How to start the TeamViewer Remote Control app in Windows 10 and Windows

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How Does Microsoft Your Phone App Work with iPhone

If you have ever connected Android phone to the Your Phone app, things willseem very different for iPhone. That’s because the app has many limitations inthe case of iPhone. You do not get as many powers as available for Androidphones. That is, you cannot sync messages, notifications, or even photos asavailable on Android. Then what does the app do?Well, it lets you send links from the supported apps such as web browsers,YouTube, Pinterest, and more from your iPhone to the Windows PC. By doing so,the links will open directly on your system. For instance, if you are readingan interesting article on any browser on your iPhone, then you can continue toread it on your computer using Your Phone app.Besides sharing links, you can also keep track of pages visited via the Edgebrowser on iPhone. That’s done via the Timeline feature on Windows. You canclick on a web page in Timeline, and it will load on your PC.The Timeline also lets you view the recently opened/edited Microsoft filesfrom Excel, Word, etc. on iPhone. The files must have been saved to the cloud,and only then you can view them in Timeline. Clicking on a file in Timelinewill open it directly on your PC without you having to open any other app.In short, it connects iPhone and Windows in a different way than Android.

How to Connect Microsoft Your Phone App with iPhone

If your system runs Windows 10 October 2018 Update and above, you don’t haveto install anything as Your Phone app comes preinstalled. If, however, you arerunning an earlier version, then install the app from the following link.Note: The Your Phone app only works on Windows 10 April 2018 Update or later.Download Microsoft Your Phone for WindowsNow on the iPhone side, if you search for Microsoft Your Phone app on AppStore, you will not find anything. That’s because it doesn’t exist. Shocked?So what to do?You have to either download Microsoft Edge or Continue on the PC app from AppStore on your iPhone.Install Microsoft EdgeInstall Continue on PCNote: You have to install only one of the apps. Once downloaded, the functionality differs in each app. Let’s see how to andwhat happens after connecting them. Also, you don’t need to do anything on theWindows side in either case except installing the Your Phone app if it’s notavailable. The app is simply a medium.

Link Continue on PC on iPhone to Windows

Open the Continue on PC app on your iPhone. An instructional screen will greetyou. Swipe left to check all the screens. Finally, you will see the Try it nowbutton. There is nothing beyond that. You can tap on it, but that will onlyopen the browser.This app doesn’t have any built-in function. It simply adds a new featureinside the share menu. So here’s how to use this app.Step 1: Launch any browser on your iPhone and open a web page. The browser canbe Google Chrome, Safari, etc. Then, when you want to open that web page onyour Windows PC, tap on the share icon in the browser. Swipe left on the appicons and tap on Continue on PC.Step 2: If the Continue on PC option isn’t available, tap on More. Enable thetoggle next to Continue on PC. That will add the shortcut to the main sharingmenu. It’s a one-time step. Tap on Done.Step 3: Tap on the Continue on PC option in the sharing menu.Step 4: If it’s your first time, you will be asked to log in with yourMicrosoft account. Use the same account that is connected to your Windows 10computer.Step 5: Once connected, you will be asked to choose a PC to share the webpage.You will be given a choice whether you want to directly open the page on thecomputer or send it as a notification so that you can check it later. Use theappropriate option.The notification will be available in the Action Center of Windows. Click onthe link to open it.Note: Typically, you only need to perform steps 1 and 5. The rest of them haveto be done only once.Other than sharing web pages to PC, you can use the Continue on PC app tocontinue working on the online copies of Microsoft files from Word, Excel, andothers. That is, if you were editing any such file on your iPhone, you willfind the same file in the Timeline of Windows PC. Click on the file to startediting it right away.To view Timeline, click on the Task View icon present in the taskbar. If it’smissing, right-click on the taskbar and select Show Task View button.Scroll down in the Task View and you will find recent files from your iPhone.Click on See all activities for all the recent files.

