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1. Adobe Audition: Best audio editing software overall

(Image credit: Adobe)Blends features with price to be the best audio editor overallFull DAW: No | Aimed at: Podcasters, vloggers | Pricing: Mid-rangeIntuitive interfaceSuperb restoration and repair toolsNoise print feature is excellentExpensiveLacks music-specific focusAdobe Audition is one of the most user-friendly audio editing programsavailable. You can customize the layout to accommodate your workflow, and thesoftware has all the best tools for editing and finalizing any audio project.This allows you to record multiple sources simultaneously on separate tracks.This makes post-production tasks like editing and effects processing easier.All that makes it ideal for podcasters, vloggers and anyone straddling theamateur/professional divide. Audition’s audio restoration tools make it easy to fix damaged or oldrecordings. This is super simple to use, as you highlight he offending sounds,hit a button and Audition takes care of removing that from the rest of theaudio. Audition doesn’t negatively affect the source material when it restorespoorly recorded audio either – a big plus. To use the program, you pay for a monthly, yearly or multi year subscription.It also comes packaged with Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription, which is abetter deal if you plan to also edit photos or videos. Adobe offers discountsto students and teachers as well as businesses that need multiple licenses.* * *

2. Audacity: Best free audio editing software

(Image credit: Audacity)A free audio editor that has some great toolsFull DAW: No | Aimed at: Beginners to novices | Pricing: FreeFreeWide OS compatibilityGreat voice recording toolsNo support options besides its user forumDestructive editing isn’t for everyoneAudacity is free, open source audio editing and recording software with animpressive list of editing and restoration tools. The interface isn’t the mostattractive, but it is easy to use.Audacity’s noise-reduction plugin is a one-click solution for removingunwanted room noise. An impressive tool for a free piece of software. Theclick-removal tool also worked well, but it can drastically alter the sourcematerial and make it sound worse, so use it with caution. Luckily, Audacityallows you to preview the edit to adjust the settings before making anydestructive changes. This program works on Macs and PCs and is a light load for your computer. It’scompatible with most of the important audio file types, including MP3 andlossless formats like WAV, AIFF and FLAC. Audacity imported our 1.5-hourpodcast test segment in less than five seconds, which was faster than most ofthe for-pay programs we tested.* * *

3. Magix Samplitude Pro X: Most feature-rich audio editor

(Image credit: Magix)Best audio restoration DAWFull DAW: Yes | Aimed at: Pros | Pricing: Higher-endSuperb audio suiteFeature richFocus on musicComplex interfaceMusician focusMagix Samplitude Pro X has an excellent user-interface and a great selectionof tools for repairing and restoring noisy recordings. It’s primarily suitedto musicians as it has a very musical focus and a wide selection of instrumentoptions.This powerful DAW offers 999 track support, 256 physical inputs and 32-bitrecording up to 384kHz. What makes Samplitude unique is that it stores audiofiles, it calls objects, allowing you to carry out operations that in mostother DAWs could only be done at the mixing stage. As such you can play withaudio in a non-destructive way. This is great for lining up an album full oftracks ready for mastering, for example.A Windows only platform that justifies its higher-end price tag with lots ofpowerful features which make it ideal for professional musicians.* * *(Image credit: Avid)Best for studio professionalsFull DAW: Yes | Aimed at: Pros | Pricing: High-endIndustry standardPowerful featuresMusic, cinema and broadcast friendlyExpensiveNot for beginnersAvid Pro Tools is a truly professional audio editor that’s used in studios allover the world as the go-to system of choice for music producers, film editorsand beyond. As such it’s made to work well with physical controls, isn’t easyto pick-up for beginners and costs a tidy sum.But all that’s part of what makes this a very powerful tool. This DAW offersvideo specific features like 4K, 120fps support, Dolby Atmos editing and evenNetflix Post Technology. Beyond video you have the ability to work with 1,024MIDI tracks, 512 instrument tracks and 128 auxiliary tracks.Stand out tools like Clip Gain, to quickly adjust volumes; and Beat Detective,to fix timing issues easily, are just a few of the powerful features thisaudio editing suite offers to justify its price.* * *

6. Acoustica 6: Best professional free audio editor

(Image credit: Acon Digital)Best professional free audio editorFull DAW: No | Aimed at: Pros | Pricing: FreeTotally freePowerful pro-style interfaceEffect Chain laying in greatAudio restoration tools for paid version only5.1 and 7.1 support in premium version onlyAcon Digital’s Acoustica 6 audio editing software has an attractive, well-organized user interface. The effects, recording tools and plugins are dividedinto logical categories in the menu ribbon, which streamlines the post-production process.All that and it’s totally free despite being aimed at pro users and with allthe tools to back that up.Acoustica is one of the most customizable audio editing programs out there. Inaddition to the editing window, there is a file browser, an effects chain anda waveform analyzer you can add or remove as you need. The program also allowsyou to customize the toolbar with the editing tools you use most, to maximizeyour workflow. Acoustica’s tools created some of the best results in our audiorestoration test.* * *

10 Best Music Editing Software for Windows

Be it about adjusting the tempo of the music or about mixing it with anothernumbers and making a mash-up. This is absolutely possible to do this all withthe help of these programs. So, if you are still wondering what kind of soundediting software would be best according to your system then you can check outthe list compiled below.

