FRee Civil Service Practice Tests

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FRee Civil Service Practice Tests

1. JobTestPrep – Free Civil Service Practice Tests 2. Peterson’s Master the Civil Service ExamsThe objective of the preparation is to learn – * The format of the Civil Service Exam – i.e., the Civil Service Exam is a timed exam * The material that will be included on the test – i.e., time management, critical thinking and problem solving, among others * To follow a strategically sound study plan * Practice, and then practice some moreIt is noted that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) does NOT explicitlyendorse any company or review website. Additionally, while the contents tothese valuable study tools differ from the actual test questions on the CivilService Exam, these study prep materials designed for civil service examtakers are incredibly insightful and helpful.


The US version of the civil service system is rooted in 19th century America.The first civil service exam was developed in line with the merit-based systemadopted by the Civil Service Commission. The Civil Service Commission (CSC)ultimately became a bureaucratic nightmare in need of the massive overhaul,which eventually resulted in the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.The civil service exam is an essential testing tool used by governmentagencies (at all governmental levels) for job applicants applying for thosecivil service jobs that still require applicants to take the exam.If you are applying for a civil service job that requires you to take thecivil service exam, simply view it as one of the steps required within thegovernment hiring process. The government hiring processes can differconsiderably from those within the private sector, so it is a smart idea tounderstand the hiring process differences. This advice is most important tothose job applicants who have yet to have an opportunity to apply for agovernment job.While each civil service test may differ (in accordance with the open civilservice job), the objective of the civil service test is to act as a generalscreening test that evaluates if a test taker meets the government’s definedcivil service minimum requirements.The civil service exam is designed to establish an applicant’s baselineknowledge and skill set for specific civil service jobs. It is a baseline examthat determines whether you are fit for further consideration in the civilservice industry. The threshold for passing the Civil Service exam is about70%, which in any academic community is considered average, at best.The reality is the civil service exam is just the first step in the hiringprocess. The final hiring decision is determined after the hiring division hasreviewed your resume & references and conducted in-person interviews.


The civil service exam is simply designed to assess the test taker’s currentknowledge, aptitudes, and competencies. Many potential test-takers findthemselves a bit anxious while preparing for the civil service exam beforethey even sit for the exam.Most of this nervousness springs from – * A natural reaction to test-taking. This is extraordinarily common but can be overcome with proper study preparation. * A test taker who does not understand the purpose of the testThe typical anxiety that surrounds the civil service exam is best managed byadequately preparing for the actual exam. Appropriately preparing for thecivil service examination is a confidence-boosting exercise as well. Considerthe following study guides if you are required to take the civil service exam- * Begin by taking a civil service diagnostic exam to act as a baseline score to compare your future improvements. This baseline score is key to understanding just how much (and how fast) progress has been made through your study efforts. * Create a reasonable study plan to follow. Remember, the civil service exam is not a licensing exam, so a few hours each day for the month preceding the test date should suffice. Design the study plan to work with (not in conflict) your personal body-clock and lifestyle choices.

What is Civil Service?

From an overall perspective, the term civil service represents permanent,professional job responsibilities that are required to administer agovernment’s policies and programs properly. An individual working in a civilservice capacity is known as a civil servant. Civil service, in general, fallswithin the public administration jurisdiction.Civil service jobs are, categorically, defined as non-military and non-political. As such, civil service does not include the judicial branches ofthe government, elected politicians, and the military.Given the many jobs required to manage the government (at any level)appropriately, the term civil service covers a large variety of roles andresponsibilities.

