Best Reference Books for Class 9

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Best Reference Books For Class 11

It is well known that NCERT books are the best and enough for CBSE Class 11exam preparation. But then again, simply mugging the NCERT books few weeks anddays is not going to suffice. You should be thorough with your NCERT books atleast 6 months before your exams. This will give you ample time to considerusing other reference books.Listed below are the best reference books for Class 11 CBSE, subject wise:Subject| Best Reference Books For Class 11 |Publication / Author —|—|— English |CBSE Chapter Wise/Topic Wise Question Bank|Oswaal Publications Math |Senior Secondary School Mathematics: for Class 11|RS Agarwal Mathematics for Class 11|RD Sharma Physics |Concepts of Physics|HC Verma Chemistry |ABC of Chemistry|Modern Publications Biology |ABC of Biology|Modern Publications Like all CBSE classes, your best reference books for Class 11 are NCERTtextbooks. These books should be the starting point of all your preparation.These books will prepare you completely and develop your concepts in thesubject. Studying NCERT books requires going through the appropriate studymaterial and solving questions given at the end of the chapter. The NCERTbooks are known for their simplicity and explaining the concepts withoutcomplex theories.Benefits of Class 11 NCERT textbooks: * a. 50-60% of the exam questions are from NCERT Books * b. Written by experts with credible information * c. Helps in strong basics and fundamentals required for JEE and NEET * d. Simple to read, understand and practiceApart from all these, S.Chand Publication books are recommended for all thesubjects, if you are not taking any coaching. Those books are excellent forself-study and help in understand concepts better.

Best Reference Books For Class 11 | Important Chapters

If you are planning to appear for the IIT JEE after your 12th boards, then youneed to know the important chapters from Class 11 syllabus.

Important Chapters From Class 11 Syllabus For IIT JEE 2019

Embibe academic experts have divided the chapters based on the ratio of howmuch ‘weightage’ against how much input (the effort to learn and understand)they require.Easy Chapters – High Weightage, Low EffortThese are the most important group of chapters. They are a must for everystudent to complete thoroughly. It is advisable to start with these chaptersas they are of high weightage as well as easy to study.Tough Chapters – High Weightage, High EffortThese chapters are tough but cannot be ignored because of their highweightage. After the easy chapters, these should be next on the list forstudents. Effort has to be made in order to crack these chapters.Easy Chapters – Low Weightage, Low EffortThese are the chapters that require low effort, but these chapters carry lowweightage. Students need to prepare them when they have time left after thefirst and second.Tough Chapters – Low Weightage, High EffortIt is recommended that students first focus on the above 3 sets of chaptersbefore starting to even think of these chapters. They are tough but they carryvery low weightage, and can even be ignored if there’s limited time.You can see the subject wise break down of the important chapters according totheir weightage and input required in detail HERE.

Important Chemistry chapters from Class 11

1. Chemical Bonding 2. General Organic Chemistry 3. Chemical Equilibrium 4. Atomic Structure 5. Stoichiometry 6. Gaseous State

Important Maths chapters from Class 11

1. Probability 2. Permutation and Combination 3. Coordinate Geometry 4. Logarithm 5. Quadratic EquationsWe hope this detailed article on best reference books for Class 11 helps youin your preparation. If you have any query regarding best reference books forClass 11 or the exam in general, drop a comment below and we will get back toyou.34708ViewsBest Reference Books For Class 12 CBSE Physics, Practice Question Paper 2021Best Reference Books For Class 12 CBSE Physics, Practice Question Papers 2021: Picking up the most suitable book for ourselves sometimes appear to betroublesome. As soon as we reach class 12th, there is so much of hustle andbustle going on in our minds and being CBSE students it creates more jittersto us. When I reached class 12th, i too had encountered with the same problemsas you all must be facing right now over the selection of the most suitablebooks for you as a lot of alternatives are available.We take so much of pressure that we go to teachers, seniors and other fellowstudents for advises, but what we end up with is again in the state ofdilemmas as every one has a different opinion for the book. If one is tellingall the positive points about the book then it doesn’t mean that the otherperson will also have the same thoughts. We cannot say that they are wrong orright, it is their perspective for the book, some of them find it very easy tounderstand, whereas some did not get it. So, it is just building understandingwith the book.

