What You Can Do at Job if You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tips to Prevent

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How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel with a Desk Job

posted on January 31, 2020 by GoldtouchCarpal tunnel is a very common problem among office workers who spend most oftheir day sitting at a computer and typing on a keyboard. Symptoms of thecondition include numbness, tingling, and pain in the wrists and hands and canmake the act of typing difficult. The fact that desk jobs require a lot oftyping means it’s hard for people to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome withoutergonomic changes.One of the causes of carpal tunnel is most definitely the result of excessivetyping and repeated flexing of the wrists, but it can be alleviated throughproper medical care, making ergonomic changes to the workspace, and sometimessurgery. Some individuals have such severe cases of carpal tunnel that theycan no longer make a living at any type of position that requires constantflexing of the wrists and need to apply for Social Security DisabilityInsurance for income. Here’s a look at how to avoid carpal tunnel at the deskjob and stay pain-free.

When Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Goes On for Too Long

Carpal tunnel syndrome is classified as an entrapment neuropathy. It’srecommended to get treatment sooner than later in order to start the healingprocess, but not everyone seeks out treatment right away. Too muchinflammation over a period of time may require surgery which has mixedresults. Surgery may not be successful and the ongoing pain can preventsomeone from going back to their desk job which leads to going on SocialSecurity Disability Insurance (SSDI). Social Security does recognize carpaltunnel as a legitimate disability, but it’s possible to be denied disabilityeven if there’s strong documentation that shows CTS prevents someone fromworking at their accustomed role.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: In Brief!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the outcome of the pressure on the nerve in thewrist.1 With this, the median nerve that supplies much of the feeling to ahand is impacted. The most frequent causes of carpal tunnel syndrome arerepetitive hand and wrist motions and thus this condition is most oftenconsidered as a repetitive stress injury or RSI. Moreover, carpal tunnelsyndrome can also be caused by medical conditions like arthritis or lupus. Thenumbness, burning, tingling, pain and weakness in the hands can seriouslyimpact one’s ability to function.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is more commonly seen in women than men and also in themiddle-aged and elderly people than in children or youth ones. However itcould affect anyone at any time. Other risk factors of Carpal tunnel syndromeinclude wrist injury, pregnancy, family history of Carpal tunnel syndrome,repeated use of percussive or vibrating tools, health conditions likediabetes, arthritis, an underactive thyroid gland etc.Symptoms like numbness, pain or aching in the hand tends to develop graduallyand are often initially worse during night. At times, the ache may alsodevelop up to the arm, shoulder and neck. Carpal tunnel syndrome make itreally difficult to grip or grasp objects and perform specific tasks likefastening buttons which can really affects an individual’s ability to work.For treating carpal tunnel syndrome one must either wear a wrist splint, gofor physical therapy like exercises or stretching, occupational therapy, takecorticosteroids or corticosteroid injections in the affected portion, and evenat times surgery.

Jobs for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers: Best and Worst Jobs for Carpal Tunnel


Best Jobs for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers:

Before we mention anything about the best jobs for carpal tunnel sufferers; wemust also mention that in case a surgery is required for your condition,kindly go for it and correct the syndrome. It may take 14-21 days to getcorrected after the surgery and then you can look for your works. However, ifyou have mild symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and are taking medications orany other prescribed treatments for the condition and are willing to work orperform your job so as to keep earning then below are some of the suitablejobs for you. 1. Quality Control:One of the best jobs for carpal tunnel sufferers is Quality control. Qualitycontrol has several sectors and different process that require evaluation andthis involves your brains over hands and thus this might be a wonderful jobfor you if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. 2. Laboratory Technician:You can also check about the QA technologist. Quality control might not payyou as much as Laboratory technician. You can look for this job too, howeveryou need to take care of your hands, else you may become permanentlyincapacitated. 3. Marketing Evaluation:Marketing evaluation is one more possibility, as it involves reaching out andwhile talking to people you need to evaluate their response. Big corporationactually pay well for this work. 4. A Therapist Or A Social Worker:You can go for a social worker job, in case you have carpal tunnel syndrome.This does not make use of much of your wrist. Make sure you keep a check onyour condition while working. 5. Solicitor:In case you like law and have studied it then you may try your luck with asolicitor profession. Here in this profession you usually do not make use ofmuch of your hands, and mainly go for conference meetings that may be suitablefor your condition.

