Solution 2 Force Shut down the PC

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Solution 1: Verify Bluetooth keyboard Power

Make sure the Bluetooth keyboard had enough power, try to unplug all the USBdevices to PC and then reconnect the Bluetooth keyboard to the computer totest. Of course, if you use a thirty-party Bluetooth transceiver, make sure itis connected the Computer USB port directly.

Solution 3: Update Bluetooth Keyboard Driver

If your Bluetooth keyboard cannot work properly, maybe it caused by the driverissue. Normally, it caused by the Bluetooth device driver or the USB driver.So updating the Bluetooth keyboard driver and the yellow mark USB driver willhelp fix the problem.1. Go to device manager.2. Expand Bluetooth brand, find the Bluetooth devices such as Logitech k480.Right-click it to choose Uninstall.3. Then goes on the manufacturer’s website to download the latest version ofBluetooth keyboard driver.4. Install the latest version of the driver.Tips: If there is any USB devices error, you also need to uninstall andreinstall it.Recommend Article: The USB Controller is in a Failed State on Windows 10If there is some problem about manual download and update Bluetooth driver andUSB driver, the Driver Booster can help you. This is an automatic way.Driver Booster is a powerful drivers update software. As the toptenreviews top1 driver update software, it can detected the most outdated and missingdrivers for your computer and update them automatically.You can use Driver Booster to scan your computer devices such as BIOS,chipset, motherboard, graphic, USB, keyboards and mouse devices. Then it willprovide the latest version of drivers including Bluetooth keyboard driver.Then you can download and update it automatically. You do not need to goes tothe manufacturer’s site to find it. So if it is the Bluetooth driver or USBdriver issue, Driver Booster can fix it easily.

Solution 5: Enable Bluetooth Service

1. Type services in the search box and choose the result Services to enterit.2. Find the Bluetooth Support Services, right-click it and choose Properties.3. In General tab, choose Startup type as Automatic, and click Stop inService status. It will stop Bluetooth support service.4. Click Apply and OK.5. In Service Window, find the Bluetooth Support Service, right-click it andchoose Start to run it Bluetooth support service again.So I wish above 5 methods can help to fix the Bluetooth keyboard not workingissue on Windows 10 system. And of course, it is applied to Windows 8.1, 8 andWindows 7.Related Articles:3 Ways to Solve Bluetooth Mouse Not Working on Windows 10Fix NumberPad Not Working on Windows 10How to Open On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 10Fixed: Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10, 8, 7In some cases, you noticed that Toshiba keyboard isn’t working though thetouchpad works fine on Windows 10. Usually, you will be more inclined to usethe Toshiba keyboard rather than the touchpad. In this way, it is necessaryfor you to fix Toshiba satellite keyboard or keyboard keys not working, suchas Toshiba S50-C, C55, and L775-S7248 keyboard. Or if both Toshiba touchpadand keyboard fail to work, there is a surge of need to unlock Toshiba keyboardfor Windows 10.

How to Fix Toshiba Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10?

Anything related to your keyboard will be the underlying culprit of theToshiba satellite keyboard problems, including Toshiba keyboard hardware,driver, and settings. In this respect, you are supposed to troubleshootToshiba malfunction keyboard.Tips: Prior to these steps below, it is advisable to plug an external keyboardin an attempt to smoothen the process.Solutions:1: Enable Toshiba Keyboard2: Force Shut down the PC3: Clean Keyboard Dust4: Uninstall and Reinstall Toshiba Keyboard Drivers5: Update the Toshiba Keyboard driver6: Disable Filter Keys and Make Keyboard Easier to Use7: Check Windows 10 Updates

Solution 1: Enable Toshiba Keyboard

Normally, people tend to press the Shift key to enable the keyboard. You cantry to see whether enabling Toshiba keyboard on the laptop can make it back towork. Here you may as well choose to turn on the keyboard in device manager incase your keyboard has been carelessly disabled or misconfigured by certainprograms.1. Open Device Manager.2. Expand Keyboards and then right click the Toshiba keyboard to Enabledevice.You can now check if Toshiba laptop keyboard does not work at startupdisappeared.

Solution 2: Force Shut down the PC

Upon Toshiba keys or the whole keyboard refused to work, you can simply re-power your laptop. That will re-power the keyboard as well.1. Close all running programs and shut down Windows 10.2. Remove laptop batteries and install them in the laptop again.3. Boot your PC.It is likely your Toshiba satellite keyboard problems have been fixed and itis working fine.

