DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering

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Technical Institute

A technical institute or trade school can be an alternative way to learn howto become a computer programmer. One of the advantages is that a degree at atechnical institute generally only takes two years, instead of the four yearsrequired for a college degree. It also saves you money on tuition, sinceyou’ll be finished with your education sooner and able to jump right into theworkforce.Another key difference is that a technical institute will focus purely on yourcomputer programming training, without any additional courses outside of yourmajor. A four-year degree, by comparison, requires students to take additionalgeneral education courses in literature, history, and the arts. Theseadditional courses give students a more well-rounded education and helpprovide them with more career options, particularly if you ever decided tochange careers later in life. But if you want to pursue a more focusededucation that stays centered on the specific skills you need to learncomputer programming, then a technical institute might be the best choice.

College or University

A traditional college education is the most common choice, and it providesstudents with the most well-rounded education. It’s also the best choice forstudents who want to continue their education with a master’s degree. Thehigher cost of tuition for a four-year college is offset by the fact thatcollege graduates tend to earn higher salaries. They’re also the best choicefor students who do well learning in a classroom setting. Earning a college degree can also offer you more options when it comes tochoosing your major, or for adding a minor to your degree. The wider range ofoptions can be helpful for students who aren’t sure which path suits thembest. Because of the overlap in areas of study, it’s often possible to takecourses from a variety of related disciplines before settling on the bestchoice for you.

Online Degrees

If you prefer to work from home, you can also learn programming online. Anonline degree allows you the freedom to fit your coursework into yourschedule, which can be ideal for parents or people who are working full timewhile they go to school. The most important thing to keep in mind whenpursuing an online degree is making sure you attend an accredited school toensure employer acceptance.Top online schools for computer sciences include Capella University, whichoffers degrees in Information Technology and Systems Development; and GrandCanyon University, which offers degrees in Computer Programming.

Computer Programming Careers

If you’re still not sure whether you want to become a computer programmer,consider career outlook.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median computer programmersalary was $79,530 in 2015. The top 10% of computer programmers earn over$130,800.The number of computer programming jobs available in this field is projectedto drop by 8% from 2015 to 2024, but there are better opportunities in certainparts of the country compared to others. California, Texas, New York,Illinois, and New Jersey are the top states for employment in the computerprogramming field. These states have both the highest number of jobs availableand average salaries that are higher than the national average.This career is a great choice for people with strong skills in math, logic,and problem solving. It many cases, it also allows people to work from home,submitting work online or using the internet to connect to servers that needto be debugged. If you aren’t good with numbers and computers, however, or ifdesk work doesn’t appeal to you, this wouldn’t be the career path for you. * * *

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology

Rank: 4 Full name: Vidyalankar Institute of Technology Commonly known as: VIT Location: Wadala, East Official website– VIT Mumbai is the fourth best engineering college in Mumbai. Established in1999, it is the second most recently established college in this list of topengineering colleges of Mumbai. The rise of VIT to becoming one of the premierengineering colleges in Mumbai is phenomenal. The biggest asset of VIT is theattraction by the best and most talented students in Mumbai. Excellentplacement opportunities to VIT students are the highlight of this attraction.

Don Bosco Institute of Technology

Rank: 6 Full name: Don Bosco Institute of Technology Commonly known as: DBIT Location: Kurla, West Official website– DBIT is the sixth best engineering college in Mumbai. Established in 2001, itis the most recently established college in this list of top engineeringcolleges of Mumbai. The location of DBIT near Bandra Kurla complex makes itone of the most sought after engineering colleges in Mumbai. The crowd, campusand placement opportunities of DBIT make it a very attractive and competitivecollege to secure admissions into. It is a private engineering collegeaffiliated to the Mumbai University. Top IT companies like Infosys andAccenture visit DBIT for campus placements.

DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering

Rank: 8 Full name: Dwarkadas Jivanlal Sanghvi College of Engineering Commonly known as: DJ Sanghvi, DJ Location: Vile Parle, East Official website– DJ Sanghvi is ranked eighth in the best engineering colleges in Mumbai list.Established in 1994, it is the third most recently established college in thislist of top engineering colleges of Mumbai. The DJ Sanghvi college is knownfor its extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. The result of theseactivities is the all-round development of the students. Hence, very goodcompanies visit DJ Sanghvi for placements and a number of students are placedon campus.

