Setup the Nintendo Switch to Stream

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What is streaming?

In case you’re not one of the millions of gaming fans tuned into Twitch andYouTube on a regular basis, here’s a quick rundown of the live streamingphenomenon. In short, people share live footage of themselves playing videogames, often competitive online games or those that have some kind of uniquehook.Even on a weekday morning, 26,000+ people tune in to watch a game of League ofLegends on PC. The peak totals get dramatically higher than that.This might not sound very fun, especially when you could play a game yourself,but there are often compelling reasons to watch. For example, a streamer mightbe an amazing player, letting you see a level of competitive play that youaspire to. Or maybe he or she does speed runs to finish games as quickly aspossible, or try to find all the collectibles or secrets. In that sense, alive stream might prove informative. It could also just give you a look atreal, unedited gameplay so you can decide whether or not to buy a game foryourself.The social element is also important, as viewers can not only chat with thestreamer, but also other viewers. That creates a sense of community aroundgames, and it’s a good reminder that there are best practices to follow ifyou’re the one doing the streaming.Ideally, you should use the camera and microphone to show yourself playing,and be sure to react to and perhaps even describe what’s happening in thegame. Also, interact with your viewers: mention them as they come into theroom, speak out responses to their questions and comments, and give themreasons to stick around. And if you plan on streaming regularly, set aschedule and advertise your streams via social media.

YouTube Gaming

With all that set, your best option for streaming footage directly from yourAndroid device is YouTube Gaming, the games-specific app from the video giant.YouTube is the home to just about everything in video, and its streams coverPC and console games alongside mobile stuff, with everything neatlycategorized in the app. Note that you’ll need to have Android 5.0 or 5.1.1 ornewer to use the streaming functionality.Streaming with YouTube Gaming is super simple, plus it’ll archive your videosfor viewing later.Getting your stream up and running is a breeze: in the upper right corner,click the little upward-facing arrow with the Wi-Fi-like waves above it andchoose whether you want to stream or record what’s on your screen. Assumingit’s the former, you’ll pick between 720P (HD) and 480P (SD) quality, choosethe game you want to play, and give your channel a name. You can also sharethe stream link via social media before it starts running.Once live, the feed will capture everything from your screen—so considerturning off notifications so your private messages remain that way. The front-facing camera can capture your mug, and tapping the image brings up thecontrols, letting you add visual filters to your camera feed, enter chat, seehow many viewers you have and the stream quality, or pause/stop the stream.Tap your camera image to bring up the overlay, which has quick controls andstats on your broadcast.When you’re finished, the stream is saved as a YouTube video and published forposterity, although you can always delete it if you please. YouTube Gaming isstraightforward and easy to use for direct-from-device streaming, plus YouTubehas a huge audience, so you might have an opportunity to reach a wide audiencewith your streams and saved videos.

Ditch your phone?

Alternatively, consider using BlueStacks, an Android emulator for PC that hasbuilt-in and officially supported Twitch streaming functionality. BlueStacksis an interesting beast: it doesn’t rely on your Android device at all, and infact, you don’t even need to own Android hardware.BlueStacks runs purely on your Windows PC (the Mac version doesn’t have Twitchsupport), and it offers a streamlined version of Android right on yourdesktop. Once logged in with a Google account, you can download anything fromyour local Play Store—including anything you’ve purchased on your Androidphone or tablet—and start playing using your mouse and/or keyboard commands.Android emulation is another way to stream games onto Twitch, although youwon’t use your touch device at all.Using BlueStacks is a bit off-putting, to be honest: initially you’re onlyshown Asian versions of apps until you log in, and it’s an older, trimmed-downversion of Android with a custom launcher. Furthermore, Google recognized mylogins on Mac and PC to be from a Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3, respectively,rather than mentioning BlueStacks by name. All told, the early moments are abit confusing.But once you’re up and running, it works… and pretty well, too. I playedAlto’s Adventure on my first-gen Surface Pro running Windows 10, and streamedthe gameplay to Twitch along with my face from the PC’s front-facing camera.Performance suffered just a little bit once I had the stream live, but thegame was plenty playable, and my Android phone never came into play. It’s aneasy way to get Android gameplay onto Twitch, even if it doesn’t really feellike the real thing.Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we mayearn a small commission. Read ouraffiliate link policyfor more details.How to Mirror Your Android Mobile Screen to Window PCWith lots of features and some beneficial apps, Android becomes the excellentchoice of all smartphone users. We are here with the trick to mirror Androiddisplay to PC. We are going to show you two working methods that will help youmirror your Android mobile screen to a PC.Today there are more than billions of users who are using an Androidsmartphone. With lots of features and some beneficial apps, Android becomesthe excellent choice of all smartphone users. And you might know about themirror cast feature of devices, which is used to project the complete imagescreen of one device to another device. A similar feature is available onAndroid devices, you can just use these feature to mirror your Android screento your laptops or computers.> Also Read: How To Remotely Control One Android With Another

