Method 1 Turn on your Laptop Automatically

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Alarm Clock For Windows

Till now you might know that our Smartphones and Watches have Alarm clockfacility. But, did you know our Windows Laptop/PC also has the alarm clockfeature? If no, then do not worry. In this article, we will talk about thesame. Even, in this guide, you will know how quickly you can set up an alarmclock on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.You can use alarm clock features on every Windows computer, whether it isWindows 7 or Windows 10. Yes, you can set up an alarm clock for Windows 10easily.Read more: How to Setup Laptop Alarm Clock that Works in Sleep ModeIn our daily life, an alarm clock is essential. Alarm clocks play asignificant role in our daily life. Alarm clock saves our Time, helps us wakeup early in the morning, and much more. The most important part is that humanscan become late, but alarm clock never becomes late.

How to Setup Alarm Clock For Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 – Desktop Alarm

ClockIn Windows PC/Laptops, we can easily use this alarm clock feature. Some of theWindows have the inbuilt feature of an alarm clock. But, in some of theWindows, we have to install software that can help us to use the alarm clockfeature efficiently. Also, let me tell you that software for the alarm clockfeature is free to use as well as the inbuilt feature.It is also straightforward to configure. We can quickly set them by just usingsome clicks. So, follow the guide below to know how to enable alarm clock forWindows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7.Read more: How to Reset Windows 10 on PC/Laptop Without any Software or CD

How to Set up Alarm Clock For Windows 10

In Windows 10, setting up an alarm clock is a straightforward and simple task.Also, in Windows 10, setting up the alarm clock is an inbuilt feature. You donot have to download and install any extra software to do so. Just followbelow steps to set up the alarm clock for Windows 10.

How to Use Alarms in Windows 10

1. First, click on Start button. 2. Now, open All Apps. 3. Then, click Alarms & Clock. 4. Now, go to Alarm tab. 5. From the Alarm tab, configure a new alarm according to your wish. 6. That’s it. You have now set up an alarm clock for Windows 10. Enjoy!Read more: Top 10 Best Free Windows Magnifier Alternatives – Check Now

How to Set up Alarm Clock For Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1 we can set up an alarm clock without installing any extrasoftware. In Windows 8.1, setting up an alarm clock is an inbuilt feature. So,that’s why we do not have to download any additional software, drivers, etc.What you only have to do is merely follow the below-mentioned steps. After thebelow-mentioned steps, you will learn how to set up or enable an alarm clockin Windows 8.1. 1. At first, go to the Start screen. 2. Now click on Search and type “Alarms.” 3. Then, select the Alarm app from the search list. 4. Now, click on the Alarm tab. 5. Then, click on the “+” button and add a new alarm. 6. That’s it. Now, set the date and Time in the Alarm.

How to Set up Alarm Clock For Windows 7 and 8

Well, Windows 8 and 7 do not have this inbuilt alarm clock feature in it. But,if you want to use the alarm clock feature in your Windows 8 or Windows 7computer th+en do not worry. I have a fantastic solution to use the alarm clock featurevery quickly in Windows 8 & 7 computers. You just have to follow the below-described steps only. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the guide now. 1. First of all, get software, which is a Free Alarm Clock. After downloading, install that software. After installing the homepage of thesoftware will be opened. 2. Simply, double-click on the Time on the homepage. 3. Lastly, configure the alarm clock according to your wish. 4. Done! Now, your alarm clock will ring at your given time.

How to Setup Laptop Alarm Clock that Works in Sleep Mode Windows 10, 8.1, 8

and 7Like smartphones, We want our laptop would also turn on automatically and ringthe alarm clock. I will share some best and working method to enable thefeature of laptop alarm clock that works in sleep mode. I am sure that thisarticle will help you a lot to know how to setup laptop alarm clock that worksin sleep mode quickly. Just keep reading this article to learn it. Let me tellyou that to setup laptop alarm clock to work in sleep mode. We have to firstlyschedule our laptop to wake up automatically at the same time when the alarmclock is also set up to ring.Read more: How to Get Instagram Private ProfilesScheduling our laptop to wake up automatically have another method and wakingup the alarm clock at the same time has different way too. So, I will shareboth the methods separately. Also, make sure you follow both the methodsotherwise your alarm clock will not ring from sleep mode. And there should beno password setup on your Windows PC/Laptop. So, keep this thing in your mindand do not forget this at any cost.* * *

