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Highest Paying Jobs in India – The Present Market Scenario

India is a developing country that has been brimming with population and alarge chunk of it deals with poverty and illiteracy. This is one prime reasonwhy the socio-economic scenario in India is different from the rest of thecountries in the world.Again, the growing marketing of jobs is showing new rays of hope, andyoungsters are pursuing new courses to grab jobs in the highest growthpotential sectors. So, it has started developing as an open market for botherfreshers and the experienced ones.People with genuine skills and potentials are needed in every sector. At thesame time, the market is getting stiffer for a traditional degree holder. Theadditional qualification has become a necessary criterion for the recruitmentteam to select a candidate.

1. Data Analytics Course and Data Science Course

This is a popular choice of academic course with attractive job offerings. Thecourse enables a candidate with data analysis skills along with in-depthdomain knowledge for business and personal growth.The Data Science program is a specially curated curriculum catering tomultiple industry requisites. Researches indicate that the Analytics industryhas been growing at 36%.

3. Artificial Intelligence Course

The Field of Artificial Intelligence (Ai systems) has more to give to theindustry. Experts are cultivating this field more than before. With greaterrecognition, this course has been evolved as the source of some highest payingjobs in the country currently.Artificial Intelligence has powered eminent sectors computer science, naturallanguage processing, mathematics, psychology, and neuroscience, machinelearning, and several other disciplines.A basic course in Ai will give an overview of the elements of Ai which wouldsmoothen your way to research and development till the time. You could alsogain hands-on expertise together with the Ai programming of intelligent agentssuch as search algorithms, logic, and gaming.These courses are practically implemented in self-driving cars, face andretina recognition, military drones, and language processors.

Artificial Intelligence Salary in India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the hottest buzzwords in the techsphere for quite some time now. As Data Science is advancing, both AI and MLare also advancing by leaps and bounds. In fact, AI adoption across variousparallels of the industry is taking place at such a rapid speed that Gart nerpredicts, by 2020, AI will create around 2.3 million jobs!If you are a part or wish to be a part of this fast-paced, creative, andchallenging industry, then read on to know the best job roles in artificialintelligence and the salary range in India.Essentially, AI is a broad canvas that encompasses machine learning, deeplearning, and natural language processing (NLP), among other things. As aresult, AI applications across various industries are highly expansive,including innovations like AR/VR, smart personal assistants, IoT, gaming,robotics, face recognition software, speech recognition, vision recognition,recommendation engines, and much more.We are sure, this must-have sparked a will to become a AI programmer withinyou! Let’s take a look at what is a typical artificial intelligence salary inIndia?

Artificial Intelligence Salary Range in India

Naturally, the more varied the applications, the greater is the variation inAI job roles and their respective salary packages. For instance, while theentry-level Artificial Intelligence salary in India for almost 40% ofprofessionals earn around Rs. 6,00,000, mid-level and senior-level artificialintelligence salary could earn more than Rs. 50,00,000 in India.In the past few years, careers in AI have peaked to cater to the growingdemands of digitally transformed industries. According to a 2018 report byIndeed, the need for AI skills has more than doubled in the past three years,with job postings in the domain going up by a whopping 119%.SourceUnfortunately, there are not enough talented professionals in Data Science (AIand ML) who can fill these job vacancies. According to a study by AnalyticsIndia Magazine in collaboration with Great Learning, “over 4,000 positions inIndia remain vacant due to shortage of qualified talent at the mid and seniorlevel.”The shortage of qualified professionals in AI is because it is still anemerging technology that demands a unique and specific set of skills. Becauseof the shortage of talents in this field, the salary range of artificialintelligence in India is high. The more skills and experience you acquire inthis domain, the higher will be your remuneration.

Career in Artificial Intelligence – Educational Requirements

Generally, most entry-level AI jobs demand a bachelor’s degree inMathematics/Statistics/Computer Science/Information Technology. However,senior-level job roles (managerial/administrative or R&D roles) require acandidate to have a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in the fields mentioned aboveor any other related field (Engineering).As for the skills and knowledge, an aspiring AI professional must possess in-depth knowledge in the following domains: * Mathematics (algebra, calculus, logic and algorithms, probability, and statistics) * Computer science (proficiency in coding in multiple programming languages) * Bayesian networking (including neural nets) * Cognitive science theory * Engineering * Robotics * PhysicsFor professionals already working in the IT sector, it is relatively easier toupskill for AI job roles by enrolling in AI certification courses, or trainingprograms, or online boot camps.When it comes to experience, nearly 57% of Indian companies recruiting for AIjob roles seek candidates with more than five years of experience – theaverage AI experience of Indian professionals usually is around three years.Also read: Data Scientist Salary in India

