Should You Choose A Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Buttons of best gaming mouse for fortnite

In the market, there are already many brands, sizes, and shapes of gamingmouses, but the best thing is to choose one that is adapted to the needs ofthe player. As for the size, we find the large, standard, and small, althoughthe latter is not very easy to find. However, the size does not matter whenadding the different buttons that the player can use.The manufacturers of these Mouse can create them from two to perhaps twelve ormore buttons for the most experienced and demanding players; It will alwaysdepend on the use that the gamer will give it.

Best gaming mouse for fortnite: Setting

The configuration will always depend on the player who is using the mouse toplay Fortnite since these adapt to their owner; in this particular case, theycan configure the use of their mouse according to the weapons that they mostuse, for example.For this, players must know well the characteristics of both their mouse andtheir computer, since, for example, the amount of DPI that a mouse has can beproperly configured with the different sizes of the monitors that exist.So that more Inches the monitor has more DPI, the mouse will need (for thisreason the indicated one must be chosen), and this should be added to theprofile of each player (if you are a first-person or another player), thespeed should also be increased gradually precision of our mouse to playFortnite in a comfortable and stable way. After having set the speed it willtake a while to get used to the mouse and then enjoy a good game.There are other configuration tips that are instead of the physical type (ofthe environment), such as the fact of using the famous mouse pads to keep themouse legs in good condition (which will always facilitate the movement of themouse while it is used).

Other details of best gaming mouse for fortnite

This mouse to play Fortnite in a professional way has differentcharacteristics depending on the one you choose for you, but most mouseusually has several of these characteristics in common, such as: * They tend to be visually striking, not only because of the number of buttons that differentiate them from a normal mouse, but their colors can become very bright and have multi-colored lights. * Most have the characteristic of adapting to the owner’s hand, as they are ergonomic, and their dimensions can be altered both in width and length. * As we already mentioned, its multiple buttons, we must add that there is a mouse with up to twenty buttons on the market, which can be configured according to their owner’s use. * They usually have a high precision of up to ten thousand points per inch, which depending on the mouse, can be modified. * They are made of quite light materials, but also very resistant. In the market, you will find some who have the characteristic of being non-slip. * Sometimes, these mouses allow different settings to be saved if they are used by several players, which is very helpful if shared, for example, with siblings or friends. * Finally, everyone should have the characteristic of modifying the response speed of the mouse with the different games or a specific game, as in the case of Fortnite.

Logitech G Pro Wireless – Lightest Wireless gaming mouse

Amongst all the wireless gaming mice category, Logitech’s G Pro has a veryspecial place. This lightest wireless gaming mouse comes with just 80 g weightbut packed with a load of features. It has a high DPI of 16,000 for improvedsensitivity. And two buttons on both sides. It has a diameter of125mm/63.5mm/40mm. It comes with RGB lighting technology. More than 50professional eSport players have reviewed the mouse for its quality,durability, and gaming standards. For a wireless mouse, 80 grams isexceptionally lightweight to give a fantastic gaming experience. It gives youa battery life of 49 hours with a full charge, and you can play up to 63 hourswith full charge if you keep the lights off. It is the best gaming mice for PCgaming tournaments.

RazerAbyssus V2 – Best Lightweight Wired gaming mouse

RazerAbyssus V2 is another lightweight mouse for gaming that comes in a newdesign and shape and also implements a new sensor. It comes with 5000 DPI forbetter sensitivity but has no side buttons. It uses a new optical sensor forenhanced gaming performance. The dimensions of this mouse are 117mm/64mm/38mm.The weight of this gaming mouse is about 83 grams which makes it eligible forthe list of lightweight mice. The mouse has four programmable buttons that youcan assign for different actions for different games. You will do all thecustomizations in the Razer Synapse Software. It is one of the best micesuitable for lift-off gameplay. You can adjust the DPI settings varying from100 DPI to 5000 DPI.

Should You Choose A Wireless Gaming Mouse?

Even though there are wireless gaming mouses – they’re not everyone’s cup oftea. They require batteries and some models require often changes.Also, connection quality can never be 99% reliable as the cable connection isand that’s one of the biggest flaws of wireless gaming mouses.But it is also something that depends on the personal preference and the levelof gaming you are at.

5 PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse

Award: BEST CORDED OPTIONWHY WE LIKE IT: Up to 7200 dpi resolution, plus adjustable polling rate andfully customizable buttons make this a solid pick for the best mouse forgaming in its price class.Read Full Review: PICTEK Wired Gaming Mouse ReviewPros * High precision up to 7200 DPI * RGB backlighting * Programmable macro keysCons * Keys programmable for PC applications only * No wireless option * Styling not for everyoneThis is among the top choices for best wired mouse if tracking precision andcustomizable functions are important to you. An 8-button mouse, it supportsprogrammable macro functions as well as the standard left/ right clicking andscroll wheel.This wired mouse for gaming also offers adjustable DPI and sampling rates soyou can fine tune the level of precision and speed balance. DPI settings rangefrom 500 all the way to 7200, much higher than many value-minded generalpurpose mice. It also has backlighting which you can set to virtually anycolor. The best computers need the best mouse.

1. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse With Unique Silent Click

There are thousands of great products on the market, but the VicTsing WirelessGaming Mouse is one of the most popular ones. It is immensely reliable,durable, quiet, and all that for a great price!This mouse is a perfect choice for both casual gamers who are on a tightbudget and professionals who’d rather spend their hard-earned money onsomething else.It features five adjustable DPI values (800; 1,200; 1,600; 2,000; 2,400) andprecise optical tracking for maximum accuracy on a variety of surfaces.The mouse is wireless with a 30 ft working distance, which is great if youdon’t have much space for cables and are trying to go wireless altogether. Ofcourse, any delays, interruptions, etc. are eliminated so that you enjoyresponsive feedback and high precision 100% of the time.The left and right buttons are quiet and are rated at 5 million clicks, soexpect years of use from this product. In fact, you can utilize it foranything from intensive gaming to studying because of its silent mechanism anddurable design.In addition to the pro features, the VicTsing mouse also comes with a 45-daymoney-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.Main Features: * Wireless technology * Quiet buttons * Ergonomic design * Durable body * Adjustable DPI values * Energy-saving chip* * *

3. PICTEK 2.4G Wireless Silent Click Gaming Mouse

This PICTEK gaming mouse is the next wireless mouse on my list. Despite thefact that regular wireless mice have a bit of a tarnished reputation, the onesthat are made for gaming don’t typically have a lot of lag, since they oftenhave a stronger reach.The mouse also has an auto-sleep mode which kicks in if you don’t use it for 8minutes. In addition, there’s also an off switch on the bottom side of themouse. One AA battery should last through about a year of use.The build of the mouse is durable, and the soft finish coating on the surfaceis sweat, grease, and fingerprint-resistant. There are 7 buttons, includingthe scroll, and the left and right click buttons. There are forward andbackward buttons on the left, and two DPI adjustment buttons under the scroll.Like with the previous product, this one has a modest sensitivity adjustmentrange, from 800-2,400 DPI. And, you can even move the default polling rate of125 Hz up to 250 Hz. This mouse is available in all-black with blue accents orblack with red detailing.Main Features: * Wireless mouse * Uses one AA battery * Up to 2,400 DPI * 7 buttons in total * Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux* * *

4. VEGCOO C10 Silent Wireless Rechargeable Mouse for Gaming

The design of the VEGCOO C10 silent gaming mouse, the partially exposed scrollwheel in particular, strongly resembles that of the second product on my list.However, there is one key difference. Unlike the TENMOS mouse, this one iswireless.It has seven built-in LED lamps — which can be turned off when not needed — totake your gaming experience to the next level.The mouse is rechargeable, featuring a 600 mAh Lithium battery that shouldeasily give you more than a month of use, but even if you happen to run out ofpower during an important game, you can plug the mouse in and continue usingit without a problem.What’s more, the body of the mouse is of medium size and has an ergonomic,curved design, meant to feel comfortable in anyone’s hand. Additionally, theleft and right buttons are silent, allowing you to enjoy your gamingexperience to a maximum.Additionally, there are forward and backward buttons on the left that makenavigating that much easier. They are not that silent, though, so if you arelooking for a completely noise-free mouse, maybe turn to one of the otheroptions on this list.Main Features: * Quiet buttons * Two side forward and backward buttons * LED lights that can be turned off * Comfortable design * Durable body* * *

8. Logitech MX Ergo Advanced Wireless Mouse

Leave it to Logitech to keep it classy while making it weird. The Logitech MXErgo wireless mouse has a subtle gray design which is made interesting thanksto a trackball on the left side of the mouse. Though the mouse is wireless,it’s actually rechargeable — and it can hold a charge for up to 4 months.There are actually 8 buttons on the mouse, including the trackball (if I couldcall that a button). There are the left and right click buttons and the scrollwheel, as well as the forward and backward page buttons to the left of theleft click button. A single button at the top of the mouse can help youquickly and easily switch between working on two different computers. Inaddition, there’s also a button on the left side of the mouse which enablesadvanced optical tracking, which increases the DPI count.Unlike all of the previous mice, this one can only move from 380 to 440 DPI.Technically, it’s not even a gaming mouse, and if I had arranged the productson this list by DPI, this would have been at the beginning. However, thismouse is definitely high-quality, despite the lower sensitivity, so it stilldeserves a mention.Namely, I thought it was worthy of a mention just because of how odd itlooked. And, of course, because it has two of the main features a gaming mouseshould have — an ergonomic design and programmable buttons. The whole mousecan actually tilt up to 20 degrees, which helps reduce muscle strain.Main Features: * Wireless and rechargeable * 8 buttons in total * Up to 440 DPI * Ergonomic design* * *

10. Razer Mamba Chroma Wired or Wireless Mouse

Like some other products on this list, the Razer Mamba Chroma mouse issymmetrical, making it easier for left-handed people to use it. Still, the twoprogrammable buttons are on the left side, so the mouse isn’t completelyleftie-friendly. You’d essentially have to get to the buttons with your ringfinger or pinkie.The Mamba Chroma has a laser sensor which can have 16,000 DPI sensitivity.There are 7 buttons on the mouse, including the left and right click buttonsand the scroll wheel. The two buttons on the left and the two on top of themouse are all programmable. In addition, the left and right click can beprogrammed to respond to a certain amount of force.This mouse is available in wired or wireless versions — and the wirelessversion comes with a 7-foot braided charging cable. As is usual for Razer, thelight detailing is all individually adjustable.Main Features: * Wired or wireless (rechargeable) * Up to 16,000 DPI * 7 buttons in total * Razer Chroma lighting colors * Compatible with Windows and Mac* * *

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