Solution 4: Uninstall Toshiba Keyboard Drivers

In a large sense, the outdated or corrupted keyboard driver is also to blame.If Toshiba keyboard won’t go well with Windows 10, it will stop working at thestartup. Hence, it is worth a shot to get rid of the problematic Toshibakeyboard driver and then reinstall or update it for Windows.1. In Device Manager.2. Expand Keyboards and then right click the Toshiba keyboard driver toUninstall device.3. Then confirm to uninstall the keyboard driver.The time you uninstalled the keyboard driver, you are supposed to reinstall itin device manager.4. On the top of Device Manager, hit Actions > Scan for hardware changes.You will observe the presence of Toshiba keyboard driver again. Try to use thekeyboard to check whether Toshiba keyboard not typing persists.

Solution 5: Update the Toshiba Keyboard driver

If reinstalling the keyboard driver failed to turn Toshiba laptop keyboardback to function, it is suggestible that you make full use of Driver Boosterto find and install the latest Toshiba drivers for Windows 10 automatically.Here Driver Booster is able to detect your keyboard driver is outdated,missing, or corrupted and then recommend the newest one to you.1. Download, install and run Driver Booster.2. Hit the Scan button. Driver Booster will immediately start searching foroutdated device drivers, including your Toshiba laptop keyboard drivers.3. Find out Keyboards and then Update it automatically by Driver Booster.Tips: How to Fix Toshiba Keyboard Code 37 Error?Not limited to code 37, if you find any code error with the keyboard in devicemanager, it is wise to resort to Driver Booster to fix this keyboard errorautomatically.On the left pane of Driver Booster, click Tools and then Fix Device error onthe right side.Then click Detect to let Driver Booster scan for device manager error codes.It is possible that the newly installed driver will enable your Toshiba laptopkeyboard to type and work on Windows 10.

Solution 6: Disable Filter Keys for the Keyboard

It is a common phenomenon that Toshiba laptop keyboard keys not working as theFilter keys are turned on. These Filter key can ignore or slow down brief orrepeated keystrokes and adjust keyboard repeat rates but can also disrupt yourkeyboard keys. Now you might as well decide to disable the filter keys.1. Navigate to Start > Settings > Ease of Access.2. Then scroll down to locate Keyboard and then switch off Filter keys.Without the filter keys on, Toshiba laptop keyboard problem will have beenremoved and unlocked successfully.

Solution 7: Check for Windows 10 Updates

It is also said that Microsoft has released updates to make the system morecompatible and powerful. In normal cases, there will be repairing packages andnew featured added in the updates. From this perspective, it is a necessity toinstall Windows 10 updates.1. Head to Start > Settings > Update & Security.2. Under Windows Update, choose to Check for updates.Take time to get the updating package on your Toshiba satellite laptops.In summary, speaking of this Toshiba laptop keyboard not working on Windows10, 8, 7, you can get down to the Toshiba driver, keyboard settings, andhardware as well.More Articles:Bluetooth Keyboard Not Detected on Windows 10Logitech Wireless Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10Solved: Windows 10 Stuck at Choose Your Keyboard Layout ScreenWhy does my Bluetooth Keyboard keep DisconnectingIf you are using a Bluetooth keyboard with your computer or laptop, yes thereare indeed certain advantages.However, with that being said, Bluetooth is a type of wireless connection, andas is often the case with anything wireless, there may be connection issues.So, why does my Bluetooth keyboard keep disconnecting from my computer?Don’t worry folks, it is a common problem which many people experience.The issue of bad Bluetooth connections between keyboards and computers may becaused by one of several factors. Let’s take a look at the most common issueshere, as well as the easiest fixes too.

Bluetooth headset mic not recognized

If you’ve connected a Bluetooth headset with a mic to your Windows 10 PC butthe mic isn’t detected, you can try a few simple things to fix the problem.Before you start: it’s a good idea to unpair and pair the Bluetooth headsetsat least once and see if the mic starts working.

2. Enable Bluetooth device services

The Bluetooth headset’s mic may not be turned on. This is a setting that hasto be enabled on Windows 10 and doesn’t have anything to do with the Bluetoothdevice itself. 1. Connect the Bluetooth headset to your Windows 10. 2. Open the Control Panel. 3. Go to Hardware and sound>Devices and printers. 4. Right-click the Bluetooth device and select Properties from the context menu. 5. Go to the Services tab. 6. Enable all services. 7. Click OK and the mic will start working.

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