Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Points: 31 Tuition: $13,239 (California residents), $42,993 (out of state) School ProfileIn addition to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, UCLA offers tech-minded students a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Bachelorof Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Students who earn any of thesecomputer science degrees at UCLA will study topics like: * software engineering * principles of programming languages * data structures * theory of computation * artificial intelligence * computer modeling * distributed systems * computer networks * operating systemsUCLA consistently ranks as one of the top computer science schools bypublications like U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, ARWU, and Times HigherEducation, among others.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer SciencePoints: 11 Tuition: $50,310 School ProfileThe Computer Science faculty at Rice is ranked 1 by the Chronicle of HigherEducation for scholarly productivity. The B.S. in Computer Science is a highlyfocused, in-depth education in the field. The B.A. is more focused on breadthof education. Students also have the option of pursuing a double major,minor(s), or even taking a broader range of classes relating to computerscience or similar subjects.

Computer Science Programs in Iowa

Computer science schools in Iowa offer students a comprehensive educationalexperience. On-campus students meet at regularly scheduled times to attendclasses, and schools like the University of Northern Iowa emphasize smallerclass sizes to encourage better student-teacher interaction; computer scienceclasses contain no more than 30 students.Many on-campus learners schedule meetings with their instructors before orafter class and have access to a wealth of student services, such as computerlabs, tutors, and academic advisors. Students also have direct access to on-campus student organizations that specialize in computer science. They canjoin these associations and serve as board members to coordinate activities oncampus.Students pursuing an online computer science degree in Iowa have a slightlydifferent experience. Schools typically have an entire department dedicated toonline learning and distance education with advisors, administrative staff,and faculty members. School credentials provide access to coursework throughan online learning management system, where students can view the syllabus,coursework, and interact with their peers and instructors.Some online computer science programs may use a hybrid format for theircourses. Hybrid courses may require students to attend periodic on-campusmeetings or scheduled online lectures, while fully online classes have zeroin-person class attendance requirements.Iowa computer science schools receive regional accreditation from the HigherLearning Commission. Regional accreditation affords many benefits, such asfederal financial aid and easier credit transfer between universities.Additionally, many employers only hire workers who hold a degree from anaccredited institution. Computer science programs in Iowa can also earnprogrammatic accreditation from the Computing Accreditation Commission.

Professional Organizations for Computer Science

* Association for Women in Computing Established in 1978, AWC supports the professional growth of women in technology careers, including programmers, technical writers, consultants, and system analysts. One of the earliest professional organizations for women in the field, AWC provides education, networking, and mentorship opportunities. Affiliated with the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals, AWC encourages competence and professionalism and runs programs to develop both technical and professional skills. Networking opportunities take place online and in person at AWC’s local chapters across the country. Many colleges and universities boast AWC student chapters for women pursuing computing careers. * Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society IEEE endeavors to foster global community among technical professionals and inspire innovation that improves society. Many members work together on beneficial technologies in fields such as robotics, sustainable energy, healthcare, and communications. IEEE seeks to connect its over 419,000 global members through conferences, online networking and collaboration tools, and networking events. Geared toward students and professionals in engineering, technology, and computing, this organization also publishes technology standards and publications applicable to the field, curated in its digital library. * Computing Research Association Founded in 1972, the CRA comprises over 200 affiliated professional organizations and computer research organizations in government, industry, and academia. CRA advances computing knowledge and practice by supporting computing research, expanding research’s impact, and supporting computing researchers through talent and leadership development initiatives. Federal government officials rely on the CRA for information that guides federal policy on computing research support. * Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Since its founding in 1981, this international organization has advocated for ethical, responsible technology use. With members in 26 countries, CPSR boasts local and international chapters and educates the public and policymakers on various issues related to technology. CPSR incubates significant projects, including the Public Sphere Project, the Civil Society Project, Privaterra, and the Electronic Privacy Information Center. CPSR also produces an activist’s handbook, policies and guidelines for responsible technology, and a monthly member newsletter.

