How to Open CDR CorelDraw Vector Format File

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How to Open AI Files Without Illustrator

If you have an AI file you need to view but not edit, there are lots ofprograms that can do it.The default save settings for AI files in Illustrator mean that the files aresaved with PDF content embedded. This means you can view them in most appsthat support PDF viewing. * In Windows, you need to change the .ai file extension to .pdf. Highlight the file and hit F2 on your keyboard. Add PDF to the end of the filename and confirm the change when prompted. Now, double-click the file and it will open in your default PDF viewer. * On a Mac you can view AI files in Preview without any changes. * You can also upload AI files to Google Drive and view them there. If you want to add the file to a larger collection of artwork and have a wayto browse through it easily, try Adobe Bridge. This is one of the best freeAdobe apps, and lets you open and view Illustrator files.In all these instances you’ll be looking at a flat, uneditable image.

Open AI Files in Photoshop or GIMP

Should you need to incorporate an AI image into a larger piece of artworkwithout editing it directly, you can do so using Photoshop (what’s thedifference between Illustrator and Photoshop?) or its free equivalent GIMP.When you open the image in these apps it is imported as a PDF. You’ll see anImport dialog box, and you can normally accept the default suggestions.The main thing to remember is to import the image at a large size. You’ll losethe benefits of vector graphics when importing, so it’s better to import alarge image and shrink it down than it is to import a small image and enlargeit.When you’re done you can copy and paste the image onto its own layer inanother piece of artwork or add additional layers to this file. You’ll have tosave it in a different format afterwards.If none of the above options work, try changing the file extension to EPS(another vector image format) to see if that helps. If not, you’ll need toconvert the image to a different format. We’ll look at that next.

How to Edit AI Files Without Illustrator

When you download an Illustrator template or get sent an AI file that you needto edit, things get trickier. There aren’t many mainstream apps that can editAI files natively; you normally have to convert it to a different formatfirst.

4 Vector Format Files And How To Open Them

Today we are going to discuss the most popular, 4 Vector Format Files andlearn where and how to open them. We shall talk about the right applicationsto open and edit these 4 Vector format files so that you can make the most ofthese Vectors in your designs.Vector formats are widely used in Graphic and Web Design and are more designfriendly. Meaning, they can be resized and edited extensively to suit varieddesign requirements. If you open your Vector files in a Raster editingapplication you may not be able to get the entire benefit that Vector formatfiles offer. So, if you need to make the most of the Vector file by editingand modifying its contents you’ll have to open it in appropriate applications.Each of the formats discussed today have specific applications that suit theseformats the most and are perfect to edit and modify these Vectors. We aregoing to open these files in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Inkscape whichis a free vector application.

How To Open EPS – Encapsulated Postscript Vector Format Files

You will find most of the Vector Files available online in this format.Renowned Stock agencies too, offer Vector files in an EPS format. EPS is acompound format which can actually hold bitmap as well as pure Vector shapes.But over the years this format has become a preferred format for Vector. It’sone of the most compatible formats that can be opened in popular Vectorapplications like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW, where your Vector file canbe edited too. Other Applications where you can open EPS files are AdobeAcrobat Reader and GSView. Though these applications are used to view Vectorfiles and not edit them.The most appropriate application to open and edit EPS files is AdobeIllustrator. Let us look at the steps to open an EPS in Illustrator.

How to Open AI – Adobe Illustrator Files another Vector Format File

Adobe Illustrator is a widely used Vector Creation and editing applicationused by designers worldwide. Hence, its native format AI is the second mostpreferred Vector Format after EPS. Since AI vector format is native toIllustrator, it’s most compatible with Illustrator, which is also therecommended software to open and edit AI files. Let’s see how to open AI filesin Illustrator.

Steps to open AI files in Adobe Illustrator

1. Go to the File menu 2. Click on Open 3. Select the AI file and Click OpenYou can also open AI files directly by double clicking on them. This wayIllustrator identifies the format and opens them directly.Unfortunately for not all AI files can be imported or opened in CorelDRAW.That said, CorelDRAW X5 opens AI files saved in up to Adobe Illustrator CS5.

How to Open CDR – CorelDraw Vector Format File

CorelDraw is another Vector editing application which is popular amongdesigners. There are many websites where you can find Vector files in a CDRformat. Let’s see how to open CDR in CorelDRAW

How to Open PDF– Portable Document Vector Format File

A PDF file too, like the EPS is a compound format which may hold Raster aswell as Vector graphics within them. Though Vectors saved in a PDF format canbe opened in most Vector applications, such as Illustrator, CorelDRAW andInkscape (from the opensource). Let’s see how to open this format in theseapplications.

Steps to open PDF in Adobe Illustrator

1. Go to the File menu 2. Click on Open 3. Select the PDF file and Click Open 4. Click OK in the Open PDF dialog.Note: Illustrator opens single pages of a multipage PDF. You may choose thepage number in the Open PDF dialog.

Steps to Open PDF in CorelDRAW

1. Go to the File menu 2. Click on Open 3. Select the PDF file and Click OpenIf you have versions older than CorelDRAW X5 you may have trouble opening thePDF. Save the PDF in an older version so that you can use it in older versionsof CorelDRAW too.

Steps to open PDF files in Inkscape

1. Go to the File menu 2. Click on Open 3. Select the AI file and Click Open 4. Click Open in the PDF Import Settings dialog.Inkscape too does not open all pages of a Multipage PDF. You may choose thepage number of your choice in the PDF Import Settings dialog.I hope you find these solutions to opening Vector format files helpful. Pleasedon’t hesitate to share your problems or some solutions that may be helpfulfor others. Do let us know if you have anything about Vectors that troublesyou. We would be glad to write about it.Images © pojoslaw – Fotolia.comEverything You Need to Know About Logo File TypesAfter you create a logo and receive your digital files, you may be wondering —what do I do with these? Why are there so many different formats? What’s avector file?When it comes to logos, having the right file to use for a specific purpose —from a business card to a Facebook cover photo to a T-shirt — is important.The most common logo file formats are:A file can be identified by its extension: logo.png, logo.eps, and so on.Here’s a guide to exactly what each of these files formats are, what to usethem for, and how to open them.* * *

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