Steps to Mirror Your Android Mobile Screen to Window PC

By mirroring your Android screen, you can easily see your Android screen in PCand enjoy a completely different experience. So proceed with the below steps.> Also Read: Top 6 Best Apps to Increase Internet Speed In Android

1. Using the Allcast Receiver App

You will be using the Allcast Android app and Allcast Receiver Chrome app inorder to mirror your Android display to PC. You don’t need to root your phonein order to use this app. All you need is a working WiFi network connecting toyour Phone as well as a PC.Step 1. First of all download and Install Allcast App on your Android devicefrom here.Step 2. Now download the AllCast Receiver App for Chrome to your PC from here.Step 3. Now download launch the mobile app that is mirror beta on your Androiddevice.Step 4. And launch the All cast receiver of Chrome and there you will see thatyour Android device will get automatically get connected to your device, makesure both devices must connect to the same wifi network.Now you will see your Android screen on your PC. And whatever you play on yourAndroid you will see on your PC.

2. Teamviewer Quick Support

Teamviewer Quick support is an awesome app available that will let your mirroryour Android screen to PC without rooting. All you need is an Android and PCapp of Teamviewer Quick support> Also Read: How To Download Incompatible Apps In Any AndroidStep 1. You need to download the Teamviewer Quick support Android app on yourAndroid smartphone.Step 2. Now you need to install TeamViewer software on your computer.Step 3. Now open the TeamViewer quick support app on your phone and you cansee your User ID there.Step 4. You need to paste the user ID on your PC TeamViewer software.Step 5. Now you have to look at your Android screen, it will send you and pushnotification which will ask you to allow remote support, simply click onallow.That’s it! you can now see your smartphone screen on your PC. This is theeasiest and hurdle free method available to mirror Android display.> Also Read: How To Charge Your Android Battery Faster

4. Using Screen Stream Mirroring Free

Screen Stream Mirroring is the most powerful app for mirroring andbroadcasting your Android screen and audio in real-time! You can livebroadcast everything to Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Facebook, Ustream, and anyother internet popular streaming servers: perfect to broadcast your favoritegames.Step 1. First of all download and install the Screen Stream Mirroring Free appon your Android smartphoneStep 2. Once done, open the app and it will ask you to grant permission tocapture everything. Simply tap on ‘Start Now’ to continue.Step 3. Now you will see the screen like below where you need to swipe thescreen from left to right.Step 4. Now you need to select the option ‘Preferences’Step 5. Here you need to set everything as per your wish. You will get lots ofoptions like Streaming preferences, Video preferences, audio preferences, etc.Step 6. Once done now again swipe your screen from left to right and thenselect the option ‘Web Browser’Step 7. Now you need to start the mirroring. Once started, enter the URL givenon the app to your web browser (make sure your phone and computer connected tothe same wifi network)Step 8. Now you will see your entire Android screen on your computer.That’s it! you are done. This is how you can mirror an Android device screento your computer using Screen Stream Mirroring Free.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is another best tool which is used for screen mirroringpurpose. The great thing about Chrome Remote Desktop is that it allows usersto mirror the Android screen on the computer. Not just that, but Chrome RemoteDesktop also got the ability to mirror your computer screen on the mobiledevice. * First of all, download the Chrome Remote Desktop app. Next, open Google Chrome browser, and then on the address bar type in chrome://apps and hit Enter. Sign in to your Gmail account and launch the app. * Now, on your Chrome browser click on ‘Chrome Remote Desktop‘ and under the ‘My Computers’, click on Get Started. Now it will ask you to download the Chrome Remote Desktop host. There you need to click on ‘Accept and Install’ * Now it will ask you to enter the PIN of your choice and then click on ‘Enable Remote Connections’. Next, head to the Google Play Store and install the Chrome Remote Desktop Mobile app. Make sure to connect both your computer and Android with the same WiFi. Now, log in with the same email account that you have entered on the computer.The mobile app will now list all the computers that you can connect to.Simply, tap on the name of the computer and enter the password.That’s it, you are done! This is how you can use Chrome Remote Desktop tomirror the Android screen on the computer. If you have any other doubt, thendiscuss it with us in the comments.