Method 1: Turn on your Laptop Automatically

I am going to explain the first method which is to turn your laptop onautomatically. Follow these steps and make your computer on automatically. Youdo not have to take worry about switching it on. Yes, just forget it. Followthese steps and make your laptop Turn on automatically.Read more: How to View a Private Instagram Without Following 1. Firstly, boot your computer. 2. Now, open BIOS setup. 3. Now, go to the Power Option. 4. Then, you will find an option to “Automatically start your computer.” 5. There, choose the specific Date & Time when you want to set up your alarm clock. Keep a difference of 5 minutes.That’s it. You have now scheduled your laptop to turn on at your given dateand time.Note: Not every laptop has this facility. So, you may or may not get thisoption in your BIOS setup.Read more: I Forgot my iCloud Password and Security Questions and Email* * *

Method 2: Setup an Alarm Clock

Make sure you have completed the first method. Now, I will tell you the secondmethod which is how to setup laptop alarm clock that works in sleep mode.

Best Free Alarm Clock Software For Windows

It’s not just about getting ready on time it is also about being there ontime. In this age of facebook and twitter, it is the easiest to use yourcomputer not just to store some information, but to be your day planner aswell. The awesome and cool thing is that wherever you are, at home listeningto your favorite numbers, preparing your media, or at home all saddled up forthe next presentation all you need is just to set a schedule on your laptop ordesktop. And to help you do so here are the best alarm Clock software for you.Let’s check it out.

Alarm Clock HD

The best part about finding stuff on Microsoft Store is you don’t have toworry about system security. Packing some of the best features, Alarm clock HDmeets your every need perfectly as it displays world clocks, weather updates,currency exchange rates, cool pleasing graphics.This clock displays three free world clock in the free version; if you likeit, you can upgrade at as little as $ 1.99 to unlock the remaining 15 worldclocks. As for setting the alarm, you can set it to any specific time on aparticular tone, repeat it on any day, or if you want, you can put it tosnooze at any moment. Alarm Clock HD allows you to customize themes, clockstyles, clock brightness, etc.This application is as simplest as its name and I tell you this is what itabsolutely does. Easy and free to use, this alarm clock software has a plainand a common looking interface that will also be a friendly one if haveinstalled it in your computer. It has a total of eight alarms that you can setfor each day and an additional one for you know just in case.An important one, you can use a .mp3 or a .wav file as your alarm tonebecause, when it’s about you, it should be of your choice right. It rings thebell well on all the versions of Windows like XP (32-bit and 64-bit), NT/ME,2000, Vista, and 95.

Free Desktop Clock

Let us take the Alarm system to a bit fancier level here. Well, this one isalso available on the internet free of any charges. Besides, all the basicfunctionalities that a proper alarm clock must have, it comes with a coollooking user interface which is also a customizable one.Also, it loads whenever you start your computer and if you have any color-related issues, just change the clock background to transparent. Easily usedover by many users, it gives you a 12-hour format to make it easier and avariety of color skins to get you love it. Including the earlier version ofWindows like XP, Vista, Server 2000-2003, NT, and 2008, it also easilycompatible with Windows 7.The list is getting cooler here as the next software gives you what it standsfor. Here some advanced level timing is taken care of for users who prefer amultitasking alarm clock. This application gives you a 99-hour timer with thecountdown and all the basic stopwatch functions. It is free to use, it comeswith support for MIDI, .mp3, and, wave files. Users can easily fall in lovewith its interface and can also add their messages to list the purpose ofsetting a particular alarm. Just like a memo as easy as it can be.It doesn’t disappoint you when it’s about reliability, and compatiblefeatures, and a cool customized interface. This also supports Windows 7 alongwith all the previous versions such as XP, Vista, NT/ME, Server 2000, 2003,and 2008, and 98.

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