Best Reference Books For Class 12 CBSE Physics, Practice Question Paper

2021Most of us aim at appearing for the competitive level examinations like NDA,IIT (JEE), NEET, and many other medical and engineering entrance examinations,so, particularly we also cannot totally rely upon NCERTs, although this is themain book and at last the question papers whether it is for board examinationsor competitive level examinations, every single question will only be framedfrom this book only but it is not going to help us with detailed informationabout any topic, although the book provides us with everything but some whereit lags clarification of topics which is must to know what it is all about andthen we have to purchase reference books by any how.Now it is again a confusing situation, so many authors are there, but who willbe the most suitable for me so that i can completely rely upon him because itis very important for me to understand who can provide me with the bestguidance or with whom i can develop a strong bond of thinking ability. Onceyou’ve built that bond there is no such topic that you cannot understand inthe language of that author. This article is all about with providing you witha list of all the best reference books that you can purchase.

Reference Books:

We are providing you with a complete list of some good reference books thatwill surely help you to prepare for your boards as well as competitive levelexaminations, so that you can clear your exam in the very first chance only.But let me tell you only buying the good reference book is not going to helpyou, you will have to work really very hard, practice all the questions thatare there in the book thoroughly, read all the theory portion with completededication and understand all the derivations, do not just mug them up, i haveseen a lot students who are in the habit of mugging up and during the time ofexamination they simply forget what they mugged up. So, be patient, it willtake time to understand everything but go on, do not give up easily and youwill definitely get success.So, let’s discuss some of the good reference books, that will help you a lot.

H.C. Verma:

A good book will help you with solutions for every problem and H.C. Verma issuch a complete book that will provide you with everything.Not only your boards but it will also help you in preparing for yourcompetitive exams by making your base strong. The only condition is that youwill have to put all your concentration towards the book by burning all themid night lamps with just one aim that you have to clear your exams with goodmarks.HC Varma physics part one is available at just Rs. 290/-Buy HerePros: This book along with NCERT is enough if you are focused towards yourcompetitions also. Book contains high level conceptual and numerical questionsand if you will practice them, no exam is there that you cannot clear. Juststudy by putting all your concentration that you have to do it any how. Thisbook is like icing on the cake, if you study this book regularly and practiceall the questions thoroughly then on one hand you are getting prepared foryour board examinations and on the second your base is getting strong forcompetitive papers also. So, if you want you can purchase this book for abrighter future.Cons: Just one thing about the cons of the book is that if you areconcentrating completely on your board examinations then do not purchase thisbook, although there is no harm of purchasing, but there is no such use of thebook, you can prepare for boards from your course book only. So, choice is upto you.Best Study Time Table for Students

Practice papers for Physics:

Once you are done with your course book then do practice from sample papers,practice papers, previous year question papers too. It will make your basemore strong and you will get a clear view about the standards of questionpaper or will also tell you that at what level you are, either you are clearwith all the concepts and able to solve all the questions or there is somemore practice needed. So, these papers are a lot of use. Here i will betelling you what all papers you should buy to give yourself a quick revisionof all the topics.