8. Using Screen Recording and Mirror

Well, Screen Recording and Mirror is another best Android app that can be usedto mirror your Android display to the PC. For those who don’t know, ScreenRecording and Mirror are developed by the same team which brings you the Vysorapp.The great thing about Screen Recording and Mirror is that it not only castyour entire Android screen on the PC, but it can also cast it to the Apple TV,Fire TV, etc. Apart from that, Screen Recording and Mirror also offers userssome more features like screen recording, creating GIF’s, etc.The app has two versions – Free and Premium. You can expect watermarks and adson the free version. However, it has everything that you need to mirror yourAndroid mobile screen to the computer.To use Screen Recording and Mirror, users need to install the AllCast ReceiverChrome app on their computer. Once downloaded, launch the computer app and itwill detect the All cast receiver is connected to the same WiFi network. Onceconnected, it will show the entire screen on the PC.So above is all about Mirror Android Display to PC. By this method, you cannow easily enjoy the large screen of your Android interface on your PC.Moreover, you can browse Android web pages on the large screen and even accessmany apps too. Hope you like the methods, don’t forget to share it with yourfriends and leave a comment below if you face any problem. How to Live Stream Nintendo Switch Games (Complete Guide)(Video)Video game streaming is huge. And it’s easy really, you can easily connectyour computer to a streaming service, boot up your game and a mic, and you’reon your way to Twitch stardom.But what if you really want to stream games from a device that isn’t yourcomputer? What if you want to stream from a Nintendo Switch, for example?(ZELDA?? MARIO KART??)Well, so long as you have the right equipment, it’s not as hard as it mightsound. Here’s how to stream games from the Nintendo Switch.VIDEO

Setup the Nintendo Switch to Stream

1. Connect the Dock to a power source and pop your Switch into it. 2. Plug the Dock’s HDMI cable to capture card HDMI in. 3. Take the Ripsaw’s HDMI cable and plug that into an external monitor. 4. Using the USB cable from the Ripsaw, plug it into the computer. 5. If using the Ripsaw, download and install Razer Synapse and make sure it can see the Ripsaw. 6. Download Open Broadcaster Studio from their site (it’s free) and once installed, open it. 7. Under sources right click and hit Add Video Capture Device. 8. Select Create New and name the device whatever you want. 9. Under the Device dropdown select ‘Razer Ripsaw’. 10. Turn on the Nintendo Switch and open the game you want to stream. 11. If no image appears on the screen change the Resolution/FPS Type to Custom in the OBS program and set the resolution to 1920×1080 and the FPS to 60.

Stream a Game

After that, you should be seeing the game on both your monitor/TV and thecomputer screen. To stream it we then need to decide where we’re streaming itto and put in the right settings for each of those in order to get it to sendit to the right service. Here’s the most popular streaming services:


1. Go to and login. 2. Head to your Dashboard by clicking on your name at the top right then Dashboard. 3. Click on Settings > Stream Key. Click show Stream key and copy it. 4. Open OBS Studio and click on File > Settings. 5. Click on Stream and select Twitch as the Service and choose the closest Server to you in terms of location. 6. Copy your Stream Key from Twitch and put it into the field for it here and click Apply. 7. Click Start Streaming and check Twitch for the preview.

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