Part 4 How to copy file from Mac to Android by WhatsApp web page

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Restore OPPO Contacts Backup to Phone

Once there is an OPPO mobile backup in PC, you can restore OPPO contact backupfrom PC to your phone anytime you want.1. Use the same way to connect the new Android device to this computer.2. After successful connection, click the Restore option from the maininterface, select the backup file you want to restore (here you can selectContacts) and tap Restore option at the bottom of the interface.

Export Contacts from OPPO Phone

1. Install Coolmuster Android Assistant on PC and enter the Android Assistantmodule from the toolbox.2. Connect OPPO phone to computer via a USB cable. After you enable USBdebugging on OPPO, this program will automatically detect your phone. Once itdetects successfully, you will see the main interface as below.3. How to back up OPPO phone to computer selectively. Select Contacts fromthe left panel, preview and check the contacts you want to back up and hitExport on the top menu.

Restore OPPO Contacts Backup to Phone

You can restore OPPO contact backup from computer to your device with thesesteps:1. Connect the new Android device to PC.2. Choose Contacts from the left window, hit the Import button on the topmenu, click Open and select which contact you want to restore. When thetransfer process is complete, your new device will include all selectedcontacts from old OPPO phone.Well, that’s how to take contact backup in OPPO and how to restore OPPOcontact backup from computer. If you want to back up everything on OPPO phoneas well, you can refer to Android full backup to find out the best way foryou.

OPPO Phone Contact Backup

Before you start, check if your OPPO phone has more than 50% charge to finishthe whole process.1. On your OPPO phone, go to Settings > Additional settings.2. How to back up contacts in OPPO A37. Select Backup and reset > Turn onBack up my data > Tap Back up account and select your backup account from thepop-up window.3. Return to the Settings menu > Account & sync > Google > Press your Googleaccount > Check Contacts > Hit Sync now.

How to Transfer file from Mac to Android

In this section we will show a guide by guide step on five different workableways in which you can use to import file from Mac to Android. Without furtherado, let us get started on the first method.

Part 1. How to transfer file from Mac to Android using dr.fone – Phone

Manager (Android)One way to export file from Mac to Android is by installing a media transfertool known as dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android). This media transfer toolsoftware is compatible with Mac OS and supports nearly all models of Androidphones existing in the marketing. It is the best way to transfer file from Macto Android since it supports different file types and allows you transferfiles in a batch quickly. With that being said let see how to use dr.fone -Phone Manager (Android) to copy file from Mac to Android.1-Click to Transfer Files between Android and Computer * The application provides a user-friendly solution to move photos from iPhone to PC or vice-versa. * It is a complete toolkit that can be used to manage all kinds of data types. Not only photos, you can also move your videos, audios, messages, contacts, and so much more. * You can also move your data from PC to iPhone selectively. It can also be used to transfer data from iPhone to another connected phone as well. * Users can also move data between iTunes and iPhone, without using the iTunes application. * The toolkit comes with dedicated support and money-back guarantee. It is compatible with every leading iPhone model (like iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, X, 8, etc.) and does not require jailbreaking as well. 2,965,271 people have downloaded itStep 1 Open your Mac browser and head to iSkysoft website, scroll through itsMultimedia items and download dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) for Mac. Next,install the software and launch it under the Applications folder.Step 2 A home window will appear with a tray of tools. Now, connect yourAndroid phone and then click on “Transfer” option.Step 3 The program should now detect your Android phone and you can click on“Transfer iTunes Media to Device”Step 4 From there, you can click on the file type that you want to transferlike, Video, Music, or Phots and select Add files. You can also add a folderof files. Now mark on the files that you want import file from Mac to Android.Step 5 Once you have selected the files, click on “Open” and the programwill begin to transfer the file from Mac to Android.

Part 2. How to transfer file from Mac to Android using Android File

TransferHave you tried connecting your Android phone directly to Mac in a bid totransfer files? Well, you will notice that Mac does not detect the Androidphone hence you need to install Android File Transfer app. This is alightweight app that allows makes Android phone detectable on Mac OS Xplatforms with its main purpose being transfer of files. To transfer filesfrom Mac to Android using Android File Transfer app follow the guide below.Step 1 Open your Mac browser and search for Android Transfer File. Next, clickon “Download” and you see a .dmg file.Step 2 Next, install the .dmg file by following the wizard on the screen andthen open the Android File Transfer tool.Step 3 Now, use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your Maccomputer. You will notice that this time your Android phone has been detected.Step 4 Click on your Android phone on your Mac and then go to Mac folders andchoose the file that you want to move to Android. You can either drag and dropit to Android folder or right click on the file and send it to your Androiddevice.Step 5 Lastly, wait for the file or files to be transferred from Mac toAndroid before you can eject your Android phone.With Android File Transfer you can easily move files from Mac to Androidwithout hassle.

Part 4. How to copy file from Mac to Android by WhatsApp web page

Another way that you can get file from MacBook to Android, is by usingWhatsApp for web. Yes, with WhatsApp for Web you will be able to move a filefrom Mac to Android easily. Here is how to do it.Step 1 Go to your Mac browser and open WhatsApp for Web. Once you on WhatsApppage, click on “WhatsApp for Web” and you will see a QR code on the screenthat you need to scan.Step 2 Now, take your phone and open “WhatsApp” app and head to Chats.Next, click on the options at the top right and select “WhatsApp for Web”option.Step 3 Now, use you Android phone to scan the QR code on the WhatsApp webbrowser on your Mac. You will then see a notification that it is connected.Step 4 Next, select a contact whom you would not mind sharing the file with.Click on “Attachments” and the select the video, document or photo fromyour computer and send.Step 5 Now, when you will open your Android WhatsApp you will see the file.You can click on the download button on the file and you will now have yourMac file on Android. It is that easy.

Step-by-step Guide to Transfer Contacts from Android to a Mac (Yosemite)

Transferring your contacts from your android enabled device to a Mac computerusing iSkysoft Phone Transfer is absolutely easy. The following is what youwill be required to do.

Step 2: Connect Android to Mac

The next step will be to connect your Android enabled device with your Macusing a USB cable. Your phone data will appear on the Mac interface.

Step 3: Transfer Android Contacts to Mac

You will need to make sure that the checkbox for the contact details ishighlighted, and then click “Start Copy” to start copying the contactsfrom your Android phone to Mac computer.* * *

Step-by-step Guide to Transfer Contacts from Android to Computer Windows

This application not only helps you to transfer contacts from your phone to aMac computer, but also to a windows computer. You will need to look forMobileTrans for Windows version. The procedure for transferring contacts to awindows computer is pretty much the same to that of transferring to a Mac PC.The following is what you are supposed to do.

Step 2: Connect Android to Mac

After that, you will need to connect your phone to the computer. The app willrecognize the phone as a connected drive, and the phone data will appear onthe interface of the app.

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