Best Buy Price Match Get A Refund Up To 30 Days After Your Purchase

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Best Buy Price Match Guarantee

If a Best Buy product falls in price in store or online after a sale withinthe qualifying return period, Best Buy will refund the difference between thetwo prices. The return and exchange period on most items is 15 days (with someexceptions).Best Buy will also match the prices of select competitors at the time of thesale, including online prices. Qualifying competitors include all localstores, in addition to,,, to get a price adjustment at Best Buy: For price matchrequests, call customer service to notify them of the lower price and see ifyour situation qualifies. For in-store purchases, you can inquire with aCustomer Specialist at a retail location.If you ordered online and are picking up in store, and the price is lower instore than it was online, you’ll automatically be charged the lower price.Exclusions: Best Buy does not offer price matching on items sold Thanksgivingthrough the following Monday. The policy does not cover contract cell phonesfrom other online retailers, or clearance, refurbished, and bundle offers.Shipping costs will not be included in the price adjustment.See the full Best Buy Price Match Guarantee.

How do I request a price match from a Best Buy retail store?

When making a purchase, or during the return and exchange period, please talkto a Customer Specialist or go to the Customer Service desk for help with yourprice match request. Please tell us about the lower price that is still ineffect that you want the Best Buy retail store to price match. Best Buy willthen review and verify the price match request on a Best Buy device.

Does Best Buy match the prices of a Warehouse club?

Yes. We do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse clubis a local retail competitor, has an identical immediately available productand all other price match criteria are met. If the Warehouse club websiteprice requires a membership ID or login to view, price match is only availablein a Best Buy store (not via phone or chat) and must be a live offer (not ascreenshot).

Does Best Buy match the price if it results in a price being below Best

Buy’s cost on a product?Yes. So long as the price match requested is on an identical immediatelyavailable product and all other price match criteria are met.

Is the Price Match Guarantee the same for purchases in Best Buy from

stores within the store (Best Buy Mobile, Pacific Kitchen and Home, MagnoliaDesign Center and Magnolia Home Theater)?Yes. The Price Match Guarantee terms apply to a purchase from any of ourstores within a store and to any purchase from a free standing Best Buy Mobilestore. The Price Match Guarantee applies to purchase but may varyfrom other Best Buy owned or branded websites. Please see each specificindividual website for their terms and conditions. The terms of the PriceMatch Guarantee do not apply to purchases at Magnolia Audio/Video and PacificSales stores. Purchases at Best Buy Express Kiosks are treated the same asBest Buy store purchases under this policy.

How can I find the best deals at Best Buy stores?

Best Buy offers its customers a variety of ways to shop and save big. You canfind great deals by following a few hacks. First, you can take advantage ofthe Best Buy price match policy. If you find a lower price on an identical in-stock item at an eligible competitor, you can request a price match to get thelowest price possible. Second, you can score big savings with the Best Buy’sopen box and refurbished deals. Here, you will find huge discounts on avariety of items such as computers, tablets and other electronic accessories.Third, you can save if you sign up for the My Best Buy loyalty program, as youwill earn $5 for every 250 points you earn.

When do the best sales happen at Best Buy?

The best sales at Best Buy are Flash Sales, Deals of the Day and Top Dealssales. During these sales, items are sold at a highly discounted price. Keepchecking back from time to time as the sales can happen on different days ofthe week.

Will Best Buy match their online price?

Yes, Best Buy will match their online prices with those of the competitors andoffer you the best and lowest price possible. If you have already purchasedthe item, they will refund the price difference as long as it’s within thereturn and exchange period. It is worth noting that Best Buy will allow oneprice match per item. In addition, Best Buy does not price match free items,bundle deals, coupons or clearance offers.

Best Buy Price Match – Get A Refund Up To 30 Days After Your Purchase

Doesn’t it stink when you buy something and then find it cheaper? With BestBuy Price Match, you can get a refund up to 30 days after your purchase!I do a lot of online shopping online during the holidays. I got stuff fromAmazon, Best Buy and more. But I recently learned a great lesson when it comesto saving money.When you shop at Amazon, the price can change at any time and Amazon willnever give you a refund or price match anything – even if it has just been anhour since your purchase.I have become a big fan of doing my shopping at Best Buy. They have actualstores so you can shop online and pick it up in-store that day.Or you can go in and ask questions and see the products in person to make thebest choice. Plus they let you price match any competitor’s pricing if you canfind a better price. (Walmart has stopped doing this.)I bet you didn’t realize that you may request a price match as long as you arewithin the return and exchange period.If you are an Elite Member you are given 30 days to request a price match. Youcan price match if it’s cheaper at Best Buy or any competitor.

Best Buy Price Match Tip

If you want to do a Best Buy Price Match you can go to your account online andit will tell you if it is past the return date. That will help you to know ifit can be price matched.Here’s an example. I needed a new computer. I found a MacBook Air that Iwanted that was $999 on sale for $874.99. A few days later it was on sale for$849.99.I got online and chatted with a specialist and they promptly returned the $25plus tax.Now the same laptop is on sale for $799 so I will be getting a $75 refund plustax. It was really quick and easy and I got back $175 on a purchase I hadalready made. I was also able to get back $40 on the headphones I bought.

Best Buy Price Match Questions:

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco?Yes they will: They do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as theWarehouse club is a local retail competitor, has an identical immediatelyavailable product and all other price match criteria are met. If the Warehouseclub website price requires a membership ID or login to view, price match isonly available in a Best Buy store (not via phone or chat) and must be a liveoffer (not a screenshot).

Does Best Buy Price Match GameStop?

It should price match GameStop. In their FAQs it states that it will pricematch a local retail competitor for retail store. The store must be within a25-mile radius of your local Best Buy store.

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