Part 2 Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

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Part 1. One-Click Transfer Software MobileTrans to Transfer Data from

iPhone to iPhone without iCloudOne way of moving your photos between android devices is through the use offile transfer software. This software, when installed on a computer, enablesyou to connect both android devices together, designating one as the sourceand other as destination.Using file transfer software to move your photos from one android device toanother android device provides a secure and sure transfer window, ensuringyour files won’t be lost. A reliable software you can use for this purposeis the MobileTrans file transfer software. Designed to give you a stress lessexperience and simplify data transfer, MobileTrans – Phone Transfer softwareis topnotch and user friendly. This article will carefully lead you throughthe process of using this software.Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone With 1 Click! * • Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud/iTunes. * • You can also transfer 17 kinds of data including contacts, photos, music, messages, videos and more. * • It also can transfer from iPhone to Android, Android to Android, and Android to iPhone. * • 100% safe and reliable phone to phone transfer solution, fast and easy. 4,085,556 people have downloaded itTo begin this process, do ensure you have a good PC where you would downloadand install the MobileTrans file transfer software.Step 1. Go to your desktop home screen and locate the MobileTrans Softwareicon.Open the software by double-clicking on it. A window like the image below willopen. Navigate to the “Phone Transfer” section. This option allows you totransfer data from iPhone to iPhone.Step 2. At this stage, making use of a good USB cable, connect your old iPhonedevice and the new iPhone device to your PC. The two phone icons shownrepresent both iOS devices.Now here is the best part, without having to disconnect both phones, you canswitch both phones as “source” and “destination” by using the“Flip” button at the top of the screen.Step 3. After doing this, all you have to do is select the contents you wantto be copied and wait for the application to complete the process. That’sall you have to do.As an iPhone user upgrading to a new device, thoughts of starting over isscary. It is why you should opt for MobileTrans to ease the process for you.In the same vein, the transfer is faster and more efficient than other filetransfer apps.With MobileTrans, all you have to do is continue from where you stopped.

Part 2. Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

To transfer data from one iPhone device to another using iTunes:Step 1. Ensure the latest version of iTunes is running on your device.Step 2. Plug your old iPhone into your Mac or your personal computer.Step 3. Launch your iTunes. A phone icon will appear on the menu bar. Click onit when you see it.Step 4. Click on encrypt backup. If this is your first time encrypting backup,it will prompt you to Input a password. When you have done that, click onbackup now.When asked to back up apps, you can decide to skip them. It doesn’t reallymatter as they will re-download on their own. When the backup process is done,unplug your old iPhone.Now, assuming you don’t have a separate SIM card for the other iPhone device,take your SIM card out of your old iPhone. But wait for the backup process tobe completedStep 5. Insert the SIM card into the new iPhone device and turn it on. Plugyour new iPhone device into the Mac or personal computer use for the backup.Slide to set up your iPhone device. Choose your language option.Step 6. Set up your Wi-Fi network and choose “Restore from iTunes backup”when the welcome to your new iPhone window appears.And on the iTunes on your Mac or windows PC, tap on the device tab and choosesummary in setting app.Step 7. From the list, select your most recent backup. Depending on the Backupyou Want to restore, select Restore from this Backup.Step 8. When you are done with restoring backup, click on “continue”. Youwill see a prompt to enter your password appear. This prompt will only appearon the assumption that your backup is encrypted.While the transfer is ongoing, do not unplug your iPhone device from thesystem and ensure your Wi-Fi connection is is still switched on throughout theduration of the transfer. This would ensure successful completion of thetransfer and re-downloads. The transfer may be slow or fast depending on theamount of data to be transferred.

Part 3. Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes

The iOS 12.4 version released by Apple also came with its own iPhone migrationfeature. This feature is a much needed improvement that provides someflexibility. It has been designed to make it easier to mover data between twoiPhone devices wirelessly and at a quicker rate than previous methods. It doesnot require iCloud backup. As a result of of this migration process followingthat of iTunes encrypted backup, some application logins and apps are migratedover automatically. Currently, this migration feature is only available to iOS12.4 or latter devices only.The following steps will take you through the process of utilizing the iPhonemigration feature efficiently in moving your data from one iPhone to theother.Step 1. Switch on the receiving iPhone device. Place it close to the iPhonefrom which the data will be sent. This will initiate the Quick Startproximity-based initial setup utility. An authentication pattern will appearon the receiving iPhone. Authenticate this pattern by using the Source iPhonecamera. On the receiving iPhone, enter the pass code of the source device.This will create a wireless connection that will allow you to migrate settingsbetween both devices automatically.Step 2. A “Transfer Your Data” screen will come up. On it, three optionswill be available for you to choose from: * • Transfer from iPhone — which is the new iPhone migration tool * • Download from iCloud — which will allow you restore from iCloud backup * • Other Options — this option include access to the old Apps and Data page for migrating from Android, restoring from iTunes page, or to set up as a new device. While on the “Transfer Your Data” Screen, another way to launch themigration tool is through a wired setup using a Lightning to USB 3 cameraadapter and a USB cable.Step 3. Select the “Transfer from iPhone” option. This will initiate adata migration using a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi between the two devices.At this stage, an “Agree to Terms and Conditions” page will appear. Tap on“Agree” and set up automatic updates. Now, a new screen will appear,indicating that iPhone migration has started.On the screen of the source device, you will see a “Transferring data toiPhone” message. Same message will appear on the destination device, onlythis time it will be “Transferring data from”. You will also notice thetime duration for the migration process. Both devices should be kept togetherto avoid a pause or disconnection.A “Transfer Complete” message will appear on the destination device whenthe migration process is complete. Tap “Continue” to go back to homescreen on the source device. Now you can factory reset the iPhone if you wishwithout worrying about loss of data.The destination device will start a rebooting process automatically. Apps thathave been moved from the source device to the destination device will initiatea downloading process. If you want to continue the process, make sure you havea good network connection.

