Best Windows laptop for the elderly

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Windows Operating System

Windows 10 Operating System (click here to check the price on Amazon)Windows is developed by Microsoft and was first developed on November 20,1985, and has been continuedly updated with new releases as technology hasdeveloped.Windows is now used on millions of computers globally and is an extremelycommon operating system for personal and business corporate computers. Thecurrent Windows operating system is Windows 10.When buying a full setup desktop or laptop from a store, it will likely comewith Windows as its primary operating system already installed. Althoughcheaper laptops may come with a pre-installed version of Linux and Apple Maccomputers will come with Mac OS installed.Some popular music creation software (digital audio workstations) for windowsare Fl Studio, Avid Pro Tools, Sonar Cakewalk, Presonus Studio One and AbletonLive.Luckily, pretty much all on the market audio interfaces, microphones, andstudio monitors are supported by windows and getting them set up shouldn’t bea problem. You may encounter some driver issues but it should be fairly easyto fix.

Apple Mac Operating System

Apple iMac (Click here to check the price on Amazon)Mac OS is developed by Apple and was initially released in 1991. Thisoperating system has become very popular in creative industries such asdigital graphic artists and music production.Apple’s Mac operating system is powered on all Apple’s laptops and desktops.Unlike Microsoft Windows and Linux, Apple has intended its operating system toonly be used on their products. Therefore trying to install the Mac OS onother computers can be a tricky task.Some popular music creation software (digital audio workstations) for AppleMac computers are Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Alberton Live and Avid Pro Tools.Almost all audio interfaces, microphones, and studio monitors are supported byApple Operating Systems and getting them set up shouldn’t be a problem. Themac operating system is incredibly easy to use and 9 out of 10 times hardwarewill be plug and play.I’ve written a in-depth review to of low latency audio interfaces that arecompatible with the apple mac operating system.

Linux Operating System

Linux was initially released in 1991 and is a free open source operatingsystem. Linux is typically used by more tech-savvy individuals.Linux isn’t used on many computers for music production because of thesoftware, when compared to Windows or Mac OS, is very limited. Softwarecompanies are unlikely to produce software for Linux due to the low amount ofusers who use it. Their target market is likely to be using Windows or Mac.Linux also has very limited support when compared to Windows and Mac OS.Some popular music creation software (digital audio workstations) for Linuxare Ardour, Audacity, and Reaper.Unfortunately, setting up audio interfaces, microphones, and studio monitorson Linux may run you into some difficulties. Not all drivers are supported byLinux and this could be a problem.

Apple’s IOS (Mobile Operating System)

Apple IOS is the operating system that is powering all of Apple’s mobiledevices including the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and many more.It was first released on 29 June 2007 and has been developed and used onmillions (if not billions) of devices since then.

What Is Better Windows Or Mac For Audio Production?

You will get the best bang from your buck with a computer running Window’soperating system. They are usually significantly cheaper than a computerrunning Apple’s operating system. This also depends on your location. In theUnited Kingdom, Apple computers are much more expensive than if you live inthe United States.Whereas with Apple you’re buying a machine with a solid build and good, well-rounded performance.Apple computers are known to be significantly more expensive due to Apple’spricing strategy. The computer’s hardware specification may not be as goodwhen compared to the same priced window’s OS machine.One thing to note is that Apple’s operating systems are built primarily fortheir hardware. This means you shouldn’t see any degraded performance.Each operating system can run different digital Audio Workstation software. Ifyou’re looking to use a specific DAW, make sure it’s compatible with theoperating system you want to use.Choosing the right digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is extremely important.VIDEO

Should you use mobile operating systems for audio production?

Although Android and IOS can be great for voice over actors and music editing,I wouldn’t use them for my daily driver.The performance on an Android or IOS device usually isn’t as good as a desktopor a laptop computer running Windows, MacOS or Linux. Tablets and phones alsohave insufficient inputs, limited screen size and the digital audioworkstation software built into these devices aren’t as good as a digitalaudio workstation (DAW) running on a desktop or laptop.Unless the software and hardware on these devices dramatically improve oryou’re limited to using your mobile or tablet for audio editing, I wouldn’trecommend using one.

Are you good at using computers?

