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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and computer engineering is a discipline that drives technologicaladvancements, industrial productivity, and real-world results. The Universityof Utah’s College of Engineering is the home of groundbreaking research thatpropels the field forward and educational opportunities that prepare the nextgeneration of engineers for successful careers. Utah has established its placeas the state’s top engineering institution, and the Department of Electricaland Computer Engineering has built a powerful international profile.As one of the fastest growing departments in the university, ECE now includesover 40 faculty members and more than 120 doctoral students. The department’swork attracts up to $11 million in annual funding for advances that span thediscipline’s most exciting and relevant strategic areas. Utah faculty leadresearch teams with focuses such as micro systems fabrication, digital signalprocessing, nanotechnology, and semiconductor and photovoltaic materials.The Center for Engineering Innovation (CEI) is a vibrant environment forteaching advanced technical skills, prototyping new technologies, offeringadvanced engineering services to local industry, and connecting students andfaculty with commercialization opportunities. The Utah Science Technology andResearch (USTAR) initiative has been instrumental in these endeavors, fundingthe CEI and several outstanding faculty members.In both traditional classes and the online program, ECE instructors draw ontheir experience in boundary-pushing research and private enterprise todeliver a world-class education. The ECE Department prepares students for alifetime of creative problem-solving, professional success, and constantlearning. The department is devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship,equipping students with the resources to pursue their own projects andcommercialization.

Harvey Mudd College Ranking

The Harvey Mudd College has been placed at 23rd position in the ranking ofAmerica’s Top Colleges by Forbes in the year 2019.The engineering program of the college has been ranked 2nd among the rankingof Best Undergraduate Engineering Program by U.S. News and World Report BestColleges 2020.Ranked 23 in National Liberal Arts College by US News and World Report 2020.Ranked 19 Best Undergraduate Teaching Programs by US News and World Report2020.Ranked 6 Most Innovative Schools by US News and World Report 2020.Ranked 10 Best Colleges for Physics in America by Niche in 2020.Ranked 16 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in America by Niche in 2020.

Harvey Mudd College Campus

The Harvey Mudd College has a suburban campus setting. It is located inClaremont, California which is 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The sizeof the campus is 33 acres. * The college offers several student services like non-remedial tutoring, placement service, women’s center, health service, etc. * A number of student organizations are a part of the college like the break dancing club, Harvey Wall bangers Climbing Club, etc. * The Lind Activities Center on Harvey Mudd’s campus is a hub for activities and wellness. The activity center consists of an aerobics room, gymnasium, game room, etc. * Campus safety is given top priority and security services like late night escort service, lighted pathways, 24 hour vehicle and foot patrols, 24 hour emergency telephones, etc. are offered.

Residence Facilities at Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College is a residential campus. Almost ninety-nine percent ofstudents live on campus all through their graduating years. The campus has atotal of nine residential halls namely Atwood, Case, Drinkward, East, Linde,North, Sontag, South and West. The rooms are generally arranged in classicsuite style. * The students can choose to live in single, double or triple occupancy rooms. The upper-class students are also provided with the option of gender inclusive housing. * The student residents are provided with a bed, mattress, closet, dresser, desk and desk chair. Some rooms also have bookshelves. * The students of the residence hall are required to be on meal plans. The college offers four meal plans of 16, 14, 12 and 8 meals per week respectively.

