Control Other Windows 10 Computers

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Control Other Windows 10 Computers!

If you need to remote access and take control of another Windows 10 PC orlaptop then this can easily be done.If you are troubleshooting someone’s system for them or trying to fix anyissues that they are having on their PC, then sometimes it is easier to takecontrol of their computer remotely. This way you can see what’s going on andhopefully fix any issues.Quick assist is a free program built into Windows 10 which will allow you toaccess another PC across the internet. So it does not matter the location ofthe computer, as long as they are connected to the internet and have Windows10 then you will be able to take full control or view their Windows 10 laptopor pc.

To remote to another PC:

1. Open the Windows 10 start menu and type in quick > Open Quick Assist >Once the program is open get the person on the other PC to do the same2. Press ‘Assist another person > Sign in to your Microsoft account (theother person will not need to sign in) > You will now be given a security code3. The code will now need to be typed into the other PC that you areassisting under ‘code from assistance’ > They will also need to select sharescreen4. You will now have the choice of selecting ‘Take full control’ or just‘View screen’ > Press continue5. The other PC will have a pop up asking them if they accept permission foryou to connect > They need to press allow (you will now either have fullcontrol or can view the other PC’s screen)Check out this video tutorial below on FREE Remote Desktop Built Into Windows10 if you are getting stuck:

Android apps to control PC remotely using your phone

There are several Android apps that can control Windows 10 through your phone,via WiFi, Bluetooth, or any internet connection available. There are basicallytwo kinds of applications that help you to control a Windows 10 computer withan Android phone – one does so through transferring the screen of your PC onyour phone. While, the other uses a mouse, which is similar to a remotecontrol for controlling a Windows computer with an Android phone. Here are thebest android apps to control Windows 10 from the phone.

1] PC Remote

This Android app also uses Bluetooth or WiFi to control your Windows 10 PC,and its remote also has an incredible number of useful features. Besides aregular keyboard and mouse, you also have programs like PowerPoint and Excel.This app uses the Remote Desktop feature to let you view the home screen ofyour Windows 10 system. It also has more than 25 console games which you canplay with the touchpad. What’s more, it also has several layouts for gamepads,which lets you make your own game. This app can be downloaded here.

2] Chrome Remote Desktop

This app transfers your PC to your phone and lets you control it from there.It is accessed through a remote, and you need a Google account to use thefeatures of the remote. One of the best features of this desktop app is theflawless screen sharing feature. Users have found this app to be incrediblyhelpful, as it makes it is practical and very user-friendly. You can use itwith a touchpad, like on your phone, or you can get a mouse. The only thingyou need is to be signed in to Google Chrome with your Google id. This appcould be downloaded from here.

10] Microsoft Remote Desktop

How could we forget our good old Microsoft Remote Desktop app? Perhaps forWindows 10 users, this would be the most compatible application since it’sfrom the same company. You can download the app here.While choosing an app, to access your Windows 10 PC, be mindful of what youwill use it for. If you want it for office work and keeping tabs on your CMSetc., go to the Chrome Remote app or the KiwiMote. In case, you want to useyour system for recreational uses, choose an app from the last four names inthe list. If you have work and play on your list of agendas, it is recommendedthat you will use two separate apps for gaming and work, as it will makethings much easier for you.You might want to also check out the complete list of Microsoft Apps availablefor Android.How To Control Windows 10 PC From Android PhoneWindows 10 PC and Android phone both are versatile in these days. Technologyhas introduced various ways to connect different devices in a simplifiedmanner. Now it has become quite simple to connect Windows 10 PC and an Androiddevice without using any additional hardware. Various applications aredeveloped for multi-platform integration and the integration of Windows 10 PCand Android phone lets users to control the PC from anywhere just throughconnected android mobile.Wide ranges of apps are available with almost similar functionalities. Some ofthe apps are more reliable and support accurate projection. You can also usethese apps to troubleshoot Windows 10 PC from the remote location. Let’sdiscuss some of the apps that can help you to control Windows 10 PC from yourAndroid phone.

