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1. TeamViewer Remote Control App

TeamViewer is one of the most wonderful apps used throughout the world to takecontrol of your system or anybody else’s system from any corner of the world.Using TeamViewer, you can look at a secondary screen, perform tasks on thatscreen and give assistance. It is widely used to provide assistance and do youknow, TeamViewer app can be used to initiate a secondary display? Yes, it’strue using TeamViewer you can initiate secondary display. To do so, simplyinstall, initiate and share remote session ID.TeamViewer Features * Easy file sharing in both the directions * Best for Screen sharing and remote control of any device * 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, Highest security standards * Real-time Sound and HD Video TransmissionDownload TeamViewer Remote Control App

The Best Apps To Control PC from Phone:

Note: This list is a compilation of tried and test apps that can help youcontrol Your PC from Android Phone. You can choose anyone from the list but Istrongly recommend using Team Viewer which has come along way in remoteindustry.Also Read: Best Apps to Remotely Access Android Device

10. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is the best tool for being productive where ever youare. It is truly one of the best software to control PC from phone beingdeveloped by the best in the software world. * Includes all the basic features like screen and clipboard sharing. * Allows the users to control remote resources like printers and scanners, provided they are on the same network. * Easy to configure as Microsoft has included the Remote Desktop Assistant on Windows 10 PC by default. * It lacks some evidently important features like file transfer, Chat options.Microsoft Remote Desktop app which can control your PC with phone can bedownloaded from here.To configure the PC for a connection, download and install the program here.Next You Can Read:Best Google Play Store Alternatives How To Remotely Lock Your Windows 10 PC

ApowerMirror – Control PC from Android

For those who want to easily control PC from Android, ApowerMirror would bethe best bet, which is a popular screen mirroring application allowing usersto manipulate Android screen with mouse and keyboard. One of the outstandingfeatures of ApowerMirror is that it empowers you to smoothly control yourWindows PC from your Android devices. Go ahead with the guidance below tolearn how to make it. 1. Download and install ApowerMirror on your Windows PC.Download 2. Also install this app on your Android devices. 3. Make sure that your PC and Android device are under the same WiFi network. 4. Click the blue button on the Android device to search for your computer. Choose the name of your Windows PC. 5. Tap on “Computer Screen Mirroring” and then you will find your computer screen is mirrored to your Android phone. 6. At the same time, you can also control your PC from your Android without limits. Amazingly, on your Android, you can directly make marks and drawing on your PC screen.ApowerMirror not only can control your PC from Android devices, but alsoenables you to control Android devices from computer. There are many otherattractive features and you can download it and have a try.

Unified Remote – How to Control Your PC from Your Android

Unified Remote is a useful app for controlling your Windows PC from yourAndroid with the potential to control more than 100 programs. It turns yourAndroid smartphone into a multi-touch mouse and casts your PC screen to yourmobile. It also empowers you to control different apps like Spotify, Netflix,YouTube, and so on. As long as you install this app, you will save yourselfmuch more energy in managing your PC. Follow the steps below to learn how tocontrol your PC from your phone: 1. Pop over to its official website and install this app on your Windows PC. This app will insert a driver that allows Unified Remote to control your laptop using Android. 2. Download and install this application on your smartphone. The app will automatically scan the network to find the PC running the same server. 3. Configure your computer and Android to be the same Wi-Fi network so as to make a successful connection. 4. Once connected, you can choose from a list of remote controls to control your PC from your phone. For example, the “Basic Input” uses your Android screen as a trackpad to control the mouse cursor.Now you can just use Unified Remote, relax on your couch and you’ll not needto get up off your couch to do something again on your PC. If you still thinkthis app does not meet your requirement, Remote Control Collection would beanother good option.