Install Android File Transfer

The software – can we just call it AFT from now on? – is made by Google itselfand is available from It requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later.Download and install the software by following the onscreen instructions:you’ll need to double-click the file AndroidFileTransfer.dmg and drag the iconinto your Applications folder.The first time you open the software you may have to authorise it to run.

Transfer files

You’ll now see this screen.Files are organised in a mostly logical and self-evident arrangement, with oneexception: if you’re looking for photos taken on the phone itself you need tolook in a folder with a name like ‘DCIM’. Look for a subfolder called Camera,and the photos should be in there.If you’re looking for screenshots, look in the Pictures folder, where asubfolder called Screenshots should appear if any are stored on the phone.You can drag-and-drop files from this window to the desktop. Or you can managethe files, including making new folders.

Troubleshooting Android File Transfer

AFT is free software that’s simple to use, and we’re very keen on it. However,you’ll sometimes have problems persuading the Mac and phone to see each other,throwing up the error message ‘Could not connect to device.’There are various ways to deal with this: the cable may be faulty, forinstance, so try a spare if you’ve got one – but in our experience thesolution can usually be found in the notification panel at the top of thescreen.Pull this down and look for a note at the bottom saying something like ‘USBcharging this device’. Tap this, and then tap it again when prompted. You’llsee a menu headed ‘Use USB to’, and should select ‘Transfer files’.

2.2 Enable file transfer on your Android device

In case Android File Transfer cannot connect to the device, even afterreplacing the faulty USB cable. The file transfer settings might be preventingthe connection between your Mac and Android device. You can fix this byallowing file transfer.After connecting your Android phone to your Mac computer, unlock your phone.You can see a popup window and tap the USB connectivity option from thenotification bar. Here, you need to click on the ‘File transfers’ option. Itwill enable the file transfer option on your device.

2.6 Reinstall Android File Transfer

When Android File Transfer cannot connect to the device, you need to checkwhether the Android File Transfer is of the latest version or is notcorrupted. Older or corrupted versions of software applications usually hamperthe performance, which is usual for Android File Transfer as well. In thisscenario, you can reinstall the software and then try to connect the Androiddevice with the Mac computer. Reinstalling a fresh version of software fixesmost of the related issues.

Top 5 Android File Transfer Software for Mac/Windows

Looking for ways to transfer Android files to Windows or Mac computer withouttrouble? Check on this quick guide to know 5 top Android file transfer toolsto move android data to Windows/Mac easily.

Part 1. Best Android File Transfer Software – Android File Transfer

Developed by Google, Android File Transfer is a designed to help Mac usersmanage their Android phone or tablet in a hassle-free way. It allows you tobrowse and view Android files like music, photos, contacts, videos and etc. onMac computer, and you can transfer these Android files to Mac computer withoutbarriers.Best Android File Transfer Software – Android File TransferPros:1. Highly secure and easy to use2. Has a neat and simple interfaceCons:1. Not compatible with all Android phones2. Has limited features and functions3. Only copy files up to 4 GB

Part 2. Best Android File Transfer Software – TunesGo

Compatible with Android 8.0 and later, TunesGo is also a good option help youmove data between Android device and Mac computer. It runs on Mac OS X 10.6and later, and it can also backup your Android device to Mac computer withouttoo much trouble. But the Transfer & Manage feature (for exampleexport/backup/import contacts and messages) and explorer feature only work forWindows computer.Best Android File Transfer Software – TunesGoPros:1. Has an easy and simple interface2. Can transfer files between Mac and Android in one click3. Compatible with common Android devices.Cons:1. Some features only work for Windows2. Sometimes unable to scan the Android files

Part 3. Best Android File Transfer Software – AnyDroid

Designed as a professional Android data-managing tool, AnyDroid is fullycapable of controlling your Android mobile content like music, videos, photos,messages, contacts, call log, apps, calendar and more between Android devices,from iOS to Android, between Android and Mac/Windows computer. In addition, itcan help you download videos and music to your Android phone without anyadvertisement.Best Android File Transfer Software – AnyDroidPros:1. Guarantees 100% Safe and Secure2. 1-click to manage Android files3. Compatible with all Android devicesCons:Sometimes it may take a long time to scan your device

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