Wireless TV headphones with a base station

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How to Connect Wired Headphones to Your TV

You don’t only have to connect your headphones to your laptop!

1. How to Connect Infrared Wireless Headphones to TV

Infrared is typically used for short-range transmission—up to one meter—andcan transport data at 16 Mbps (at most). It is the technology used for remotecontrols and some wireless TV headphones. However, the biggest shortcoming ofthis technology is that infrared receivers must have an unobstructed view ofinfrared transmitters so as to efficiently receive the signal.Any obstacles will significantly affect the connection quality. In addition,infrared has a shorter connectivity range than Bluetooth. However, some peoplebelieve that infrared delivers better sound quality than Bluetooth.

2. How to Connect Radio Frequency Wireless Headphones to TV

Radio frequency is the band used for broadcasting and communicationstransmission. The frequency has one advantage over Bluetooth: it can transferaudio in a range of up to 100 m. But it is not without faults. Because manyelectronic devices use radio frequency, the quality of the connection can beaffected by devices such as mobile phones and microwaves. Devices that use thesame frequency as radio frequency headphones (900MHz-3.2GHz) will interferewith the connection by causing noise.

3. How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to TV

Since there are so many Bluetooth devices out there, featuring differentBluetooth codecs, how do you connect your Bluetooth headphones to your TV?There are two ways to go about it.If you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones, but your TV doesn’t supportBluetooth, you can use a Bluetooth audio transmitter. This is a device you canplug into your TV audio output that allows for the transmission of audiothrough Bluetooth to your headphones. We recommend TaoTronics TT-BA01 as itoffers a quick way to connect your wireless headphones to your TV.If your TV has Bluetooth support, put your headset on pairing mode. You’llnotice a blue blinking dot next to the Bluetooth icon to show that it is inpairing mode. Also, be sure to enable the Bluetooth function in your TVsettings.

1. The Headphones and the Transmitter Must Both Feature Bluetooth Aptx

with Low LatencyIf you want to know the nitty-gritty of how to connect your TV to Bluetoothheadphones, we have the answers you’re looking for.There are a myriad of Bluetooth transmitters and transceivers (devices thatcan transmit and receive digital signals) on the market. But if you truly wantto have a great TV experience, you must choose those featuring Bluetooth aptXlow latency codec. Bluetooth aptX will not be enough.AptX low latency is a Bluetooth codec by Qualcomm that ensures Bluetoothwireless-enabled devices deliver sound in sync with visual media. It minimizesdelay and enhances end-to-end speed of audio transmission, leading to asynchronized, high-quality user experience.Devices that support this codec will ensure that the audio remainssynchronized with the video, and that there’s no delay between what you see onthe TV and what you hear on your headphones.If your Bluetooth headphones don’t support aptX low latency, you can get thosethat do, like TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones. They ensure there’s no sounddelay and that you have an awesome TV experience. But there’s one importantthing—your TV must also support this codec.Some Bluetooth headphones don’t support aptX low latency, which is a must ifyou want to steer clear of annoying sound delays.

1. How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to Apple TV

Step 1: On the home screen of your Apple TV, go to Settings.Step 2: Click on Remotes and Devices, then click on Bluetooth.Step 3: Turn on your headphones and put them in pairing mode.Step 4: Give the TV a few seconds to search for Bluetooth devices.Step 5: You’ll see your headphones pop up and you can choose them from thelist.Step 6: The TV may ask for a pin as some Bluetooth devices require a pin. Typeit to activate pairing.**

2. How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to Amazon Fire TV

Step 1: Power on your Bluetooth headphones and put them in pairing mode.Step 2: In the main menu of your fire TV, scroll down to Settings.Step 3: Click on Controllers then Bluetooth devices. Select Other BluetoothDevices.Step 4: Wait for a few seconds till your headphones appear in the DiscoveredDevices list.Step 5: Click on them and wait till pairing is complete.**

