Why do computers need output devices

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Video input devices[edit]

MicrosoftKinectsensor, works by detecting human motion visuallyVideo input devices are used to digitize images or video from the outsideworld into the computer. The information can be stored in a multitude offormats depending on the user’s requirement.Examples of types of a video input devices include:

What are the input/output devices of my computer?

All computers have a hard drive, as they could not function without it. Today,most computers have a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive, network card, and a sound card(or onboard sound on the motherboard), which are all input/output devices.Some people consider a sound card to be more of an output device, but it doeshave input capabilities as well. A microphone can connect to a computerthrough the sound card, allowing the sound card to accept sound (input) andsend it to the computer.If you save files to access on other computers or want to copy files from onecomputer to another, use a USB flash drive.Older computers used to have a floppy diskette drive and a modem, but both areseldomly used anymore and not found on most computers today.

What is the reason for the input device of the computer function?

August 26, 2020 by Louie SharpIf you have a computer with working input devices on your PC, this guide mighthelp.In computing, an input device is a device that is used to transmit data andcontrol signals to an information processing system such as a computer orinformation device. Keyboards, mice, scanners, digital cameras, joysticks, andmicrophones are examples of input devices.

Video Input Devices

Video capture devices are used to digitize images or videos from the outsideworld to a computer. Information can be stored in various formats depending onthe needs of the user.

What are the output devices of my computer?

Every computer has a monitor, an audio adapter, and a GPU (either onboard ordiscrete). Each of these is an output device. A printer is also very commonlyused with computers. Depending on the type of computer and how the computer isused, other output devices may be used with a computer. The best method ofdetermining all of the output devices your computer has is to go through thelist above.

Why do computers need output devices?

A computer can still work without an output device. However, you’d have no wayof determining what the computer is doing. By using an output device, you canview and get the results of input from a computer.

Types of Input Devices

Some input devices are handled directly by users to enter data and sendcommands. Common examples include keyboards and computer mice. Smart phone andlaptop touchscreens also fall into this category, as do the touchpads that arecommon substitutes for mice on many laptops.Some users may prefer more specialized input devices for certain tasks. Forexample, frequent video game players often prefer specialized video gamecontrollers that can be connected to gaming PCs. They’re similar to thecontrollers used with stand-alone video-game console systems.Artists and designers often use another specialized type of input device knownas a drawing tablet. These allow users to draw on a digital pad with anelectronic stylus, similarly to how they would draw with a traditional pen orpencil on a paper tablet.More esoteric input devices, like foot pedals or handheld clickers that cansend mouse-style signals, also exist for specialized applications, likeadvancing slides hands-free or without needing to sit in front of a computer.

Audio and Video Input Devices

Modern computers and smart phones also include input devices designed forcapturing audio and video. Many phones and laptops include a camera designedto capture visual input and a microphone designed to capture audio signals,all in a digital format the computer or phone can understand. Externalmicrophones and cameras can also be connected.Microphones are also used as input on smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo andGoogle Home devices, which communicate with users chiefly or entirely viasound.Scanners are another common type of visual input device. These include flatbedand handheld scanners used to capture documents as well as the barcodescanners commonly used in retail stores to identify products and look upprices.

Devices to Capture Input Data

This is a major component of this system. Input devices are used to capturetransaction information for accounting purposes. By using specializedmechanisms of operation, they capture data accurately and allow for itsprocessing or storage. Often used by employees, they help to enter thesedetails into accounting information systems. Examples of input devices includekeyboards, scanners, touch pads, modems and bar code scanners.

Picture for a note on classification of computers (Main Frame computers)

The users access a mainframe computer through terminal or personal computer. Atypical mainframe computer can execute 16 million instructions per second.Examples of mainframe computers are • NEC 610 • DEC 10 Uses of Mainframe Computers Mainframe computers are used in large organizations. For example, airlines usethese computers for ticket reservation system. NADRA – The ComputerizedNational Idenity Card Issuer in Pakistan – uses mainframe computers tomaintain the information of population. 4. Super Computers Super computers were introduced in 1980s. Super computer is the fastestcomputer. Super computer is the biggest in size and the most expensive inprice than any other computers.

