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1. UltFone iOS Data Recovery

Among all iPhone backup extractor tools available, UltFone iOS Data Recoveryis the most recommended. The software is free iCloud/iTunes backup extractorthat provides support for both Mac and Windows. With the help of it, you evenaccess and extract data from encrypted iPhone backup. In addition to it, itprovides support for all iTunes versions including the latest one.Here are its main features: * It supports to extract up to 30 types of files from iCloud or iTunes backup. * It helps you to find iTunes backups on your computer and extract the data you want. * Access and extract data from iCloud backup without limitation. * It let you preview the data before extracting. * It can even help you to extract data directly from the iOS device if you don’t have iTunes or iCloud backup. 20% OFF Coupon Code: IDR-ART-20OFFTo learn how to use UltFone iOS Data Recovery as iPhone backup extractorPC/Windows, download the software and follow the below steps: * Step 1 Run software > connect your iPhone to the computer. When you are on the software main window, you will find three options – Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes backup file and recover from iCloud backup file.Here, we are going to show you how to extract data from iTunes backup file.So, choose “Recover from iTunes backup file”.In a while, you will the list of all iTunes backup files stored on yourcomputer. Now, you can select a target iTunes backup file and click on the“Start Scan” button.Pic 1. Recover from itunes backup * Step 2 Here, you can preview the data and choose your desired files you want to extract and hit on the “Recover” button.Pic 2. You can extract files * Step 3 Finally, you need to specify the target location where you want to save your extracted data from the backup on your computer.That’s how you can extract data from iTunes backup file. Similarly, you canextract files from iCloud backup by using Recover from iCloud backup filefeature of the software.

20 Best Free Data Recovery Software

Yes, that’s right: free data recovery software offers salvation inaccidental file deletion. In this article, we’ll run through 20 of the bestdata recovery software that caters to your needs. Check them out below.

1. ADRC Data Recovery Tools

© Photo by ADRCThe first free recovery software on our list is ADRC Data Recovery Tools.It’s fairly simple to use even for the non-tech-savvy users although it doeslook a bit dated.ÂOne of the benefits of this program is its portability. You can just carry itaround in a USB to recover files from any computer. It also has a small filesize so it shouldn’t take up too much space on your USB, either.ÂWhen it comes to limitations, this tool can recover files only from non-CD/DVDstorage devices. These include memory cards, USBs, and hard drives. It alsoonly works on older operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 95, and7.ÂDownload On Windows

6. iBoysoft Data Recovery Free

© Photo by iBoysoftAll some people want is a simple, free data recovery software that does thejob quickly. If that’s you, consider getting iBoysoft Data Recovery Free.It’s fairly simple with a regular explorer-style interface. It has a moremodern, minimal design that is easy to use. You can either do a quick or deepscan through your folders then save results for later access. There’s also ashort tutorial on how to restore files if you’re unfamiliar.ÂThis program is somewhat limited, however, with a 1GB limit on filerestoration. You can also only preview files if they’re under 5MB in size.There’s also no way to see if a file is recoverable before you start theprocess. If you don’t mind the limits, it’s a reliable program availableon Windows 10 and older and macOS 10.7 and up.ÂDownload On WindowsDownload On Mac

7. iCare Data Recovery Free

© Photo by iCareDifferent free data recovery software can do different things. With iCare, youcan recover almost any file type. It supports hundreds of types so you won’thave to worry about not recovering some files. There’s also an option for adeep versus quick scan. The first can locate a larger quantity of files whilethe latter is focused on quickly providing the results.ÂiCare can also preview texts and photos before you recover them. That meansyou can recover deleted photos and files without any mistake because you canidentify the files more easily. It’s also a portable program as a bonus. Theonly difficulties are that you can’t pause scans and it can’t scanexternal drives. Otherwise, it’s a good tool available on Windows.Download On Windows

15. SoftPerfect File Recovery

© Photo by SoftPerfectAnother free data recovery software is SoftPerfect File Recovery. It’s easyto use with searching for both the file names and file extensions. You canrecover more than one file at a time so recovery is quick and smooth. Itcan’t recover files on CD/DVD drives, though.SoftPerfect is also a very small and portable program. However, it onlysupports two file systems. Although they are the two most widely used, keep itin mind in case you run into issues. You also can’t preview image files orsee recovery potential.ÂSoftPerfect is 500KB and can run on different Windows versions. These includeWindows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and Server 2003 and 2008. Italso has 64-bit Windows support.ÂDownload On Windows

16. Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition

© Photo by StellarOne of the easiest to use free data recovery software is Stellar DataRecovery. It has a wizard that guides you on the data recovery process fornon-techie users. Apart from this, Stellar’s differentiating factor lies inits preview feature. While other programs also allow for previews, Stellarlets you do real-time previews for faster sorting of files you want torecover. You can also save your scan and review the list even while the scanis unfinished.Stellar’s weakness is that it limits you to recover only 1GB of files.Additionally, each file must be under 25 MB to be eligible for recovery. If afile is over 25 MB, there are additional payments. Lastly, restored files canonly be saved on a separate hard drive. If these are okay with you, Stellar isavailable to download on Windows.Download On Windows

