List Of Best Free Temp File Cleaner

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List Of Best Free Temp File Cleaner

Here is a list of best free temp file cleaner software. These temp filecleaner software let you clean and optimize your PC easily. All these tempfile cleaner software are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows PC.These temp file cleaner software offer various features, like: removetemporary files from various system folders, remove unused files, maintainprivacy, cleans traces of your web browser history, cleans registry for junkvalues to make your PC run faster, start-up manager, delete log files, removememory dumps, file shredder, empty recycle bin and more. So, go through thislist of free temp file cleaner software and see which ones you like the most.

EasyPC Cleaner Free

EasyPC Cleaner Free is a free software that cleans your PC by deletingjunk/temporary files. It can free up valuable hard disk space. You can cleanyour traces of online activities such as your Internet history. It can removeunused files on your system. It also has a registry cleaner which cleans theregistry by removing junk values.

WinUtilities Free Disk Cleaner

WinUtilities Free Disk Cleaner is a free and user friendly software that letsyou find and delete junk/temporary files. These temporary files (files in tempfolder, log files, index files, backup files etc.) takes hard disk space andslow down your PC performance. It deletes these temporary files and recovershard disk space and boost system performance.

Free Windows Cleanup Tool

Free Windows Cleanup Tool is a free collection of tools to optimize your PCperformance. You can remove temporary files/junk files with the help of it.You can delete invalid registry entries. It can clear your internet usagehistory. It can delete temp files in various system folders. It can boost yoursystem performance by doing above tasks.

Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner is a free and open source tool that lets you to easily clean yourhard disk from temporary files from various system temporary folders. It candelete Internet Explorer cache and cookies folder, and files from the RecycleBin. It can clear the history of various other programs. It is very simpleprogram and easy to use.

HLP Free PC Cleaner

HLP Free PC Cleaner finds various types of temp/junk files. You can deletethese files to free up your hard disk. It scans for about 20 types of fileextensions. You can add your own file types too. It can clean the traces ofyour online activities by deleting your browser history, cookies, temporaryfiles etc.

Free Disk Cleaner

Free Disk Cleaner is a free, safe, and quick junk file cleaner software. Ithas a powerful scan engine that safely and quickly locates junk files in yoursystem. You can delete these junk/temp files to free up disk space andimproves your system performance. You can specify the contents to include orexclude in the scan. It can display the results with subtotals.

Little Disk Cleaner

Little Disk Cleaner is a free and open source program that scans and removesunnecessary temp/junk files to free up hard disk space and make your systemrun faster. You can remove these temporary files with few clicks. It also hasa task scheduler. You can schedule disk cleaning job at any time of yourchoice.

PC Cleaner

PC Cleaner is a free PC cleaning software. It has three strategies: 1)Cleaning temporary files and folders. 2) Removing DLL files in Windows Systemfolder that appear to be left by an uninstall program. 3) Finding more thanone copy of a DLL in the system and letting you use the newest version. Itsends the deleted files to recycle bin and DLLs removed by it are backed upfirst. You can delete these files after confirming your system stability.

PCTuneUp Disk Cleaner

PCTuneUp Disk Cleaner is a free software to clean up the hard disk. It scansthe whole disk to find temporary/junk files. It lets you remove thesetemporary files that have eaten lot of disk space. It can remove temp files,recent file list, log files, old program updates etc. It shows you a list offound temporary files with their sizes and lets you decide to remove or keepfiles.