Best Reference Books For Class 12th CBSE Physics

Physics is such a subject that needs complete concept building – theoreticallyas well as numerically. We do not know whether numerical portion will strikeus more in the examination or theoretical. By both ways your concept should beclear for Physics. Every single topic you should feed in your mind becausesometimes questions are randomly asked from within any topic and mostly theseare 1 mark questions. These type of questions seems bit complicated that weget confused, was it there in the book?, and yes it was, the portion where welag was that we did not pay full attention to the topic. If i take out theaverage, 70/100 students are there who fail to solve these questions. Don’tpanic, i am not making you feel afraid of the examination but introducing youwith the reality that questions are asked this way also. Good understandingwith the topics and chapters is the biggest requirement of this examination sothat you do not fail anywhere.Numerically all your concepts should be clear, you should know every thinglike how conversions are done, which formula you have to implement where, allshould be there in your mind. It seems somewhere difficult right? You all mustbe thinking how we can prepare this much amount of syllabus. Let me tell youthe fact, if you will put things for tomorrow then yes it will completely beimpossible to cope up with the syllabus, but if you start your preparationsfrom today onward only, this is a guaranteed statement that it is going to bevery easy for you not only in your board examinations but competitions too.So, let us know what all books you should purchase to make your conceptsclear.Hope the article was useful to you. If you have any queries you may drop downa comment below. Thanks for reading and good luck.Best Reference Books for Class 9Best Reference Books for Class 9: Class 9 is the most crucial period andfoundation step in every student’s life. To have an easy-going study pathduring class 10, it is important to study class 9 well. So, it is time for thenew academic year to begin for Class 9. Hope all students have geared up tobegin their Class 9 Preparation. But thinking about which Book to buy forclass 9? Which are the best reference books for class 9? How to prepare forclass 9 exams? Well, we are here to resolve your worries and clear yourdoubts.Go through the blog to know which are the best CBSE class 9 books andreference books.

Best Reference Books for Class 9

The Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 9 Exam is Studying all Subjects NCERTTextbooks, These Books are Prepared by Detailed Research on the Subject by apanel of Experts according to latest NCERT Exam Pattern and SyllabusApart from the NCERT Class 9 Books PDF, it is important to have a referencebook for each subject. The NCERT Textbook explains a topic as required for theexam and from the exam point of view.But, for a class 9 student, knowing all the concepts in depth is important. Asthis is the foundation for class 10, students must be clear about each andevery topic and understand in depth. So, having CBSE Class 9 reference booksfor all the subjects is helpful.

Recommended Reference Books for Class 9

So check out the below table to know which are the best Reference Books forCBSE class 9 subject-wise.Subject | Book Title | Publisher / Author | Download Link —|—|—|— Mathematics | Super Refresher Mathematics for Class 9 | MBD | Get Here Mathematics | Mathematics for Class 9 Term I | SChand | Get Here Mathematics | Mathematics for Class 9 Term II | SChand | Get Here Mathematics | Mathematics for Class 9 | RD Sharma | Get Here Mathematics | A Textbook of Mathematics for Class 9 | Ratna Sagar | Get Here Mathematics | CBSE Question Bank Class 9 Mathematics | Oswaal Publications |Get Here Science | CBSE Unsolved Papers Question Bank | Oswaal Publications | Get Here Science | Super Refresher Science for Class 9 | MBD Group | Get Here Physics | Science Physics for Class 9 | Modern ABC Plus | Get Here Physics | Physics Class 9 | Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur, S Chand Publication| Get Here Physics | Class 9 Physics Question Bank | Oswaal Publications | Get Here Chemistry | Science Chemistry for Class 9 | Modern ABC Plus | Get Here Chemistry | Chemistry Class 9 | Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur, S ChandPublication | Get Here Chemistry | Class 9 Chemistry Question Bank | Oswaal Publications | Get Here Biology | Science Biology for Class 9 | Modern ABC Plus | Get Here Biology | Super Simplified Science Biology Class IX | S. Dinesh Publication |Get Here Biology | Class 9 Biology Question Bank | Oswaal Publications | Get Here Biology | Physics Class 9 | Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur, S Chand Publication| Get Here English | Complete Course for Class 9 English Language & Literature | OswalPublications | Get Here English | Class 9 English Question Bank | Oswal Publications | Get Here Hindi | Complete Course for Class 9 Hindi | Oswal Publications | Get Here Hindi | Class 9 Hindi Question Bank | Oswal Publications | Get Here Social Science | Super Refresher Social Science | MBD Group | Get Here Social Science | Class 9 Social Science Question Bank | Oswal Publications |Get Here Students who are studying in CBSE Class 9 are suggested to buy the latestreference books for class 9 CBSE Board. Start buying the best books that aredesigned according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern.Kickstart your preparation for Class 9 exams well in advance so that you cancomplete all the portions as earliest and revise more. Students are alsoadvised to solve more and more Class 9 CBSE Worksheets that are available forall subjects to get explored to various types and questions and be exam ready.

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