Link Microsoft Edge on iPhone to Windows

Using this method to link iPhone to Windows restricts its functionality toEdge only. That is, you cannot share pages from other browsers or apps.Anyway, once the browser is installed, launch it and follow the steps:Step 1: You will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account. Use the sameaccount that is connected to your Windows computer.Step 2: You will be asked to give permissions for ‘Share info about websitesyou visit’ and ‘Share usage data for personalization.’ Grant both thepermissions. If you skip it, you can enable them from Edge browser Settings >Privacy and security.Step 3: Open a web page and tap on the continue on PC icon present at thebottom of the Edge browser. Then, select the PC where you want to send the webpage right now. Tap on Continue later to send it as a notification. This isthe only step that you need to perform. The first two have to be done onceonly.Even though this method limits the functionality to Edge browser, it gives anadditional feature. That is, you can now view the web pages that were recentlyopened in the Edge browser on iPhone on your Windows PC via the Timelinefeature of Task View. For that, open Task View as shown in the above method,scroll down and click on the web pages indicated by the text Microsoft Edge ifyou want to open it on your PC.

How to install the TeamViewer: Remote Control app

The TeamViewer: Remote Control app is not installed by default in Windows 10,so you need to find it in the Windows Store and press Get the app button.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsThe Windows Store app will now open. Press the Get button and the TeamViewer:Remote Control app will download and install on your Windows 10 computer ordevice.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsThe same app is also available in Windows 10 Mobile so you can establish aremote connection using your Windows 10 Mobile smartphone too. Accessing thesame link we provided earlier using your smartphone, will cause the Store appto open. Press the Get button, and the app will install on your Windows 10Mobile device.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, Windows

How to start the TeamViewer: Remote Control app in Windows 10 and Windows

10 MobileTo open the TeamViewer: Remote Control app, in the Start Menu, scroll throughthe Apps list and click or tap on its icon.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsAlternatively, you can type “teamviewer” in Cortana’s search field and selectthe best match.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsWhen you first launch the app, you can connect to a particular computer ordevice, or log into your TeamViewer account.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsIn Windows 10 Mobile, things are quite similar. Once installed, you can scrollthrough the Apps list, and tap TeamViewer: Remote Control shortcut to open it.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsYou can also type “teamviewer” in the search box and tap the best match toopen the app.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, Windows

How to connect to a computer or device using a Partner ID

As we’ve already stated, the computer you are trying to connect must haveinstalled the TeamViewer desktop app, which is able to generate a Partner ID.The Partner ID is a code which allows to anyone using it to connect to thatcomputer or device. This method is suitable when you don’t need frequentremote access to the target computer or device. For instance, you could use itwhen you need to help a friend fix his computer, and you don’t want to createa TeamViewer account.First, the TeamViewer desktop app needs to be launched on the target computeror device. At the left side of the window, you’ll notice Your ID and Passwordfields. Write down these two fields, generated by the app, or make sure theuser of the target device or computer provides these for you.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsNext, launch the TeamViewer: Remote Control app on your device and starttyping the Partner ID previously shown on the target device. When you are donepress the Remote Control button.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsNow, you need to insert the password shown on the partner’s computer ordevice. Press OK when you’re done.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsThe remote connection has been established you are now able to control yourpartner’s device or computer using the TeamViewer: Remote Control app.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, Windows

How to use TeamViewer: Remote control app on a touch enabled device

If you are using the TeamViewer: Remote control app on a tablet without adocking station or a keyboard attached to it, or on a smartphone runningWindows 10 Mobile, there is a unique set of commands you can use to performthe same actions as if you were using a computer. The instructions are shownin the screenshot below.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsAlso, you’ll notice a keyboard button at the top of the screen. Press thisbutton, and a menu will come up with more options available.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsThe first button is located at the top left corner and allows you to close theconnection. Press the X button, and then the Close button to confirm yourchoice.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsThe second button illustrates a keyboard. Tap this button, and the keyboard ofyour smartphone will show up. Also, at the top, you’ll notice a set of buttonswhich are not usually found on a touch keyboard, such as Esc, Ctrl, Shift,Tab, Alt and so on.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsIf you, tap the keyboard button again, at the bottom of the screen, anotherset of buttons which are not usually found on a touchscreen keyboard willappear on the screen, including the arrow buttons and the F1 to F12 buttons.Tapping the keyboard button again will cause the keyboard to close.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsThe third button will open Windows Security corresponding to the Ctrl+Alt+Delcommand, which will allow you to Lock the device, Switch the user, Sign out oropen Task Manager.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, WindowsThe last button, called the Settings button allows you to adjust the Qualityof the image, which can be optimized for speed or quality and the Remoteresolution (which can be set to Small or Medium). At the bottom, there’sanother option which can Remove wallpaper during the remote session.TeamViewer: Remote Control, app, Windows

