Best Xbox One Gaming Headsets to Buy

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1. HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud AlphaPros * Durable * Good sound isolation and audio quality * Remote built into the cabling for easy volume adjustmentCons * Lacks wireless capabilityBuilt for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC systems, the Cloud Alpha comes with dualdrivers joined together via an aluminum band. There were no distortions whenlistening to sound through the earcups, as the audio proved to be quite clear.The detachable microphone attached to the headset is certified by TeamSpeakand Discord for use within their servers, so you can use this headset easilyif you have either one of these applications installed on your device.The Cloud Alpha connects through a 3.5mm jack and is known for blockingoutside noise. This means that whatever noises are coming from anywhere inyour home won’t adversely affect what you’re hearing in-game. The cable cameout of the package braided so that it doesn’t tangle, making it convenient forthose looking to make their desks neat and tidy without lines of cablingjutting out. The cable comes with a remote that is built in-line so that youcan grab it and adjust your volume and mute your mic if necessary.When we compared the sound differences between the Cloud Alpha and anotherheadset, we noticed there were a lot of low ends. This is fairly typical forgaming headsets across the board as more headsets flood the market toaccommodate the large number of multiplayer titles that are on the market.Overall, the Cloud Alpha is a solidly-built headset that you can get if you’reon a budget.

2. HyperX Cloud MIX Wired Gaming Headset

Pros * Long battery life (up to 20 hours) * Controls situated on the earcups * Two different mics: one detachable and one built into the headset via Bluetooth modeCons * Slightly weaker performance when it comes to music audioThe Cloud MIX headset from HyperX isn’t as colorful as its Cloud Alpha cousinbut makes up for it with raw power through its audio drivers. When playingthrough the games, we noticed that the noise between what’s happening andpeople talking in-game sometimes bled into each other. It seemed puzzling thatthere wasn’t a game and chat audio balancing feature included in the headset.Its most unique feature is that it comes with two mics: a detachable boom micand one built into the headset activated via Bluetooth, of which it gives offthe appearance of a ‘normal’ headset. The Cloud MIX’s Bluetooth capabilityallows it to operate wirelessly for up to 20 hours before it needs torecharge, making it useful for use in long airplane flights or ground commuteswhere you have to travel for a long period. While it lacks noise cancellationbuilt into the headset, it can easily accomplish that on its own based on itsdesign.Soundwise, when playing any games within your Steam library you can notice thesubtlety of sounds within the background such as power plant emissions orwater rolling up on the beaches. Yes, it is that detailed when you’relistening through this headset.

Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox One in 2020

We have divided this article into two sections. In the first section we havelisted headphones under $100. If you want more premium experience you can moveto the section section that lists headphones above $100. You can click on thelinks below to quickly move between the sections:

3. Microsoft Xbox One Official Stereo Headset

In case you’re someone who prefers first-party accessories over third-partyones, then you should consider getting the affordable Microsoft Xbox OneOfficial Stereo Headset. Priced at $26.99, the official Xbox One headset ispretty decent and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want a headsetwith an over-the-top design.The headphones feature high-quality drivers that sound pretty decent forplaying games or chatting with friends on your Xbox One.Being quite lightweight, the Xbox One official stereo headset is one of themost comfortable pairs out of the lot and can be worn for long hours withoutworrying about any discomfort. Much like the HyperX Cloud Stinger, themicrophone on the Xbox One official stereo headset can be folded up when notin use, however, it doesn’t feature the auto-mute functionality of the former.Voice quality from the microphone is quite acceptable and is perfect for in-game voice chat. Currently priced at just $25, it’s easily one of the cheapestXbox One headsets in the market.Connection type: Analog 3.5 mm / USBBuy from Amazon ($24.99)

Best Xbox One Gaming Headsets to Buy

Well, that was our list of the 15 best gaming headsets for the Xbox One. Wehave made sure to include both wireless and wired gaming headsets in the list,along with both high-end headsets and affordable headsets, so there’ssomething for everyone. If you think we missed out on a great headset for theXbox One, let us know in the comments section below.Best Gaming HeadsetsWhether you’re playing a solo campaign and want a premium sonic experiencewithout disturbing those around you, or you just want to trash-talk otherplayers online, a quality gaming headset improves your spatial awareness andmakes the experience feel even more realistic. Given that the right pair ofgaming headphones can make all the difference in online play, we set out tofind the very best headsets on the market.