Computer Science Scholarships

* Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund Scholarships Each year, the family of Dado and Maria Banatao awards five $5,000 renewablescholarships to eligible Filipino students. Available to students fromspecific counties in California, each of the five scholarship recipients mustbe of at least 50% ethnic Filipino heritage.Eligibility requires full-time enrollment in an accredited, four-year collegeand a major in a STEM subject, such as computer science. Scholarshiprecipients must also demonstrate financial need and hold a minimum 3.0 GPA.Apply for Scholarship * Generation Google Scholarship In an effort to increase diversity in the computer science field, this Googlescholarship supports aspiring computer science majors, emphasizingunderrepresented groups in tech. Applicants must plan to study in the UnitedStates or Canada, and awardees receive $10,000 USD or $5,000 CAD. Recipientsalso receive an invitation to the Google Scholars’ Retreat.Applicants must hold a high school diploma and demonstrate current or intendedenrollment in a relevant bachelor’s or graduate degree program at anaccredited college or university. Google chooses recipients based ondemonstrated leadership, academic merit, and prospective influence ondiversity in the field.Apply for Scholarship * Google Lime Scholarship Serving students with disabilities, this scholarship awards $10,000 USD or$5,000 CAD to qualified students in the United States and Canada. Applicantsmust be full-time students pursuing a computer science degree at an accreditedinstitution. They must also demonstrate leadership potential, academic merit,and a passion for their subject of study.Apply for Scholarship * CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service A collaborative offering from the Department of Homeland Security and theNational Science Foundation, the CyberCorps program offers full-tuitionscholarships to full-time computer science students at participatinguniversities. Each institution stipulates its own application process.Participants in the program must complete summer internships and pledge towork in government for a duration equivalent to the years of scholarshipfunding received. If willing to work in the sector longer, some recipients canalso collect $20,000-$30,000 stipends.Apply for Scholarship

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at North Carolina StateUniversity provides students with a basic understanding of how computersystems and software are designed. Students use innovation, design, analysis,and engineering to address complicated problems using computers. They learnhow computers are used in design, financial institutions, management,communications, utilities and more. The program is offered with aconcentration in Game Development. The concentration includes instruction increating video games used for entertainment as well as those used fortraining, education, visualization, and social interaction. Courses requiredfor the computer science program may include Programming Concepts, ComputerOrganization and Assembly Language, Discrete Math, Data Structures andSoftware Engineering.

Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a research-oriented degreerequiring completion of a thesis. Students gain an understanding ofcomputational applied logic, algorithms and construction of computer systems.They are also provided instruction in graph theory, the theory of computationand numerical analysis. There is a non-thesis option for students who wish toadvance to the doctorate program in the field. Some of the courses requiredfor the program include Parallel Architecture, Software Engineering,Artificial Intelligence, and Networks.

Master of Computer Science

The Master of Computer Science is a terminal degree and is designed for thosewho do not wish to advance to doctorate studies. There is no research, thesisor comprehensive examination required. Students gain an understanding of graphtheory, numerical analysis, operating systems and software engineering. Theprogram requires 31 credit hours and most students attend part-time. They maychoose from the following concentrations: * Data Science * Security * Software EngineeringCourses required for the program may include Computational Applied Logic,Algorithms, Compiler Construction, Graph Theory, Theory of Computation andGraphics. Students may complete the degree online or on campus.

Master of Science in Computer Networking

The Master of Science in Computer Networking degree is a joint program offeredby the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineeringin conjunction with the College of Engineering and the College of Management.It is designed for those with computer science, computer engineering orelectrical engineering undergraduate degrees. The program provides anunderstanding of the networking industry and is available in either a thesisor non-thesis option. The program covers subjects such as networking design,hardware, software, services and the internet of things. It is available bothonline and on campus.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

The Ph.D. in Computer Science is a terminal professional degree program.Students work closely with a research advisor and an advisory committee. Theyare responsible for publishing papers based on their own research and maycollaborate with researchers around the world. Students are able to travel toconferences and many find internships in government or other agenciesperforming groundbreaking research. Students must research, write and defend adissertation. Courses required may include Compiler Construction, Theory ofComputation, Operating Systems, and Networks.

Associates in Computer Science

Computer science covers a whole host of different professions and is one ofthe most popular focuses of an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming. Oneof the most attractive aspects of this job field is that you can rapidly moveup and eventually manage entire teams or departments.Computer science majors work as Web Developers, Business Analysts, ProductManagers, or Network Architects. All of these career paths have entry-levelpositions available, and if you can move up, you could find yourself making avery decent living.The best candidates are highly analytical. They are able to quickly identifyissues and work out the best way to solve them using the technology at hand.Often, the most ideal solutions are creative applications of existing tools,so it’s essential to think outside of the box while retaining logic.Those who work in computer science also have to deal with a lot of stressfulsituations, as they are often the point person for when things go wrong. Ifyou want to explore this career path, you need to be thick-skinned, able tothink quickly on your feet, and know the technology that you are using insideand out.

Universities Offering Online Associates Degree in Computer Programming

The following universities offer accredited associate’s degrees in computerprogramming or related fields online.

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