Make sure your phone s internet connection is working

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Some other sites that can check and confirm the Netflix outage

Several websites can keep track of internet services across differentwebsites. For instance, you can use the site Down For Everyone Or Just Me tocheck if it is just you or everyone around who is facing Netflix outages.If you wish to check the Netflix outage map and find out where else streamingservice is down, you can use the Down Detector.

Resetting the Netflix app on Windows 10

If you use the Netflix app made for Windows and the TV shows or movies do notplay, you can simply try resetting it. To do this, please follow the guidementioned below: * Go to Settings, then Apps, and then click on Apps and Features. * Scroll and find the Netflix app on the list * Click on the name of the app and select Advanced Options * You will be redirected to another window; Please look for the Reset option and click itYou need to remember that this will delete all the external data from the app,which means that you will have to log into your Netflix account once again.Also, you will find out how to install Bobby Movie APK easily.

Netflix Not Loading – Checking the storage space in your device

If you are still facing Netflix issues and unable to download TV shows ormovies, you need to check the storage space of your iOS or Android device andmake sure that there is enough space to download more content.

Check Netflix’s default streaming quality

If you find out that the TV shows and movies you are watching are jittery orpixilated for some reason, you need to check the default quality option first.While doing the same on Netflix can be a hassle; you can follow the stepsmentioned below:

Why does Netflix keep pausing? Check the speed of your internet connection

You are done with the configuration of your Netflix streaming quality to thehighest setting; however, your titles are still being loaded in poor quality.In this case, you might want to have a look at the speed of your internetconnection.You can make use of a few dependable tools like and by Netflix).

Netflix app frequently crashes – clean your app’s data

Similar to your computer, you can clean out the data of your Netflix app onyour Android devices. All you need to do is follow the steps below: * Head over to the Settings and tap on Apps and Notifications * Here, head to See all Apps and then look for Netflix * Tap on Netflix and go to the Storage * Here, tap on the Clear Cache and Data

Check to See If Find My iPhone is Enabled

Next, you should check to see if Find My is even enabled. You may have skippedconfiguring Find My during your device’s setup, or it may have been turned offfor some reason. * Go to Settings * Tap your Apple ID card (it should say your name) * Choose Find My * Then, tap Find My iPhone and toggle it on * Also, toggle on Enable Offline Finding and Send Last Location * For iOS 12 and below, find and tap iCloud * Here, Find My iPhone should be on. If it isn’t, tap it and switch it on

Check your device’s date and time settings

For Find My to work correctly, it’s best to set your device to Apple’s SetAutomatically feature.On iPhones, iPads, and iPods, go to Settings > General > Date & Time andchoose Set Automatically.Turn on ‘Set Automatically’ and select your Time Zone.On Macs, go to System Preferences > Date & Time > and tick the box of Set dateand time automatically.

Make sure your device can access the internet

If your device is “offline,” you should first check to see if your device hasan internet connection.Macs, Apple Watches and certain iPads only show up on Find My if they arecurrently connected to a Wi-Fi network.On the other hand, iPhones and cellular-enabled iPads should show up in FindMy iPhone if you enabled it.If you have access to the device, check to see if there are any signal bars ordots in the upper-left hand corner. If it says “No Service,” then go toSettings > Cellular and make sure that Cellular Data is on.

Make sure your phone’s internet connection is working

Go to your phone’s settings app and check to make sure your cellular data isswitched on. You should also try to use the internet on your phone to makesure you’re not in an area with slow or bad reception.You should also check and make sure you haven’t exceeded your cellular datalimit for the month — if you’re on a prepaid plan with a limit, your dataspeeds will be throttled when you pass it, rendering your hotspot essentiallyuseless. To solve this issue, contact your data provider.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Well, before looking going into troubleshooting mode, the first step is tocheck your internet connection. Sometimes the lagging may not even be fromyour Microsoft Edge; it may just be that your network server is down. Soensure your network is working and no problems with router, LAN cable or Wi-Ficonnection.You can simply use any other devices like mobile phone to open websites toensure the network connection is working. Also check with other browsers likeChrome to narrow down the problem is with Edge.

2. Check Network Settings

Click on the network icon showing on your taskbar. * Ensure that “Airplane mode” is not enabled by mistake. * Click on the “Disconnect” button on the connected Wi-Fi network and again connect.Check whether the internet connection is stable and Edge opens the webpagesfaster. If that does not help, then right click on the network icon on thetaskbar and choose “Troubleshoot problems”. Now that Windows NetworkDiagnostics will start checking the problem.Windows Network DiagnosticsFollow the instructions in the wizard to check and fix your network relatedproblems.

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