Top 10 free PC cleaners Free download for Windows

* * *Piriform CCleaner is a great PC optimization software that cleans registry,unnecessary files and manages programs very efficiently. This PC cleaner ispretty old and has a large number of trusted users.A great feature of this cleaner is that it is capable of cleaning parts ofyour computer that other PC cleaners can’t reach. It also protects yourprivacy and speeds up your PC.Piriform cleaner has a paid version as well that features cleanup schedulingand real-time protection, but the free version covers and tackles all problemsthat involve temporary files, deleting cookies and cache and more.All you need to free up space is select the drive you want to scan, and thecleaner will show the capacity of disk space can be saved. You can choose whatyou want to fix or remove and the system does the rest.If your PC is lagging or having storage problems, then you should try this appout. Though it does not include a lot of advanced features overall it is agood app that can be trusted when it comes to boosting the speed of your PC.* * *Ashampoo is another PC optimization software that appears to be like everyother average PC optimization software. But in reality, it has more featuresand can do more than just deleting cookies and temporary files. This app alsofeatures process manager, software uninstaller, and much more.Furthermore, one of the best features of this optimizer is its flexibility. Itis very easy to use; you can scan for a broken registry, junk files, andbrowser cookies all with a single click and erase them with another click.You can also tackle more deep-rooted issues by selecting the ‘details’ button,which displays the results of your scan individually. The optimizer providesyou with full details about what the issue is and why it is better that youremove it.Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018 is free to download but you are required toregister for the app, which only takes a couple of minutes. It is nothing toworry about since the app does not share your details with any third parties.Overall, this is a very efficient and advanced PC optimizer and is a greatoption if you’re looking for one.* * *Iolo system mechanic is a great PC optimizing software that is trusted by alarge number of people. It clears up unwanted junk files which creates discspace, it also blocks autorun settings and bloatware. Furthermore. It alsoclears up caches and browser history to protect your privacy. All of thishelps your PC perform better, faster and whit much more efficiency.Once you start using this software you are bound to feel a significantimprovement in the speed of the tasks that your PC carries out. Iolo systemmechanic is a great option for both advanced users as well as beginners. Allit takes to clean up your PC is the single click of a button.A lot of PC optimization software can be confusing and difficult to use, butthat is not the case with this one. Iolo offers two simple options: Deep andQuick. The deep option takes a couple more minutes for the results to show up,but it is capable of detecting deeply hidden issues.Once the scan is complete you can click the ‘Repair all’ buttons whichautomatically starts to tackle all the issues that your PC might be facing.Iolo system mechanic is a great option if you are looking for a simple andeasy to use PC optimization software.* * *Clean Master PC is quite popular among PC optimizing software’s and it worksgreat for Windows 7,8 and 10. Clean Master for PC is such efficient softwarethat all it requires to scan 1000+ programs in a single click.It searches for and removes junk files and residuals which helps clean upsystem storage. It helps boost the speed of your computer system by speedingup boot time and optimizing network settings and system settings efficiently.The driver booster that clean master for PC features is capable of scanningand fixing more than five million devices and drivers to fix driver issues.Furthermore, this cleaner also helps you fix privacy issues by resolvingprivacy disclosure risks and blocking unwanted access to programs. The cleaneralso offers additional features such as auto-update, file recovery, browserauto clean, file shredder, junk auto clean and more.* * *The name of this cleaner might confuse you to think that this app has beendesigned just to find and fix registry errors but in actual it works veryefficiently for cleaning junk files and boosting up the speed of your PC.Other than scanning, clearing and optimizing all invalid registry entries onyour computer system it also helps your PC perform better by cleaning yoursystem which helps avoid crashes and lags.Moreover, it also helps tackle instability issues and helps correct system andinternet settings as well. It allows you to view all incorrectly enteredregistries and allows you to fix all corrupt entries very easily. Overall, theAuslogics registry cleaner is a great option among PC optimizing software andis bound to cater to all your needs.* * *

An intuitive application that helps you automatically delete temporary

files, items stored in the Recycle Bin, and most recently used files at aspecified timeAutomatically Delete Temporary Files Software is a lightweight Windowsapplication built specifically for helping you automatically delete temporaryfiles from the computer, and this way free up some space on the disk.It boasts a clean and intuitive layout that allows users to perform mostoperations with just a few clicks.The program gives you the possibility to select the type of files to beremoved, namely Windows temporary files, items stored in the Recycle Bin, andmost recently used files.What’s more, you can enable or disable the automatic deletion process, andspecify the time when the erasing operation should be carried out, namelyevery hour, four hours, day, three days, or week.When it comes to configuration settings, the utility offers only a fewdedicated parameters to tinker with. You can make the application run atsystem boot and start in the system tray.Since it doesn’t require much computer knowledge to work with this tool, evenless experienced users can master the utility with minimum effort.During our testing we have noticed that Automatically Delete Temporary FilesSoftware carries out a task very quickly, and no errors showed up throughoutthe entire process.As it would be expected from such a small utility, it remains light on systemresources, so it doesn’t burden the overall performance of the computer, norinterfere with other programs’ functionality.To sum things up, Automatically Delete Temporary Files Software offers asimple yet efficient software solution when it comes to erasing temporaryfiles automatically. It can be easily configured and installed by all types ofusers, regardless of their experience level.

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