How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Wireless Apps

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2. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows PC using Photos App

The method to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC is pretty much similarto the Mac. Connect your iPhone to the Windows PC and Click on Start Menu.Search for Photos and open it. This method will work for the Windows 8 and 10.If you are using Windows 7, you can simply open the connected iPhone totransfer the photos.On the main screen of the App, click on the Import button as shown in thescreenshot below.It will start searching for all the photos and videos on your iPhone.It may take a second or two depending upon the number of photos present onyour iPhone. Now, it automatically selects all the photos, so, if you want tomove all photos, click on Continue. Otherwise, click on Clear and only selectthe photos that you want to transfer and then click on Continue.On this screen, you can select the location of imported photos and there isanother option that will let you delete photos from iPhone after copying themto your PC. After selecting the appropriate options, click on Import button.That’s it! This process may take some time depending upon the number of photosthat you want to transfer.back to menu ↑

How to Transfer Photos From an Android Phone to a PC

You don’t need special software. You can transfer photos from your Androidphone to a PC using the cord that came with the phone. 1. Unlock your phone with your password or fingerprint. 2. Connect the Android phone to the computer using a micro-USB or USB-C to USB cord. Ideally, this is the same cord that came with your phone. 3. Swipe down from the top of the screen on the Android device. At the bottom of the notification list, select Android System USB charging this device. 4. A new modal window opens, listing the options for how the device can handle the USB connection. Choose Transfer files. 5. A notification appears on Windows letting you know that the system is setting up the device. 6. When you see the notification from Windows letting you know that the device is ready, open Windows Explorer to access your files. 7. When Windows Explorer opens up, select This PC from the left menu pane. 8. Choose your device under Devices and drives. 9. Choose the Android device’s internal storage. 10. The root of the Android device’s SD card user storage appears in Windows Explorer. You can access photos on the device in DCIM and any downloaded pictures and screenshots under Pictures. Copy and paste any of these files onto your Windows PC.

How to Transfer Photos From an Android Phone to a Mac

Depending on the age of your Apple computer, the first thing you’ll need is acord that converts from micro-USB to whichever input your computer accepts.This cord can range from a regular USB port to Thunderbolt to the latest USB-Cmodels. For USB-C devices, use your existing cord and purchase a cheap adapterthat is compatible with USB.Cheaper connections can negatively impact connections. Amazon generally haswhat you need. If you have trouble finding the right hardware, considerpurchasing a proprietary adapter from Apple.When you have the right cord, transferring photos from your Android phone to aMac or other Apple computer requires only a few steps: 1. Download Android File Transfer and follow the installation instructions. You can also use Samsung Smart Switch. 2. Connect your Android device to your computer. 3. If the program doesn’t launch automatically, go to Finder > Applications and click the software you installed. 4. You’ll see your phone’s files and can drag files to Finder or the desktop on your Mac computer. Typically your phone’s photos are found in DCIM > Camera within your phone’sfolders.

How to Transfer Photos From an iPhone to a Mac

iOS devices tend to work well with each other. Here’s how to transfer photosfrom an iPhone to a Mac computer. 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer with the cord it came with. If you have a newer Apple computer, you might need an adapter. 2. Unlock the phone. If a prompt appears, tap Trust to confirm the device you’re connected to is safe. 3. The Photos app should open automatically. If not, open it by clicking the Photos icon in the Dock, Finder window, or Launchpad. 4. Under the Import to menu, choose whether to move photos to your general Photos library or a new folder in it. 5. Optionally, select the Delete items after import check box to remove the photos from your phone after they transfer to Photos. 6. To import every photo on your phone that isn’t already in your Photos library, click Import All New Items. 7. To only import certain images, click them (click and drag to choose multiples), and then click Import Selected. 8. Photos will bring in the images. You can find them later on the Imports tab under the date you imported them. Once connected, open a Finder window at any time and click iPhone (or whateveryou named your device) to access its photos and other files.

How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Email

You can use the email app of your choice on your phone to send pictures toyour computer. This eliminates the need for wires and adapters. However, thismethod only works when transferring one or two photos. Your email has a sizelimit for attachments, which photos can quickly exceed.On Gmail, you can attach as many pictures as you want. Gmail automaticallycreates a Google Drive folder with all your photos if the size gets too big. 1. Open the email app of your choice. 2. Add your email address as the recipient. 3. For the subject line, use something related to what you’re sending so that you know what email to look out for. 4. Select the paperclip icon to attach a photo. Find the photo in your gallery and confirm it’s the one you want to send. 5. Send the email. You don’t need to add text in the body of the email. 6. On your computer, go to your email and find the email you sent yourself. 7. Hover the mouse cursor over the photo and select Download or the download icon (typically looks like an arrow pointing down), then select where you want to save the photo on the computer. This is the same whether you use a Mac or a PC.

