How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones Windows 8

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Connecting Your Computer’s Mouse

When it comes to buying a mouse, you have to choose between wired and wirelessoptions. Wired mice are often cheaper, their batteries do not die, and they’revery responsive. Although you’ll never have to search for batteries for a deadmouse, you will give up some desk space, as wired mouses are typically larger.Wireless mice are simple and travel-friendly. There’s no cord to get tangled,and they’re generally very small in size. One downside is that they do havedistance limits. Although some are effective when they’re up to 30 feet awayfrom a computer, others experience issues when they’re about five or more feetaway.

C) Connecting a Bluetooth Mouse

Some wireless mice use Bluetooth to connect with a computer. Bluetooth is ashort-range wireless technology that connects a variety devices, from mobilephones to wireless speakers.Windows users can connect via Bluetooth by clicking on their “Windows” menu inthe bottom left of their screens. After the menu is open, click on the “Gear”menu, also known as “Settings.” Click on “Devices,” and then select “Bluetooth& other devices.”Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on, and your PC should start to look fornearby Bluetooth devices. After a minute or so, your wireless mouse shouldcome up in the list of “Ready to pair” devices, and you can click “Pair.” Onceyou complete these steps, your mouse should be working. Users who run intodifficulty or have a different Windows version than Windows 10 can receivefurther steps from My Fast PC directly.* * ** * ** * *Mac users with Bluetooth mice will start by pressing the “Apple” menu in thetop left of their screens. Once the drop-down menu is open, click “SystemPreferences…” Find the “Bluetooth” icon and click on it one time.A Bluetooth menu should open, and you’ll want to hit the “Turn Bluetooth On”option if it’s not on already selected. A list of devices will populate, andyou’ll want to look for your mouse. Once you see it, select the “Pair” buttonthat’s next to its name. As long as it’s turned on and its Bluetooth isenabled, it should connect within moments.* * ** * ** * ** * *

Connecting Your Computer’s Keyboard

After you’ve read the section above, connecting your keyboard will be abreeze. Many keyboards are USB-based, so they attach to your computer the sameway a wired mouse attaches. Make sure your computer is powered down, and plugyour keyboard’s USB into a USB port on your computer. When you turn yourcomputer on again, you should be able to use your keyboard.People who have wireless keyboards will likely either use a receiver orBluetooth to connect their devices. A keyboard’s receiver functions a lot likea mouse’s receiver. Plug your keyboard receiver into a USB port on yourcomputer while it’s turned off.You’ll also want to make sure your keyboard has the necessary batteries orcharge it needs to function before you turn your computer on again. Onceyou’re sure the keyboard has power, turn on your computer. At this point, yourreceiver and keyboard should connect.A Bluetooth keyboard will connect the same way as a wireless mouse. Once yourcomputer’s Bluetooth menu is open, look for your keyboard in the devicesection. As soon as it populates, you’ll want to pair with it. In moments, aconnection will be established, and you should be able to use your keyboardwirelessly.

How to pair wireless headphones to Mac

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Mac for the first time is done by followinga few easy steps: 1. On your Mac, click on the Apple menu and launch System Preferences 2. Navigate to the Bluetooth menu and Turn Bluetooth On. You should now see all available Bluetooth devices around you. 3. Make sure your headphones are charged and currently in discoverable mode. Click Connect to establish a new connection 4. Your Bluetooth headphones should now appear in the list. Click Connect to establish a new connection. 5. If you’re trying to reconnect your existing device, right-click on it and choose ConnectAfter you’ve managed to successfully connect Bluetooth headphones to Mac forthe first time, they should stay connected or reconnect automatically when youleave the Bluetooth range (around 33 feet or 10 meters) and come back.You can also calibrate headphones to your liking through the Sound menu inSystem Preferences. For example, in the Output tab you can choose to “Showvolume in menu bar” and set a stereo balance between right and left.Described above is the ideal scenario for connecting AirPods to Mac. Butoftentimes things don’t go as planned, so let’s work through some widespreadissues regarding Bluetooth headphones as well.

