The features of an accelerated online associate degree program vary

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The features of an accelerated online associate degree program vary

depending on the academic institution. We’ve highlighted specific, fast,associates degree programs with each school as well so that you can see at-a-glance what they offer in an excelerated format. As we outline the 30 FastestOnline Associate Degree Programs in 2021, we put the spotlight on the schoolsoffering associate degrees in their accelerated online format in random order,based on the following: * Accredited schools that allow students the opportunity to gain more knowledge and sharpen their skills in various areas of study–without making them wait two years, * Schools that provide fast online associate degree programs and the coursework integrated into their curricula, * Online associate degree programs which have all earned accreditation from official and regional accrediting agencies overseeing colleges and universities in the country.To learn more, see our Methodology page.30 Fastest Online Associates Degree Programs

Fastest Online Associate Degree Programs

Keiser University, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers onlineaccelerated associate degree programs such as Associate of Science orAssociate of Arts in Accounting, Criminal Justice, and Health ServicesAdministration, Homeland Security, Information Technology, Medical AssistingScience, and many more. Degree completion is less than 24 months. KeiserUniversity has received regional accreditation from the Southern Associationof Colleges and Schools.

Fastest Online Associate Degree Programs

Grantham University, located in Lenexa, Kansas, offers a wide variety of fastonline associate degree programs such as Associate of Arts in BusinessAdministration and Management, Associate of Science in Computer Science,Associate of Science in Electronics and Computer Technology andMultidisciplinary Studies. Its array of quick associate degrees can becompleted in 24 months or less. The university is accredited by the DistanceEducation Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

Fastest Online Degree Programs

Located in Bismarck, North Dakota, Bismarck State College has diverse onlineassociate degree programs. Some of the accelerated associate degrees of thestate college include Associate of Applied Science in AdministrativeAssistant, Associate of Arts in Business Administration and Associate ofApplied Science in Cybersecurity and Computer Networks. These associateprograms are offered either online or in a blended format. Degree completionis within 12 to 14 months. Bismarck State College has received accreditationfrom the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association ofColleges and Schools.

Fastest Online Associate Degree Programs

Vista College in El Paso, Texas offers a wide variety of accelerated associatedegree programs with a concentration on vocational topics. A few of theseprograms are Associate of Applied Science in Medical Insurance Billing andCoding, Business Administration and Leadership, Criminal Justice, andLogistics and Operations Management. Degree completion is around 100 weeks or23 months. The college is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of CareerSchools and Colleges (ACCSC).

Condensed Online Associate Degree Program

Brescia University’s online Associate of Science in Business degree introducesstudents to the most up-to-date and innovative business practices of today.This program promotes critical-thinking skills, as well as other life skillsdesigned to assist you in obtaining an entry-level position in all types ofbusiness organizations, such as needed as a bookkeeper, customer servicerepresentative, an administrative assistant, or salesperson.In your program, you will concentrate on accounting and economics, along withmarketing and management. Furthermore, through this condensed degree program,you will receive a high quality of education. Your online Associate of Sciencein Business degree program will offer you course flexibility, properaccreditation and all at a tuition cost you can afford.

Laramie County Community College’s Online Cheap Associate Degree Programs

Known for its affordable, fully online associate degrees, Laramie CountyCommunity College (LCCC) is serving students in Wyoming and beyond. Theextensive associate degree programs available through hybrid and fully onlineformats. Choose from Associate of Arts in Education or Childhood Education,Associate of Science in Accounting, Business Management, and Associate ofApplied Science in Accounting, and Computer Information Systems.Laramie County Community College has designed a blueprint for academic successemphasizing the four general education outcomes. The four education outcomesof reasoning, effective communication, collaboration, and human culture areincorporated in the college’s curriculum, ensuring competencies amonggraduates. Students can transfer earned credits with various Wyoming collegesand universities through LCCC’s transfer agreements.VIDEO********************

Allen Community College’s Cheapest Online Associate Degree Programs

Since 1923, Allen Community College has provided career and technical degreesin the state of Kansas. Through new learning and new academic spaces, Allencan offer online associate degrees beyond the state. Earn an Associate in Arts(AA) Degree, Associate in Science (AS) Degree, Associate in Applied Science(ASS) Degree, and Associate in General Studies Degree. Online associatedegrees are offered in three academic tracks – Transfer Degree Track, CareerDegree Track, and Allied health Programs.Pursue an associate degree in either Addictions & Prevention Studies,Agribusiness, Biology, Biology/Pre-Medicine, Information Technology, orSecondary Education and more. Tuition fees per credit hour are the same foronsite and online courses at $60. In addition to this, a technology fee of$5.00 is charged for both onsite and online students.VIDEO

Northeast Community College’s Cheapest Online Associate Degree Programs

Northeast Community College is a known provider of online vocational andtechnical education in Northeast Nebraska. It offers two online Associate ofApplied Science and 11 online Associate in Arts degrees in areas such asBusiness, Early Childhood Development, Administrative Professional, CriminalJustice, Accounting and Behavioral SciencesRight after completion of the required credit hours, and coursework, studentswho have an associate degree are ready to take on an entry-level position intheir chosen field. NCC maintains its educational standard by only employingfaculty and staff who are proven competent is student services.********************

Trinity Valley Community College’s Online Cheap Associate Degree Programs

Trinity Valley Community College is the pride of East Texas, providing thearea with affordable two-year online degree programs. The college offers bothon-campus and fully online courses, covering a comprehensive list of majors.Through TVCC’s distance learning arm, students can earn an online Associate ofArts (Liberal Arts) in Teaching (AAT) and Music (AAM), and Associates ofApplied Science degrees. Students can also opt to earn Certificates ofCompletion and Occupational Skills Achievement awards. As part of the missionof Virtual College of Texas, Trinity Valley Community College promotesdiversity in online education.VIDEO

University of Delaware’s Cheap Online Associate Degree Programs

The University of Delaware promises affordable, flexible schedule, and high-quality education to all prospective students. The university offers a varietyof online courses that address today’s growing industries. Become a Blue Henonce you enroll in one of the many online associate degrees available throughtheir online portal. Choose from multiple concentrations under the Associatein Arts online program. Complete a total of 60 credits, and graduate with a UDdiploma.The distance learning format adopts the premier learning technologies. Itfeatures outstanding education instruction by notable faculty members. UDutilizes Canvas as the course management platform.VIDEO********************

University of the Incarnate Word’s Online Cheap Associate Degree Programs

Dedicated to providing students an affordable online education, the Universityof the Incarnate Word offers quality higher education. It celebrates theJudeo-Christian tradition in their online curriculum. Tailored for busyadults, the online associate degree programs in areas of General Studies,Business Administration, and Information Technology.The University of the Incarnate Word continues to maintain academic excellenceand is named one of the top online schools by the SR Education Group. Adultlearners pay reduced tuition rates and are free to take online, day, night orweekend courses. Giving special consideration is given to members of themilitary, through giving then tuition fee incentives and scholarships.VIDEO********************

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