Picture for a note on classification of computers (Super computers)

It is the most sophisticated, complex and advanced computer. It has a verylarge storage capacity. It can process trillions of instructions in onesecond. Super Computer is the fastest and most powerful computer of a time.Supercomputers are very expensive. Supercomputers are used for highly calculation-intensive tasks.Super computers are used for specialized applications that require immenseamounts of mathematical calculations. Supercomputers were designed primarilyby computer scientist – Seymour Cray at Control Data Corporation (CDC). Uses of Super Compters include: 1. Weather forecasting, 2. animated graphics like in Hollywood movies, 3. fluid dynamic calculations, 4. nuclear energy research, 5. space science 6. Weapon and missile design 7. and petroleum exploration etc. Today, supercomputers are produced by traditional companies such as Cray, IBMand Hewlett- Packard, who had purchased many of the 1980s companies to gaintheir experience. Since October 2010, the Tianhe-1A supercomputer has been thefastest in the world; it is located in China. The main difference between a supercomputer and a mainframe is that asupercomputer channels all its power into executing a single program as fastas possible, whereas a mainframe uses its power to execute many programsconcurrently. The modern super computer consists of thousands ofmicroprocessors. Super computer uses high-speed facilities such as satellitefor online processing.Examples of super computers are CRAY-XP, ETA-10, and Deep Blue and above allTodays number one super computer is Tianhe-1A supercomputer of China. Aircraftcompanies use super computer to simulate aircraft and check its performance.Many Hollywood movies use it for animation purposes. The Concept of a Computer SystemA system is a set of inter related components that work together to fulfill apurpose. For example a Road Transportation System will consist of the parts -roads, vehicles- trucks, buses, vans, cars etc, passengers, the staff forticketing and maintenance of vehicles and roads etc. And the transportationsystem will fulfill the purpose of carrying of passengers and luggage fromplace to place. Similarly, a computer system consists of many components thatwork together to fulfill the purpose of data processing. A Computer systemconsists of the following four parts: 1. Hardware 2. Software 3. Data 4. User 1. Hardware The mechanical devices that makeup the computer are called HARDWARE, forexample, Keyboard, hard disk, monitor, processor and mother board etc.Hardware are physical devices. They can be touched. Hardware device areinterconnected and perform input, processing and output operations. 2. Software Software is the set of instructions given to computer to perform a task.Software tells the computer what to do. System Software like operating systemsare used tomanage components and operations of computer. Application Software like MSWord and MS Excel are used to solve specific problems of the user, for examplecreating documents or preparing Student Result Sheet etc. Thousands ofdifferent software are available for use on PC. 3. Data Data is the collection of raw facts. Data processing is the primary job of acomputer. Computer processes data in many ways to convert them into usefulinformation. Processed data becomes information. For example, during census,data of all citizens is collected. Census data is used to getreport/information about total population of a country and literacy rate etc. 4. Users People that operate the computer are called computer operators or computerusers. Users use computer to solve different problems. For example, in acollege a computer operator in Examination Section will feed marks obtained bystudents in a software like MS Excel. He/ She will perform certain functionsand formulae to calculate percentage and grade of each student and prepare aresult sheet. This result sheet will show the marks obtained, percentage,grade and Fail/ Pass status of every student. COMPUTER HARDWAREYou learned earlier that a computer has electronic and mechanical parts knownas hardware. Hardware also includes input devices, output devices, system unit, storagedevices and communication devices. Without these components we would not be able to usethe computer.Input Devices –An input device is any hardware component that allows you the user to enterdata into the computer. There are many input devices. Six of the most widely used input devices are:1. A keyboard — You use the keyboard to type letters, numbers,and symbols into the computer.2. A Mouse –The mouse is a pointing device that has a pointer that changes into different shapes as you use the mouse. You click the mouse by pressing and releasing the button. This action allows you to enter data when using a mouse.3. A Scanner — This input device copies from paper into your computer.4 . A Microphone — The microphone is usually used for voice input into thecomputer.5. A Digital Camer — The digital camera allows you to take pictures that youcan input into your computer.6. A PC Video Camera — The PC video camera allows you take both video and still images that you can input onto your computer. Output Devices:-An output device is any hardware component that gives information to the user. Three commonly used output devices are as follow:1. A Monitor — This output device displays your information on a screen,2. A Printer — This output device prints information on paper. This type of printed output is called a hard copy3.A Speaker — Sound is the type of output you will get from a speaker. COMPUTER SOFTWAREThe computer will not work without software. Software also call programs arethe instructions that tell the computer what to do and how o do it. The twomain categories of software are system software and application software. Thesystem software also called the operating system (OS) actually runs thecomputer. This software controls all the operations of the computer and itsdevices. All computers use system software and without the system software theapplication software will not work. The most common OS on a PC is the Windowsoperating system and for the Mac computer it would be the Mac operatingsystem.Application software is a program that allows users to a specific task on thecomputer. There are a number of different types of application softwareavailable to do many of the tasks we do daily. Four examples of commonapplication software and what they are used for are:Word Processing Application: One word processing program is Microsoft Word.This program allows you to type letters, assignments and do any other writtenactivity on the computer.Spreadsheet Application: Microsoft Excel is an example of a spreadsheetprogram. One can use this program to create charts and do calculations.E-mail Application: Outlook Express is an e-mail program that allows you toreceive and send e-mails.Internet Application: Internet Explorer is a program that allows you to getconnected to the Internet and look at Web sites like the one you are readingnow.It is important to note that when you buy a computer the computer comes withthe operating system and some software already installed. You may have to buymore software and install them on the computer. Install means to load thesoftware onto the hard disk of the computer so that you can run or use thesoftware.Like any other equipment the computer needs to be cared for; let us discusshow we should go about caring for our computer.STORAGE MEDIAStorage keeps data, information and instructions for use in the future. Allcomputers use storage to keep the software that makes the hardware work. As a user you store a variety of data and information on your computer or onstorage media. Storage media are the physical materials on which data,information and instructions are kept. When a user saves information or datato a storage medium he or she is storing a file, and this process is calledwriting. When the file is opened the process is called reading. Common storage mediaare:Hard Drive: This storage medium which looks like the one below, is a harddrive. This medium comes with the computer and is always inside the computer. It stores all the programs that the computer needs to work. In addition usersstore their data and information on the hard drive. Floppy Disk: This storage medium is considered to be a portable storagemedium. You put it into the computer save your information on it, take it out,and take it with you wherever you go. CD&DVD: These types of storage media hold much more information than a floppydisk. They are also considered portable storage. These types of storage mediacome in different forms. This means that there are CDs and DVDs that you canonly save information on but you cannot erase the information. In additionthere are those that can both save information on and erase the informationyou have saved. USB Flash Drive: This is a storage medium that is very easy to carry aroundand it also holds more data than a floppy disk. As you can see from thepicture below it is very small when compared with the others. COMPUTER CARETaking care of your computer is just as important as taking care of yourbooks. Both the internal and the external parts of the computer have to becared for. Scanning, defragging and reformatting are some of the activitiesperformed to clean up the hard drive. These activities are best left to agrown up and such you should not attempt them. However, there are certaintasks you can perform to ensure you computer is clean; here are a few:Keep Dust Away: Dust your computer to keep it free of dust and dirt.Keep Food Away: Do not eat or drink while working on the computer.Use Clean Hands: Make sure your hands are clean before you type on thekeyboard of click the mouse.Treat With Respect: If you are having problems with your computer, ask forhelp. Do not bang or hit the computer.Keep Off: Seeing that the computer is connected to electricity, this meansthat lightning could be conducted to your computer through the electricalconnection. For this reason it is best not to use your computer during astorm.Stop Virus Attact: A computer virus is a program written by a person onpurpose to harm other peoples’ computers. A computer virus is passed from onecomputer o another when you share and download files without the protection ofan antivirus software. For this reason you should get permission beforedownloading files.Handle With Care: The way you handle your CDs will determine how log they willlast. Always hold the CD correctly as shown in the picture below.The Fetch Execute Cycle Computer Science EssayWithin this report about Computer Hardware, the report will cover the mainconcepts of computer hardware. Within this report there will be informationabout the main concepts of a computer system also. These main concepts willinclude Processors, Memory (Primary and Secondary), Input and output devicesunder the user types and networking, and support elements that will help theoverall performance of a computer.Get Help With Your EssayIf you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writingservice is here to help!Find out moreProcessors are parts of the computer that heart and brain of every computer,as it allows the processing of data in the computer system as well as theallowing instructions to be stored onto memory. The processor communicateswith all the components of the computer. It mostly helps with the hardware,memory, and RAM of the computer or laptop

