Vive Comb Scissors Switch Keys Bluetooth Keyboard

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Keyboard size and number of keys

Some keyboards are slim and compact, while others may be a bit chunkier andwider. Larger keyboards often allow for deeper key travel, which means morecomfortable typing over long spells of work. If you don’t need a number pad,you might even want a tenkeyless keyboard — that is, a short keyboard thatdoes away with the number pad — so you have more room for your mouse on theright side of your desk (or working surface otherwise).

Wired keyboard vs wireless keyboard

A wired keyboard is virtually always going to be more affordable than anequivalent wireless model, but wireless models eliminate the ever-dreadfulcable clutter.You will have to charge wireless keyboards, though, or replace the batteriesevery so often, depending on the model. Some wireless keyboards may requireplacing a receiver in one of your USB ports, though these are often designedto be flush and compact. Bluetooth models, on the other hand, will connect toyour laptop or desktop without a USB dongle, as long as your computer supportsBluetooth — gamers may prefer wired keyboards to minimize input lag as much aspossible.

Best wireless keyboard overall: Logitech

For a slim, comfortable, wireless keyboard, Logitech’s MX Keys doesn’tdisappoint. Spherically dished keys let your fingers sink right in andbacklighting helps you see the key legends at night (or mid-afternoondepending on how far north you are). This keyboard does, however, include anumber pad, which isn’t ideal for ergonomics. But if you’ve become accustomedto a keyboard with a number pad, you may not be willing to give it up anyway.Logitech also offers a Mac version if you’re an Apple user.

Connect hardware keyboards and wired internet

The iPad has drivers for many basic types of USB accessories. iOS doesn’t letyou install additional drivers but it has support for a surprising number ofbasic external devices that you would plug-and-play with a computer.For example, hardware keyboards will just work. If you have a USB-A keyboard,you can use a USB-C adapter and plug it in and the iPad should detect it andyou can type away to your heart’s content. Of course, Apple would prefer youto use Bluetooth keyboards or the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio.Another thing the iPad supports is Ethernet, so your iPad can actually usewired networking if you can’t use WiFi. You can get a USB-C Ethernet dongleand hardwire gigabit Ethernet to your iPad Pro. The iOS Settings screen willmagically show a new section for Ethernet, when it is detected.

Wireless Keyboards for Mac and iPad

Although the aforementioned Apple Wireless Keyboard is the easiest Bluetoothoption to recommend to Mac and iPad users, it’s not the best. That honorbelongs to Logitech’s Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811, which addressesevery one of the Apple keyboard’s issues. Battery drain isn’t a problem,because it has a rechargeable battery inside, and can be refueled while youtype using an included micro-USB cable. The keys are backlit like the ones inMacBook laptops, so you can see them in the dark. They’re also extremelycomfortable to type on, despite the fact that K811 is thinner and easier topack up for portable use than the Apple Wireless Keyboard.The killer feature can be seen above on the F1/F2/F3 keys. K811 can be pairedwith three separate devices, such as your Mac, iPad, and Apple TV, withbuttons that let you switch between them in one or two seconds. This featureworks incredibly well, and the keyboard’s function keys have features that areuseful across multiple Apple devices. While K811 isn’t cheap — it has a $100MSRP — its aluminum top makes it feel like an Apple product, and its greatcollection of features makes it worth serious consideration for Mac and iPadusers alike.Contrast the K811 against the iPad mini-specific and iPad Air-specifickeyboards shown to the left in this picture; you can get a sense of howcramped wireless keyboards become when developers narrow them to match thewidth of Apple’s tablets. I have never tested an iPad mini-sized keyboard thatfeels good enough to recommend over an Apple Wireless Keyboard, so myrecommendation for mini users is simple: get a separate wireless keyboard suchas one of the options mentioned above. Similarly, only the very best of theiPad Air-sized keyboards are just wide enough to provide a typing experienceon par with Apple’s keyboards. Anker’s Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPadAir 2 (shown at left above, reviewed here) is a great budget-priced option foronly $40, primarily because it is actually a little wider than the iPad itholds, and doesn’t cramp its keyboard to achieve unnecessary thinness.There are many other options for iPads, such as the boxy jet black keyboardabove, which is found inside the $50 Kensington KeyFolio Pro for iPad Air. Butthe compromise is almost always the same: finger comfort — sometimes alsomissing keys — in order to achieve a smaller size. A conspicuous recent lullin new third-party keyboards for iPads suggests that Apple and third-partydevelopers are working on something new for release later this year. For now,the safest iPad model-agnostic alternative is to pair a ZeroChroma stand-equipped case with either Apple’s or Logitech’s keyboard, giving you thebenefit of an excellent keyboard whenever you need it, and a thin, well-protected iPad the rest of the time.

