Porto Free Powerpoint Template

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Free Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Free PowerPoint Template * a professionally looking business design * 15 slides included in the free version * 16:9 aspect ratioGo to FREE DOWNLOAD*Enter $0 for free download.

Creative & Artistic Free PowerPoint Templates

A collection of attention-nailing free PowerPoint templates perfect forcreative people. Whether you want to present your creative brand, new edgyproducts, or present yourself as an artist, you will surely find a template toachieve these goals. Trendy, pretty, and screaming for attention – thesetemplates will make people notice your presentation for sure!

Minimalist & Multipurpose Free PowerPoint Templates

A collection of multipurpose free PowerPoint templates designed in minimaliststyle, so they can easily be used for different purposes. The clean minimaldesign of these templates will help you bring the focus on your brand,products, stats, data, or anything you’d like to show to your audience. Simplygrab one or all and prepare to impress!If you are looking for CV templates, check out our Top Resume PowerpointTemplates.

Porto Free Powerpoint Template

Porto Outline Design Free PowerPoint Template * a stylish design with outline design elements * 9 professional slides with HQ vectors * perfect for shorter presentationsGo to FREE DOWNLOAD

Stylish Minimal PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this template can boast of awesome minimalist design.For those of you who are in search of top-notch simple presentation templates,we highly recommend checking this one out. The presentation file contains 55slides most of which are made in the black-gray-white palette. This templatehas a strong focus on typography and usability and has various images andmedia placeholders to select from. Every element of the template is editableand can be customized to meet your business needs.* * *

Minimalist Presentation PowerPoint Template

The concept of simplicity and minimalism does not distract users from the mainthing – the perception of information. These simple PowerPoint slides are yourconcise design solution to promote a project. The product comes with 140unique slides, 2 aspect ratio (16:9 & 4:3) formats suitable for all types ofscreens, and many other useful features.More features: * 100% editable and easy to modify * 16 premade colors * 90 theme colors * Free fonts and icons * Just one click for color change* * *

What is a Simple PowerPoint Design?

A successful presentation does not just depend on how easy it is to perform inpublic. It is also important to perform with a good visual accompaniment,which in most cases means painstaking work in PPT. It is important to combinefonts, colors, images, and even audio-visual materials to meet the needs andexpectations of your target audience. Simplicity and minimalism are always aninfallible solution.Presentation slides feature straight to the point design and attract attentionto the key content only. But, before you start building a simple PowerPointdesign, it is worth evaluating it by several points. What is your goal? Whatkind of result do you want to get from the presentation and will the lack ofadditional design elements in the design prevent this? Are you sure the designof your presentation will not create an impression of emptiness? Will yourchosen level of minimalism be enough to show your presentation in a favorablelight? Once you make up your mind that a simple PowerPoint presentation isyour perfect choice, go ahead.There’s a lot of advantages in using a simple and minimalistic PowerPointdesign. A few of them are listed below. * Convenience (nothing extra) and multipurposeness. * No distraction from the information on the slides and your offers, so you can easily lead the readers’ attention in a beneficial direction. Correct accents will contribute to the growth of conversion. * A more professional look to the slides. * Simple and minimalistic design is always about style and a modern look. * An elegant rejection of everything superfluous will leave more space for what is really important. This is your content. Whether it is a photo, text, or video, the free space surrounding them will favorably focus the reader’s attention on them.A possible disadvantage of a simple PowerPoint design is an unfinished orcheap look and the impression that you have almost nothing to say to youraudience. However, you can avoid this with the help of well-styled elements,proper organization of space, and a large amount of good content.* * *

Simple Powerpoint Templates table

Template | Features | Vendor | Price —|—|—|— Miracle Creative Business PowerPoint Template | Free web fonts, Based onMaster Slides, 16:9 widescreen ratio, Picture placeholder, Documentation fileincluded | NISCALASIGN | $17 MAON – PowerPoint Template PowerPoint Template | 70 unique slides, 16:9 fullHD format, 620+ font icons, Easy editable colors, Documentation | PIXASQUARE| $17 Minimalist Presentation PowerPoint Template | 100% editable and easy tomodify, 16 premade colors, 90 theme colors, Free fonts and icons, Just oneclick for color change | GRAPHICMAL | $20 Minimalist Green Presentation PowerPoint Template | 33 Master Slides, 16:9full HD widescreen ratio, Microsoft Office fonts, Fully editable shapes, Drag-and-Drop image replace | SLIDESPPT | $19 Clear – PowerPoint Template | Based on Master Slide, Picture placeholder,Easily customizable, Vector-based, 5 PPTX (16:9) | INSPIRASIGN | $17 Best Simplicity PowerPoint Template | 140 slides, 2 aspect ratio (4:3 & 16:9),75 color theme, Free fonts and icons, Easy editable content | ZANASLIDES | $20 Supremacy PowerPoint Template | 5 PPTX (16:9), 5 color scheme, Based on MasterSlide, Picture placeholder, Vector-based | INSPIRASIGN | $17 Lake PowerPoint Template | 30 modern slides, 5 color scheme, Pictureplaceholder, Vector-based, Free fonts | INSPIRASIGN | $20 KEEN PowerPoint Template | 5 color scheme, Based on Master Slide, Pictureplaceholder, Easy customization, Vector-based | INSPIRASIGN | $20 Blanc PowerPoint Template | 5 PPTX (16:9), Based on Master Slide, Pictureplaceholder, Vector-based, Fully editable | INSPIRASIGN | $20 * * *

Entire Pack Presentation PowerPoint Template with Unique Slides

A huge number of slides have different colors, which are confidently combined.Here you will find flowers in pots and vases, leaves, pineapple, and muchmore. Of course, this template is perfect for various other purposes, but theslides’ design still seems to hint at the presentation’s belonging to thefashion industry’s world.Key Features: * More than 2200 different slides * There are links to the used fonts * 50 PowerPoint templates * 1920×1080 (HD) * Styles for global editing* * *

Excelencia Minimalist PowerPoint Slides Design PowerPoint Template

Excelencia is perfect for a business presentation designed in both blue andgreen tones for a different kind of view. Green represents the color of moneyand it works well for financial businesses. Meanwhile, blue stands for loyaltyand trust. With all the elements and icons, it will represent any businessdata in the best way possible. Use this minimal PowerPoint template to createa pleasing visual experience for your audience.Key Features: * 18 well-optimized slides * 2 color schemes: blue and green * Includes all elements & icons * Drag-and-drop image replace* * *

Free Business Presentation PowerPoint Template for Reports

This Presentation For Business Report lets you customize everything from colorthemes to backgrounds, fonts, and more! Lightweight, charming, colorful, andat the same time minimalistic thanks to the creative use and combination ofshades in different blocks. It will take your consulting agency to the nextlevel.Key Features: * 20 slides * World map * Social media icons included * Drag and drop * Resizable elements* * *

Free Creative PowerPoint Template for Brighter Slides

It is a modern, functional, extremely minimalistic, and responsive template.Primary colors are yellow, blue, flesh. Large sheets, ovals, and other fancyshapes will fit perfectly into a presentation designed for any business orconsulting purpose.Key Features: * 25 slides * Vector graphics * Inglobal and Lato Light fonts * Unique and creative design* * *

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