Functions of Computer

There are four core functions of the computer, as explained below:Input: Whatever is given to a computer is called the input. The input data isgiven to the computer using the input devices. The computer only takes data ina binary form (raw format). The input devices help convert the entered data inthe binary form to be understandable by the computer. Data can be inputted invarious forms, such as letters, numbers, images, etc.Processing: Processing is the primary function of the computer. CPU helps toprocess the data according to the instructions entered into the computersystem. The processing of data is an internal process of the computer system,and the data is executed in a queue. After the processing has been completed,the data is further transferred as the output. The processor (CPU) is thecomputer’s brain, and it is a microchip. The processor’s speed varies indifferent computers because it depends on several factors, such as the type ofCPU, memory, and motherboard.Typically, the following operations are performed on the data during theprocessing: * Arithmetic Operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, differentials, square root, etc. * Logical Operations, such as equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, opposite, etc.Output: Anything that comes out from the computer is called the output. It isthe human-readable data and displayed on the computer screen (monitor). Outputcan be stored in the storage devices if desired. The output devices helpconvert the processed data of the CPU into the human-understandable form.Storage: The device used to store the data of a computer system is called thestorage. Storage devices help to store digital data. They can store the datawhile the computer is operating and after processing. There are volatile andnon-volatile storage options. The volatile storage can store the data as longas the power source is connected, whereas non-volatile can store the datapermanently even after the power source is disconnected.

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