Wired Keyboards for iPad

The most obscure of all keyboards is the iPad wired keyboard, a near-mythological beast that shuns Bluetooth and USB in favor of Apple’sproprietary Lightning connector. Apple gave up on making wired keyboards forthe iPad after releasing the iPad Keyboard Dock (above) in 2010. It wasn’tpopular, perhaps because the rigid plastic dock in the back made it awkward tocarry around; subsequent wired keyboards haven’t attempted to includeintegrated docks.Today, Belkin sells a sub-$60 option (above) called the Secure Wired Keyboardwith Lightning Connector for iPad, which is very similar in price and featuresto not particularly popular Lightning keyboards from Logitech and Macally. Allof these keyboards are plasticky, not particularly compact, and no bargaincompared with even well-made wireless alternatives. But if you can’t useBluetooth for some reason, need a keyboard that doesn’t transmit whateveryou’re typing wirelessly, and don’t want to worry about swapping or rechargingkeyboard batteries, these are options. I’ve never actually seen anyone elseusing one of them, but having tested a bunch, I can confirm that they do existand work as expected.

Arteck Low Profile Keys Bluetooth Keyboard

The Arteck Bluetooth keyboard has seven different color options of deep blue,cyan, soft blue, purple, bright green, red and soft green for LED back-lighting, with two adjustable brightness levels. The backlight turns offautomatically to save power when the keyboard is in idle mode. The QWERTYkeyboard can be paired with tablets and smartphones that support Bluetooth 3.0connectivity and features Windows dedicated hotkeys to perform commonfunctions like cut, copy, paste, playback control and volume level adjustmentwith ease. The auto sleep feature turns off the keyboard and saves power whenit senses inactivity for a preset time period.The keyboard features low-profile whisper-quiet keys that allow you to do yourtyping without making any sound that may disturb others. The black accessoryhas an ultra-slim and sleek design with a scissors kick construction thatallows you to use it continuously over three million times. It also featuresan ABS plastic brushed finish for its front panel and a high-grade anodizedzinc alloy for its back shell. The device encompasses an industry-grade highcapacity battery that lasts for six months on a single charge with two hoursof uninterrupted use every day and backlighting turned off. It is compatiblewith Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS operating systems. The Bluetoothkeyboard comes with a USB charging cable, 24-month warranty, a welcome guideand friendly customer service.Who should buy this? * The Artek Bluetooth keyboard is apt for people who want to take it with them wherever they go because of its ultra-slim, sleek and lightweight design * The choice of zinc alloy for the back shell makes the device the right choice for people who give importance to durability

Vive Comb Scissors-Switch Keys Bluetooth Keyboard

The Vive Comb Bluetooth keyboard has a separate number pad that makes it lookjust like the traditional keyboard. The Function keys have a light blue colorfor easy identification. The keys have wide spacing between them so that youdo not accidentally press the wrong key. The keys have a life of five millionclicks. The accessory comprises fast-access hotkeys that can help in boostingyour productivity. It has small rubber pads at the bottom for better grip. Thedevice renders a maximum operating distance of 10 m. The scissor-switch stylekeys offer a good tactile response.The compact and sleek keyboard provides a connection via Bluetooth 3.0 toBluetooth enabled Windows 10/XP PCs and laptops, Mac OS X 10.2.8 and higheriMac/Macbooks, Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher, as well as tablets andsmartphones with Android 3.0 and higher. The accessory comes with a long-liferechargeable battery that allows you to use it for a month or little more on asingle charge. The unit can be charged using the lightning port located at theback. It is available in four color variants of black and silver, gray, rosegold and white and silver. The Bluetooth keyboard comes with a charging cable,a user manual and a 12-month warranty period.Who should buy this? * The Vive Comb Bluetooth keyboard is the right option for people who work with spreadsheets and financial applications because of the separate number pad * The soft rubber pads make the device apt for those who are sceptical of their keyboard slipping off when they place it on a smooth surface

Nulaxy Cross Compatible Bluetooth Keyboard

The Nulaxy Bluetooth keyboard features back-lighting in five different colorsand three brightness levels. This renders both visual enjoyment and ease ofnighttime typing or typing in the dark. The keyboard comprises 12 dedicatedFunction keys. The power saving mode puts the keyboard to sleep automaticallyif there is no detection of any typing activity or key press. The portable andultra slim keyboard has a folding design and is compact, thin and lightweightat the same time. The smooth keys have a service life of over three milliontimes. The accessory features low power consumption that allows you to use itfor nearly half a year with a single charge.The unit is compatible with Bluetooth enabled Android, iOS and Windows tabletsand smartphones. It allows you to switch from one operating system to anotherby pressing just two keys. “Fn + Q” activates Android while “Fn + W” and “Fn +E” activate Windows and iOS respectively. With the power saving mode activatedand two hours of use every day, you can use the keyboard for more than 60days. It encompasses a 200 mAh lithium battery that has a battery life ofthree years, a charging time of less than four hours, a standby time of 60hours and uninterrupted work time of 40 hours. The unit is available in twocolor choices of black & 5 back-lit colors and grey & 5 back-lit colors. TheBluetooth keyboard comes with a charging cable and a leather cover withmagnets that can double up as a stand for a smartphone or a tablet.Who should buy this? * The Nulaxy Bluetooth keyboard is apt for businessmen who use more than one smartphone or tablet with multiple operating systems * The leather cover makes the accessory ideal for those who are looking out for protective measures to keep their keyboard safe after or when not in use