How to Install the Fitbit App for Windows 10

Affiliate Disclosure If you buy a product via some of the links in this post, as an AmazonAssociate earn from qualifying purchases.In this Itechguide, Victor teaches you how to download and install the Fitbitapp for Windows 10. The guide covers steps for 2 methods to install the Fitbitapp for Windows 10.Expand “Browse Post Topics” below to go straight to a topic.

How to Install Fitbit App for Windows 10 Directly from Microsoft Store

* Type Microsoft store on the search box. Then, on the search results, click Microsoft Store. * On the top right of the Microsoft Store app, click the search icon. * Then, on the search box, type fitbit,and select Fitbit App. The app’s details page will open. * On the details page, click the Get button. * After a short while, the app will start downloading. When it finishes downloading, it will install automatically. As at the time of writing this Itechguide, the size of the app is about 85 MB.If your internet is not very fast, it may take a short while to download. * When it is installed, on the top right of the store, a Launch button will be displayed. To open the app immediately, click the Launch button. You can also open the Fitbit app via search – see the second image below.

How to Install Fitbit App for Windows 10 via

You can also install the Fitbit app for Windows 10 via * Open the Fitbit setup (opens in a new browser window) page. * When the page opens, scroll down to the Don’t have a mobile device available section. Then, from the listed options, click DOWNLOAD FROM WINDOWS STORE. * The app’s details will open on the browser. If this button is not displayed, click the Windows 10 button first. You willbe taken back to the top of the page. Scroll down and click DOWNLOAD FROMWINDOWS STORE. * On the apps page, click the Get button. The browser will open a pop-up window requesting to open the app on the Microsoft Store. * On the bottom left of the pop-up window, click Open Microsoft Store. The app’s details page will open on the Microsoft Store app. * On the details page, click the Get button. * After a short while, the app will start downloading. When it finishes downloading, it will install automatically. * When it is installed, on the top right of the store app, a Launch button will be displayed. To open the app immediately, click the Launch button. * Any other time, to open the app, type fitbit in the search box. As you can see, it is very easy to install the Fitbit app for Windows 10! Ihope you found this Itechguide helpful. If you found it helpful, kindly voteYes to the “Was this post Helpful” question below.Alternatively, you could ask a question, leave a comment or provide feedbackwith the “Leave a Reply” form found towards the end of this page.Finally, for more Windows 10 Itechguides, visit our Windows 10 How To page.How to Download Netflix Movies to Your Windows 10 PCJust like the Netflix mobile app, users can also download TV shows and movieson Netflix to Windows 10 PC. This makes an offline viewing experience veryeasy.However, this cannot be done via the web. To download on Netflix to Windows 10PC, the Netflix app needs to be installed first.Advertisement – Continue reading belowTo Install the Netflix app on your Windows 10 PC, Follow the steps below:

Install Netflix App on Windows 10 PC

* Click the “Start” button located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. * Click on “Microsoft Store” * Type “Netflix” into the search box at the top right corner. * Click on “Netflix App” * Click “Get”. * Enter your Microsoft password and “Sign in”. * Let the install process run its course.1. Click on the “Start” button located at the bottom left corner of thescreen.2. Click on “Microsoft Store”3. Type “Netflix” into the search box at the top-right corner.4. Click on “Netflix App”5. Click “Get”.6. Enter your Microsoft password and Sign in.7. Let the install process run its course.Once the Netflix app has been installed on your Windows 10 PC, downloading TVshows and movies becomes possible.

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