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1. Python Programming

Python is a multi-paradigm Programming Language invented by Guido van Rossum.It has features of traditional and modern Programming Languages such as C andJava.It is one of the rapidly growing Programming Languages. It has experienced afortunate span of 20+ years.This success tells that Python has a promising future in the ProgrammingLanguages world in 2020.Python has always been the number one choice for development plans. It haslarge programming community group support forums as well. You might faceissues writing the Python program. Posting right to the python programmingcommunity will get you the help you longed for. Not only that, you will be letknown of many fresh ideas regarding technology and upcoming versions of PythonProgramming in 2020.

Applications/Companies Relying On Python Programming

You can do anything with Python programming. There are many technologiescoming in 2020 that rely on Python Programming. Artificial Intelligence, BigData, Networking, Machine Learning are some of these technologies of 2020.YouTube, Instagram, Flipkart are some of the websites developed using Python.Nasa, Google, Red Hat, etc. use powerful features of Python Programming toyield high-quality performance.

2. Java Programming

Java Programming Language has gone through modifications in terms of styles,forms in code writing, frameworks, etc. This is the olden and popularProgramming Language.Many of the Programming Languages are developing and incorporating changes inorder to compete with Java.Java is the deemed Programming Language and is not going to drop overnight. Ithas maintained a legacy of 10 to 15 years and will continue to do so in 2020.The options are more for experts in Java Programming Language. Big companiesalways prefer to hire Java programming experts.When it comes to a Programming Language, you have to be up to date to keep upwith your skills.Digital India is one of the Government projects without question investing inJava Programming Experts. They have given rise to the solid demand forProgrammers in Java for almost every organization going digital.Information Technology industry in India provides a lot of opportunities inJava Programming job profile. This is because every now and then there is anincrease in startups. Many companies are setting up their research developmenthubs in India in 2020. They are not hesitant to utilize the skill sets ofexperienced Java Programming professionals. With this summary, the scope forJava Programmers in 2020 is on the rise.

Applications/Companies Relying On Java

Java Programming is widely used in e-commerce, android apps, scientificapplications, financial applications, electronic trading systems, games, etc.Using Java Programming, you can create single computer applications ordistributed applications. Opportunities in Distributed computing are huge in2020, giving rise to opportunities for Java Programming Professionals as well.

Salary for Java Professional

The standard salary for a Java Programmer is ₹391,797 per year. People withexperience of more than 10 years in Java Programming have been earning more.Average Salary of Java Professional is $105,164.The experience very much dominates income for Java Programming job profiles.Java Programmer Salary in India will be the most gainful in the field ofcomputer and Internet networking industry in 2020.

3. JavaScript / NodeJS Programming

JavaScript is a client-side Programming Language. Node.js developer can alsouse JavaScript as a server-side Programming Language. This ProgrammingLanguage is most often used in web development.Its use in dynamic web page development is also very common. Invented in 1995,it has a huge scope in 2020. More or less all the browsers have support forJavaScript Programming Language. This is because it is the only ProgrammingLanguage that makes it possible to create more dynamic co

Salary for JavaScript Professional

The average salary of an experienced Developer in JavaScript Programming is₹4.25 lakhs per year in India.The average salary of a JS professional is $105,418There is no doubt that it will remain the chief language of the webdevelopment field. It will keep up with being a favored choice forapplications on the server-side in 2020 as well.

Salary for C++ Programmer

Average Salary of C++ Programmer is $118,348The salary scale of a C/C++ programmer ranges from ₹2 lakhs to ₹30 lakhs peryear in India. Chances of being hired by MNCs increase for C/C++ experts.

5. PHP Programming

After Mark Zuckerburg developed Facebook using PHP, it became a trend. Butthat is not the only thing making it one of the top 5 Programming Languages.Primarily, PHP is a without a doubt very fine language. Have you observed thatalmost all websites are using PHP?With Web development on the rise, you can easily find small or big webdevelopment companies. But one big edge PHP Developers have over others in theprogramming field, PHP is very easy to understand.If you are an expert in PHP, you can opt for freelancing projects. It allowsyou to earn handsome income without actually working in a 9 to 5 job.As you gain more experience in this field, your demand increases with MNCs aswell. PHP is one of the quick-growing web development technologies. But it isimportant to have up to date knowledge with familiarity with othertechnologies to reap the full benefits.

8. C Programming

Developed by Microsoft, C is the number one choice for those interested inGUI development. It is the Programming Language for the .Net framework. C isalso used highly in gaming consoles development.If you want to work in the Microsoft Development Environment, C is theProgramming Language for you. C is also one of the few Programming Languagessupporting microcontrollers.Single Page Applications is another area .Net developers are investing in. Csupports single-page applications. Overall, the C Programming Language is avery powerful language for any operating system.It has full support for Object-Oriented Programming features. Strong typing isalso one of the features of these Programming Languages.

9. Scala Programming

A Programming Language that supports functional as well as to object-orientedprogramming, Scala is very popular. This feature of this Programming Languagemakes it more productive for programmers.Java has an influence on Scala Programming Language. Scala ProgrammingLanguage is considered rich in APIs.

Salary for Scala Developer

The average salary of a Scala developer is $151,125The average salary of a Scala Developer is ₹624k per year. Learning Scalaprogramming is considered a little hard but it is worth the investment in thelong run.

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