Air Ticketing Travel Tourism courses after 12th

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CSC Computer Education Private Limited

This institute offers hardware and networking courses for its aspiringcandidates. It has over 22 years of experience in this field and has around375 centers in Chennai as well as Sri Lanka. It is a well-known organizationand has been successful name in IT training industry. The courses offered atCSC in hardware and networking is at all levels .It’s partners orentrepreneurs who join the family will always benefit from the goodwill of thebrand and its cream of competent professionals.Official website here.


Based in Chennai this is one best training centers for networking. They havebest quality training services in IT field and ensure an in-depth knowledge inthe program. They have branches across India, Australia, UK and USA. If you donot find the institute near your city you can always opt for online and LiveVirtual Classroom.Official website here.Top 25 Conventional Course in India for Best CareerMillions of students across India stand at crossroads of the career uponcompletion of secondary and higher secondary education. They share a commondilemma: what course should they take to make an excellent and lucrativecareer.Thankfully, there’s no dearth of excellent professional courses in India.Hence, you can enroll for one, depending on your aptitude and interests,passion and likes.

Importance of Conventional, Professional Course

There are several reasons why you should opt for a conventional professionalcourse. The prime reason being, they are time tested and proven to create anexcellent career.Understandably, some of these are the toughest course in India. But that’s nota deterrent if your mind is set on becoming a professional to follow yourpassion or career goal.The second most important reason is that some professional courses in Indiaalso help you become an entrepreneur. And thirdly, there’s no shortage ofsuperb institutes where you can enroll for a professional course.Therefore, let’s look at some of the best conventional professional courses inIndia,

Best Conventional Professional Courses

These courses are available across India. However, you need to be carefulwhile selecting the educational institute to study these courses. While a goodinstitute will help find a job immediately, enrolling with a wrong one canleave you laden with student loan and jobless.

3. Engineering

About four years ago, the unemployment rate among engineering graduates stoodat 93 percent. Since 2017 though, this is showing a steady decline. Nowunemployment among engineering graduates is around 53 percent.The figure, though alarming, is nothing really serious. However, it’s worthnoting that only engineers from topmost colleges find employment. IndianInstitute of Technology (IIT) and other reputable institutes offer engineeringcourses that are valid worldwide.Median Income: Rs.30,000- Rs.200,000 (depending upon skills and engineeringcollege)Eligibility: HSC or equivalent with very high scores.Entrance Test: JEE, NEET or those conducted by engineering colleges.

4. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the toughest course in India. It involves a lot ofcreativity. You also need to be aware of the latest fashion trends and designsworldwide. There’s severe competition since some of the largest fashion labelsof the world are entering India rapidly to cash in on this booming market.This competition augurs well for you if you graduate as a fashion designerfrom any well-known institute.Median Income: Rs.25,000 to Rs.100,000 (job or own business)Eligibility: HSC or equivalent. (60% to 75%)Entrance Test: AAC-CET for admission to any college of fine arts

20. Graphics Designing

Another top professional course that’s trending nowadays is graphic designing.Doing a professional graphic designer course helps you get jobs at largecorporations. It also helps you open own business and provides graphicdesigning services to small and large clients.Nowadays, crowdsourcing platforms also register graphic designers from aroundthe world to create material such as company logos, brand images and otherstuff for some of the topmost companies of the world.Median Income: Rs.25,000- Rs.75,000Eligibility: SSC or higher (depends on course & Institute)Entrance Exam: AAC-CET for Bachelor degree/ None for private institutes)

Selecting Best Professional Courses

If this list of 25 best conventional professional courses causes confusionover what to choose, follow this simple step. Simply find out what you aremost passionate about and how it would help make a superb career.Speak about this with your parents or school teachers. Do some research on thefuture scope of employment and entrepreneurship before enrolling for anyparticular course. This way, you’ll study a field you love while creating acareer you dream about.Also Read: Top 20 Courses After 12th

Air Ticketing Travel Tourism courses after 12th

Air Ticketing Travel Tourism courses after 12th

Course Curriculum/Syllabus:

To be highly qualified you should be trained with the updated and the verifiedcurriculum. So, whenever you visit the institutes/colleges/schools, do take acopy of brochure/prospectus to have a clear understanding of the topics onwhich you will be trained on.The topics should be latest, updated, realistic applicability in the realworld of work.For an example:Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is the new way of taking payments forAncillary services such as Priority Check-in, Speedy Boarding, Excess Baggageetc.So, you should prefer the institute which gives you the writtencurriculum/syllabus where in it covers all the topics which are essential foryour work and growth.

Dedicated Computer Lab:

As the Air Ticketing, Travel & Tourism courses includes the software such asAmadeus, Galileo etc., it is strongly recommended to join the institute whichprovides a dedicated computer lab. The dedicated lab gives you a dedicatedenvironment for doing the system practice for good time without anydisturbance.

Free Demo Class/Trial Class:

It is always advisable to take a Demo Class where you can have a clearunderstanding of training environment and how the training is been conductedincluding the resources available at the institute for training.So, why wait, schedule a Free Demo Class and get assured about your training.

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