How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Wireless Apps

There are other options available if you prefer to avoid cords and don’t wantto email photos.If you transfer photos from Android to Mac, try the AirDroid app. You’ll needan AirDroid account, the devices you’re transferring photos between must be onthe same Wi-Fi network, and AirDroid must be installed on both devices.For iPhone to Mac transfers, the method is simple to enable iCloud. Thisstores your photos in the cloud, and devices connected to your Apple accountcan access those photos.If you transfer photos from an iOS or Android phone to a PC, you need Windows10 to go wireless. Download and set up the Microsoft Phone Companion app andfollow the instructions.Thanks for letting us know!Tell us why!Other Not enough details Hard to understandHow to Transfer iPhone Photos to your ComputerIPhones are famous for their amazing photographic abilities. They’re alsoalways with us, even when our dedicated cameras are not. That means our CameraRoll can get filled up pretty fast.So what to do with your iPhone photos when your storage capacity is full, oryou want to edit on a larger screen? Transfer them to a computer, of course.|TAKE AMAZING IPHONE PHOTOSiPhone Photo AcademyThe best way to improve at iPhone photography in 2021 -Save 80% (Limited Time Sale)| Check Price —|—|— Transferring to a Mac is pretty straightforward. ITunes and/or iCloud willpretty much take care of everything.Transferring to a PC, however, especially if you don’t want to use iTunes, canbe a bit more involved.Still, there are various ways to do it, no matter which operating system yourcomputer uses, and each has its pros and cons.Let’s take a closer loom at how to transfer photos from your iPhone to yourcomputer here in 2021.

Transfer Photos from Android to PC via AnyDroid

If you prefer an easy and quick way to transfer photos in all photo albumsthen, AnyDroid is your first choice. It’s one all-sided Android datamanagement tool and can help you to manage your Android contents with ease.As for transferring photos from Android to PC, here are some outstandingfeatures: * All photos are supported – It will find all the pictures on your Android device, like pictures in camera roll, wallpaper downloaded from the browser, and the thumbnail of apps etc. * All photos are restored – The pictures are organized by different folders, so you can find the pictures you need easily. * Superfast transfer speed – Transfer 1500 + photos in 3 minutes. * Transfer all or selected one – Lets you transfer all the photos at once, or first preview and then choose the photos you want to import. * Ensure pictures quality – Copy the original pictures to the computer instead of the compressed pictures. * Support all kinds of picture formats – Including .bmp .png .jpg .gif .tiff .jpeg, and more.Now, let’s start to see the detailed steps about how to transfer all orselected photos from Android to PC.

 Transfer Photos from Android to PC via AutoPlay (For Windows 7/8 Users)

It will only help you transfer photos in camera roll, and will not let youchoose the photos you need. If you want to transfer photos in other albumsselectively, you can go to Part 1 to get the method.Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable > Tap Allowon your phone when you see Allow access to device data screen.Step 2. Drag down the pull-down notifications bar and touch “Transferringmedia files via USB” option > Choose Transferring media files.Step 3. Choose Import pictures and videos to start transferring.How to Copy Photos from Android to PC via AutoPlay

 Transfer Photos from Android to PC via Phone Companion (For Windows 10

Users)There’s no option for selecting the pictures you want to transfer, and itwill also transfer the videos along with your pictures. If you just want totransfer selected photos, please go to Part 1 to get the method.The Phone Companion is a new app for Windows 10, which can help you transferthe whole photo library from Android to your PC. You can download it fromMicrosoft Store for free.Step 1. Plugin your Android phone and put it in MTP transfer mode.Step 2. Click Start to find Phone Companion and open it.Step 3. Choose “Import photos and videos into the Photos app” > It willtransfer all your Android phone photos and videos to the “Pictures” fileby default.How to Download Photos from Android to PC via Phone Companion

Download iCloud Photos to Computer and Transfer to Android

Syncing photos from iCloud to Android is not that hard. You can first downloadiCloud photos to your computer and then add them to your Android phone. Nowfollow the steps below to transfer photos from iCloud to your Android. 1. Visit, and enter your Apple ID and password. 2. Choose “Photos”. 3. Select the photos you want to transfer from iCloud to Android. 4. Click the “Download” button. 5. Go to your Windows directory. 6. Find “Users”, [Username], and then choose “Pictures”. 7. Click on “iCloud Photos” to find your downloaded iCloud photos. 8. Connect your Android to computer. 9. Once it is detected by your computer, just transfer iCloud photos to Android by drag-and-drop. 10. Remember to use your Android as a media device (MTP).How to Sync Photos from iCloud to Android – Download iCloud PhotosIn this way, you can ONLY download photos from the iCloud Photo Library. Ifyou want to transfer photos from iCloud backup to Android, please downloadphotos in iCloud backup first and then follow Part 1 to transfer them toAndroid.

2. Transfer Photos from Android to PC Using AirDroid

If you do not like to always connect your Android device to the PC when youwant to transfer photos but, also hate automatic uploads of your photos, youcan make use of AirDroid. This android app can connect your PC and Smartphonewithout wire connection. When you connect your PC to Android, AirDroid canallow you to transfer photos back and forth device and PC. Connecting your PCto Android device is extremely simple, but both devices must be on same Wi-Finetwork at least once. When they are connected, there are two methods totransfer files between the devices.Step 1. Launch your AirDroid and search for the application to show local IPaddress.Step 2. Input the IP address into the web browser of your PC.Step 3. The PC browser and Android browser will display accept/reject message.Step 4. Click “Accept” on your Android device.

Method 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone/iPad to PC Using Phone Data Transfer

This easy-to-use phone data transfer program allows you to backup almost alltypes of data from your device to computer. 1. After running this program on your computer, click on “Backup Your Phone”. 2. Now connect your iPhone or iPad to pc using USB cable, the program willautomatically detect your device once it is connected. 3. After connection, all data types will be displayed as below. Select“Photos” and click “Start Copy” to start transferring iPhone photos to pc.

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