Control Windows 10 PC By Using “TeamViewer”

TeamViewer is a perfect & reliable program used to access other computers,participate in meetings & presentations, transfer the files and even chat withothers. TeamViewer is also available in Android version. The functionality ofthis program is pretty smooth and simple. TeamViewer is considered as aseamless way to control Windows 10 PC from Android phone.To connect Windows 10 PC and Android phone is quite simple. First of all,install TeamViewer on both PC and Android phone. Just launch this program onboth platforms and enter Computer’s TeamViewer ID and Password on your Androidphone. Now you can remotely control Windows 10 PC from Android phone.TeamViewer allows you to use keyboard and mouse on your Android phone. Thisprogram has a wonderful interface. You can move your mouse cursor using touchin a simple way. There is a toolbar on the bottom area of the screen which canbe used whenever required. You can also use this program professionally.

Control Windows 10 PC By Using “Remote Control Collection”

Remote Control Collections is another way to control Windows 10 PC fromAndroid phone. By using this app, you can control and manage all the files ofyour PC. This app also enables you to use keyboard as well as mouse. As thefree version of this app, comes with basic functionality, you can buy proversion if you want to use advanced features. This app is pretty simple touse.To setup the connection between Windows 10 PC and Android phone, install thisapp on your computer as well as Android device. Identify your IP address andpair both devices. You can control remote devices and manage connected devicesby using this app.Note that in order to connect Windows 10 PC and Android phone, both should beconnected through same network otherwise the devices can’t communicate witheach other.

Control Windows 10 PC By Using “Chrome Remote Desktop”

Google has provided its own app to control Windows 10 PC from Android phone.Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to manage and control the basicfunctionality of the computer just by installing a chrome extension. You caninstall Chrome Remote Desktop extension from the Chrome Store. This method ofconnecting Windows 10 PC and Android phone is quite simple. Just keep in mindthat whenever you establish the connection for the first time, it takes sometime, but the overall performance is good. There is a need to sign in toGoogle Chrome if you want to use this connection. You have to enter code forauthentication and then the host device can control your Windows 10 PC.Although there are more methods to control Windows 10 PC from Android phone,the methods (apps) what we have discussed in this blog are the easiest andreliable ones. Try these methods on your devices and let us know yourexperience via comments. Stay tuned to get more tricks for Windows 10 PC.Microsoft Remote Desktop: How to Access Windows From Your MacIf you’re working from home and need to get remote access to a Windows 10computer from your Mac, we have good news: it’s easy.Microsoft offers a free tool to do the job. It lets you use your Windows apps,access files, or do anything else on Windows directly from your MacBook orother macOS machine.Read on to learn how to set up your Mac with the Remote Desktop app to connectto Windows 10.

Step 1: Set Up Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Microsoft Remote Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, or WindowsServer. The software runs on Microsoft’s proprietary RDP protocol, which isn’tavailable on the standard Windows 10 Home Edition. If you need to connect to aPC running Home, one of the best remote access tools will help you out.The first steps to set up Remote Desktop for Mac occur on your Windowscomputer.On your Windows 10 machine, open the Start menu and go to Settings > System >Remote Desktop. Set Enable Remote Desktop to On, and click Confirm whenprompted.Your PC needs to be on and awake for you to connect remotely. You mighttherefore want to activate the Keep my PC awake option. To do this, click Showsettings alongside it and set Sleep to Never. You should probably only do thisif you need constant remote access to the computer. If you don’t, thenallowing it to sleep is wise.Next, scroll down to User accounts. By default, the account you’re logged intowill automatically have remote access permissions. To allow other users to login remotely, click Select users to add their usernames.

Step 2: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

Now it’s time to set up remote access to Windows 10 from your Mac. First,install Microsoft Remote Desktop, available free in the Mac App Store.Microsoft also offers versions of the app for iOS and Android.The instructions for those platforms are the same as the ones we use here.Download: Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac | iOS | Android (Free)

Step 3: Add Your PC to Microsoft Remote Desktop

After installing it, launch the Remote Desktop client on your Mac. Click AddDesktop to begin.In the dialog box that opens, type in the PC Name that you checked earlier. Ifyou find that you’re unable to connect with this name, use the IP address youmade note of instead.By default, User Account is set to Ask me every time. This means it willprompt you for a username and password each time you connect. If you don’twant this, click the dropdown list and select Add account.Add your username in the format domain[username]. You can add your passwordas well if you want to use automatic login. Leave it blank and you’ll get aprompt to enter it each time.That’s all you need to do to set up a connection. Click Save and you canconnect. However, you might want to adjust a few other settings before you goany further.

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