Worst Jobs for Carpal Tunnel Sufferers:

Today, researchers are still learning about the causes of Carpal TunnelSyndrome. Though not all studies have linked particular professions to carpaltunnel syndrome, others have found a correlation between the condition andspecific jobs. It is noted that the average person spends 70% of their timeworking in their chosen profession; and if that profession involves certainrepetitive, strenuous hand motions like using vibrating machinery; that meansa lot of time is been spent in putting stress on the hands and the wrist. Letus now talk about some of the worst jobs for Carpal tunnel sufferers. 1. Mechanic:Making use of Rachet, Screwdriver, power tools etc in a mechanic’s job canactually worsen the condition in Carpal tunnel syndrome. So this is not at alla fit job for you if you are a carpal tunnel sufferer. 2. Professional Gardener:Hand weeding, power tools when used while gardening can impact your wrists andhand pain in Carpal tunnel. 3. Garment Worker, Sewer, Tailor:Grasping and tugging fabric, pulling etc can cause more of hand and wrist painif you are a carpal tunnel sufferer. So, this is listed under worst jobs forcarpal tunnel syndrome. 4. Clerk and Secretary:One more profession that is absolutely not for carpal tunnel sufferers is ajob of clerk or secretary. This is because these jobs involve a lot ofkeyboarding, using mouse, filing etc that are not suitable for the condition. 5. Painter:Painter job is also unfit for a person with carpal tunnel syndrome. Usingspray guns while painting, can increase the pain in wrists and hands. 6. Dental Hygienist:Dental hygienists usually have to make use of small tools. Such professionsare absolutely not suitable for carpal tunnel sufferers. 7. Transcriptionist and Computer Programmers:Such jobs are also not fit for people with carpal tunnel syndrome as theyinvolve keyboarding, using of mouse etc. 8. Hair Dresser:Handling brushes and combs for a longer period of time in hair dresserprofession can worsen the condition in carpal tunnel syndrome. 9. Musicians:Carpal tunnel sufferers can also not go for the musician profession as theremay be requirement of paying string instruments, use of bow etc. which cancause more pain in hands and wrist. 10. Cashier:One more, worst job for carpal tunnel sufferer is Cashier where the individualhas to use laser scanner that can worsen the symptoms in carpal tunnelsyndrome. 11. Sonographers:Sonographers have to use electronic devices which can worsen the condition incarpal tunnel syndrome. 12. Radiologist:Do not choose to be a radiologist if you are a carpal tunnel sufferer. This isbecause this job involves a lot of use of keyboard, use of mouse etc. 13. Massage Therapists:One more job that can worsen the symptoms in carpal tunnel syndrome is a jobof massage therapist. Forceful hand motions while performing the massage canactually cause a great amount of pain in wrists and hands. 14. Meatpacker/Poultry/Butcher:Cutting, making use of knife can also cause severe pain in hands; especiallyif you are a carpal tunnel sufferer. So, working as a butcher, in poultry,meatpacker etc are absolutely the worst jobs for you. 15. Agricultural Worker and Factory Worker:If you are working as a factory worker or an agriculture worker and wearingpoorly fitting gloves while working or working without breaks, it may causeyou severe pain in hands if you are having carpal tunnel syndrome. 16. Carpenter:Carpenter has to use hand tools, power tools while performing his or her taskand this may cause serious damage if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. 17. Locksmith:Turning keys, using small tools can cause damage if you are a locksmith andhave carpal tunnel syndrome. 18. Electronic Industry Workers:Assembling small parts as an electronic industry worker can cause pain inwrists and hands if you are a carpal tunnel sufferer.

