Best guitar audio interfaces buying advice

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What Are Some Of The Best USB Audio Interfaces?

The basic model will have XLR inputs for a mic with built-in preamps. Thereare thousands of them out there, but some variation in specific features andinputs/outputs, although they perform the same job but are distinct when itcomes to recording high-quality sound.To select one, you will need to focus on the following: * Inputs and Outputs required * Computer/Device Connection * Sound Quality * Budget-Friendly

10 Best USB Audio Interface To Get In 2020

So, counting down some of the best picks for Top X Best USB Audio Interfaceswhich highlight all the attributes as mentioned earlier are:

PreSonus AudioBox USB

It is one of the best used audio interfaces for anybody who is on a tightbudget. This model has about 5/5 ratings on Amazon from where you canorder.PreSonus AudioBox USB

PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio

This is a complete recording bundle. This is the best way to get started withDesktop Audio, which also is cost-effective. This audio box is pretty cool asit is slim, compact, and compatible with devices. You get two microphones orTRS quarter-inch ins on the front with phantom power for the inputs to connectdevices.PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2- Excellent audio interface for logic pro X in

2020The Focus Scarlett 2i2 is a popular choice for an audio interface. It has asleek design and gives you the control options you need. Musicians tend tofavor the solid construction and intuitive design of the Focus Scarlett 2i2.You get quality Preamps alongside strong visual feedback. The Preamps offerlow noise and low distortion performance and allows for sufficient headroom.This translates into providing a musician with recording clarity. It onlytakes about 5 minutes to set up!The audio interface is fairly stripped down, but it gives the independentmusician all the necessary features. This interface is also durable and ruggedand can withstand being taken on the road. This stylish and user friendlyinterface is also easy on the pocketbook.For the price, this is a rather well rounded unit.UPDATED PRICE OF FOCUSRITE 2i2

The PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL- One of the best audio interface for logic

pro x-2020The PreSonus Audiobox 1818VSL is a full featured audio interface that isstraightforward and user friendly. The audio interface has the essentialfeatures of 8 mic/instrument inputs with 48V phantom power.You also have 8 line level outputs. This transfers your audio to your computerwith minimal latency. This audio interface currently retails on Amazon for$499.95. While the price looks a little high, it IS one of the best audiointerface for Logic Pro X.SEE MORE DETAILS AND UPDATED PRICE

1. The Audio Interface

Presonus iTwo USB Audio InterfaceLooking at starting up a small home recording studio? The Audio Interfacereally is the key purchase that will be at the heart of your recording chain.This is the box that you connect your mics and instruments to and thatconverts the lovely sounds you are making into a digital signal to get it into your computer. What to look for? Read my whole post on how to choose thebest audio interface for YOUR recording studio (everyone is different). Youcould go for the hugely popular, best selling and top reviewed FocusriteScarlett 2i2. It just works. It looks good. And it comes with a great packageof software too. We also love the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo shown above – multi-platform and also has MIDI i/o

5. The USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

Even if you do not play keyboard as such, a USB MIDI Keyboard is almost anessential purchase for a home recording studio. Perfect for inputting baselines, drum beats, controlling the faders on virtual instruments …. and a nobrainer if you want to learn to read music, or you already can but want tocreate your own sheet music with score writing software. Not to mention thathaving a MIDI keyboard is the easiest way to improve your keyboard skills too.Why this keyboard?There are tons of excellent MIDI Keyboard Controllers to choose from, many arevery inexpensive and usually come with a suite of software to kick-start yourhome recording studio setup. AKAI have proven to be a long-standing and top-selling producer of great looking and well featured MIDI Controllers – likethe MPK Mini above.