Best for Its Incredibly Immersive Audio

HyperX Cloud Orbit S-Gaming HeadsetHyperX$320.89 * Stellar sound quality * Comfortable fit * No active noise-canceling * No auto-off featureImmediately after putting this headset on to play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2,we could tell it was unlike any other gaming headset. That’s because the CloudOrbit S uses head-tracking and 3D-emulating technologies to bring a 3Dsurround sound effect to your ears. The sound actually changes when you turnyour head. With this headset, you can pinpoint the location from where enemiesare firing better than practically every other headset on the market. Despite being a wired headset, this one still needs to be charged for the 3Daudio features. HyperX says you can expect 10 hours of battery life.Unfortunately, the headset doesn’t power itself off automatically afterinactivity.The Cloud Orbit S sports a matte-black, soft-to-the-touch plastic build, withsilver accents throughout. The headset feels much more premium than HyperX’sother headsets. Its ear cups are soft faux leather, with just the right amountof padding to block external noise without pressing your noggin too hard.We were disappointed that headphones as expensive as the Cloud Orbit S don’toffer any noise-canceling technology on board, but regardless, the headset’s3D and spatial features are something that few other headsets successfullybring to the table.

Surround sound execution

The quality of the surround sound differs from one set of headphones to thenext. Just because the feature is listed you should not take it at face value.Pay attention to how the feature has been executed and what kind of digitalsurround sound recreation you can expect.A lot of surround sound headphones suffer from the sound being too synthetic.When watching movies or playing video games the surround sound should put youin the center of the action in a way that you can immerse yourself. Asynthetic audio experience will be noticed by those among you that payattention to the details.Furthermore, you do not need to spend a premium price in order to have accessto the surround sound feature. In previous years this feature was reserved forthe pioneering products at higher priced points, but now even budget optionsdeliver a great surround sound experience.

Audio quality

The frequency response, bass, and audio drivers must be considered when tryingto determine the audio quality. It is difficult to figure out what kind ofaudio to expect without actually trying out the headphones first-hand.However, by paying attention to the little details of the product descriptionyou can figure it out to a certain extent.The brand of the headphones will clue you in regarding the quality you canexpect. Some of the top brands like Bose, Sennheiser, and Sony can be trustedto deliver exceptional audio that’s highly competitive in the marketplace. Bydoing background research on a brand you can figure out if their reputationmatches your requirements.

Top Surround Sound Headphones Under $100

Are you looking for budget surround sound headphones? Then in the under $100category, you’ll find some excellent options that represent the best value tobe had. You’ll notice that superb 7.1 surround sound is present in the budgetoptions with excellent implementation.However, some of the headphones in this category lack the premium touches thatare found in higher priced products. Therefore, do not expect industry-leadingtechnology, but instead the top products of the previous generation.

Top Surround Sound Headphones Under $250

The under $250 category is reserved for those that have money to invest in thebest surround sound headphones that the marketplace has to offer. Theimplementation of the various features is excellent and you’ll love usingthese headphones for multiple hours at a time. Even individuals with strictrequirements will be pleased with the level of quality that is offered here.

Our Top 5 Best Computer Gaming Headset

Best Computer Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headphones

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset presents excellent sound and builds qualitywith the essential features well done, and no unnecessary feature adding tothe cost. The stereo soundscape in this closed-back design is forceful in thelower end than we would usually go for, but the extra bass does not interferewith the overall clarity. It has a redesigned USB sound card audio control boxthat amplifies audio and voice for an optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience. Learnmore about its features below.The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset offers impressive build quality, generouspadding, clear mic, and high comfort levels over longer play sessions. Itsindependent audio and microphone volume lets you adjust not only sound volumebut also mic volume. And, it also lets you toggle Surround Sound 7.1 or themic sound on and off. This unit received several reviews onCheck Latest Price

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