Windows and Apple’s MacOS are typically very user-friendly, there’s plenty ofsupport, and it’s usually straightforward to set up.Linux can be a different story and requires a more tech-savvy user to use theOS. The learning curve is higher due to many factors.On Linux, you may have to deal with root privileges and may have to useconsole commands to update your machine or install software. This can beconfusing and overwhelming for new users.

Windows computer

Here are my pros and cons to having a Microsoft Window‘s Computer: * is able to download any type of software and application but can be immune to viruses and malware (yes I have been in that situation a few too many times). I recommend downloading a good anti-virus if you’re using Windows. * has more available applications. * flexibility in upgrading your desktop. For example, if your SSD is full, you’re able to buy another one and upgrade it. * pretty cheap but being cheap can cause some cons (such as less storage, slowness to load, etc). * good for gaming if you’re into the side of things.

Apple Computer

Here are my pros and cons of having an Apple Macbook: * It’s smooth and faster when you first purchase it. * You can’t upgrade the hard drives or storage. You would either need to get yours upgraded at an Apple service (and they’re really expensive). * Good looking design but really pricey. You can get to for a bit cheaper if you purchase them refurbished or preowned. * Less immune to viruses and malware due to their security updates. I still recommend downloading a anti-virus just in case. * faster loading time.Again, these are just my own personal thoughts. Anyways, let’s get ontodecluttering your desktop!

Laptop vs Desktop For Coding

Although I’ve said that for purely coding, Laptop is probably a bettersolution than desktop, because of all the portability it offers, it may not bebest for you.Not everyone is the same, everyone has a different lifestyle and schedule.If you are someone who doesn’t need a computer that is portable, why would youbuy a laptop that costs more than a computer with the same performance?Also, if you use a computer on a go a lot, a desktop computer will be prettymuch impossible for you to use.So, before you go and buy any computer, ask yourself! What are you going touse that computer for, is it gonna be the computer that you only use forcoding, or you also plan on playing some games? If you’re playing on playinggames, which games do you plan to play, not all games are equally intensive onyour computer.Do you plan on moving your computer, or it’s going to sit on the desk all thetime? Are you the only person that’s gonna use that computer?You, need to ask yourself all these questions before you buy a computer oranything else in life.Depending on the results, you need to make a decision, do you need a desktopor laptop for coding? Decision should be made purely on your needs, notbecause you have a friend that’s a programmer and has a desktop computer.

Best Windows laptop for the elderly

Let’s start with a Windows laptop for our review for the best laptops for theelderly! Like I said before, Windows laptops are the most common of the bunchand they are used by most Offices, home users and entrepreneurs.Windows computers are the most versatile of the bunch and can be used foralmost any task from watching YouTube to producing music or from editing textto fine-tuning your car engine. The uses and software possibilities forWindows computers are endless.The current Windows version is Windows 10, which is a stable and touch screenfriendly operating system. My recommendation currently for a Windows 10 basedcomputer is this HP 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop.Click the image for best price! * PRICE: $550 * DISPLAY: 15.6 inches 1366 x 768 (HD) * CPU: i5-8250U 1.6 gigahertz * STORAGE: 128G SSD /SD Card Reader * GRAPHIC: Intel UHD Graphics 620 /DVDRW Stereo speakers * OS : Windows 10 HomeHP, short for Hewlett-Packard, is one of the largest and oldest premiumquality PC manufacturers. HP is based in the USA but it has grown to a globalcorporation. They are almost completely focused on Windows-based computers, soit’s no surprise this device has Windows 10 as the operating system.The computer features a 15.6″ display and is right in the perfect ballpark forsenior users in its size. It features a full-size keyboard that you will findeasy to use even if you have issues with finger accuracy. The screen is atouchscreen so you can interact with the computer either through the touchpad,the touch screen or through the keyboard.The performance is top-notch considering the price. The processor is an 8thgeneration quad-core Intel i5, which essentially means it’s power efficientand can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. The RAM memory is 8gigabytes of fast DDR4, which is more than enough for any typical home oroffice use.The computer features an integrated Intel UHD Graphics 62 GPU which is capableof handling any typical home and office use but will likely run out of powerin intensive gaming or virtual reality use. It can run games like Fortnitereasonably well if you reduce the graphics quality though. If you are lookingfor a computer for serious gaming, I would recommend the Acer Predator Helios300 Gaming Laptop.The HP also features a solid-state SSD hard drive, which means it much faster(and quieter) than a regular hard drive. It’s a bit smaller at 128 Gigabytesthan typical hard drives, but most people won’t need that much space anywaysince most of the data is stored online these days.The battery is decent with a 10-hour capacity for typical use. The computer isreasonably light and compact but it’s not super sleek design. This is a goodthing because the computer also features a writing DVD -drive which is reallyrare these days. This is great if you have old DVDs or CDs you want to use orstore on your computer.All in all the HP is a very balanced laptop that’s suitable for home use forseniors. It will handle anything you throw at it except serious gaming andvirtual reality.You won’t be disappointed with this PC as the 4.3 out of 5 Amazon user ratingcan attest!