L&T Institute of Technology

Rank: 9 Full name: L&T Institute of Technology Commonly known as: LTIT Location: Powai Official website– LTIT is ninth ranked engineering college in Mumbai. Taken over by L&T group in1984, it has since been providing high quality education in the field ofdiploma, engineering and technology. Since it is run by a commercial groupL&T, LTIT has very good industrial connections. Placements for LTIT are bestin Mumbai. It is an AICTE approved college.

Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology

Rank: 10 Full name: Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology Commonly known as: RAIT Location: Nerul, Navi Mumbai Official website– RAIT has just made it to the list of top 10 engineering colleges in Mumbai.RAIT has been providing excellent technical education since 1983. The state ofthe art facilities, labs, infrastructure and placements has made RAIT one ofthe most popular engineering colleges in Mumbai. It is a private engineeringcollege affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The 19 Best Online Masters in Computer Information Systems Degree ProgramsAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer and InformationTechnology employment is expected to grow 12 percent through 2024, or about ahalf-million jobs, much faster than the national average. Predictably enough,there’s also big money in the IT field: the median annual wage was $81,430 inMay 2015, which is nearly $50,000 higher than average. For Information SystemsManagers, the news is even better, with 15% employment growth through 2024 anda median pay of $131,600 per year. Why such large numbers? Mostly thanks tothe rise of cloud computing, mobile computing, big data storage, and the“Internet of things” – in other words, the increasingly realized world wideweb, which offers ease-of-use, convenience, efficiency, and affordability. Noris the world of IT cordoned off into its own corner any more, touchingeverything from healthcare, finance, commerce, government, and more.Still, this all creates a rather complex networking problem, and in turn theneed for highly qualified, up-to-date IT managers and administrators. In sucha competitive work force, professionals need to make their resumes stand outthrough more than portfolio work, and a master’s degree in Information Systemsis one good method. Better yet, many schools now offer online MS degrees inthe field, allowing working professionals to continue at their currentemployers while they prepare to advance their careers. For your convenience,below we’ve ranked our top online MS tracks in Informations Systems.Methodology: * Affordability (1/4): the average estimated out-of-state (if applicable) tuition per credit hour. * Number of Specializations (1/4): the number of focus points, specializations, or ways in which students may customize their degree. * Time Until Degree (1/4): the time until degree for students who elect to accelerate their coursework. * Academic Prestige (1/4): the academic prestige of the program and parent institution, as noted in other rankings of note.

8. New Jersey Institute of Technology

New Jersey Institute of Technology, founded in 1881, has a total enrollment ofabout 11,300, with a graduate population of 3,000. NJIT is part of theAssociation of Public and Land-grant Universities, a Sea Grant College, and amember of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, ranked highlybyPrinceton Review,US News,Washington Monthly, andBusiness Insider, which was listed among America’s most underrated colleges. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1, courses are engaging, collaborative, and intimate,and 70% of full-time students receive some form of financial aid, with anaverage need met of 53%.NJIT offers an online MS in Business and Information Systems consisting of 32credits. Sample classes include Enterprise Database Management, InformationRetrieval, User Experience Design, Data Analytics for IS, RequirementsEngineering, Information Systems Auditing, Web Systems Web Development, WebMining, Quantitative Methods in Information Systems Research, and more. Inaddition, students have the opportunity to specialize in 8 areas: BusinessDecision Making, Data Management, Emergency Management, Security & NetworkManagement, Systems Analysis & Design, User Experience Design, and WebSystems. For maximum flexibility, most courses are asynchronous, students canenroll on a full- or part-time basis, and the degree is particularly designedfor working professionals in the field. For those interested, the universityalso offers a hybrid MS in Information Systems and fully online MS inEmergency Management and Business Continuity. * Homepage * Out-of-State Tuition Per Credit: $1,202 * Number of Specializations: 8 * Program Length: 32 credits

Associates in Information Technology Online

As technology takes over, information technology (IT) continues to be animportant field of work. This means that there will always be jobs for peoplewith IT degrees. There’s no wonder why there are more than ten IT-related jobslisted as the one-hundred best jobs in America 2018 by U.S. News and WorldReport. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 13 percent growth over aten year period. To land one of these hot jobs, you’ll need knowledge andtechnical skills through a degree program. If you’re hoping to start with anassociate’s degree, these are the top 20 associate’s in information technologyonline. For more generalized information regarding online learning visit ourranking of the top online colleges.

Online Associate of Science in Information Technology/Computer Science

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