Bluebyte Full Size Bluetooth Keyboard

The Bluebyte Bluetooth keyboard features dual mode by supporting two wirelessconnection modes of Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4G dongle. The ultra slim and full-size keyboard features cross compatibility with a functional lock key designand a separate number pad. This means that you can use each of the Functionkeys for a specific purpose. The accessory offers disruption free connectionand supports wireless connectivity up to a maximum distance of 10 m.The full size white colored keyboard is smaller than traditional keyboards andallows you to save on desk space. The silent keys help you to enjoy a quiettyping experience while the shortcut keys save time spent on controlling mediaand/or launching tasks. The blinking red LED light indicates that the keyboardis ready for connection with the dongle. The keys have U shaped corners and aChiclet X scissor construction that makes the keys comfortable to touch andeasy to type with. The cross-compatible keyboard works with Android, Windows,iOS and Mac devices, with optimized shortcut keys for all operating systems.It works with replaceable and rechargeable AAA batteries that allow you to usethe accessory for a year on a single charge if the power saving mode isactivated. The Bluetooth keyboard comes with a compatible dongle.Who should buy this? * The Bluebyte Bluetooth keyboard is without a doubt the best bet for people who would like to connect it to three HID high-speed devices at a time * The distinct number pad ensures that the keyboard is apt for those who do a lot of mathematical applications or use applications involving a lot of figures

Macally Solar Bluetooth Keyboard

The Macally Bluetooth keyboard utilizes four inbuilt solar panels and relieson solar power and eliminates the need for having to change batteries often.The cordless 110 keys keyboard has a maximum working range of 30 ft. Thedevice helps you get connected to Bluetooth supported Mac laptops without anydongles and/or cable clutter. The accessory features a separate 17 numberkeypad for easy data entry. It also has concave keys with scissor-switchconstruction and thin island like keycaps for separating one keystroke fromanother.The keyboard encompasses an ON/OFF switch to save battery life, LED indicatorsfor Caps lock and battery levels, along with 21 dedicated Apple shortcut keys.The accessory is slightly inclined at an angle of 10 degrees with anti-slidegrips for better ergonomics. It comprises a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery thatcan be charged using any outdoor or indoor light source, such as LEDs, lamps,halogen lamps and more. A fully charged battery allows you to use the unit forup to 150 hours in complete darkness. The durable long-lasting space graycolored keyboard has a super thin stunning and slim design that perfectlycomplements any Apple computer or system.Who should buy this? * The Macally Bluetooth keyboard is specifically intended to meet the requirements of people who work with Apple computers. * The shortcut keys ensure that the accessory is ideal for those who want to save time and enhance productivity by using minimum keystrokes for commonly performed commands like Cut, Copy, Paste, File Save, Print, Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause and more. * The Caps lock indicator makes the keyboard a good option for those who tend to accidentally type their small case passwords in capital letters. * The ability to place the unit in a reclined position because of its slight tilt and anti-slip grips make the unit worth considering by people who want to feel comfortable when they type for long hours.

The Wireless Keyboard

The most simple and direct approach is to use a wireless keyboard. Out of thebox, the iPad is compatible with most wireless keyboards. This includes thosenot specifically marked for the iPad, although to be safe, always check forcompatibility.The Apple wireless keyboard is a safe choice. It has all of the featuresyou’ll want, and you can use shortcut keys for common functions like Command+Cto copy and Command+V to paste. A wireless keyboard from Amazon also workswell. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg unless you want an Apple SmartKeyboard.One of the big pros of using a wireless keyboard is that it is easy to connectand use, but you have the option of leaving it behind. This can make it abetter choice than a keyboard case, which turns your iPad into a quasi-laptop.Wireless keyboards for the iMac and Mac Mini work fine for the iPad. These aresturdy and relatively small but are also some of the more expensive wirelesskeyboards.Most wireless keyboards require you to pair the device. The method for doingso may vary. For example, some require you to input a code that displays onthe iPad screen to complete the pairing. In all cases, you’ll start in theBluetooth settings.To pair the devices, launch the iPad Settings app. On the left-side menu, findand tap Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is off, turn it on by tapping the on/offswitch. It may take a few seconds for the iPad to discover the wirelesskeyboard. When it appears in the list, tap it. If it requires you to input acode, the iPad displays a code on the screen that you enter on the keyboard.If the keyboard doesn’t appear on the list, make sure it is turned on and thebatteries aren’t dead. If the keyboard has a Bluetooth button to make itdiscoverable, tap it so that the iPad will recognize the keyboard.

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