How to connect AirPods to Mac

There’s good news for those interested specifically in how to pair AirPodswith MacBook. It’s really handy to set up connections if you use multipleApple devices with your AirPods. Plus, you can get third-party software toautomate the flow.Here’s how you connect new AirPods to Mac: 1. Open System Preferences on your Mac and select Bluetooth. 2. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on. 3. On AirPods, press and hold the round button (it’s at the bottom center of the case) until the white light starts blinking. 4. Your Bluetooth headphones should now appear in the list.In case you’ve already paired AirPods with your iPhone that’s tied to the sameiCloud account and Apple ID, your earbuds will be automatically recognized byMac.To simplify it even more, install ToothFairy, an app that pairs Bluetoothdevices with Mac in one click. It works particularly well with connectingAirPods to Mac – instead of taking AirPods out of their case and putting themback in, you click on one single icon in ToothFairy. You can read more abouthow to use the app below.

No audio from a paired and connected Bluetooth headset

Occasionally, when you succeeded in connecting Bluetooth headphones to Mac,you might hear no sound going through. There are a few things you can do tosolve this.Ensure that your headphones are the selected audio output for your Mac: 1. Go System Preferences > Sound 2. In the Output tab, find your headphones in the list and double-click to make them activeIf that didn’t change anything: 1. Reset your headphones as per the directions above 2. Go System Preferences > Bluetooth 3. Right-click on your headphones, choose Remove, and confirmNow you need to connect Bluetooth headphones to Mac all over again, and theproblem should disappear.

Can’t connect two Bluetooth headphones Mac recognizes

The beauty of Mac’s Bluetooth menu is that it lets you add any number ofBluetooth-enabled devices, from keyboards to headphones. Sometimes, however,it might malfunction and not allow you to add two wireless headphones at thesame time.To fix this issue, essentially repeat the steps from the previous section: 1. Reset each pair of headphones 2. Remove them from Mac’s Bluetooth menu 3. Reconnect your headphones once moreIf, however, you’re looking for how to use multiple audio outputs, such asheadphones, at the same time — here some magic tricks are required.

How to use multiple audio outputs simultaneously

Most Mac users believe that they can only play their audio output through onedevice at a time, be it internal speakers, Bluetooth headphones, or some otheramplifier. But in reality it’s possible to play audio on multiple devices atthe same time through a handy built-in utility called Audio MIDI Setup. Here’swhat you need to do: 1. Launch Audio MIDI Setup through Applications 2. Click the plus icon at the bottom left and choose Create Multi-Output Device 3. In the new option that appears, check all the Bluetooth devices you need to play simultaneously 4. Navigate to the Sound menu in System Preferences and choose the Multi-Output Device in the Output tab. Now all sounds will play through both devices at the same time.Playing audio through multiple devices is a nifty trick for when you need moresound power for your party or when trying to create a true surround sound fora movie screening.

Computer Not Recognizing Headphones on Windows 10 and Other OS.

This quick guide is written in case your computer is not recognizing yourheadphones on Windows 10 and other OS.Connecting your brand new Bluetooth headphones to your PC might seem prettystraightforward, but sometimes the instructions are not clear or themanufacturer only provides them for a certain OS (Operating System).This guide provides both written and video tutorials and will cover MicrosoftWindows 7 thru 10 and Apple MacOS.So pick your OS and you’ll be up and running in no time, nodding your head toyour favorite tunes or prepped for that important Google Hangout meeting.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones (Windows 8.1)

1. Press the Windows logo key + C to open the Charms Menu 2. Click on Settings and then on Change PC settings (bottom right corner) 3. Click on PC and devices -> Bluetooth 4. Make sure the Bluetooth switch is on 5. Enable pairing mode on your headphones 6. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re ready!VIDEO

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones (Windows 8)

1. Press the Windows logo key + C to open the Charms Menu 2. Click on Settings and then on Change PC settings (bottom right corner) 3. Click on Wireless 4. Make sure the Bluetooth switch is on 5. In the left-pane, click on Devices 6. Enable pairing mode on your headphones 7. Follow the on-screen instructions and off you go!VIDEO

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones (Windows 7)

1. Click the Start button -> Devices and Printers 2. Right-click your computer under Devices and select Bluetooth settings 3. Mark Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer and click OK 4. Set your headphones in paring mode 5. Click Add a device and select your discovered headphones 6. Follow the on-screen instructions and start listening some tunes!VIDEO

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