Remote Control Collection – Control Laptop from Android

The Remote Control Collection is another good app that you can use towirelessly manipulate your Windows PC. It contains many remote control optionssuch as mouse, keyboard, speech recognition, live screen, media player, andslideshows. However, for some advanced remote functions, you need to purchaseits Pro version. Go ahead with the guidance below on how to control PC fromAndroid. 1. Install the Remote Control App on your Android phone and install the Remote Control Server on the computer that you intend to control. 2. Remember to configure your Android and PC to be the same WiFi network. 3. Open the Remote Control Server on your PC for the first time where it will show you the local IP address. 4. Open this app and tap on “Devices” to add your PC to the app. 5. Connect your Android with your PC by filling in this app with the local IP address and making a name for the server. Afterwards, you can connect your phone with your PC. 6. Go back to the main menu and click on “Remote” to control your laptop from your phone.There are many other applications which you can use to control PC fromAndroid, but we believe the ways mentioned above are the best options. Wewarmly welcome you to make comments below, so that we can know what you thinkabout our choices, and also are looking for recommendations on more apps, ifyou believe we missed anything important.Rating: 4.2 / 5 (based on 35 ratings) Thanks for your rating!Easy Ways to Display Android Screen on PCThere are many situations where you need to display Android screen on PC inthe daily life. For example, you may want to show your cherished photos orvideos to your friends without uploading to PC. Or you may present yourPowerPoint content quickly to others on your PC without transferring to thecomputer. What would you do in such situations? It is easy to solve them ifyou take patience in reading the following content.

ApowerMirror – Mirror Android screen to PC and control Android from the

desktopWith ApowerMirror, users will feel free to project Android screen to thecomputer and control Android from PC. By following a few easy steps, users canachieve many things with this application. While displaying Android on PC, youare allowed to use mouse and keyboard for typing messages and playing games.During the process, users can record the screen or take a screenshot and thefiles will be saved to the local folder. 1. Install the program on PC and activate it. Download 2. Plug in the USB cable to build the connection between Android and PC. The app will be automatically installed on Android after your permission. When launched, a window is shown on your phone. Select “Don’t show again” and hit “START NOW”. 3. Now phone screen is cast on PC. Meantime, you can take advantage of keyboard and mouse to control mobile device from PC.It’s feasible to display phone screen on PC via WiFi connection, but bothdevices should be connected to the same WiFi.

Tool 2: Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to Control a PC

If you don’t want to run two separate applications to control your PC, thenMicrosoft Remote Desktop is a good option. Remote Desktop and the Microsoft’sRDP protocol are not meant for “sharing” a screen between two users. Instead,it will log-out the user from the computer, and initiate a private session forthe remote device. The computer screen will go black.Using this tool, you will control the PC as a sole user, the physical PCdisplay will black-out and your activities via phone will not been seen by aperson who may look at your computer’s screen at home.Microsoft’s RDP protocol doesn’t stream a video of your PC screen. Instead, itsends Windows Interface primitive commands that the controller can use to re-render the exact same screen. This is much faster because the commands aretiny (in size) when compared to a video stream.With RDP, the control is smoother than TeamViewer and doesn’t require anyseparate application running on your PC.However, The setup process is more difficult as compared to TeamViewer(because of the network settings), but once you are done, it is actually quitesimple to control your PC anytime you want.Note: This option is only available in Professional and Enterprise version ofthe Windows. Home and standard versions of Windows don’t support MicrosoftRemote Desktop app.

Steps To Control Your PC Using Android Device

Google had launched the application name Chrome Remote Desktop. By using thisapplication, you can easily access your computer anywhere using another smartdevice like the computer, smartphone, and tablet, etc. The same extension isfor your Google Chrome Browser too which will let you communicate between twodevices?

Steps To Control Your PC Using Android:

Just follow the below steps to have complete access to your laptop or computerusing your smartphone.1. First of download and install the app Chrome Remote Desktop on yoursmartphone. Download Chrome Remote Desktop: – Android ios Now open the app, you will seethe label above My Computers and below the will be your Google account whichyou have to log into your device.2. Now there will be no computer till yet as you have not set any computeruntil that time. Now open Google Chrome of your PC and install the extensionChrome Remote Desktop. Now the extension will be added to your Chrome and youwill now see apps like a program in your taskbar (bottom of the screen).3. Now click on it and you will see all apps that have installed in yourChrome and, at last, you will see the Chrome Remote Desktop icon click on it.Now the installation process will begin and just proceed with the steps and asoftware will automatically download to your PC for remote sharing, justinstall it and proceed according to indicated and click on get started inaccess PC from anywhere.4. Now you have to set a pin for Remote Computer share and after that enablethe feature. Now go to your mobile the app and click on refresh at the righttop and you will see your PC in a list.5. Click on it and enter your PIN there and you will now access your computerscreen.6. That’s it! you are done with this, now you can do anything on your PC withyour smartphone.