Alumni Network

The alumni of Harvey Mudd College are provided with virtually all the careerservices that were available to them as students of the college. The alumnican have access to Handshake, the web based career management system of thecollege. * The alumni are also free to attend the Harvey Mudd job fairs during fall and spring. * A few notable alumni: George Nelson and Stan Love: astronauts; Richard H. Jones: former diplomat from United States

17 ranking nationally in graduate marketing education. The Online MS in

Marketing program emphasizes essential business management skills; coremarketing concepts like brand management, market analysis, product innovationand management excellence in today’s competitive technology environment,customer needs assessment; and targeted expertise in the applications,tracking tools, and digital interfaces that comprise contemporary MarTech.Coursework for the program is taught by a combination of Leavey’s pedigreedmarketing faculty and some of the leading marketing innovators in SiliconValley, and it is grounded in an ethical approach to data collection andinformation security.“There is an urgent, unmet need for marketing leaders who can utilize evolvingtools and technologies to strategize and manage efficiently, ethically, andwith impact across the digital marketing ecosystem,” said Yuchi Zhang,assistant professor of marketing and faculty director for the Online MS inMarketing. “This new program brings Leavey’s principled approach to conductingbusiness into the digital space where today’s marketing professionals work,empowering them with the technical knowledge and leadership skills to trulythrive there.”The Online MS in Marketing program can be completed in as little as one year,with coursework distributed across four 10-week quarters. It kicks off with anintroductory boot camp residency weekend on campus at Santa Clara University,and students can enroll to begin classes in either the fall or spring termannually. Courses consist of three required “business foundations” courses, athree-course marketing core, and nine elective courses. All course materialsand engagement tools for the Online MS in Marketing are accessible on bothdesktop and mobile devices through the program’s intuitive, cognitive-science-backed learning management system.“Everspring [an innovative program management partner] is thrilled to partnerwith the Leavey School of Business once again to produce this new onlinemaster’s program,” said Beth Hollenberg, president of Everspring. “There is nogreater sign of a productive relationship than the opportunity for furtherinnovation. The new Online MS in Marketing program exemplifies the kind ofdynamic, powerful online learning solution that is made possible throughongoing collaboration.”Applications for admission are now being accepted for the September 2019 classstart, with a final application deadline of August 30, 2019. Visitonlinemba.scu.edu/academics/marketing-masters for more information about theprogram.

22 by US News and World Report in its 2020 Best Graduate Schools rankings, a

jump of 17 spots over the previous year’s ranking.Santa Clara’s Executive MBA program has also received notable U.S. News andWorld Report rankings: 1 among all Jesuit Schools and 13 in the 2020 U.S.News and World Report Best Graduate Schools.

About the Leavey School of Business

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the AACSB-accredited Leavey School ofBusiness is a leading business school in the state of California. Part ofSanta Clara University, the 1 Regional University West according to U.S. Newsand World Report, Leavey boasts multiple nationally ranked graduate businessspecialties: 16 in Finance, 17 in Marketing, 23 in Information Systems, and

What is a Master’s in Business Analytics Degree?

Business analytics aims to turn big data into actionable intelligence. To thatend, business analysts use a variety of statistical and quantitative methods,computational tools, and predictive models – as well as their knowledge offinance, the corporate world, and the economy – to make data-driven decisions.Unlike Business Intelligence (BI) degrees, which are often concerned withmeasuring past performance, Business Analytics (BA) programs tend to focusmore on prescriptive and predictive techniques (e.g. “what should we do?” and“what happens next?”). Unlike MS in Data Science programs, MS in BusinessAnalytics degrees usually concentrate on mining data in order to achievespecific business goals (e.g. more profits).

Harvard Business Analytics Certificate Online

Harvard’s 9-month certificate program equips high-level executives with thedata and analytics skill set to lead their organizations to the industryforefront.Learn MoreSponsored Program

1. There is a Difference Between the MBA and the MS

MBA programs—even ones with business analytics concentrations—are often gearedtowards those who make decisions about data. These folks may not be asinterested in developing models or wrestling with applications. If you want toget stuck into the technical side of things, look at programs with “science”in the title.

2. Every Program is Unique

Most MS degrees include standard foundation courses in analytics. However, togive the MS a business edge, schools love to tweak the curriculum. They mayhave economics & communications electives. They may include industry projectsor competitions. They may even offer interdisciplinary programs (e.g. Masterof Business and Analytics). You have loads of options.

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