A Brief History of the Civil Service Exam

The US civil service system began in 1871. This original civil service systemwas modified again in 1883 by The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act. A fewyears after the turn of the 20th century, about 66% of the federal workforcewere selected based on a merit-based hiring system. With the enactment of theHatch Act (1939), civil servants are prohibited from engaging in any politicalactivities and events.Well into the middle to late 20th century, the civil service examination wasconsidered – * A mandatory test for each individual applying for a civil service job or position * A universal test for all governmental job positionsPublic skepticism began to rise, with regard to the universal civil servicetest. As a result, the Civil Service Reform Act (1978), enacted during JimmyCarter’s administration, redefined the existing landscape of the civil serviceexam. The newly modified Civil Service department was split into the followingdivisions, with additional and numerous revisions to existing policies. * The Office of Personnel Management * The Merit Systems Protection BoardAdditionally, at this time, the use and purpose of the civil service exam weremodified to include the creation of specific civil service exams for specificcivil service jobs.Upon the enactment of the late 20th century legislation, the US governmentdiscontinues using the time-worn version of the universal civil test.Civil service exams are now provided through the Office of PersonnelManagement’s program, USA Hire. If you are asked to take the modern version ofthe civil service exam, be sure to follow these guides – * Confirm the exact civil service exam you need to take. * Appropriately prepare for the civil service exam by allowing for sufficient study time, with help provided by the selection of the most valuable test preparation materials. * Take advantage of the many practice tests online to hone your test-taking skills and test your knowledge against exam content. Practice tests help sharpen one’s test-taking abilities.Remember, not every civil service job requires the job applicant to take thecivil service exam. So, if you are required to take the civil service exam,double-check that you are taking the correct version of the civil serviceexam.

What is the purpose of the Civil Service Exam?

TheCivil Service Examis a requirement for job applicants who wish to work for specific governmentjobs within a government agency or department. Some common jobs that requirethe civil service exam include air traffic controller, border patrol agent,police officer, IRS worker, and many more.

What jobs can you get after taking civil service exam?

TheCivil Service Examis required for air traffic controllers, police officers, CIA agents, FBIagents, IRS workers, USPS workers, TSA members, and US customs agents.Last Updated: 1/6/2021B.Tech Govt Jobs 2021 | Latest BE Sarkari Vacancies in India Apply OnlineLatest B.Tech Govt Jobs 2021: Get Free Notification for All Sarkari Naukri forB Tech / BE (Engineering Graduates). Apply Online Vacancies After Completingyour Bachelor’s Degree (Engineering / Technology) in Various trades likeCivil, Electrical, ECE, IT, Computer, Mechanical, etc. Candidates Searchingfor Posts in PSU, Railway, PSC, SSC, and Banks can check the below posts andfill the application form.

B Tech Government Vacancies apply online form 2021

Any reader who is visiting this page on to search for B Techgovernment jobs can apply online job application form.To check whether that organization receives the application form via onlinemode or not as in some cases organization will conduct walk-ins or in somecases, you need to apply offline as well.To check this you need to go through the official job notification and you cancheck that by using the able table.Candidates can click and open any B Tech job and in that everything will bespecified so check all the details properly before proceeding and applying.

About Alabama Civil Service Exams

When applying for an Alabama government job either through the state or localmunicipality, you will most likely be required to take an Alabama CivilService Test. The exams are generally computer administered tests consistingof multiple-choice questions. The test content and subjects are based on thespecific job in which you are applying to. Find out more about the CivilService Test.Those who pass the Alabama Civil Service Exam will have their names placed onan eligible list for that position. State agencies only contact applicants whoare among the top ten highest scorers.* * *

Application Process

Applying for jobs with the Alabama state government has been made easier byallowing you to apply online, the option of mailing or faxing in applicationsis still available. On the Alabama State official website you can find currentjob vacancies, examination schedules, and application instructions.It is extremely important to thoroughly read all the information featured onthe job announcement in order to determine whether you meet all the jobrequirements necessary to be eligible for the position.* * *

Practice for the Alabama Civil Service Exam

How can you ensure yourself a spot among the highest ranking candidates?Prepare with JobTestPrep’s Alabama civil service PrepPack which offerscomprehensive practice tests, a civil service study guide for your exam, anddetailed explanations to help you better understand and improve your score.* * *

A trend across the civil services

The trend is not limited to the IAS alone. Nearly half of those who crack theUnion Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil services examination areengineering graduates, the government had said in a written reply in the RajyaSabha last year. In fact, of the 20 UPSC toppers in 2017, 19 were engineers,it had said.Moreover, most engineering graduates and doctors chose subjects such as publicadministration and sociology for their civil services exam, as opposed tosubjects from their own fields, the government said. For example, not even 10per cent of the doctors picked medical science as an option.“There is always a difference between what one has studied and what one isinterested in or good at,” said Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Serviceofficer from the 2016 batch. “In my batch, for example, I can say at least40-50 per cent of the officers were from the IITs.”Kaswan lists two reasons for this engineering dominance in the services.“One, the general output of engineers is very high, and so there are moreengineers in every field; and two, those coming from IITs have very highexposure and confidence levels, so they make it in the mains and interviews,”he said.

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