Artificial Intelligence Salary Packages in India

As we mentioned earlier, Artificial Intelligence salary for freshers in Indiastarts at around Rs. 6 LPA and can stretch up to Rs. 12 LPA, with higher-endsalaries usually offered by reputed companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Google,Facebook, etc. As for Machine Learning roles, the starting salary for freshersis generally Rs. 8 LPA, and it can go up to Rs. 10-15 LPA, depending upon thejob role, skill set, and educational background. Candidates who have strongfoundational knowledge in Data Science and a few years of work experience canearn as high as Rs. 17 LPA.For most AI job profiles, Artificial Intelligence salary in India is muchhigher than the national average – professionals with AI skills and standardeducational qualifications earn higher than their counterparts with similareducational qualifications (without AI skills).For instance, if you have 2-4 years of experience in AI, you can earn aroundRs. 5-20 LPA. For professionals with 4-8 years of experience, the mediansalary range can be around Rs. 35-50 LPA, and those with over ten years ofexperience can earn over Rs. 1 crore per annum.SourceThe annual salary packages of artificial intelligence job roles also varyaccording to location. While Mumbai leads the game by offering the highestArtificial Intelligence salary in India (Rs 15.6 LPA), Bengaluru follows suitwith Rs 14.5 LPA. Chennai offers the lowest salary package for artificialintelligence talents in India standing at around Rs. 10.4 LPA.Here are a few top-ranking AI job profiles with their respective averageannual salaries: 1. Principal Data Scientist – Rs. 17,11,180 2. Computer Scientist – Rs. 16,24,615 3. ML Engineer – Rs. 9,50,000 4. Data Engineer – Rs. 8,35,755 5. Data Scientist – Rs. 6,99,928 6. Research Engineer – Rs. 6,52,230 7. Algorithm Engineer – Rs. 5,40,220 8. Data Analyst – Rs. 4,97,550 9. Computer Vision Engineer – Rs. 4,50,000Some of the biggest recruiters of AI professionals in India are FractalAnalytics, Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, Amazon, LinkedIn, Citrix, Verizon, SAPLabs, Nvidia, Tech Mahindra, Flipkart, and Myntra.Source

The demand of artificial intelligence is continuously increasing across

Industries in India.Applications of artificial intelligence are relentlessly growing, touchingevery aspect of business operations and society. Today, AI has become integralto diverse industries and revolutionized the way organizations perform andmake decisions. As business leaders and innovators race to reach the promiseof this disruptive technology to gain a competitive edge, job opportunities inAI are in high demand. This growing need of AI experts from businesses willsignificantly disrupt economic activity in a big way.As AI has a high learning curve, succeeding in this field requires germaneskills and knowledge, and investment of time and energy. Let’s have a look atthe top AI salaries, with hottest job profiles in India in August 2020.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Artificial intelligence specialists typically program computers to think. Theyuse AI for security purposes, to recognize faces and identify whether theperson is who they claim to be. Most AI specialists work in applied AI, withthe purpose to program computer smart systems, while some work in cognitivesimulation, wherein computers are used to test hypotheses about how the humanmind works. Artificial Intelligence Specialists work for the research centersof universities, small AI development companies, and the growing numbers oflarge corporations that are maintaining in-house AI groups. The typicalaverage salary of an Artificial Intelligence Specialist in India is INR21,86,857.Average salary: INR 21,86,857Salary range (per year): INR 2,187,000 – INR 2,187,000

Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer

The roles of Artificial Intelligence Software Engineers span the entire AIstack. They will need to demonstrate software skills and broaden theirexpertise by using or creating new tools, techniques, and processes. They willrequire to set up and manage AI development and production infrastructure;assist AI product managers and business stakeholders to understand thepotential and limitations of AI when planning new products; build data ingestand data transformation infrastructure, and identify transfer learningopportunities and new training datasets, and more. AI Software Engineers musthave demonstrated proficiency in multiple programming languages with a strongfoundation in a statistical platform such as Python, R, SAS, or MatLab. Theaverage salary of an Artificial Intelligent Software Engineer is INR 360,319.Average salary: INR 360,319Salary range (per year): INR 343,000 – INR 825,000

1. AI Specialist

Recording an average annual growth rate of 74% since 2015, the job profile ofArtificial intelligence (AI) Specialists will remain among the top jobs in2021. Demand for artificial intelligence course among students and workingprofessionals has been exploding in recent years.The primary task of AI Specialists is to design intelligent and intuitiveprograms that can make computers “think” and perform human-centric tasks.While some AI Specialists work in Cognitive Simulation, some others work inApplied AI.In Cognitive Simulation, computers are used to test hypotheses on how thehuman mind works and Applied AI designs smart computer systems that canperform a whole range of applications (for example, fingerprint recognition,voice recognition, etc.).AI Specialists can find job opportunities in research centres of universities,software companies, IT/ITES companies, and also in large corporations thatmaintain in-house AI groups.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are high-level professionals who are tasked with extractingthe maximum value out of data. They gather market, business, and customer datafrom multiple sources to process, analyze and interpret it to uncover theunderlying patterns within the data. These insights are then used tounderstand business performance and to design AI/ML tools that can automatespecific business processes, boost ROI, increase customer satisfaction, andmost importantly, promote data-driven decision making.Doing a professional Data science course from reputed institutions increaseyour chances of landing a high paying job. Data Scientists are skilled in datamining techniques and statistical analysis. They usually find jobs in R&Dwings of companies, be it IT/ITES, e-commerce, financial services, academics,and healthcare.

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