Best Apps To Control PC From Android

KiwiMote is one of the best apps you can have on your Android smartphone.KiwiMote basically allows users to control their computer through WiFi. Theapp supports all versions of Android above 4.0.1. Users just need to install aKiWiMote client on their desktop or laptop to control PC from Android.The app allows users to connect both the computer and PC through a WiFi routeror hotspot. Users just need to scan the QR code displayed on the computer withthe help of an Android device to connect to the computer.Another popular app for managing a computer with Android is Unified remote.This is the one-and-only remote control app for your computer. Turns yourdevice into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote control for Windows PC, Mac,and Linux.The app also follows the same procedure as KiWiMote to connect with thecomputer. You need to download the server-side desktop program to control yourcomputer with the help of an Android device.Well, this is another lightweight and simple app which runs on Windows XP,Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. PC remote can be used to control yourdesktop & laptop from Android via WiFi or Bluetooth. Well, you need todownload the server-side program on your desktop to connect to the Androiddevice.VNC Viewer is another best remote-control-based Android app on the list whichallows users to access the computer screen from Android. The great thing aboutVNC Viewer is that it comes for free and it has almost everything that userslook for in a remote application. Users also get a customized keyboard andmouse layout to control the desktop screen with VNC Viewer.Remote Link from ASUS is another best Android app that turns your smartphoneinto a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your PC. The great thing aboutRemote Link is that it also has a touchpad remote, a keyboard remote, andalmost everything that users looks for in a remote access app. So, Remote Linkis another best app that you can use to control your PC from the phone.Splashtop Personal is another best free and fastest remote desktop appavailable for Windows and Android devices. Apart from starting a remotesession, the app also offers high-resolution, real-time video, and audiostreaming options as well. Although the remote desktop app is made forpersonal use, it can be used for business purposes as well. So, SplashtopPersonal is definitely the best Android app to control the PC using asmartphone.DroidMote is another top-rated Android app available on the Google Play Storethat can be used to control PC from your smartphone. Guess what? withDroidMote, you can control not just Windows PC, but Linux and Chrome OS aswell. To use DroidMote, users need to install the server-client on both of thedevices. Once done, just enter the device ID and the app will start the remotesession.Since there are plenty of remote desktop apps available for Android devices,the Microsoft Remote Desktop is less talked about. Microsoft Remote Desktop isan under-rated remote desktop app available on the Google Play Store. WithMicrosoft Remote Desktop, you can easily connect to a remote PC or virtualapps. Apart from that, Microsoft Remote Desktop can only connect with devicesrunning on Windows Enterprise, Windows Server, and Windows Professional.This method is too uncomplicated and reliable to implement and after that, youcan have full access to your PC and there will be no necessity to sit at thefront of your PC and do the work. Don’t forget to share this cool post andleave a comment below if you facing any problem at any step. How to Access Android Phone with Broken Screen [4 Ways]

Control Android

ApowerMirror allows users to fully control devices running Android 5.0 andhigher from the computer with mouse and keyboard. For now, it allows you tocontrol four Android devices simultaneously. In order to give ApowerMirror theright to control Android from PC, you need to connect your phone to PC via USBcable for the first time. Afterward, you can also use WiFi connection toachieve it. If a window appears saying that “The Control from PC mode has notbeen enabled yet”, you need to connect Android to PC through USB cable toenable the permission.Note: if you restart the phone, the permission to control Android from PC willbe disabled by the system. If so, you need to use USB cable to build theconnection to enable it.

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