gaming,

and more…If you need a highly sensitive mic for youtube gaming commentary or livestreaming, the Blue Yeti X Professional is what you need.It is best choice for youtube gaming, streaming, and podcasting on pc & mac.Why I like it:It connects to pc and mac via USB that is so convenient, plug and play withoutany other stuff.Moreover, the Blue Yeti X uses 4 capsules condenser that helps the mic moresensitive. It will capture very detailed sounds.As for the sound, it produces clear, warm, and crisper sounds.Best for…In short, it best youtube mic for multi-purpose such as gaming commentary,vocals, podcasting, voiceovers, musical instruments, interviews, conferencecalls, and home recordings.

4. JLab Audio Talk Pro USB Mic – Best USB-C mic for youtube commentary

If you want a microphone full functions similar to Blue Yeti Pro but the priceis softer, the JLab Audio Talk Pro USB Mic is worth considering first.Why I like it:The design is unique and attractive. It has the same features as the Blue YetiPro but at a budget price.It has a professional quality resolution of 192kHz/24bit. It ensures the soundis very detailed for professional use.As for the sound quality, it is quite good and warm for the price andconvenience.Best for…In short, this is the best budget microphone for recording podcasts, gaming,live streams, music, or voice.

5. Samson G-Track Pro – Best USB mic for youtube gaming commentary,

streaming, youtube lives, and home recordingSamson G-Track Pro is the best cheap USB microphone for a home recordingstudio, but also best for youtube gaming commentary, live streaming, and muchmore…Why I like it:The feature I like most is the recording voice and instrument at the sametime.If you play guitar or ukulele and want to record the cover song, SamsonG-Track Pro is the best choice.It has high definition audio at 24-bit and 96khz resolution which capturedetail sound.The sound is sweet and warm.Best for…This is a good cheap USB microphone for home bedroom studio. It is best forgaming and live streamers of course.

1. Behringer C-1 Professional – Best cheap microphone for youtube

singers, and karaoke under $50Behringer C-1 is one of the best budget mics for youtube singing and covers.It has a clear and crisp sound for recording voice and instruments.Why I like it:The look is nice and solid but the budget price.The sound quality is clear and crisp, it perfect for singing, covers, andrecording instruments.Best for…In short, the Behringer C-1 is the best cheap microphone for youtube videossinging.If you play guitar or ukulele, and want singing and playing at the same timefor youtube videos, the Behringer C-1 is a great choice.

4. Audio-Technica AT2020 – Great microphone for youtube videos singing.

Oh, the Audio-Technica AT2020 is a legend. It is very popular in most smallrecording studios. So many peoples have appreciated this mic.You never go wrong with Audio-Technica AT2020.Why I like it:Audio-Technica AT2020 is one of the few good quality condenser microphones youcan find for around $150.It’s hard to find a mic with the same durability and sound quality in themoney range.Best for…Audio Technica AT2020 is one of the popular condenser microphones in small tomedium studios.You can use this mic for singing on youtube, recording instruments. It won’tlet you down.

USB microphones

The vast majority of YouTubers and vloggers opt for USB microphones. These areideal for anything you’re recording near a computer, including gamingwalkthroughs, product demos, tutorials, music, interviews, commentaries, andvoiceovers. You can read about the features of one of our favorites, the RodeNT-USB Condenser Microphone, below.

Best YouTube microphones

Whether you host your vlogs on YouTube or elsewhere, here are our top 5recommendations for vlogging microphones for 2021:

TOP 15 Best Microphones for YouTube Videos and Vlogging in 2021

It is not a secret that if you want to attract more viewers and provide high-quality videos in your YouTube channel, do not forget that audio quality isjust as important as video quality.As a reason, we reviewed the TOP 15 best microphones for YouTube and vlogging.The fact is that most of the YouTube vloggers are using built-in cameramicrophones, and they are not bothering to buy a separate one with higheraudio quality.Here’s the kicker:Microphones that are installed in the cameras typically have lower audioquality and can transfer unnecessary sounds very quickly.So if you want to find out what are the leading microphones for YouTube in2021, continue reading this article.

USB Microphones

Last but not least are the USB microphones.These types of microphones are mostly used by YouTubers and Vloggers, who areusually working near a computer.Moreover, they are also used when recording with a webcam or an exteriorcamera on a tripod.The microphones are perfect for product demonstrations, music, gamingwalkthroughs, interviews, commentaries tutorials among others, and for surepodcasting.* * *

Best Microphones for YouTube

All microphones from this list were reviewed by vlogtribe.com editors.

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