How to Make a Folder in Windows

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How to Make a Folder in Windows

To keep things organized on your computer, create folders for differentdocuments, files and/or subjects.Once your documents are well organized on the computer this will make iteasier to find items and setup scheduled tasks like backing up your data.

Create a Folder in Windows

1. On the desktop (main screen), right click the My Computer icon. 2. Select Explore from the list that appears. The screen will change, exposing a window with two panes. On the left is alist of all your drives and on the right is a list of the drives sorted incategories. 3. To keep things simple we are going to create a folder in My Documents. Click My Documents. The screen changes. The left side of the window lists all the folders alreadyin the My Documents folder. On the right is a list of the existing folders inMy Documents. 4. Right click in any empty space in the right pane. 5. Select New from the list and it will expand. Select Folder from the new list. A new folder is created at the bottom of the list of files and folders withthe name New Folder. It will be highlighted if you haven’t moved the mouse. 6. Type in a name for the folder. e.g. Letters 7. Hit Enter key and the folder will have the new name you typed.That’s it. You are done.You will notice that the folder you just made is at the bottom of the list offiles and folders. To sort the list in alphabetical order (foldersautomatically are listed first) right click in any blank area in the rightpane and select Refresh. The screen will blink and the files and folders willbe sorted in alphabetical order.You don’t have to only create folders in My Documents. You can create themanywhere.So now that you know how to make a folder in Windows, get those filesorganized! It will save you time searching for files.Revised: January 22, 2006

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What’s next?: Get Updates via RSS | Read our latest posts or share on yourfavourite social network:Filed under Windows Folders . Last modified: December 29, 2012 at 1:40 pm .You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You canskip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.What is Disk management & How to Use it in Windows 10Disk management as the name suggests is used to manage the storage disksattached to the computer system. These disks can be internal as well asexternal and moreover, this utility is available on all the versions (currentand legacy) of Windows operating system. This is a handy tool not only forcomputer engineers but you can also use it at home to perform a number oftasks. With the disk management tool, you can format the partition, change thedrive letter of the disk, alter the size of the partition, delete the completevolume, create a new volume, make the partition active and check the health ofthe disk.You will not find any shortcut or the link in the start menu to open diskmanagement tool in Windows OS. But there are definitely some ways to open thisutility.

How to Open Disk Management Tool

For reference, I have used Windows 10 but the methods mentioned below are moreor less the same in other versions of Windows OS.Method 1. Open Control panel and then navigate to administrative tools>computer management. On the next screen, from the left side menu, select diskmanagement under the storage heading.Method 2. Open RUN command window by pressing windows icon + R on thekeyboard. Now type diskmgmt.msc.Method 3. This is one of the easiest of all the methods. On the desktop,right-click on This PC (My-computer) and select Manage to open the diskmanagement window.Method 4 (Windows10 only). Right click on the start button and select diskmanagement.

Create a New Volume

You can right click on the newly allocated space and select “new simplevolume” from the list. In the next window, you need to format it before startusing it.

Create EC2 Windows Instance

Now, we create two EC2 Windows instances to simulate the scenario, one that wewill use to host the AD service and the other to join the domain we created.Imagine having hundreds of hosts today and joining the domain, we can managethem centrally! What a convenient service! * Login to AWS console and make sure the region is N. Virginia. * On upper panel, click Services -> EC2. * Click Launch Instance. * For AMI, select Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Base (which its AMI ID is ami-0c34e56c5b17e933d) . * For instance type, choose t2.micro and click Next: Configure Instance Details. * In Number of instances, Type `2`. * In Network, click Create new VPC. * In IPv4 CIDR block, Type ``, let other options default. * Remember your VPC ID. * Back to Configure Instance Details, click Create new Subnet. * In Name tag, type AD Lab subnet, select the VPC ID we just create. * In VPC panel, click route table -> create route table. * In Name Tag type AD Lab route table and select the VPC we create. * Select the route table we create and click Actions -> Set Main Route Table. * In VPC Dashboard click Internet gateway, then create internet gateway. * In Name tag, type AD Lab Internet Gateway, create. * Select the internet gateway we create and click Actions -> Attach to VPC. * In Auto-assign Public IP, select Enable. * Back to Configure Instance Details keep rest setting as the default until Step 5: Add Tags. * In Key type `Name`, Value type `AD Lab` * In Step 6: Configure Security Group select create a new security group, security group name type `AD-Lab-Security-Group` * Add Rule -> Type : `All traffic`, source : `Custom` `` * Add rules -> Type : `RDP`, source : my IP -> Review and Launch. * Click Launch. * Click Create a new key pair. * In Key pair name, type ADLab. * Click Download Key Pair to download key pair file.> > Note that you can only download the key pair file this time. You will not> be able to download the file again after it’s created. * Click Launch Instances. * Click View Instances. * Now we connect the EC2 we create, in EC2 Dashboard -> instances, we can modify one EC2’s Name as AD Lab PC01 and the other as AD Lab AD.