Most Popular … Computer Recording Equipment For Home Recording Studios

SaleBestseller No. 2Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First * One of the best performing mic preamps the Scarlett range has ever seen, now with switchable air Mode to give your recordings a brighter and more open sound…. * High-performance converters enable you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/ 192kHz. * Quick start tool to get up and running easier than ever.Bestseller No. 4Moukey USB 3.0 Audio Interface, Microphone Preamps with 48V Phantom Power, 24Bit, Support… * 48kHz/24-bit: As an entry-level audio processor, the 48kHz/24-bit recording format ensures lower noise and achieves high-quality audio reproduction, meeting the… * Smart phone/tablet computer live broadcast: Equipped 3.5mm audio output interface (please bring your own conversion cable) for you to live broadcast at anytime… * USB3.0: The USB3.0 interface is new and adopted, which greatly improves the transmission speed with the computer and reduces the loss rate when recording audio….SaleBestseller No. 5M-Audio AIR 192|4 — 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface with Recording Softwarefrom ProTools & Ableton… * Capture Every Detail: Premium component selection and 24-bit/192kHz resolution for professional recording and monitoring to your Mac to PC * Low Latency: Hi-Speed USB / USB-C circuitry gives you the fastest connection, with a class-leading round trip latency of only 2.59ms; USB and USB-C connection… * Pristine Studio Grade Capture: Transparent Crystal preamps and ultra-pristine A/D converters for unsurpassed audio recording qualitySaleBestseller No. 6Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First * Four of the best performing mic preamps the Scarlett range has ever seen, now with switchable Air mode to give your recordings a brighter and more open sound…. * High-performance converters enable you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/ 192kHz. * Quick start tool to get up and running easier than ever.Bestseller No. 10M-Audio M-Track Solo – USB Audio Interface for Recording, Streaming andPodcasting with XLR, Line… * Podcast, Record, Live Stream, This Portable Audio Interface Covers it All – USB sound card for Mac or PC delivers 24-bit/48 kHz audio resolution for pristine… * Be Ready for Anything with this Versatile M Audio Interface – Record guitar, vocals or stereo line input signals with one combo XLR / Line Input with phantom… * Everything you Demand from an Audio Interface for Fuss-Free Monitoring – 1/8” headphone output and stereo RCA outputs for total monitoring flexibility;…Last updated on 2021-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images via Amazon ProductAdvertising API

What is the best guitar audio interface right now?

(Image credit: IK Multimedia)Every audio interface here is a worthy product, but IK Multimedia’s Axe I/O isamong the best. Featuring two instrument inputs (plug your electric guitar orbass guitar in here!) and dual phantom powered combo inputs (for use withcondenser mics and line level signals), the Axe I/O offers plenty of, er, I/Ofor recording your, erm, axe. Simple!The ace in IK’s pack is the included Amplitube 4 Deluxe amp/FX modeller – thenot quite flagship but still impressively featured plugin/app you can use inplace of your ‘real’ gear. Even if you’re dead set on using hardware, thepotential for tonal experimentation before recording is worth the price ofentry alone.Today’s best IK Multimedia AXE IO USB AUDIO INTERFACE dealsIK Multimedia AXE I/O USB…

Best guitar audio interfaces: buying advice

So, you’ve been riffing and writing, now you’re ready to splash some cash on akiller home recording setup so you can lay down your tracks. First thingsfirst, what should be your key concerns when it comes to finding the rightguitar audio interface for you?Well, assuming you’re recording at home, your requirements are likely to befairly basic, at least in terms of the features you’ll need – and the goodnews with this is that you don’t need to spend huge sums to start recording.All of the interfaces we’ve recommended in this guide include a Hi-Zinstrument input which accepts the low output of passive bass and electricguitar pickups – just plug in your guitar cable as you would into your guitaramp and flip the Hi-Z button if there is one.Mic’ing up acoustic guitars, pianos or hooking up a vocal mic? You’ll mostlikely use an XLR cable, so look for XLR, or, even better, combo XLR/jackconnectors. One is useful; two means you can mic up in stereo for widerdispersion in your mix. And, if you’ve splashed some extra cash on a snazzycondenser mic, your interface will need to supply phantom power too.Each of these guitar interfaces comes bundled with software – though some morethan others. For guitarists, you can’t beat amp modelling and FX plugins. Youmay be happy with your pedalboard but it’s super handy to be able to chop andchange the plugins at mixdown. Some interfaces here even include fully fledgedDAWs so you can get recording straight away. Quite the bargain.By now you should know what you’re looking for, so let’s get into it!

The best guitar audio interfaces available today

(Image credit: Press Material)The best guitar audio interface for its range of tones and effectsLaunch price: $349/£347/€349 | Connectivity: USB 2 | Audio resolution:24-bit/192kHz | Analogue inputs: 2 | Analogue outputs: 5 | Digitalconnectivity: None | MIDI I/O: YesComes with Amplitube 4 DeluxeVariable input level for active/passive pickupsAmp out socket for easy reampingThe tuner could be betterTone is an essential consideration for every recording guitarist, and the AxeI/O comes with bucketloads of options, thanks to the inclusion of IKMultimedia’s Amplitube 4 Deluxe amp/FX modeller which features digitalamplifiers, cabinets and stompboxes, as well as an eight-track recorder andlooper.If you prefer ‘out of the box’ recording, the Axe I/O has you covered withtwin mic/line connectors for stereo recording and a reamp option to re-recordDI’d parts through a favourite amplifier.And with phantom power for condenser mics, MIDI/expression pedal connectionsto control Amplitube, as well as an onboard tuner, the Axe I/O proves to beone of the best equipped audio interfaces available for guitarists. If it’sgood enough for Joe Satriani…Read the full IK Multimedia Axe I/O review(Image credit: Focusrite)

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