To factory reset an Android 10 device

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Method 1: Erase All Data on Android with Factory Reset

Each Android device comes with a factory reset option in default. And thismethod is recommended by a lot of people online because it is the easiest wayto wipe an Android phone or tablet. After reset, the device will be back tothe state when it was shipped from manufacture. Everything was gone from thevisual.Note: the data can be recovered with Android data recovery software and thereare a few ones that are quite good at it. I tested 4 programs and 3 of themwere able to retrieve my private data from an factory reset Galaxy S5. So ifyou cared about your privacy, then method 3 is the most secure way topermanently erase Android. Below is a screenshot of data being recovered afterreset.

Step 2 Factory Reset Android Device

Alright! So, now all your data has been backed up. You are all set to wipe upyour phone and restore it to the factory settings. This process is rathereasy. Here are the steps: Launch the Settings option on your Android device.Select ‘Backup & reset’. Choose ‘Factory data reset’. Confirm your action.That would be it! Everything will be removed from the internal storage of thephone. Remember that this method does not remove the data from your externalmicroSD card.

Step 4 Factory Reset Android (Important)

Factory reset the phone as described in method 1. After this even FBI agentcouldn’t pull a single piece of information from the device.You can factory reset the Android device in order to restore it to theoriginal settings. This will wipe everything from the internal memory. If youneed to remove data from SD card, you can format it. However, in both thecases the data is still recoverable. By using Android Data Eraser, you willmake your the data completely unrecoverable.Top 7 Android Data Eraser Softwares to Permanently Wipe Your Old Android-Dr.Fone

1: Try rebooting your phone or restarting the Fitbit device

One of the most common fixes when a Fitbit is stuck on searching or looking isthe good old method of, “Have you tried turning it off and on?” approach. Allyou have to do is perform a reboot and hope that it solves the problem.The exact process is slightly different from phone to phone depending on theOS, its version, and, if you are using an Android device, your OS skin as well(One UI, MIUI, etc).

2: Check Bluetooth settings and make sure your Fitbit is not paired with

another deviceIf you just got a new phone and the watch refuses to pair with it or you havemany different mobile devices (or computers) in your household, there is agood chance that you simply forgot to unpair it with the old device.With Fitbits, you can’t pair with two devices at the same time if you set-upnotifications to sync to your Fitbit device.When you push notifications from your mobile device to your Fitbit for thingslike calls, texts, calendar, and app notifications, you create a bond betweenthat Fitbit device and that mobile phone or tablet. Fitbit devices can only bebonded to one mobile device.In this case, you’ll have to go back to your old phone and unpair the Fitbitfrom its Bluetooth Settings before trying to pair it again with the new phone.And that may fix your Fitbit that’s stuck on searching.Again, the exact steps that you’ll have to follow differ from smartphone tosmartphone depending on the OS, its version, and its skin. But, generally, allyou have to do is find the Bluetooth settings, then find the paired Fitbitsmartwatch, and delete it.

How to remove a Bluetooth device on Android 10, go to:

1. Go to Settings > Connected devices > See all 2. Find your Fitbit tracker or smartwatch (usually named by model i.e. Versa, Sense, or Inspire) 3. Click on the gear icon next to it 4. Then tap “Forget“Does your Android device look different than these instructions?When it comes to Android devices, each manufacturer has a different Androidskin (MIUI, EMUI, One UI, Oxygen OS, etc).Plus, there are often a different set of steps depending on your device’sAndroid operating system version.So, the exact process to Forget a Bluetooth device like your Fitbit can differeven from one Android phone to another.At the end of the day, find your Fitbit device in your Android’s Bluetoothsettings and then choose to Forget it!

So, to fully reinstall the Fitbit app on Android 10:

1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications and tap Apps or See all apps 2. Find Fitbit and tap on it 3. Select Storage & cache 4. Then tap both Clear cache and Clear storage 5. Next, choose to uninstall the app 6. Once that’s done, do a fresh install of the Fitbit app from Google Play 7. Open the Fitbit app 8. Make sure Fitbit can use Bluetooth to pair and sync 9. Sign in with your Fitbit account credentials and wait for the app to refresh your account history and connect to your Fitbit device

How to fully reinstall the Fitbit app on an iPhone

1. Locate the Fitbit app on your iPhone and press and hold it until the quick action menu appears 2. Choose Remove App 3. From the on-screen options, select Delete App 4. Confirm you want to delete the app from your device 5. Once uninstalled, open the App Store and install it again 6. Open the Fitbit app 7. Allow Fitbit to use Bluetooth to sync 8. Sign in with your Fitbit account credentials and wait for the app to refresh your account history and connect to your Fitbit device

4: Fitbit stuck on searching or looking? Try performing a Factory Reset on

the FitbitThere is a chance that the problem doesn’t have anything to do with your appor the phone itself. Maybe there’s something wrong with the Fitbit tracker orwatch.In that case, we can only hope that restoring it to its factory settings isgoing to help. So, to perform a factory reset on a Fitbit watch: 1. On your device, go to Settings > About (for some devices, it’s just Settings) 2. Choose Factory Reset or Clear User DataIf you own a Fitbit watch from the Inspire series, you may see the Clear UserData option straight from the settings app.Once that’s done, you can try pairing your Fitbit smartwatch with the phoneagain. Preferably after you’ve already made a clean wipe and install of theFitbit app.

If needed, reset your mobile device

And if resetting your Fitbit device doesn’t work either, the only thing thatremains is to factory reset your phone as well.Attention! This is going to wipe everything from your smartphone. Make sureyou make some backups of important files on the cloud or on a computer so thatyou’ll be able to get them back after the factory reset.

To factory reset an Android 10 device:

1. Place your Android device on its charger 2. Backup your device first via your preferred method 3. Settings > System > Reset options 4. Erase all data (factory reset) 5. Erase all data

How to Factory Reset iPhone Devices

1. Place your iPhone, iPad, or iPod on its charger 2. Backup your device first via iCloud, iTunes, or Finder 3. Settings > General > Reset 4. Tap the option to Erase all content and settings 5. Confirm your identity with the password if you have to 6. Wait until the factory reset finishes and the phone boots up again 7. Then set up everything and try pairing the watch againAgain, do not forget that this is going to wipe everything off your phone.If you don’t have backups, you are never seeing any of your files again.Also, make sure that there is enough battery charge for this process tofinish.If you run out of battery midway through a factory reset or software updateyou may end up bricking the phone.Worst case scenario, you could try using a data recovery program in casesomething goes wrong. But you are doing all this at your own risk.

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