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The Best Headphones You Can Buy In India Under Rs 2000

Let’s take a look at SuggestPhone’s Best Headphones Under Rs. 2000 in India.We have included both wired and Bluetooth wireless headphones in this list.Some good options under 1500 have also been added.

1. BoAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

When It comes to budget wireless headphones, BoAt is really killing it outthere. Rockerz 510 is another spectacular set of headphones from BoAt. Theheadphones take the value for money, very seriously. The extra powerful soundis driven by a set of giant 50mm audio drivers at the core. The quality isunprecedented. If you are already amazed by the sound quality of rockerz 400,rockerz 510 take that quality a few notches higher.The design is a new one with a more sharp appeal to headphones. I am not a bigfan of flashy gamer vibes the design exudes but It is not that bad either. Theheadphones are well built. The sound is truly high definition, we are not in ashape to complain here about almost anything. The bass is a delightful andthumping. The clarity is superb, the loudness is in a different league thevibrancy, the accurateness, separation. Its all one amazingly balancedexperience.The headphones are heavy at 230 grams and will definitely feel like a load ifyou are switching from earphones or some ultralight headphones. The cups arecomfortable and soft. The material over the cups is of good quality as welland won’t wear off anytime soon. The stiffness is something, which could’vebeen better as the headphones might induce pain in earlobes after a few hoursof continuous use. The handy set of controls on the headphone itself, make itreally convenient and that nice LED notification light will kind of grow onyou.The mic on these headphones is also good and taking calls is easy, thanks tothose controls. Rockerz 510 has an extended battery life, that can easily gobeyond 10 hours, which might sound magical but Its true. Also, you get theversatility of aux port, so whenever these headphones die on battery, you canjust plug the aux port and continue from there. And I must say the aux cordthat comes bundled is really great, It is tough and of superb finish.These headphones take 2 hours to charge completely. With a surprise, just15mins of charging gets you another 2 hours of listening. For me, these arethe best headphones in the category with great wireless listening experience,excellent sound quality, some good controls on board, decent comfort level,sturdy build all at a price, that you won’t be able to refuse. Rockerz 510hence take the first spot on our list of best headphones in India, under Rs.2000. You can buy these wireless headphones from Amazon and Flipkart foraround 1899. Check the latest price by clicking on links below.Buy Boat Wireless Headphones from AmazonBuy Boat Wireless Headphones from Flipkart

2. BoAt Rockerz 400 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Well, you have already crossed the Rs. 1000 mark, It is a good time to lookout for something that sets the bar above, how about wireless? If you thinkthat cutting the cord might be too expensive, believe us, It is not. BoAtRockerz 400 are just the right thing you need If you don’t want to spend toomuch but still want to get some badass wireless headphones with solid soundperformance. These headphones from BoAt have a deep base and are a marvelousbuy at the price.The sound quality is what you’d call high definition and you can’t complainanything. Apart from pumping marvelous sound, these headphones are alsowireless, all ready for the wireless future. Call it versatile but even afterhaving 7 hours of battery life, you can still plug in an aux cable and enjoyyour content without any breaks. The noise cancellation is also respectable.The build is good enough, with foldable ear cups that just add to the designand convenience of carrying these around.Powered by rock strong 40mm audio drivers, these headphones are blockbusterperformers. You also get a set of handy controls on the headphones, that justmakes the controlling and switching of music easy. Weighing at just 109 grams,BoAt Rockerz 400 are lightweight beyond doubt and very easy to put on forlonger durations. The frame is a bit stiff though, which might result in alittle pain over a few hours of continued use. (> 3 hours). As with wireless,the headphones use Bluetooth 2.1, which I won’t argue with is quite old butthere are no noticeable issues with that. There’s no multi-connect and therange is 7-8 meters after which the sound gets interference and the headphonesstruggle a bit.The cups are comfortable but not as soft as We would like. The drapingmaterial of cups is decent and doesn’t wear off easily. As with charging isconcerned, these headphones can be charged from 0 to full in 2.5 hours, whichis a lot but you are not in a position to nitpick here given the price andoffers. If you are eyeing to get some cool wireless headphones which areimpressive on sound and equally impressive for your wallet, you ought to tryBoAt Rockerz 400, which can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 1499. According tous, these are the best headphones under 1500.Buy Boat Headphones from AmazonBuy Boat Headphones from Flipkart

3. Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones

Sony’s MDR-XB450 prove to be one solid competitor in the price range of underRs. 2000. The headphones pack a thumping and pumping, 30mm audio drivers fromSony. The bass is something you’ll cherish on these, as it never misses out,whatever you are listening. The Extra Bass in the name is quite justified. Thesound is rich, clear and punchy. None less you’d expect from Sony. The soundis not that astounding, but a few notches on the positive side than others inthe competition. The volume is loud enough to rock your eardrums out. Thesensitivity is really good at 102db/mW. The sound is not out of the class butcertainly one of the best at the price.These Sony headphones are a good value for money headphones. The built isreally flashy and feels good, though Its not that tough. Besides having animpressive sound quality, Sony has made a comfort value attached to XB450,these headphones are really comfortable and don’t grip your head too tight.The ear cups are wrapped nicely and don’t wear out that easily. As with mostSony headphones, the design language is quite similar and the headphones canbe packed along quite easily as they collapse and fold.These corded headphones come with a standard 1.2m long cord, which looks solidand saves you time by not indulging you in the eternal untangling game. Asthese headphones are slightly bigger and cover the ears better, the isolationis better. The comfort level is good but you can get some pain in the earlobesover extended use (> 3 hours). These Sony XB450 are quality and value formoney headphones at the price from Sony and unlike JBL, these really do feellike Sony stuff. You won’t regret buying these from Amazon, for Rs. 1495. Thisis another great option if you are looking for a headphone under 1500.Buy Sony Headphones from AmazonBuy Sony Headphones from Flipkart

5. Audio Technica ATH-AX1iS Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Audio Technica has been a glaring name in the Indian context in the lastcouple of years with some pretty competent budget headphones. ATH-AX1iS BLextends AT’s the budget arsenal in India. At first look, these are decentlooking headphones that that pump solid sound as well. The design is notsomething that’ll make you go wow, but Its a tested and robust one.The sound quality is good enough with great mids, good highs, and lows. Thesound bears a good level of clarity and vibrancy. If you are a bassenthusiast, ATH-AX1iS might not be for you. The bass is good but not one ofthe strong footholds for these headphones. Talking about comfort, the ear cupsare big and comfortable ones. The material which they are draped in is of goodquality and won’t wear off too soon. The headphones cover the ears nicely andare not breathable, so you might feel sweat after a bit of use.The audio drivers in these headphones are big 36mm ones, but the loudnessisn’t that staggering. You get some handy in-line controls, on the 1.2m longstandard cord with an L-shaped aux port. We would have been happier, had thecord been tangle free but It isn’t. Despite that big shape and build, theisolation isn’t appreciable. The sound staging is one thing we find worthcommenting on these ones, as It really elates the listening experience. In anutshell, these are a decent pair of headphones from Audio Technica.Not much to talk about here, good sound quality but not that great bass forbass lovers. Build quality is good enough and makes the headphones verycomfortable for longer durations of use. The headphones don’t pack somethingstunning making them a must buy at the price but are a decent choice given theprice. You can buy these from Flipkart for under Rs. 2000.Buy Audio Technica Headphones from FlipkartBuy Audio Technica Headphones from Amazon

7. BoAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphones

We know you are about to call us and remind us that this post was aboutheadphones under Rs. 2000, wasn’t it? Yeah, but we think a 100 up is not thatbig of an increase in price and BoAt rockerz 600 are an extreme delight tohave, carrying on BoAt’s vision of value for money headphones. Rockerz 600come after the previously mentioned Rockerz 510 and build up nicely upon theachievements of Rockerz 510.Rockerz 600 has a strikingly different design language and goes more squarethan its little brothers. The headphones are strong, sturdy and also bear apremium appeal to them. The bass is far better than anything at the price, thesound quality is a notch above the Rockerz 510. The rich, high definitionsound is really a treat to ears, the balance, treble, and isolation are a lotbetter. The ear cups are extra soft and mitigate the slight lack of comfort incase of Rockerz 510.These are a class apart wireless headphones with solid beats and a relentlessthump. The comprehensive set of controls on the ear cup is really convenient.These are versatile as well, with support for aux, If you want to go wired orIf the battery runs out. Talking about the battery, these headphones seem tobe made of batteries in all, with up to 20hours of playback on a singlecharge. That’s staggering for sure, what’s good is that these headphones stillget fully charge d in just 2.5 hours, If you are in a bit of haste, just 15mins of charge will get you through another 2 hours.The noise isolation and separation is a class apart with these, with thatgreat comfortable design, these headphones strike a strong fashion statement.The cup material is really soft and good quality doesn’t seem to wear off thateasily. The cord again is a quality one, with 1.2 m in length. At the price,these are a complete package with stupendous sound performance and purecomfort. If you can spare an extra hundred rupees, go on and buy thesesplendid set of headphones from BoAt. You can get these from Amazon for Rs.2137. Which is totally justified.Buy Boat Rockerz Bluetooth Wireless Headphones from AmazonBuy Boat Rockerz Wireless Headphones from FlipkartSo this was our list of best headphones under 2000 available in India 2019. Wehope it was helpful and you were able to find suitable wired or wirelessheadphones. If you can spend around 3000 then do take a look at the bestearphones/headphones under 3000.* * ** * *

