Admission as a Graduate Nondegree Student

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Admission as a Regular Graduate Student

Applications for admission may be obtained by writing to the Office ofGraduate Engineering Programs, or to either the Department of Electrical andComputer Engineering or the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the PurdueSchool of Engineering and Technology. Address: 723 W. Michigan St., IUPUI,Indianapolis, IN 46202-5132; telephone (317) 278-4960. Electronic applicationis available on the school’s Web site: students should allow at least six months for the processing oftheir applications. Students residing in the United States should apply atleast three months before the beginning of the semester in which they wish toenroll. Applicants will be formally advised of the final admission decision bythe dean of the Graduate School, Purdue University, West Lafayette.

Admission as a Graduate Nondegree Student

This classification is intended for those who want to pursue study beyond thebachelor’s degree but who do not have specific degree objectives. It is notintended to be a form of probationary admission to a regular degree program.It is possible for a student registered in this classification to apply foradmission to the Graduate School as a regular graduate student. However, ifadmitted as a regular graduate student, an individual may apply no more than12 credit hours earned as a temporary graduate student to an advanced degreeprogram. The grade for each course involved must be at least a B.Students who have already earned 12 credit hours under the temporaryclassification will not be able to count toward their degree programs thecredit earned during the semester in which acceptance as a regular graduatestudent is pending, unless admission is approved before the end of thatsemester. Furthermore, credit earned in courses taken while admission ispending may be applied to the advanced degree only if those courses areappropriate to the degree program and acceptable to both the School ofEngineering and Technology and the Graduate School. No more than 12 hours ofcredit resulting from a combination of excess undergraduate credit and creditearned in post baccalaureate status may be applied toward an advanced degree.Students should consult their advisors for further guidance.Students interested in the Graduate Nondegree program and planning to enrollin graduate courses or a combination of graduate and undergraduate courses mayapply online by visiting

Undergraduate and Transfer Credit

Course credits earned while an undergraduate at IUPUI or other regionallyaccredited institutions of higher learning may be applied toward an advanceddegree if these credits are in excess of any requirements for the bachelor’sdegree. Such credits must be certified as available for graduate credit by theinstitution from which the student received the bachelor’s degree, and theywill be accepted only if all of the following conditions are met: (1) thestudent had senior standing when taking the course, (2) the student received agrade of B or higher, (3) the course was designated as a graduate course, and(4) the course was taken at the graduate level.No more than 12 hours of credit resulting from a combination of excessundergraduate credit and credit earned in post baccalaureate status may beapplied toward any advanced degree. Any additional conditions under whichexcess undergraduate credit may be used for graduate credit will be determinedby the School of Engineering and Technology.Credits earned for graduate study at other universities may be applied towardan advanced degree as transfer credit, subject to the following restrictions:(1) A student must have earned a grade of B or higher in any graduate coursewhose credit hours are to be transferred; (2) course work used to satisfy therequirements of one master’s degree may not be used on the plan of study foranother master’s degree; and (3) course work from one (and only one) master’sdegree may be used on the plan of study for a doctoral degree. Any additionalconditions under which credit transfers may be made will be determined by theSchool of Engineering and Technology.

