What Are The Most Played RPGs on PC

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Try Out The Best Split Screen Games for Your PC

Before you start commenting “A few games are not SPLIT-SCREEN” and bring yourpitchforks, I’d personally like to explain that most split-screen games sharethe same genre, gameplay, etc. Halo The Master Chief Collection offers split-screen, but it plays similar to Call of Duty since both are arcade shooters.Same goes for Borderlands. Most racers have split-screen, so we can’t put themall but we tried to cover different racing styles ranging from arcade tosimulation etc.We have actually opted for a few games that serve the same purpose as split-screen games, which is couch co-op experience on a single shared screen.Still, if you think there are some other amazing split-screen games out therethen feel free to mention them in the comments below and we’ll probably put upan honorable mentions section for them.Top 10 Most Popular RPGs on PC (Bestsellers)

What Are The Most Played RPGs on PC?

RPGs and the PC go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Michael Jacksonand Tito, or like millenials and nihilistic irony. Since the first RPGs for PCback in the 80s, the genre has come a long way from simple text basedadventures and 8-bt graphics to sprawling, intricate worlds in glorious HDsplendor. RPGs are notorious for sucking away absolutely all of your freetime, but with the sheer number of titles available, it can be hard to choosewhich RPG you would like to play until your eyes bleed. Luckily for you (andfor your eyes), I am here to tell you what’s what. So sit back and enjoy as wego over a list of the 10 most popular RPGs on PC right now.

1) Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Let’s play videoIf you have been keeping up with the RPG scene, you probably knew this wascoming. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was, in my humble opinion, the first true next-gen RPG. No other game has come close to the epic scale of Witcher 3 and veryfew other games stack up in terms of narrative, writing, characters, and worldbuilding elements. Add in two content packed yet reasonably priced DLCs, andit’s no wonder this game always pops up on lists of the greatest games of alltime.Witcher 3 sees the player take on the role of Geralt of Rivia, a member of acaste known as witchers, genetically mutated monster slayers-for-hire. Geraltis on a quest to find his long lost adoptive daughter and ward Ciri, who isbeing pursued by a band of otherworldly horsemen known as the Wild Hunt. Alongthe way, Geralt must also deal with the aftermath of a military invasion fromthe southern Nilfgaardian Empire. Many story lines weave and intertwine,crafting a complex, mature, and deep narrative that really pushes the limitsof the artistic medium of video games.Witcher 3 plays as a 3rd person action RPG, with combat taking place in realtime. Geralt can walk, run, roll, and (for the first time in the series) jump,climb, and swim. You are required to explore a massive fantasy world, repletewith monsters to fight, treasure to loot, and quests to complete. Don’t expectany pointless filler either; every single fiber of Witcher 3 is crafted withpurpose and drive. Combat is fast and intense, with every monster slain makingyou feel like a complete bad-ass. Combat is not the solution to every problemthough. Sometimes you must use diplomacy (or deception) to quell your enemies.The sheer number of different story paths to choose gives the game immensereplay value, as over 36 unique endings exist, each sensitive to someparticular in-game conditions.Witcher 3 was released in 2015 to near universal critical acclaim. The gamecurrently holds a 93 out of 100 on Metacritic, and has won numerous game ofthe year awards. Before release, the game garnered over 1.5 million pre-sales,and within two weeks of release it had sold over 4 million copies. By March2016, only a year after release, CDProjektRed announced that the Witcher 3 hadsold over 10 million copies. By March 2018, the series as a whole had soldover 33 million copes, with over half of those sales numbers belonging toWitcher 3.You may also be interested in:24 Best Chromebook Games You Should Play in 2021Chromebook is not known for gaming and rightly so. However, things arechanging quite rapidly as Google is bringing millions of Android apps onChrome OS with mouse and keyboard compatibility. So, if you want to know thecurrent state of gaming on Chromebook, you have come to the right place. Inthis article, I bring you the 24 best Chromebook games that you shoulddefinitely play in 2021. Along with that, I have also tried to provide anoverview of how gaming is improving on Chromebooks with the launch of Stadia,GeForce Now, and Steam. Now having said all of that, let’s begin the article.