Laptop operating system

If you want to understand more about the difference between these laptops, weneed to take a quick look at the different operating systems, their featuresand what you should look for. As I said, it’s not wise to buy a computerwithout understanding what you need as this might make things harder later on.Windows 10 (Microsoft)Windows-based PCs or personal computers are by far the most common type ofcomputer in the world. Most offices use them, the internet was built on themand they are the go-to device for anyone serious in computer technology.PCs are not actually a brand, they are a standardized computer hardwarecomponent system that can be configured in countless ways and use differentoperating systems. For the sake of simplicity, we will stick to Windowscomputers here, as they are by far the most common operating system in PCs.Windows is a PC operating system developed by Microsoft and it has been aroundsince the early 90s. Because of their diversity Windows, PCs have been used ineverything from professional to home use.The good thing about Windows-based PCs is that you can customize and configurethe operating system quite a bit. In some laptops, it’s also possible toupgrade and customize hardware like hard drive and memory, although that’sgetting rarer as laptops have gotten smaller and more integrated.One great thing about Windows computers is that there is more softwareavailable than for most uses (and for free) than in other operating systems.This is because most software is developed for Windows computers.My recommendation is to get a Windows-based PC if you are unsure of what youneed. They are the most versatile of the bunch and they are much moreaffordable than Apple products for example.The price is that Windows computers have a reputation of being unreliable,prone to security issues and freezing. I personally have used Windows PC allmy life and can attest these are things of the past. Windows 10 definitelyseems to be very stable and reliable.OS X (Apple)The OS X (Operating System X) is the operating system Apple uses in itslaptops and tabletop computers. Apple has a very clear and strong brand thatis known for superior quality, usability and stability. Their laptops arecalled Macbooks, as Apple was formerly known for their Macintosh personalcomputers.Unlike most PCs, Apple products are not meant to be tinkered with. Both theoperating system and hardware are much more predefined and require lesstechnical knowledge.The good thing about this is that due to fewer variables, Apple has managed tobuild a relatively stable operating system and hardware architecture. This iswhy many professionals, especially in visual professions like graphic design,trust Apple as the go-to computer.Their brand is very strong, as you are surely aware of, and you have to payaround twice the price for similar performance than in Windows-based PCs.One consideration is that if you already own an iPhone and use Apple services,a MacBook will function a lot better with them than a PC.Chromebook (Google) Chromebooks are Google’s answer to the portable computer market. They have abit of a different ideology compared to Windows and Apple computers.Chromebooks are designed to work over the internet, using Googles serviceswith minimal investment on hardware.This means they aim to make their services so fast, that the computer doesn’tactually have to do much work, simply receive the data from the server. Thisis definitely where the world seems to be going in the future.The upside to this is that the Chromebooks don’t require high-end componentsfor performance, they are affordable, light and portable.The downside is that you need a stable internet connection for most things andthere isn’t much you can do outside of Googles services. But Google’s servicesare really good, versatile and above all they are free.Don’t let this freedom fool you though. Basically, Google owns everything youcreate with their products as you store everything in their cloud servers. Allit takes is a glitch or service agreement change on their side and all yourpictures, writings, emails etc. are gone.This is why I think there is still a case to be made for having a local copyon a physical hard drive. You actually own the data on it, not some hugefaceless corporation.That said, if your main use for a computer is watching YouTube videos, usingGmail, browsing the Internet with Chrome, using social media etc. a Chromebookis actually an affordable option.Just make sure you save a local copy of your family photos!

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