Graduate Degree Requirements in the Purdue School of Engineering

To earn a master’s degree, students must satisfy the following requirements: 1. Students must maintain regular graduate student standing. 2. All regular students are required to demonstrate acceptable proficiency in English composition before a plan of study may be filed or an advanced degree obtained. If the necessary substantiation of English proficiency as outlined below is contained in the application, English clearance will be given automatically upon acceptance into a degree program. If substantiation is lacking on the application, the student is expected to satisfy this requirement during the first term of enrollment. A student whose first language is English may meet the English requirement in any of three ways: * by receiving a grade of B or higher in all undergraduate courses in English composition; * by submitting an official record from the Educational Testing Service, showing a scaled score of 600 or higher on the verbal portion of the GRE aptitude test; * by passing the English proficiency examination administered by the English department at IUPUI. For further ESL test registration and course and program information, contact the ESL program, (317) 274-2188, Cavanaugh Hall 301, or contact esl [at] iupui [dot] edu ( Those students with deficiencies are required to take an English composition or communications course within the first year of graduate study.A student whose first language is not English—and who has scored higher than550 (paper-based test) or 213 (computer-based test) on the TOEFL—may meet theEnglish proficiency requirement by successfully passing the Englishproficiency examination administered by IUPUI’s Department of English. Thosestudents with deficiencies are required to take an English composition orcommunications course within the first year of graduate study (ENG W131, TCM460, or equivalent).Nonnative speakers of English who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents andwho hold a bachelor’s degree or a higher degree from a non-U.S. institution orfrom an institution in a country where English is not the predominant languagemay meet the English proficiency requirement by successfully passing theEnglish proficiency examination administered by IUPUI’s Department of English. 3. Students must file a plan of study appropriate to meet their needs in their chosen field of study. A tentative plan should be drawn up by the student and the graduate advisor in advance of registration for the first semester of graduate work. The formal plan of study must be filed as soon as possible thereafter but before the completion of 15 credit hours toward graduation. Students who have not filed a plan of study before the completion of 15 credit hours may not be allowed to register for the following term. The plan of study must be approved by the advisory committee and the Graduate School. The English requirement must be fulfilled before the plan of study can be filed. 4. Students must meet credit, grade, and index requirements. The number of required credit hours varies between 30 and 33 among the master’s degree programs offered at IUPUI. Only grades of A, B, or C are acceptable in fulfilling Graduate School requirements for any plan of study. An advisory committee may require a grade of B or higher in certain courses. Pass/Fail grades are not acceptable in fulfilling degree requirements. Incomplete course grades must be cleared by the twelfth week of the second semester after the session in which the Incomplete was awarded. All graduate students are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0. Students who do not have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 are considered under probation. Those students who are on probation are required to take additional graduate courses, as required by their respective graduate committees, before they are permitted to graduate. 5. Students must pass the required oral and written examinations. A final examining committee, usually the advisory committee, is appointed for each master’s degree candidate. The committee must certify to the Graduate School either that the student has passed the required examination or that the committee is satisfied with the accomplishment of the student as based on a committee conference.This bulletin lists each program’s the admission requirements, curricula,graduation requirements, and course descriptions that were in effect at thetime of printing. Course content and curricula may be changed to reflect theneeds of business, industry, and government. Students are responsible forobtaining the latest course and curriculum information from their academicadvisors.BSME degree requirementsA total of 180 credits are required for the BSME degree. Regardless of thenumber of mechanical engineering courses taken at another institution, aminimum of 45 credits in ME courses must be taken in residence at theUniversity of Washington.Written & oral communication | 12 cr. | —|—|— English Composition | 5 cr. | Any course selected from the UW Englishcomposition list ENGR 231 | 3 cr. | Introduction to Technical Communication Additional composition or writing or ME 354 | 4 cr. | Engineering fundamentals | 31 cr. | —|—|— AA 210 | 4 cr. | Engineering Statics CEE 220 | 4 cr. | Introduction to Mechanics of Materials ME 230 | 4 cr. | Kinematics and Dynamics AMATH 301 | 4 cr. | Beginning Scientific Computing EE 215 | 4 cr. | Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering IND E 315 or MATH 390 | 3 cr. | Probability and Statistics for Engineers ME 123 | 4 cr. | Introduction to Visualization and Computer-Aided Design MSE 170 | 4 cr. | Fundamentals of Material Science Areas of Knowledge | 24 cr. | General education requirements —|—|— Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (VLPA) | 10 cr. | At least 10 creditsrequired Individuals & Societies (I&S) | 10 cr. | At least 10 credits required Areas of Knowledge | 4 cr. | Additional VLPA or I&S courses to reach 24 credittotal ME option courses | 19 cr. | From the list of approved 400-level ME courses —|—|— ME 406 | 3 cr. | Corrosion and Surface Treatment of Materials ME 410 | 3 cr. | Nanodevices: Design and Manufacture ME 411 | 3 cr. | Biological Frameworks for Engineers ME 415 | 3 cr. | Sustainability and Design for Environment ME 425 | 4 cr. | HVAC Engineering ME 426 | 3 cr. | Renewable Energy II ME 430 | 4 cr. | Advanced Energy Conversion Systems ME 431 | 4 cr. | Advanced Fluid Mechanics ME 440 | 3 cr. | Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Solids ME 442 | 4 cr. | Renewable Energy ME 445 | 4 cr. | Introduction to Biomechanics ME 450 | 3 cr. | Introduction to Composite Materials and Design ME 460 | 3 cr. | Kinematics and Linkage Design ME 461 | 3 cr. | Mechanics of Thin Films ME 469 | 4 cr. | Applications of Dynamics in Engineering ME 470 | 3 cr. | Mechanical Vibrations ME 471 | 4 cr. | Automatic Control ME 473 | 4 cr. | Instrumentation ME 477 | 4 cr. | Embedded Computing in Mechanical Systems ME 478 | 4 cr. | Finite Element Analysis ME 480 | 4 cr. | Introduction to Computer-Aided Technology ME 498 | 1-5 cr. | Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering ME 499 | 1-5 cr. | Special Projects This guide supplements the University of Washington course catalog, timeschedules, and other announcements about registration. Students areresponsible for planning their program of studies and for remaining informedof dates, deadlines, rules, and regulations. Contact the undergraduate adviserfor help planning your course of study.

ME option courses

The BSME requirements include a minimum of 19 credits of ME option courses.These courses are designed for seniors and most require many of the 300-levelcourses as prerequisites. A maximum of 6 credits of ME 499 (Special Projects)may count toward the option course requirement. The two formal degree optionshave a set of courses students must take to earn those options.

Completion of a TCNJ Graduate Certificate Program

Students may request a completion of a graduate certificate programCompletion of a TCNJ Graduate Program

Course Authorization (Graduate)

Students may obtain advanced approval to enroll in course(s) at anothercollege or university, for more information please visit Forms GraduateStudiesGraduate Course Authorization

Course Authorization (Undergraduate)

Students may obtain advanced approval to enroll in course(s) at anothercollege or university and ensure that if successfully completed, will beaccepted for transfer credit.Undergraduate Course Authorization

Graduate Student Enrollment in Undergraduate Course

Graduate Student to Enroll in Undergraduate Course

Graduation Application

Students can apply for Graduation on PAWS starting August 2009.Graduation Application

Undergraduate Student Enrollment in Graduate Course

Undergraduate Student to Enroll in Graduate Course

Graduate Credit For This Course

This course may be taken for credit by graduate students. The Graduate Schoolrequires that 3000-level courses taken for graduate credit must offer agraduate-level learning experience. To satisfy this requirement, many of theassignments will contain additional material for graduate students intended toprovided a deeper understanding of the material. Students enrolled orintending to enroll in the combined BS/MS degree program should complete thegraduate student version of assignments in order to later count this coursefor graduate credit.* * *

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