5 Ways to Find Logo Design Inspiration Ideas

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What Does A Logo Design Cost?

Much like every other industry, you can also get a logo designed at differentprices. If you don’t care about the quality of the logo, you could hire adesigner on a platform like Fiverr to get a logo designed for just $5 dollars.Or, you can hire a legendary designer for about $100,000, which is what SteveJobs paid to hire Paul Rand to design the logo for NeXT.Of course, you shouldn’t spend that kind of money on a logo even if you havethe budget. There are other ways to design a logo. You can use online tools,pre-made templates, hire freelancers, and more. * Online Logo Design Tools: Cost $29+ * Use A Pre-Made Template: Cost $16+ * Hire A Designer: Cost $150+ * Hire A Design Agency: $1,000+There are many online tools for designing a logo at affordable prices. You cangrab a pre-made logo template for about $20. Or you can hire a freelancedesigner.The prices for hiring a freelancer could range from $150 to $2,500, dependingon the skill level of the professional. And it will cost more than $2,500 tohire a design agency.

5 Ways to Find Logo Design Inspiration & Ideas

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.” – Steve JobsA logo is something that needs to be completely unique and original. But, thisdoesn’t mean you can’t steal a few good ideas from some successful brands andcompanies.Of course, we’re not encouraging you to copy logo designs from other brands.We’re just showing you ways you can get inspired by adopting the besttechniques used by other designers when crafting your own logo.Here are a few ways you can find inspiration for your logo design.

Create a Logo Concept & Specification

Once you have an idea on how to approach your logo design, how it integrateswith your brand design and the right layout in mind, you can put all of thatinto a logo concept to see how it would look like.To create a logo concept, you need to understand how designs trends are usedin logo designs and how different brands use different logo types. This willhelp you pick the right design for your own brand logo.

Choosing a Logo Type

There are a wide variety of logo types used by different brands andbusinesses. And it often changes from one industry to another. In general,there are 5 main categories of logo types: * Symbols * Wordmark * Lettermark * Combination * EmblemDepending on the type of business you have, you can pick one of thesecategories to create your logo. To better understand how these logos functionin different industries, let’s take a closer look at these logo categories.

Minimal Logo Design

Minimalist logo design trend has been around for decades and it’s one of thefew trends that will make your brand look relevant and professional the olderit gets.A minimal logo design is all about using less of everything. They use fewercolors, clean fonts, simple symbols, and most of the minimal logos are oftenblack and white.Uber, Nike, and Wikipedia are some of the brands that use beautiful minimalistlogos.As you may have noticed, minimal logos are mostly used by luxury brands andhigh-end corporations. Because it’s a timeless design trend that never goesout of style, just like James Bond.

Colorful Logo Design

You would think that using lots of colors is a bad design practice but it’squite the opposite. Many brands and businesses have been using colorful logodesigns and these colors actually made their logos more iconic as well.NBC, Google, eBay, and many others use colorful logo designs. However, thisdesign trend is mainly used by multi-corporations or businesses that covermulti-categories to show the broadness of the company.For example, eBay hosts dozens of product categories and host thousands ofvendors on the platform. And, before Alphabet, Google was the parent companythat managed all of its subsidiaries, like Gmail, Google+, and Android.Using a multi-colored design is also great to convey openness and to show thatyou’re a brand without gender, race, language, or culture gaps.

Abstract Logo Design

Abstract logo design works just as advertised. This style of logos usuallyuses abstract shapes and elements for creating unique logo designs.Pepsi, Adidas, Airbnb, and many new and established brands use the abstractstyle of logos.With an abstract logo design, you’ll have more freedom to explore differentstyles and designs to create a logo that gives a unique identity to yourbrand.

Retro & Vintage Logo Design

If you’re planning on using a monogram or emblem type of design for your logo,it’s worth considering using a retro or a vintage style to craft the logo.Even some of the modern brands and startups use the vintage style of logos tomake their brands look more authentic and original. It also seems to have astrong effect on building authority and trust.At first glance, anyone who looks at a vintage logo will believe your brandhas been around for at least a few decades. This is probably one of thesecrets behind the massive success of brands like Dollar Shave Club.

Creative & Fun Logo Design

Brands and startups that like to get a bit more creative usually make theirlogos more memorable by making them look fun and quirky. Like the MailChimplogo, RedBull, or the Duolingo logo.Making your logo look fun is easier when you add a mascot, but you don’t haveto. Doritos uses an emblem-style logo and yet they’ve managed to make it lookfun as well.If you’re willing to think outside the box, using this trend could help makeyour brand stand out and more memorable even in a populated industry.

Designing Your Own Logo

Even though it seems like a daunting task, designing a logo is not thatdifficult. These days, you don’t even need expert Photoshop skills to design alogo. There are many online tools and template kits you can use to craft yourown logo within minutes.Besides, you already learned a lot about logo design by reading through thisguide. You might as well design the logo yourself, right? Well, let’s getstarted.

5 Places to Find a Logo Designer

Whatever you do, avoid platforms that offer super cheap logo designs at $5dollars. It will be a waste of time and money. Most of the freelancers onthose sites use templates and create low-quality designs that never live up toyour expectations.There are much better platforms for finding high-quality and reliablefreelance designers.Envato Studio features a selection of handpicked designers. The platform onlyaccepts designers after doing a thorough background check. Rest assured thedesigner you hire will provide an excellent service.Envato Studio features freelance logo designers who charge rates at $60 andabove. You can hire an excellent designer from this platform for a price ofabout $150.99Designs is another reputable platform that offers logo design services.You’ll find different kinds of freelancers on this platform who offer logodesigns of various styles.The prices for freelancers will differ based on your project. Most of the timeit will cost at least $150 or more.Dribbble has a powerful search system where you can explore all the designersregistered with the platform. Using this service, you can find a designerbased on your logo specifications and send them a message to ask for a quote.DesignCrowd is a large freelance designer marketplace featuring more than600,000 designers of all kinds, including logo designers. You can post aproject on the platform with a fixed budget to attract proposals fromdesigners. The platform even offers a money-back guarantee.Toptal is an exclusive platform that only accepts the top 3% of freelancers.The site now features designers who offer logo design services. However, sincethe platform is limited to high-quality designers, they will charge expensiverates.

Design logos with ease

Adobe Illustrator is an easy-to-use software for graphic designers and isgreat for all kinds of vector graphics. Various tools on AI facilitate theprocess of creating unique artwork. Some of the main features include toolsfor logo design, where designers can combine and manipulate shapes, start thelogo design with a roadmap, easily scan hand-drawn 2D designs, choose from anexhaustive color palette, and pick the perfect font from 16,000 options.

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