How Audio quality

It can be argued that audio is half of the movie watching experience, whichmeans you need to select headphones that will match your expectations in thisdepartment. Fortunately, there are some very good headphones across all budgetranges that deliver remarkable audio. Here are some of the things you need tothink about when it comes to figuring the audio quality you can expect: * Bass: the quality of the bass determines how great your movie will sound. You’ll want the explosions and action-packed scenes to be captivating. However, make sure the bass isn’t boosted at too high of a level. That’s because the audio can sound rather synthetic and detracts from the overall experience. * Frequency response: the human ear can hear in the range of 20-20KHz and the headphones you buy should offer this range at the very least. Ideally, the headphones will go beyond this range to provide a greater depth of audio. * Soundstage: the soundstage refers to the depth of the audio in terms of how far away from you it sounds. A large soundstage creates the feeling that the audio is occurring all around you and at a distance. The end result is more realistic and provides a better level of immersion.

Best Headphones for Movies Under $100

Are you a movie enthusiast that’s looking for suitable headphones withoutputting a big dent in your wallet? Then the under $100 category is for you asyou’ll find a variety of models. The level of audio in the budget movieheadphones is surprisingly good, but the durability is lacking in quality.There is enough variety in this category to give you the freedom to find theheadphones that have the features you’re after. You’ll even notice someindustry-leading brands in this price bracket.

2. ARTISTE Wireless Headphones for TV

View on AmazonEditor’s Rating: 4.7/5These headphones are designed specifically for use with a TV, which meansyou’re going to have a number of features that are well- suited for yourviewing experience. The overall value for money means they are going tosatisfy the majority of buyers, but if you’re looking for industry-leadingaudio quality then you’ll need to look at one of the more expensivecategories.The frequency range is 30HZ – 20kHZ and you can expect clarity – especiallythe mids and highs. The bass is somewhat lacking due to the minimum frequencyof 30Hz. The signal to noise ratio is better than other analog systems at thesame price range.The battery allows for 20 hours of viewing pleasure on a single charge.Therefore, you may only have to recharge the battery one a week depending onhow often you are watching movies. They provide 100 feet of range and make useof the 2.4 GHz frequency band. This is beneficial because this band is notused by the majority of devices in your neighborhood.On-ear controls are available for you to alter the volume and enable a numberof smart features. Play around with the functionality and various settings sothat you can fully utilize your headphones.However, before adding these headphones to the shopping cart consider some ofthe disadvantages that you have to overcome. The audio quality is great forthe money, but music enthusiasts may need to purchase another pair ofheadphones to get the full experience. Furthermore, there is no big brandbehind these headphones, which means you may not get great customer service.Overall, these headphones for TV have all the features a movie enthusiastcould want: great audio for movies, long battery life, a comfortable fit, anda reliable connection. They aren’t the most sophisticated movie headphones onthis list, but they get the job done at an affordable price point.Tech Specs — Weight: 17.6 ounces Wireless: yes Battery life: 20 hours Surround sound: no The Pros — Good value for money 20 hours of battery life Excellent comfort The Cons — Better audio quality required for music

Best Headphones for Movies Under $200

Do you have a decent budget to invest in some highly competitive movieheadphones? Here you’ll find industry-leading brands delivering on theirreputation with flagship products. The mix of features and attention to detailhere is impressive. The audio quality is good enough to bring any movie tolife and gives it another dimension. Re-watch all your favorite movies withone of these headphones for a fresh experience.

Best Headphones for Movies under $400

Buyers with a big budget can enjoy industry-leading technology that will blowyour mind. The level of cutting edge technology implemented in theseheadphones will impress even the audiophiles among you. The rich array offeatures in this category includes noise cancelation, premium materials, and adurable build.Investing in premium-priced headphones is worthwhile if you enjoy movies on aregular basis. Movie watchers will appreciate the attention to detail and howeach scene is brought to life with the level of clarity. Only reputable brandsare featured in this category – so buy with confidence.

Sound quality

Audio interfaces are designed to be good at recording, that is their primaryfunction. This means they tend to be better at it than a mixer, which isreally meant more for live mixing. Far too many people (me almost included)panic and buy a mixer for the home studio setup which is actually a mixerdesigned for a live setup.Because their prime function is to record sound to your computer, most audiointerfaces come with decent quality pre-amps. Improving the audio quality andsaving you money that you may have had to spend on them.Mixers do not act as an external soundcard or high-quality built-in pre-amps.So you are relying on the quality of the soundcard in your computer most ofthe time.In fact, many lower priced mixers will actually output in just 16-bit digitaloutput. Which is actually lower than a CD quality. Not great if you are tryingto achieve a professional sound!

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