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(b) Waveform Audio File Format (WAV)

The WAV audio file format was developed by Microsoft and IBM back in the year1991. And during that initial time, it used to be called ‘Audio forWindows’. WAV, in a nutshell, is like a container for various audio formats,because of which, it can sometimes contain compressed audio formats. However,that is rarely the case, and most of the times, the files are uncompressed andpresent in the PCM audio format.

(c) Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)

Similar to WAV, which is developed by Microsoft and IBM, and largely intendedfor use on Windows, the AIFF format is an in-house format developed by Applefor its Mac lineup. Much like WAV for Windows, AIFF is a container for Apple,which can hold different kinds of audio formats. However, more than anything,it is a wrapper for the PCM format, specifically for the Mac.Note: Both WAV and AIFF are also compatible with Mac and Windows,respectively.

Audio file formats by file extensions

There are several audio file formats, standards, and file extensions usedtoday. Below is a list of the most common audio file extensions. * .aif – AIF audio file * .cda – CD audio track file * .mid or .midi – MIDI audio file. * .mp3 – MP3 audio file * .mpa – MPEG-2 audio file * .ogg – Ogg Vorbis audio file * .wav – WAV file * .wma – WMA audio file * .wpl – Windows Media Player playlist

Image file formats by file extension

There are many different image types and image file extensions that can beused when creating and saving images on the computer. Below is a list of themost common image file extensions.

Video file formats by file extension

Today, several file types are associated with video files to add differenttypes of compression, compatibility, and DRM to video files. Below is a listof the most commonly found video file extensions.

How to Edit an MP3 File

A website that can quickly trim an MP3 file to make it not only smaller insize but also shorter in length, is MP3Cut.net. Some other editing tools thereinclude a volume, speed, and pitch changer.Audacity is a popular audio editor that has lots of features, so it’s not aseasy to use as the one we just mentioned. However, it’s great if you need toedit out the middle of the MP3 file or do advanced things like add effects andmix multiple audio files.Editing MP3 metadata in batches is possible with tag editing software likeMp3tag.Thanks for letting us know!Tell us why!Other Not enough details Hard to understandGet to Know 10 Common Audio File FormatsWhich is the best audio file format out there and is WAV better than MP3?If you have similar questions in mind and are confused about the differenttypes of audio formats, then this would be a perfect guide for you. In thispost, we learn more about different audio formats and also provide a quickguide to recover deleted music files as well.As you know, there could be different kinds of music formats to save soundfiles. For instance, some of them follow a lossy compression while othersfollow a lossless compression technique. Though, these audio file formatsserve their distinctive function that would depend on different situations.

MP3 File Format

MP3 is certainly the most popular audio format that is accepted by everyleading platform and device. It stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 and was firstintroduced by the Moving Picture Experts Group in 1993. The compressiontechnique gets rid of all the sound that is not audible to human ears or noiseand then focus on the actual data. This can reduce the size of the audio fileby 75 to 90% as compared to the original size. It is known as a universalmusic extension as the open format is used in almost every media-supportingdevice.

Audio File Types and Formats

— .aif | Audio Interchange File Format .iff | Interchange File Format .m3u | Media Playlist File .m4a | MPEG-4 Audio File .mid | MIDI File .mp3 | MP3 Audio File .mpa | MPEG-2 Audio File .ra | Real Audio File .wav | WAVE Audio File .wma | Windows Media Audio File

What Is an Audio File Format?

The audio file format is a file format for storing digital audio on a computersystem like PC, mobile phone, etc. Audio information are stored as bits in thefile and can be called as bit layout.These bit layout can be uncompressed, or compressed using lossless or lossyencoding.

Audio File Formats and Sound Quality

Audio file types (From: sguru.org)Not all audio file formats are equal. Sample rate and bit depth determine theresolution, the frequency range and the dynamic range of the audio. Thestandard for CD quality audio is a sample rate of 44.1kHz, and a bit depth of16-bit.Anything below this and your audio is not considered High-Definition (HD) orHigh-Resolution. Many audio file formats use settings lower than whatqualifies as HD. The reasons are explained in the following sections.> All the music you listen to, should at the very least, have a sampling rate> of 44.1kHz (44100Hz). This rate captures frequencies up to 22050Hz, just> above the limit of human hearing (~20kHz).

Uncompressed Audio Format

If your audio files are uncompressed, they are 100% bit-for-bit identical asthe producer created them in, digital copies.Uncompressed formats are created using pulse code modulation, PCM. This is thesame format used for CDs and DVDs.So if your master studio has the following bits:1100110011000000The PCM track will contain the exact same bits:1100110011000000Sampling and quantization of a signal for PCM (From: Wikipedia)Large File SizeSince the PCM is uncompressed, uncompressed files take up a huge amount ofdisc space. The only suitable portable medium to hold such files are on discssuch as CD, DVDs or even Blu-ray disc. (RIP HD DVD)

Choose uncompressed audio format if..

If you are mastering and mixing raw audio, go for uncompressed audio format.Working with the uncompressed audio format like WAV and AIFF is akin toworking on the “original” copy where you have all the information that youneed.

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