Laptop Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Deleted, Formatted, Corrupted

files from ComputerIntroductionWe live in the technological era, and we totally rely on gadgets. We aregetting habitual to store all the important information like emails, photos,work documents, etc., in our computer or laptop till we end up losing thatprecious data. But, still, most of the users, have encountered a circumstance.Where they found that their crucial data is formatted. In this situation,users get stuck in a tiresome situation and looking for the ultimate solutionto resolve the issue. But, congratulations! You are at the right place.> Table of Content:>> 1. Introduction to Computer Recovery> 2. Features of Laptop Data Recovery Software> 3. Steps to Use Laptop Data Recovery Software> 4. Benefits of using Computer Data Recovery Tool> 5. User’s Review of Computer Deleted Data Recovery Software> 6. Conclusion>You do not require to go hither and thither. Because the computer datarecovery software is an amazing utility to get your data back within a fewminutes. Whatever the reason may be for your data loss, you can retrieve lostdata from hard drive with the help of this utility. Moreover, in this write-up, I am going to discuss the comprehensive features and functionalities ofthis proficient laptop recovery tool.

Features of Computer Data Recovery Software

While I go thoroughly to this computer recovery software, I found efficientfeatures that I want to share with you. Mainly, there are several beneficialfeatures furnishes by this laptop recovery tool. Hope, these features willattract you to buy this product and use it to recover formatted and deleteddata from computer and laptop. Let’s discuss some of the characteristics thatconsist of uniqueness in comparison with other tools to recover deleted filesfrom a laptop. * Complete Data Recovery Without Any HindranceIt does not matter that you are utilizing which one gadget it may be adesktop, pc, or laptop. If data has lost from your local machine and you aresearching for an appropriate way to recover deleted files from a laptop. Thenyou should have to utilize this laptop data recovery tool. Because it supportslost files recovery from PC, computer, laptop of all brands. You just simplydownload and run the software on your Windows installed computer and followonly a few measures for recovery. * Easily Recover Deleted Data from ComputerIt doesn’t matter that you are using Dell, Samsung, HP, LG, Toshiba, oranother brand laptop/computer. If your important files and folders deletedpermanently and you want to get back. Then download and install this computerdata recovery software on your laptop. After that this utility will easilyrecover permanently deleted data from laptop, computer, pc, desktop. * Recover Data After Formatting LaptopThere are many situations in which you have to format the computer. Some userknows that after formatting all data will be erased. But some don’t know. So,try this best computer data recovery software and retrieve lost files from theformatted computer. Due to this feature, you can easily recover files from theformatted computer. * Recover Your Deleted Photos from ComputerImages are precious memories of life. What if all your photos deleted fromyour computer? This is very annoying. But you can easily recover deletedimages from the computer in a few clicks only. For this, you need to justdownload and install this laptop data recovery software on your computer.After that, the tool will enable us to scan the computer partition and recoverdeleted files from the laptop. * 100% Secure Computer Recovery ProcessThis computer file recovery software is a safe and secure utility. It ensurescomplete data recovery from the computer without any hassle. The tool willprovide you the preview of recovered data items the into software previewpanel. After that, you can easily save all recovered files and folders. Now,it is quite easy for you to recover permanently deleted files from computer. * Retains On-Disk Folder StructureAfter completion of the deleted data recovery from computer, this prominentapplication will preserve the original on-disk folder structure. Mainly, thiscomputer recovery software makes sure that it retrieves the entire data fromeach and every folder that is present in your systems hard drive. It is doneall the things in a professional manner without any data loss and change inthe original formatting of files and other elements. So, it is the utility torecover deleted files from laptop.

Steps to Recover Data Using This Computer Recovery Software

After analyzing the feature of this laptop data recovery software. Let’s checkhow to recover deleted data from the computer using this software. You need tojust follow the steps listed here:Step 1: – Download and Install Computer Data Recovery Software on yourcomputer.Download Software Now 100% Safe Buy Software Now (100% Secure)Step 2: – The software will show you all partitions in its panel. Now selectthe partition and hit either on Scan (for deleted data recovery from computer)or Formatted Scan (for formatted data recovery from computer).Step 3: – Here it will scan the drive and show you complete recovered data.Preview all files and folders, also you can get an option to select onlyrequired files.Step 4: – Save all files and folders on your computer easily.

Benefits of Using This Laptop Data Recovery Software

The software provider gives you some additional benefits of using thissoftware to recover deleted files from the computer. 1. 24X7 Free Technical Support 2. Life Time Activation Key 3. One year Free Software update 4. Safe & Trusted Computer Recovery Tool 5. 30* Days Money Back Guarantee 6. Best computer deleted data recovery software

User’s Reviews For Laptop Data Recovery Software

> “I am having an immense amount of data on my local machine i.e., Lenovo> laptop and one day the entire data is deleted and that was the most shocking> event that I experienced. But, I would like to thank this standalone> software, I not only got back the deleted data but also retrieved deleted> files from NTFS file format. I am totally satisfied with the working of this> proficient utility.”>> “From a very long time I was looking for a perfect computer data recovery> software and luckily I found this amazing software. It easily recovered> permanently deleted data from the hard drive in a few clicks. One thing I> like the most i.e., it highlighted the permanently deleted files/folders by> red color. It’s just great you should also try this stunning utility.”>> “I prefer this computer deleted data recovery tool today to resolve all> computer/ laptop issues. And I will forever utilize this product to resolve> any kind of computer and laptop data loss issues.”>> “My important files deleted from computer and I was in big trouble. After> many searched I found this computer deleted data recovery software. I not> only recovered permanently deleted files from computer. But also helped me> to search reqired file by applying filters.”

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