2. Audio Tool

Website: Tool is quite different from the rest of the best music editing softwarehere mainly because it is a web based application instead of being adownloadable program. However, this digital audio workstation is asfunctioning as any other music editing software and provides all the popularfeatures too.Although it cannot be used for commercial purposes but this is a completelyfree to use platform which has really amazing features for personal use.With the help of this best sound editing software, you can start making musicin the cloud and afterwards can edit and mix it through the powerful tools ofthis production studio. From recording to editing and then to exporting music,Audio Tool takes care of it all.The features associated with Audio Tool are drag and drop toolbar, more than250,000 samples and over 50000 device presets, cloud protection, tools likeHeisenberg, Pulverisateur, MAchiniste, Beatbox, Bassline etc., complete mixingtools and many more other features along with various music effects areprovided handy with this online program.Compatible with:

9. WavePad Audio Editor

Website: audio editor called WavePad by NCH Software is the next option in thelist of best music editing software. Those people who are known to the basicsand advancements of these music programs, they must be aware about the factthat how amazingly WavePad works for the users.WavePad is quite easy to use and also professional in the approach too whereyou can edit music and audio and also do further music production too.Coming on to the features of this program then they are multiple media fileformat support, noise reduction, amplification, audio effects, musicrecording, VST plugins supported and many more. You can either download thefree version or can buy the Standard Edition for $60 or Master’s Edition for$99.Other tools accompanied with WavePad Audio Editor are speech synthesis, audiorestoration, works with other hardware, easy to use interface, audiobookmarking, searching etc. and many more.Compatible with:

How to Mix Audio Tracks into One File for a Video

Dec 05, 2020• Proven solutionsMixing and merging audio tracks into videos are quite a popular activitynowadays. Personalized videos have become a new obsession to the youngsters oftoday. In the age of new social media, podcasts are also becoming extremelypopular. While making your own video you would want to add an originalsoundtrack to it. Or, perhaps you want to make some additions or alterations,put some effects into an already existing audio track? Maybe you are a buddingmusician who wants to record your own music video. For all these, you needtechniques and tools of audio mixing and merging. A basic knowhow is requiredbefore you venture into your project. There are quite a few methods to mixaudio which you can try on your own.

Step 2: Mix audio with build-in Audio Mixer

If you are using a video with an audio embedded in it, you’d have to detachthe audio track from video by using the simple edit tools provided to you. Nowyou just need to click the Audio Mixer button, or double click on the clip toreadjust the dBm volume, the speed, pitch and panning of each track. You canalso trim the audio or apply further effects of your own liking to thesoundtrack. While you are working on the track, you can very well check thetimely progress of your work.

Part 2: Softwares for mixing audio tracks into one file in a video

There are a number of professional audio editing software available which giveyou good results. By installing them on your computer, you’ll be able tocut, slice, mix or apply filters of your own choice to your audio tracks. Hereare some examples of the most popular and effective audio editing toolsavailable in the market.Adobe Audition is a powerful audio editing software which provides you all thenecessary tools for editing, splicing, mixing and merging soundtracks and avariety of audio filters. A user-friendly interface like all other Adobeproducts, Adobe Audition has excellent multitrack recording, and high qualityaudio restoration facilities.Ableton Live is yet another audio-editing software which is very popular amongthe professionals nowadays. It offers a host of built-in features, tools,filters and pre-loaded effects that will help you to mix audio files andcreate your own track.Avid Pro Tools are extremely useful if you want to merge and mix an entirealbum in a fraction of a time. It has its own studio-standard built-ininstruments and also offers a range of effects and filters to make your trackperfect.

Cons of using the usual professional software:

However, these professional editing software might not be the tools which arebest suitable for you. There are a number of disadvantages of using them. * Firstly, if you are a computer novice, these tools are never meant for you. Only if you have a substantial experience in working with computers, you’ll be able to manage and manipulate the tools and achieve intended results. The functions of different built-in instruments and features can appear to be complicated sometimes. * While working with videos, the usual method is somewhat complex. You’d have to extract the audio from the video file first and then apply that to the editing tools. * While the work is in progress, it is very difficult to check whether the audio track actually matches the video. In order to do that, you’d have to wait until the job is done. Wondershare Filmora is no doubt the best alternative that you’d find in themarket and is certainly more appropriate for you. This easy-to-use software isprobably the best tool available to an amateur who wants to mix audio tracksor merge them into video clips with a professional output. You can also addvoiceovers to videos with the help of it. Filmora is totally compatible towork with any audio or video file-formats or in any computers and provides youwith studio-like results.

Best for Digital Drawing and Painting: Clip Studio Paint Pro

I’m a huge fan of this software and will say that it works better thanPhotoshop when it comes to paint brushes and line art, partially because itallows you to work with raster and vector layers in the same file. Brushstrokes come out looking just like they would on actual paper, giving youplenty of control when drawing. Since it’s drawing focused, this softwareworks best in conjunction with a drawing tablet.There are pens, watercolor brushes, oil painting brushes, pencils, pastels,airbrushes and much more. I’ve found that these brushes blend together muchbetter than Photoshop’s do. If your hands are a little shaky, use thestabilization tool to smooth out your strokes. Nifty, eh? Clip Studio Paintalso offers some of the best resources in its template library, with optionslike trees, buildings, and much more. If you’re having difficulty drawing acomplex body position, pose and scale the 3D human figure templates beforedrawing over them.While there are several drawing and painting tools, this is not the softwareto use for editing photos. Filters, adjustment tools, and cropping tools doexist, but they are clunkier than other programs and will take longer to use.Additionally, this isn’t the easiest program for beginners to pick up, sinceit is a professional software. You’ll need to rely heavily on tutorials tolearn all the tricks and features it offers. If you do master this software,you will find that it creates amazing results and makes painting and inkingprocesses easier.

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