Connect to EC2 Windows Instance

Remote Connecting to an EC2 Windows instance and configure the ActiveDirectory service we want to create, first by adding Server Promote for DC,plus Active Directory, then create our own domain. * In the Amazon EC2 console, select AD Lab AD, and then choose Connect. * In the Connect To Your Instance dialog box, choose Get Password(it will take a few minutes after the instance is launched before the password is available). * Choose Browse and navigate to the private key file you created when you launched the instance. Select the file and choose Open to copy the entire contents of the file into the Contents field. * Choose Decrypt Password. The console displays the default administrator password for the instance in the Connect To Your Instance dialog box, replacing the link to Get Password shown previously with the actual password. * Record the default administrator password, or copy it to the clipboard. You need this password to connect to the instance. * Please remember IPv4 Public IP and Private IPs we will use later, open Microsoft Remote Desktop -> add Desktop -> type your IPv4 Public IP in PC Name -> Save. * Double click the Desktop you add. * User Name : `Administrator`, Password : (copy from the clipboard) -> Done. * A warning will pop out like the picture, just click continue.> > if you fail to connect EC2 windows instance, please check the IP and> Password is correct.

Create Active Directory Domain Service

Create your own domain and add AD services to manage any computers that arejoined to the domain through AD. You can even manage which users can log on tocomputers in the domain and set permissions on computers and users within thedomain. * Click Server Manager icon in the bottom -> click Add roles and Features. * Click Next until Server Roles. * In Server Roles check the Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server.> > When you click the DNS Server and add features, a warning will pop out,> just click Continue. * Click Next until Confirmation, and click Install.> > wait for EC2 windows instance to install tools and services. * Click close to continue -> click the flag in the upper-righ corner -> Promote this server to a domain controller. * In Deployment Configuration choose Add a new forest, after Typing your Root domain name `` click Next> > EC2 windows instance will reboot when the installation has been done, Now> we connect the EC2(AD Lab AD) Again to check it is already an AD and DC

Set DHCP Options Sets in AWS

Since we did not create a domain when we created a VPC, our VPC does notrecognize our domain. By setting up a DHCP Options Sets, let the VPC know thedomain we created and the domain name server. * Open AWS Console -> Service:VPC -> DHCP Options Sets * Create a DHCP Options Sets like the following picture, * Name : AD Lab, Domain Name : ``, Domain Name Server : Private IPs(AD LAB AD’s) -> let rest column empty. * Remember your DHCP Options set ID, then we have to Edit DHCP Options set in our VPC. * In VPC Dashboard -> select the VPC we create -> Actions -> Edit DHCP Options set -> choose the DHCP Option set that we just created.

Join Domain

Now that we connect to another EC2 and add it to the domain we created, we cancentrally manage computers or users through AD after joining the domain, andin this process, you will find that to join the domain requires a confirmationfrom the domain administrator. * Now we could connect to EC2(AD LAB PC01) to join the Domain we have created a few minutes ago.> > As the same method we used before. * Login your EC2(AD LAb PC01) -> open Server Manager -> click local Server in the left panel -> click WORKGROUP -> click Change. * Computer name type `PC01`, Domain: ``. * We have to Type the AD’s user name and password to join `` Domain -> Press OK.> > Here, we need to fill the EC2(AD LAB AD)‘s username: `Administrator` and> **`Password` **: in your clipboard. * The System will ask you to restart your computer to apply these changes, so click Restart Now.

Check PC01 has already in `` domain.

* Now we could connet to AD LAB AD -> Open Server Manager -> click tools which is next to the flag -> click Active Directory Users and Computers. * Click Computers under the ADLAB Domain, you can see PC01 has already in here.

Create a user in this OU

* Set password for this user, in this tutorial, we don’t use the following rules. So please cancel the check. >> the password should be strong> > You also can check the box to enforce the user changing his password when> he/she first login this computer. * Now we connect to PC01 -> `User Name` : Administrator, `Password` : copy from the clipboard. * We have to use Administrator to log in this EC2 and add JonnyDD to Remote Desktop Users. * Open Control Panel -> System and Security -> Allow remote access * Select Users -> Add -> type Jonny -> Check Names -> a window will pop out like this picture * It needs AD’s Administrator permission, `User name` : `Administrator` and `Password` we have copied before in the clipboard.> > If you do not copy before, please go to AWS EC2 Console -> Select the> EC2(AD LAB AD) -> Connect -> Get Password -> Choose File -> Select the Key> Pair we create before -> Decrypt Password -> you will get the password. * Press OK -> now we Disconnect and use JonnyDD as User name to login this EC2 again.

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