Computer Glasses with Blue Light Protection

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Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Best Computer Glasses

As I am now in front of my computer screen and writing this up while wearingthem, they are pretty gorgeous. There is a little gold colour tint in theseglasses with the great comfortable nose guard, so, someone who have neverwhore the glasses before.That’s why you maybe feel some little bit pressure on your nose when you takethese glasses off but you will love it.So, when it comes to protection you will love these glasses every time & usethem your daily driver.As you also know that Gamma Rays, will return back money in 90 days you justmake a call to customer service & they will give your return back on time, &they don’t force or harass you to use their product & they don’t ask you anyquestion.Features * Gold tilt with the comfortable nose grip * Contains a hardshell case & with high-quality lens cleaning tissue cloth * 90 days money guarantee

1. Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses 2 Pack Decrease Eye Eyestrain

Unisex(Women/Men) Glasses with Spring Hinges Nerd Reading Gaming GlassesFeatures * PACKING INCLUDES:: 1. Two pairs anti-blue ray computer glasses, which can minimize the eyestrain caused by harmful blue ray emitted from digital screens. Resin lens,super lightweight can cut 90% harmful blue light 2. Complimentary frame packing cloth bag and cleaning cloth. * PREVENT HARMLFULL BLUE RAY:: K KENZHOU anti blue ray glasses can effectively obstruct injurious blue ray, electromagnetic wave radiation, and ultraviolet rays. No matter it’s computers, laptops or smart phones, the glasses can always help to prevent harmful blue ray the screens emitted, protecting eyes from invisible injurious blue ray. So that the glasses can protect the eyes from computer visual syndrome (eyes losing focus, vision getting unclear, fatigue, ophthalmic acid, bulging, et). * REDUCE EYESTRAIN & VISUAL SYNDROME:: By preventing the injurious blue ray, K KENZHOU glasses can protect the eyes from computer visual syndrome (eyes losing focus, vision getting unclear, fatigue, ophthalmic acid, bulging, headache, etc.). So you don’t need to worry about hurting your eyes (getting myopia or vision getting declined, or other visual syndrome), just enjoy your digital time. * COMFORTABLE WEAR:: The frame wears very comfortable, and the lenses’ light transmittance is very good. Furthermore, casual frame design keeps you looks professional and fashionable while working or reading. * 100% NO RISK WARRANTY AFTER SALE:: In case of any question or problem, please contact the seller without any hesitation to solve until satisfaction. We provide 100% no risk, worry-free warranty after sale service for all K KENZHOU glasses. You can return and get refunded for no reason. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

2. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer Use, Anti Eyestrain

Lens Lightweight Frame Eyeglasses, Black, Men/WomenFeatures * REDUCE EYESTRAIN – Enjoy your digital time, NO worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache. * ANTI BLUE LIGHT – Cut 90% of the blue light. Relieving eye fatigue, dry and vision falling. * BETTER SLEEP – Reduce eye strain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep * MATERIAL – Frame: TR90 , Lens: Polycarbonate (Non-Prescription) * LIFETIME WARRANTY–We provide worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.

How to choose the best gaming glasses

Although it may sound hard, finding the best pair of gaming glasses is norocket science and demands that you pay attention to a couple of details thatwill make your purchase successful, and they are presented in the following:

Computer Glasses with Blue Light Protection

As more and more information comes out about the potential hazards of bluelight, blue light protecting glasses have gotten more popular. People lookingto help reduce digital eye strain, and avoid disrupting your sleep/wake cycle.If you wear prescription glasses, many optical retailers offer a blue lightprotection coating that can be added to your lenses.If you do not wear prescription glasses you are still able to protect youreyes. There are many retailers that sell non-prescription glasses that comewith blue light protection. You can even get magnified reading glasses withblue light protection as well.

Q: How much blue light do blocking glasses filter?

A: Most glasses filter 80% of blue light, allowing you to see most blue colorwhile still enjoying the benefits of blue light blockers. Blocking amountsdepend on the brand, so be sure to consult your product’s information for acomplete answer.

Q: Why are some blue light blocking glasses tinted orange or yellow?

A: Some cheap blue light blocking glasses are tinted orange or yellow to blockout blue light. This is the cheapest and most basic way to block blue light,and it causes everything to look orange or yellow.

Q: Can you wear prescription glasses underneath blue light blocking

glasses?A: Some glasses are fitovers, designed to fit over existing glasses. Mostglasses above, however, are not designed to be worn with an existing pair.Consult the manufacturer instructions provided with your blue light blockingglasses before using.

Q: Will blue light blocking glasses improve sleep?

A: Multiple studies have shown that blue light blocking glasses can improvesleep quality and sleep duration while making it easier to fall asleep.

Q: Do blue light blocking glasses prevent eye disease?

A: There’s no evidence that blue light blocking glasses prevent eye disease.Be cautious of any company claiming that their product can prevent eyedisease.

Q: How do you prevent digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome?

A: Some people wear blue light glasses to prevent digital eye strain. You canalso use something like the 20-20-20 rule, looking at least 20 feet away fromyour screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Q: Can you wear blue light blocking glasses as sunglasses?

A: No, blue light blocking glasses are not designed to be worn as sunglasses,even though some block both UV radiation and blue light. They should not beused as a substitute for sunglasses.

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