What You Can Do at Job if You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Tips to Prevent

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome While At Work: 1. Perform Specific Exercises:Specific types of exercises can actually be beneficial in preventing carpaltunnel syndrome and also in reducing symptoms if you have the condition.Stretching and strengthening exercises are some exercises which would help youlower the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. In particular, shake out and stretchyour wrist. You can do this, even by taking short breaks from work. 2. Create an Ergonomic Workspace:You need to create an ergonomic workplace. In case you spend a lot of timesusing a computer, then position it directly in front of you. You also need toadjust your chair so that your forearms are level with the keyboard. 3. Bring An Ergonomic Mousepad, Keyboard or Keyboard Pad:Bring an ergonomic mousepad, keyboard or keyboard pad. Pads actually prop yourhands so as to keep your fingers, palms and wrists in proper position.Ergonomic keyboards allow you to maintain a more natural position of the wristwhile typing. You may also get a vertical mouse that would allow you to pointyour thumb upward while you are working. 4. Take Breaks While At Work:Repetitive tasks can take a toll on your wrists. This is the reason you needto take a break, especially if your wrists feel like requiring a break. Youcan rotate tasks throughout the day so that you are not in the same positionconstantly. In case you are not able to rotate tasks then try to at leastrotate which hand you use for the repetitive motions at your work. 5. Wear Fingerless Gloves:In case you are working in a cold environment then wear fingerless gloves.This would prevent stiffness in the fingers. 6. Wear Splints To Keep Wrists Straight:You must wear splints for keeping your wrists straight. This would work as anextra precaution for keeping your wrists in good working condition. 7. Use Correct Posture And Wrist Position:Make sure that you are using correct posture and wrist position. Be very surethat when performing repetitive tasks, you are keeping your wrists as straightas it is possible. In case it is possible then choose to use workstations,tools and tool handles that are designed to keep your wrists in a naturalposition while working.

Getting Disability Benefits in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

Carpal tunnel syndrome may keep you away from working. There may bepossibility that you may not even brush your hair, sign your name, or evenopen a bottle of jar because of carpal tunnel syndrome. Moreover, weakness,tingling of hand, numbness etc may keep you from performing specific taskslike filing documents, or even sorting records. The pain in carpal tunnelsyndrome may be so severe that you may require a break from your work. In suchextreme cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, you would have to go for a surgery.In such a scenario, you can go for filing for benefits, where you are disabledto work and thus would require some help. For this you would require a SocialSecurity Disability lawyer who would help you through the process of filingand fighting on your behalf for getting you the disability benefits for carpaltunnel syndrome.You would be required to maintain and submit your medical records, yourphysician notes, evidences of restrictions and your limitations, test results,treatment that you must have undergone and the treatment results too. Apartfrom all these you might also have to submit the documentation that shows howyour carpal tunnel syndrome has actually impacted your life negatively andaffected your ability to perform tasks or ability to work.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel

When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, symptoms occur gradually. Some commonsymptoms of carpal tunnel include: * Pain in hand, wrist, or forearm * Numbness or tingling in the fingers * Difficulty gripping objects * Hand or wrist weaknessAt Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta, Dr. Williams offers carpal tunnelrelief to patients of all ages.

Carpal tunnel causes

The exact cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is the pressure on the median nervethat runs from the forearm to your wrist. This pressure can occur because of: * Arthritis * Chronic illness * Fluid retention * Excess weight * Inflammatory illness * Lifestyle choices, including diet, smoking, alcohol use, and sedentary life * Previous dislocation or fracture of the wrist * Occupational factorsMen and women who have jobs that involve repetitive wrist movement, includingassembly line work, manufacturing, construction, or keyboard occupations, aremost at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome in Atlanta, GA.

Carpal tunnel treatment

The best treatment for your carpal tunnel symptoms will depend on theseverity. Dr. Williams usually begins with more conservative remedies,including wrist splints, rest, anti-inflammatory medicine, or physicaltherapy. After trying these methods and still having symptoms, he may suggestorthobiologic injections (e.g. platelet rich plasma or PRP) that aim to reduceinflammation and allow the nerve to heal. In severe cases, minimally invasivesurgery may be the best option to help a patient alleviate their symptoms.During a consultation, Dr. Williams will examine you, discuss your currentsymptoms, and conduct diagnostic tests that give you the best possible care.

How to reduce your risk of developing carpal tunnel

When it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome and work, there are things that can bedone to help reduce your risk of developing carpal tunnel. Workstationchanges, such as proper seating or hand and wrist placement, help decreasefactors that can cause the development of carpal tunnel. Avoid flexing orextending your wrists repeatedly. Also, decrease any repetitive grasping withyour wrist. Take frequent breaks when you’re performing repetitive activities.When you suspect you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you should immediatelyschedule a consultation at Interventional Orthopedics of Atlanta for carpaltunnel relief.

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