3. How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to Roku

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Official Roku app on your phone ortablet.Step 2: Ensure the Roku streaming device and your phone/tablet are on the sameWi-Fi network.Step 3: To connect your phone/tablet to your Bluetooth headphones, check theDetected Devices on the phone/tab and select the headphones from the list.Step 4: Open the Roku app and click on the Remote tab found at the bottom ofthe screen.Step 5: Activate the pairing button on your headphones and the Bluetoothconnection on your phone/tablet.Step 6: Tap on the headset icon on the Roku app and start streaming audio.**

5. How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim

Step 1: Open PS4 settings and click on Devices then Bluetooth Devices.Step 2: Look for your headset’s name and click on it.Step 3: If it connects, you’re good to go.If this doesn’t work, get a USB adapter like the Taotronics Bluetooth 4.0 USBAdapter and follow this process.Step 1: Put the USB adapter in the PS4 USB opening.Step 2: Power on your Bluetooth headset.Step 3: Click on PS4 Settings, Devices, and then Audio Devices.Step 4: Select Output Device then USB Headset.Step 5: Select Volume Control and make the necessary adjustments.Step 6: Select Output to Headphones then choose All Audio.**

6. How to Connect Your LG HD TV to Your Bluetooth Headphones

Step 1: Click on the Quick Settings menu and scroll down to the Sound Outputoption.Step 2: Select the Bluetooth menu and switch on your Bluetooth headphones. Setthem to pairing mode.Step 3: The TV will automatically search for devices it can pair to and detectyour headphones.Step 4: Once your headset appears in the Paired Devices menu, click on it tomake it your primary audio output.There we go! How to do most types of connections, including how to connectyour LG HD TV to your Bluetooth headphones!

Wireless TV headphones with a base station

Sign up to reveal product imageDesigned exclusively for indoor listening, these are the best headphones forlistening to your TV our lab has found so far. They’re fantastic all-rounders,sounding great regardless of what you listen to. The base station has anextremely long wireless range and by putting them back on this dock betweenuses, they’re always charged whenever you need them – it couldn’t be easier.Sign up to reveal product imageFor film and TV programme use, these headphones truly excel,, where the soundis rich, enveloping and voices clear, and there is lovely sparkle to the highfrequencies. Even better, there is no sound leakage, so you can even listen inthe same room as others without disturbing them. The impressive battery lifelasts for nearly 30 hours between charges as well.Pricing and recommendations correct as of January 2021.

Bluetooth headphones for your TV

A lot of newer TVs now support Bluetooth. So if yours does, the good news isthat you have far more choice in choosing wireless headphones for TV use – thevast majority of wireless headphones connect via Bluetooth (base stationheadphones are the only main exception). The only significant downside ofusing Bluetooth headphones with your TV is they don’t have the easy chargingdock base station that dedicated TV headphones have.While you could connect any style of Bluetooth headphones to your Bluetooth-enabled TV, most will likely choose the added comfort of over-ear headphones,or on-ear headphones if you’d like them to be less bulky, both of which have aheadband that goes over the top of your head.Many excellent over-ear headphones contain noise cancelling technology toblock out sounds on a commute. There’s no harm in using these at home (you canturn the noise cancelling off, too), but be aware that you’re paying a premiumfor this technology, so if you don’t plan to use the headphones out of thehouse, you could save money by avoiding models with this feature.Pros: Convenient if you’d like headphones to connect to other devices as well(such as your smartphone) and take outside, much wider selection of headphonesto choose fromCons: Requires a Bluetooth-enabled TV, charging isn’t as convenient as withbase station headphones and you may find the controls on your headphones (egto change volume) don’t work with your TV. Many Bluetooth headphones come withvery short charging cables that aren’t ideal for use in a living room, soyou’ll likely need to buy an (inexpensive) extension cable. If you connectyour headphones to several Bluetooth devices in your home (such as smartphoneand laptop as well as your TV), you may need to keep switching activeconnections.Examples of Bluetooth wireless headphones include:Our experts select the most suitable, great-sounding and comfortable wirelessheadphones for TV use available to buy in the table below.Only logged-in members can view our recommendations in the table below. Ifyou’re not yet a member, you can get instant access by joining Which?.

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