The Best Chromebook Games Ranked for You

So that was our list of the 24 best Chromebook games that you shoulddefinitely play on your Chromebook. I have tried to include all kinds of gamesavailable on cloud services to Android games compatible with Chrome OS rightnow. Apart from that, I have also mentioned Steam in the very beginning sothat you can taste the potential of PC gaming on your Chromebook. Anyway, thatis all from us. If I missed to include your favorite game in the list, docomment down below and let us know.30 Video Games From The 90s Everyone Played (But Forgot About)The 1990s was a decade which yielded many innovations in gaming. It was thetime in which games made the leap from sprite-based graphics to full 3Dgraphics. The introduction of discs instead of cartridges also meant gamesbecame much bigger and more detailed.It also marked the period in which arcade games began to decline in popularityas home consoles became more common and more affordable. These consolesincluded the Sega Genesis and later the Dreamcast, Nintendo’s Gameboy and N64and the Sony PlayStation.It truly was a remarkable time for gaming. Game graphics and sound both madehuge leaps over this period and we also saw the introduction of the firstanalog stick and haptic feedback functionality in a controller. Much of thetechnology introduced in the 1990s still underpins the games of today.In terms of the games themselves the first person shooter, real-time strategy,survival-horror, and MMO genres were born in the ’90s. The end of the decadealso saw the beginnings of online gaming support with online capabilitiesbecoming standard on newer consoles.Many popular gaming franchises also began in the ’90s and are still runningnow. These include The Elder Scrolls, Grand Theft Auto, and Warcraftfranchises as well as the Mario Kart and Mario Party series.So what about the other games? As well as the classics everyone remembers,such as the recently remastered Spyro franchise, there were many more gameswhich everyone played but most people have forgotten. Here are 30 of thoseclassics. How many can you remember?

21 Windows Games

Via RedditThe 1990s was also a decade in which PC’s became more common. The release ofWindows 95 and Internet Explorer both marked huge advancements for homecomputing. Over the next few years, PCs would become more popular, bringingwith them a range of simple games.Windows 95 came with pre-installed games which defined 90s PC gaming.These were Minesweeper, Solitaire, Freecell and 3D Pinball Space Cadet. Anyonewho had a PC in the late 90s has played these games, often for hours. They areall simple and mostly terrible but for many, these were the first taste of pcgaming.

Action games:

Action games, as one of the most popular ones currently, provide a great dealof fun for those who do not necessarily need a great story within the game.Those games engage our motor functions, and may require some practice in termsof hand and eye movements. While Action genre is contained within each andevery subsequent genre, it definitely deserves it’s own paragraph. Here areseveral examples of Action games:

Adventure games

I don’t think there is much need to describe adventure games, other than thefact that their main focus is put on the plot.Very often those games also require you to think twice before you make adecision that may change the entire course of the game. For those who findenjoyment in focusing their minds, playing particular stories, solving puzzlesetc. this is a genre to try out.

Role-playing games

This genre nowadays is probably as hard to describe as answer to question“what life is?”It evolved so much over the years, that the name of the genre may have nothingto do with an actual gameplay.In simplest words – RPG is a genre in which player takes control over thecharacter, plays the role, and simply decides its fate. The other undoubtedlyalways appearing feature of every RPG is growth of the character that isplayed, usually a specific skill tree that allows character customization.This is very often also paired with a good plot and multitude of subplots. RPGsingle player games, are one of those games that usually take the longest tofinish the main content of the game (ranging from 50 to 120 hours, or evenlonger). Below I’ll show example of a few most popular RPG games that werereleased:

World of Warcraft

VIDEOOf course we didn’t forget about good (old?) WoW! World of Warcraft is aMMORPG, basically an RPG that supports many players. Hundreds of thousands ofplayers packed in one world (across multiple servers) work together (oragainst each other) to fight the greater evil – it cannot be described anyeasier.Thousands of hours of continuous enjoyment of the game, tons of updates andseveral already released expansions. Definitely an RPG worth giving a shot.

Strategy games

The aim of strategy games is to force player into making many decisions thathave long term effects.Strategic games usually allow multiple ways to finish the game and player mustchoose which one is the best to follow at a given circumstances. The mostpopular (but not PC) strategy game is chess. PC strategies follow similarpattern. There are many subcategories to those games that link this genre withother types of games. Here are a couple examples:

League of Legends

VIDEOMOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, such as League of Legends aremeant to bring out the competitive side of every person playing it.Those strategy games require not only a great strategic mind, but also quickhands and watchful eyes (just like RTS), since strategy alone is not enough towin the game. League of Legends (among other similar games) very oftenorganize e-sport championships where people can win prizes soon to becomparable to those that are distributed in real sports. League of Legends isalso the most watched esports content on the Internet.

Tower Defence games

VIDEOTower Defence (TD) strategies are quite similar in almost every aspect.Nowadays it’s quite hard to find unique game in this sub-genre. The aim ofthose games is to create and improve defensive “towers”that are supposed toprotect the base from the invaders which are increasingly difficult to defeat.Pretty enjoyable time consumer, available everywhere, since TD is very oftenavailable on Android or iPhones.

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